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  1. Aww man I just switched to drinking BANG vs. Monster.... Dont make me go back!
  2. you wouldnt believe how many times i've done that one or explain to a person how to get their computer name so I can do a remote session with them (my work has a remote client on every device we just need to know their PC name to remote in with them)
  3. Merica! Man I'll miss you!! dont forget me!
  4. Hey folks I haven't been on for the past week sorry, I went on a mini vacation to snowmobile in the North woods of Wisconsin Here's some pics Does anyone else snowmobile?
  5. I have both a Hardcore Ladder, Softcore ladder and non-ladder rusher
  6. snicker66(OD)

    Sup Nooooobs

    Ohh hey there guy!, I do not get to regularly check the un-read topics I mainly check my emails for forum updates so using the @'name' to include me helps me alot @2ez To answer your question no I do not have any cd keys its $15 on battle.net to buy a new key Thanks, Q (snickers)
  7. Congrats It's been awesome getting the emails on your posts to see your progress!
  8. do you really play on 450 by 600 for screen resolution??
  9. snicker66(OD)

    D2 PvP Squad

    *cough* I think I should be a captain *cough*
  10. I did the animated one, it was quite easy haha
  11. Want to play a game? It is quite simple. To play this game, listen to the sound track of 12 movies and try to get the highest score Go to this URL - https://www.movie-music-quiz.com Hit 'Random' Play the game Post your score in this thread with a screenshot! Example: Lets see who has the highest score after January 20th. If the member who wins is under CWO4 I'll see about getting you a promotion!
  12. Yes if you or your Merc kills the king you will be unable to make cows
  13. This It's a great read. Really like this topic! Have you considered doing normal cows for getting that two socket armor you are looking for?
  14. Remote desktop.onto a computer that is windows so you can play It works quite well for leeching baals and such I've done mstsc (RDP) (remote desktop protocol). Do my server to use d2 while at work for trades and such
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