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  1. diablo 2 installer

    want me to assist you in this matter? Let me know so we can schedule a time for me to assist you with resolving your issue sunset Best,
  2. Website development tool

    I'll try using notepad++ more often. Thanks for the feedback guys This course is just intro to HTML5 and CSS3
  3. Website development tool

    Hey guys, so I'm currently in a HTML \ CSS class here at my school. I was wondering what programs everyone uses for editing their code for websites. I personally like dreamweaver, my class is based around Aptana studio 3. What does everyone prefer? Notepad ++?
  4. Congratz to Queballz(OD)!

    shoutout to @queballz
  5. Getting Runescape off its feet.

    @Disco I play osrs im lvl 105 i think I have not played in a month of two (still a member) as I got hacked and lost ~50 mil
  6. Microphone suggestions?

    Purchase a Blue Snowball
  7. Daddy's home

    Dad? is that you?
  8. PVP rolecall

    Snicker66(OD) OD-Polaris (Cold Sorc)
  9. HTML and CSS in College

    Hello, Reason for this topic is in regards to looking for who out there in the community has website experience. I have to take a HTML and CSS Web design class that I'm taking right now. I havnt done website design in 5 years since I was a Sophomore in High school Anyone out there who could give me some insight into the world of website design and management and also look over my website that i make later into the semester? Thanks, Quintin - Snicker66
  10. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Hey check out linus's video about this topic
  11. D2 PVP SQUAD

    Do I need to have a Ladder PvP toon or is scnl fine?
  12. Uber Smiter on USEast

    Hi Guys!, If you are in OD. And you have Keys I'll do your keys to torch service Free, you just have to try and help. If you tele for me I can get it done in under 10 minutes. Brought to you by the #1 Orb Smiter on East! Best way to contact me is to reply here, or seek me out on teamspeak, or pm me on jsp - snicker66
  13. ISO Crafting jewels

    @Sparks(OD)I'll remember to keep my jewels I find
  14. Any Smiters out there?

    I got my smiter up and running :) Ive done 5 ubers (last night) If anyone in OD buys or has keys I'll do their torch for free
  15. How many Genders are there in 2018?

    A discussion in Teamspeak 3 we had on Sunday about how many genders there are. This seems like a lovely topic to discuss here in the water cooler. Lets keep this discussion going.