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  1. BBQ(OD)

    Xbox ONE gamer tags

    i play overwatch on xbox WAI0 is gamertag
  2. Happy birthday joe  have great day :) 

  3. BBQ(OD)

    Hello everyone.

    welcome gary! hope you enjoy the clan!
  4. BBQ(OD)

    Here I Am

    Ah! Aerineth! I am amazing, life has never been better! And Raged I play D2
  5. BBQ(OD)

    Here I Am

    My path to self discovery has lead me to rediscovery of Clan OD! I'm not new, but I may as well be! Brain(OD) is back in action. Unfortunately, many old members have disappeared! I miss being a part of a community such as this, and hopefully I can make an impact for yet another round of being OVERDOSED! Only this time I really am dosed
  6. BBQ(OD)

    Lets get OVERDOSED:)

    thanks for edit. Goodluck in OD man you are a good player with GM attitude ready to overdose!
  7. BBQ(OD)

    Ready to Rock 'n' Roll!

    welcome to OD bro! hope we have a good time! remember to be GM and keep a low dsl
  8. BBQ(OD)

    New member SirSmoke(OD) sending out Salutations!

    Welcome recruit! Fallout 3 is amazing! I sincerely hope you have a great time in the future of Overdosed
  9. Official OD member finally

  10. BBQ(OD)

    Favorite Quotes

    Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum.
  11. BBQ(OD)


    theres a LOT of people in this clan, so message me BBQ(OD) im sc ladder of D2, lookin forward to meet new people. :turned: