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  1. Heres the Deal you brew your best batch of beer , Ill grow my best batch of dope then we find a neutral party to see which is better :D

    1. PJPotter(OD)


      I volunteer as tribute

    2. Badboi(OD)


      How about I brew beer from your “Barley”?

  2. LOL jaguars vs pats

    1. DarkHelmet


      Pats I actually assumed were going to be there by default. I just didn't think the Jags would be thanks to their underachieving Quarterback. The Jags are there because that Defense of theirs has carried them most of the season along with that Running Game that got a huge jumpstart thanks to their 4th overall pick in last year's Draft. Against the Steelers, the Jag's wanted the game more and beat the Steelers in their own yard in a rather embarrassing fashion. In many ways, it was a game they shouldn't have won but they punched them in the mouth early and held on to win by 3. Whether or not they have what it takes to win in New England remains to be seen. Defensively they have the tools but can that Offense beat New England's Defense if they can't run the ball?

  3. Your (OD) Account!

    Where does typeReal come from well lets break it down Type R - Hondas racing department built the Integra Type R , The civic type r and for the longest time before I had money I ran alot of honda engines and cars cheap and easy to boost so it became the nick name around here of the Type R superstar so when I decided to change my miss spelled TyreaL I chose TypeReal as its the real type of a honda
  4. Feeling a Little Overwhelmed

    there is a ME in team
  5. Do you have WCIII keys sitting around?

    I found 4 copies of Reign of chaos 3 of frozen throne in my basement sadly SOMEONE took the fucking cd key stickers off this is why you dont lend games LOL
  6. Do you have WCIII keys sitting around?

    if all else fails https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/warcraft-iii-reign-of-chaos
  7. Not sure where this belongs...

    thats a very real possibility hahah
  8. Not sure where this belongs...

    I have vague recollections of it, If it was the only Incident of that nature it would be easy as hell to figure out but sadly its not the first and definitely the last
  9. Not sure where this belongs...

    Coffee, electronically delivered Nicotine check. Ill find this fucker just wait HAHAHA oh going thru the years of stuff will be worth it
  10. Not sure where this belongs...

    goddess(OD)= ghostd(OD) =Karma(OD) he did it twice not once LOL
  11. Not sure where this belongs...

    I spent 8 years battling its not easy, thankfully my employment was good and I was able to afford legal representation in all my Legal battles 8 years of probation ,2 duis , assaults and a shit ton more but Dont worry it gets easier each day (I recommend dabs they seem to keep me normal ) Also to anyone whos gonna say im not Sober Its perscribed by a doctor therefore its medication not intoxication ;)
  12. Not sure where this belongs...

    Yeah I gave up on the Sally Ann rehab myself got 7 months off the sauce under my belt now I learned how to pass a piss test pretty good there tho I suppose thats a plus and yes eLegy was the cat ass, Dave is an enlisted member now we play nhl well I play he destroys me also as Collin Stated I am TyreaL up until this year when I shed my old self for the new
  13. I tried to write a big troll but then my keyboard fucked up. God damn it potter you screwed it all up

  14. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Im happy with everyone of those answers 2018 is coming up Type
  15. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    WHEN CAN I HAVE A CAPE!? When can we sacrifice @PJPotter(OD) in a satanic ritual can we please get a mascot? Aer told me you once fought godzilla with only a broken wine bottle and a shoe is this true or fable