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  1. snicker66(OD)

    IT Topic - MS Exchange

    Howdy, Does anyone here within the community happen to have any information with managing MS exchange? It's a technology that I want to become more diversified in as its a subject that I want to specialize within the subject. Also does anyone have experience with maintaining and managing SCCM? Seemed like a good place to bring it up with others as this is a quite tech-savy community. Feel free to post or message me directly
  2. snicker66(OD)

    Gonna be MIA :*(

    Pictures?? Can you return with some pictures
  3. snicker66(OD)

    Selling Chars

    Do you accept venmo? ❤️
  4. snicker66(OD)

    Weather Nerd Topic - Tropical Storm Florence and More!

    I took a lab science class on meteorology, it was a very fun class and really liked learning about it, Thanks for posting this topic its quite unique
  5. snicker66(OD)

    Return to the Fold...

    Ohh hi there stranger 🙂
  6. snicker66(OD)

    Pin a topic of buildings?

    Hey buddy, How you doin? Come here often 😛 Also why not have a subform for just builds itself and have all the topics contained within the subform. Wait a minute (O_O)
  7. snicker66(OD)

    The Law of the Garbage Truck

    I didn't want to move it if it really did belong in the other sub forum, I'd rather ask and have a fellow administrator concur with me than me to move it and be wrong and get 'chewed out' It's like running for president, gotta walk on eggshells
  8. snicker66(OD)

    The Law of the Garbage Truck

    Can I ask why this is in the Diablo II sub-forum? this topic looks like it is not only related to D2, I feel it would better fit in the water-cooler Not being a Prick, but my OCD is itching, and we have a structure on the forums for a reason, I'd really like to try and keep the forums on topic
  9. snicker66(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    I feel honored that Coach put me in by default Is this for only FPK toons?
  10. snicker66(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    I Play CSGO but not very often, I'm not sure of what kind of niche OD would fit into CSGO as its quite a competitive game
  11. snicker66(OD)

    Was amazing being here with yall

    I know the feeling of long days there Merica, Respect! Best of luck to you with work remember $ > OD > Family
  12. snicker66(OD)

    Light Sorc... Vit Vs Energy

    ES is only truly worth it if you can spend the points into maxing telekinesis as it is very important because when its level 1 every 5 mana is equal to 1 damage taken. where when you max telekinesis every 1 mana is equal to 5 damage, which makes you much more tankier with that build However take note for PvM situations its important to max damage to kill things efficiently, which is why i ONLY recommend ES builds in PvP as you can do so much more damage using a Vita build as you lose 38 points that you could be putting into your lighting damage skills.
  13. snicker66(OD)

    Anyone sale FG?

    Just looking out for you, I'm not sure on policy for us but if someone were to link a moderator on jsp and was able to do d out your jsp name they could have your jsp locked for irl trades I could be Wrong on this tho.. but always good to be safe than sorry
  14. snicker66(OD)

    Ray's Classic Rusher Sorceress

    That 20 to teleport is Very important, saves you money and time on buying mana potions
  15. snicker66(OD)

    White & Blue PvP Ruleset idea

    I would do it but the fact that I'd need to level a toon to 60 just for this event makes it hard for me since that takes alot of time away from when I could actually be PvPing hehe An alternative to your complex mediator and trade windows (which also takes time away from pvping) you could just have the contestant submit a Picture of their Character screen after the duel or before. We are all adults here and should honor the honor system and punish those who break the honor system.