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  1. more-time(OD)

    IA Request.

    kk ty was unsure of how to do that
  2. more-time(OD)

    IA Request.

    I will be moving into a new place soon and im not 100% sure when i will be able to get internet set up were im going to be moving into so i would like to be set to inactive for now until i get internet at the new place. thanks, More-time(OD) a.k.a St.Kris
  3. more-time(OD)

    Job Change

    I am currently waiting on orientation to start then ill be working like from 2pm - 12 or 2 am my time so i will be less active thought i would let the clan know, i will still be gaming ofc but i wont have as much time cause i will be also working out starting off when i get my job started and what not.
  4. more-time(OD)

    Rules Committee Applications

    i applied it sounds very interesting and i would like to be apart of it.
  5. more-time(OD)

    1 v 1 tournament info

    i want in ill beat rave 1st go and go to the top
  6. more-time(OD)

    7 days to die

    thank you :)
  7. more-time(OD)

    7 days to die

    i tried to add you via that steam name but that is the name u probably log into with so i cant find you by that name. You can add me by searching st.kris and its a soldier in-front of a moon for the image picture
  8. more-time(OD)

    7 days to die

    For SURE lmk when available and etc. I forgot to metion if u are interested let me or lightningwolves know
  9. more-time(OD)

    7 days to die

    We are looking to see if any one would be interested in playing the game with us depending on how many people would want to play depends on how many days a week / available days to play. this link is a introduction to the game via our gaming youtube channel showing me and lightning playing the game.
  10. more-time(OD)

    Who do you ship in OD?

    FurrWolf TachBoii TerrNith RaveSen BahAyj ManOst DaIno
  11. more-time(OD)

    New to OD whats good fam

    welcome to od nice to have a new member. look forward to seeing you in the teamspeak.
  12. more-time(OD)

    Finish the story! Or can you!???

    hammer, leading him to chris#2 to find a dark cave that is said to house a mysterious woman....
  13. more-time(OD)

    Please share your opinions

    i agree with both of these quotes. i don't believe the word should be used at all cause it was once also a racist word and now the word is being used by every one but you say it in the wrong group of people you wont be breathing. example "sunset says N***a in a African American area he would get beat up cause they will take it as he's mocking or making offense to them, were as Dabomb is in a Caucasian area and says it nothing happens cause people are like oh shit dont want to mess with him" assuming sunset is white and dabomb is black in this example. so there fore in my opinion it shouldn't be used at all.
  14. more-time(OD)

    7 days to die

    u can have a mp game whats invite only what can hold up to so many i believe running off the host's pc but if we need a server i can pay for 1 for a lil bit of time. for that. the rules are get together try to survive as long as possible and build a awesome base, the gameplay is like minecraft h1z1 and rust all combined, it has zombies ofc pigs deer bear's specail zombies, and on every 7th night becomes a horde night even if ur sneaking "like in skyrim" for less noticable they will still know were u are cuz of it being a blood moon night hence the horde night, and u want to try to get to the most possible day's which idk if there is a max day cap because i am on night 42 in my own sp of the game. which there is a channel for 7 days to die its at the bottom of ts3 by the afk channel and ill probably get on Saturday like 11a-1pm is when i should be on
  15. more-time(OD)

    7 days to die

    i'm off work saturday and ofc sunday(x-mas) so ill be happy to play a mp of 7 days to die with any one who is wanting to and ill wait to start the game until there is atleast 1 other person besides my self so i dont make it to far before some one else joins and it aint a night 7 deal. so if u want to play the door is open for ya =), i'll be asking a high rank what has access to ts3 to see if we cant get a channel for saturday and sunday if ppl want to play and talk to each other via ts3.