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  1. Prakas(OD)

    New SC2 Member

    Thanks for the warm welcomes... I plan to become a long-time member, but it seems like my game is just a notch under what's expected of a new recruit. I'm going to try and improve and hopefully reach OD's expectations.
  2. Prakas(OD)

    Trial member looking for games

    Thank you
  3. Prakas(OD)

    Trial member looking for games

    I'm up for some challenges this weekend. If anyone is interested in playing some games, wether its practice, 2s, or you want me prove I'm a worthy opponent, please let me know . Fri-Sunday afternoons are usually the best time to catch me on, feel free to add me < Prakas.526 > or we can set up a time here.
  4. Prakas(OD)

    Practice Partner Thread

    Name.character code: Prakas.526 League/ Race: mid-diamond / Protoss Weakest matchup: PvT (optional) Specific practice goal: Proper reactions to drops and fast expansion/armor upgrade(s)
  5. Prakas(OD)

    New SC2 Member

    Hello everyone,My name is Mario, I'm 24 years old and have a 9 year-oid golden retriever. I live in Lewes, Delaware. I'm a Protoss sc2 player, currently diamond trying to clean up my gameplay to reach master. I work at a bank as a collector and attending college part time majoring in finance. I really don't know any OD members yet, and was recruited by sil3ntkill. I'm looking forward to meeting and playing some of you soon, and learning more about the OD as I go through my trial phase. Feel free to add me on battle.net, I'm Prakas.526