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  1. TypeReaL(OD)

    New PL Method?

    Ah shit why didnt anyone ask me HAHA I always hit the fields if im close to 70 and need a boost the xp + bonus from massacre is the cats ass
  2. TypeReaL(OD)

    Hello Everyone! :)

    He bites ^ welcome to the club , is your atari the wood pannel or the darth vader I have both but my darth vader is slightly damaged got the 5200 and the 7200 jr somewhere in my basement too
  3. TypeReaL(OD)

    Seasonal rewards

    I have the s13, Stats I just have been super busy at the end of s14 I can check and do the same
  4. TypeReaL(OD)

    I have a Brilliant Idea( dont laugh at me aer)

    Ill bombard you for a fun fact later in the evening !
  5. So, last night during a usual dab session I was sitting there thinking about totally random things ive done in my life some are funny some I wont talk about but then it got me thinking Im sure we all have a fun quirky fact about ourselves that many may not know. That being said I was speaking with @Terra about a possible monthly Guess the member game where as I will go get the random facts from said members and work it into a fun game that can also help bring us even closer and still have rewards. Remember it does not have to be an extreme fact( like you ended the cold war and ronald regan stole your accomplishments ....) Looking at you @Aerineth(OD) that being said if you folks wanna participate Just leave a reply and if there is enough interest I will gladly Pick a date and start bombarding members for their quirky facts πŸ˜„ and I promise I wont flood it with facts about Type ( thatll be the bonus round )
  6. TypeReaL(OD)

    I hotel

    theres nothing like going to a different country and sampling the local party flavours ! im with Terra theres nothing like a beautiful stroll thru a garden with the one you care most about ( or dragging a blow up doll on acid thru a wendys parking lot )
  7. TypeReaL(OD)

    Warcraft 3 1.29

    now that my nap is over Im down to game
  8. TypeReaL(OD)

    Warcraft 3 1.29

    Howdy folks as of late I find myself going thru nostalgia of my older days and one thing I remember was the force that was OD Wc3 the goofy units the orcs saying zug zug and of course the online aspect now Blizzard recently upped the patch to 1.29 making it wide screen and bnet 2.0 compatible now before I dive into this head first and lose myself for a few months Is anyone coming with me ? keep in mind if you donot still own war3 it is 12.50 $ on the blizzard store for reign of chaos and frozen throne lets get together see if we cant get a squad going then onto a new division πŸ˜„ REDUX @Terra you better be playing ! and I suppose @Aerineth(OD) but im going to tower rush you aer :)
  9. TypeReaL(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    Couldnt have said it better, Raged you made the best decision for you getting out when you know its creating a void is healthy we are humans self preservation is programmed into us I speak for all of us in D3 when I say you couldn't have done it better I picked a damn good replacement and you made the division flourish to a point I didnt think it could go to we are forever in your debt It is a lot better to leave with good feelings towards something then have it build to ill feelings and just a bother to your life We had fun bro ill always be around you know me
  10. TypeReaL(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    If Need be I can slink back into an admin role, my gaming will be limited but If the need is there I can probably handle keeping these misfits together
  11. There is a god somewhere and he is PISSED http://collider.com/star-wars-spinoffs-on-hold/

    this is the best moment of my day

  12. I just want you to know @Aerineth(OD) put me and you in the same category the other day !

    1. Terra


      What category is that? Best-looking right?

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      you damn right !

  13. TypeReaL(OD)


    Make it Purple Or im Out ! now thats a nuclear deterrent! πŸ˜„ but in all seriousness Ill take the tacky stab to keep these too here I mean purple kush is one of the old time classics and then theres purple power that shit cleans a bong like no other and I have owned a few purple cars so Im okay with being purple and I think I know someone who is tooπŸ˜› Now we can continue to do it for Dale! hell yeah brother
  14. TypeReaL(OD)

    Salmon Cannon

    I smoked 2 Moon rocks then like 6 dabs IM SOOOOOORRRRRYYY
  15. TypeReaL(OD)

    Salmon Cannon

    The fact someone brought one of my stoney Ideas to life is a scary scary feeling