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  1. Remembrance

    We talked on snap but you know you got me to handle anything you need. my condolences to you Jules
  2. Division Memebers! We want your input!

    Hey Guys and Gals, Type here and I'm just thinking about things to Implement and add to our growing family. In the beginning there was 3-5 of us so we Pushed for members to get that necessary Division status and after that we pushed recruiting to where we find our selves at a stable yet concerning crossroads. That being said before I drop a whole ton of new Ideas and test them out I first want to get some input from you all my members the Staple of what keeps this Division going Im here to Lead but im also here to bring you Ideas forward No idea is a stupid Idea ( I Believe I have proven that through and through ) So with our Season 12 Winding down and 13 just around the corner Im gonna have a Think tank style meeting next wednesday either before or after my AA meeting (what ever works best for you guys ) This way we can work together in conquering common goals and possibly get into starting community challenges So yeah Feel free to leave a message saying What You would like to see implemented or changed as it sits
  3. Seasonal rewards

    Yes there is :D
  4. Seasonal rewards

    Hey Hey folks, So this season im gonna do things a bit differently than last. Since blizzard really lacks in the ability to test our characters against one and other in combat, Im gonna award medals to the top Solo GR for each class, top group push Top paragon overall for both hardcore and softcore :D fight hard and well and we will see you in hell
  5. Do you remember that guy Phate lol I was looking for the arrest article to show my division some of the winners we had but I cant find it LOL

    1. Hikato


      we don't speak of that name around here anymore, sir.

  6. Event Ideas

    I gotta get a few days but @Purplez(OD) had a very good scavenger hunt in d2 so I may organize one here shortly
  7. fishing season is coming up, lets see some catches!

    I only do the creepy Italian guy persona around PJ and hes not here :P
  8. fishing season is coming up, lets see some catches!

    Im trying to convince @Terra to go out on the okanagan lake with me and try and catch ogopogo, still no matter how much alcohol I offer shes not convinced we are gonna see anything
  9. Hoping to go home soon!

    big Pharma is a killer , Switch to Cannabis for pain its a lot easier on your body does the exact same things and if you dont wanna be High there is cbd welcome back and stay strong
  10. DONT drink water fish piss in it

  11. Noob questions about co-op play

    yeah thats basically it you jump on ask whats happening and get at er
  12. Hello Everyone

    he bites watch out ^
  13. SC2 Game night

    I got all pissy when blizzard made it ftp and removed the mothership core maybe someday my anger will subside but my wallet is still like 400$ less than the ftp ppl only way I can describe it without massive use of the words in no particular order fuck,dog and shit
  14. https://www.tsn.ca/sedins-to-retire-at-season-s-end-1.1044434


    So the citys probably just as ecstatic as I am Bye Bye swedes ( and the last of the failed cup run )

  15. Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    Schooner in a glass dump 2 shots of Wisers special blend in it, then your drinking boiler makers
  16. I feel like hell, im forwarding the d3 division to you for the day and Im gonna reuse the term you used on me : dont fuck it up :P

    1. Purplez(OD)


      He can't help, he has to maintain his "idle" award LMAO  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      plus every shirt cleetus makes, its a fucking great way to help the vets and get to unleash some bald eagles How high you think its gonna go tho


      of course he would on the 3rd day of owning it

    3. Hikato


      Wonder if he will let Andy put his hands on it? Lmao

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      hahaha might let him look at it

  17. Division Memebers! We want your input!

    hmm there is not really a banner you can post what your doing unless you have the entire roster on your friends list and make a broadcast , best thing to do is get the times when every one is doing what you need some times a gr game goes into bounties best point of action just ask might be tedious but asking will get you further than hiding
  18. CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    Im counting it as the same LOL @Badboi(OD) your pretty visible , me on the other hand too me a second if I didnt type it almost daily to log in I almost didnt get it
  19. CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    @Terra I see you, Hey there I am and @Sassy , @Badboi(OD)
  20. Kania Skorn transmog - thru March 31

    Im so much better than that guy making the video it hurts LOL
  21. how would you deal with this?

    my reaction would have been similar , Some people don't realize that if you allow your child to walk all over you as a parent that it creates a environment of negativity ( dealt with this enuf in my business heh) there for having no Authority figure you fear means you will do more and more to push the envelope of whats good. The other ladies personally I would have you know what Im just gonna say they would have got theirs im not gonna say what Id have done but trust me things wouldve been done if someone was deciding to judge how I raised my child
  22. Looking for pizza video as promised!

    @MelodicRose(OD) ......I think they are very misinformed about who makes best pizza in OD
  23. Diablo 3 PSA

    No worries :D , most members that are recognized are still there, just the huge last appearances