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  1. Mine was the best I mean I am the worlds most charming person and oh so humble
  2. Im gonna be 30 this coming month, does that mean I get to be angry about the kids on my lawn ? will day time naps feel that much better ? , will I take up things like saying back in my day we only had it this way ? IS THE GRIM REAPER always chasing me ? I figured since your resident old man you could help

  3. Then it settled I shall find a way to Download the image from the website to my ps4 wait usb stick scottie ... and create said community ! but it will probably be in the day of tomorrow I is a very tired burnt the fuck out tonight and wont wanna make a mistake here we go into the unknown of psn with all kinds of dark and evil individuals that no one would touch with a 50 foot pole ... except me in gonna touch them ... alll over 😀
  4. seems everything they touch now turns to ash, I actually tried to play black ops 4 today it was a laughable joke its a washed down verison of OW with 0 hit detection a fledgling player base fueled only by the likes of youtubers that need it to survive
  5. What do you all think, Mainly I game a lot more on console as the pc vs 20 years of starcraft and diablo I can barley swing my mouse but I am pretty okay with a controller I know psn has the create a community feature just wanna see if I create it on the off chance we have any psn users that when they are on we could game together etc if you think this is a retarded idea and I should go back to plotting various ways to maim, molest,burn ,kick, hit or in any way cause harm to @Ray(OD) say no more, but hey worth a shot in the dark
  6. bo4 is the most anti consumer thing they have done yet haha this is gonna get a lot worse , See ya all on apex 😛 psn
  7. Still waiting on that MW4 teaser and we get this, Now not as painful as the what you dont have phones diablo but with the state that Black Ops is in ( beyond anti consumer) the Call of Duty world is eagerly awaiting something on this years call of duty now if you look at the dates Black Ops 4 teaser Trailer Published on Mar 8, 2018 and then we get a mobile trailer this month
  8. nope big difference addicts completely destroy their lives and others around them collectors collect stuff with minimal repercussions
  9. thats not an addict ... Im an addict, hes a collector
  10. @Terra @Aerineth(OD) How much is it gonna cost to have Rays name changed to SkippyKangaroo
  11. Ill answer for him No FUCK bo4 and the anti consumer beast known as Activision
  12. Im taking the captain marvel route and just reading the comments and its not looking good
  13. heres some scrap metal ,a few broken iphones, a dozen microwaves and an x-ray machine you think you got a few blokes and a shed thatll rig me up a missle I swear I wont hurt anyone but @Ray(OD) with said missle. We all know a few Blokes in a shed is better than any professionals we got over here

  14. you do realize shes almost successfully killed me on several occasions ,still healing from the last time she got drunk and attacked me with a wine bottle
  15. SO its all Pewds fault ........ My feelings go out to the victims of this horrible tragedy but yet this is more pertinent news
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