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  1. snicker66(OD)

    Computer Purchase - Input Needed..

    Hey Mel, A M.2 is a form factor of a Hardrive, its a type of solid state hardrive. The M.2 is A directly attached to the motherbaord or it attached via a PCIe Slot on the motherboard providing alot more read\write speed to the drive a traditional Solid state drive has on average 500 Mbps read write speed where a M.2 has 2000+ Mbps read write speed, which means is and read and write to the drive very quickly giving you a lot better performance of the computer because a PC after all is only as fast as its slowest part. If you truly want a Pre-built PC that Alienware is nice if you opt for the 100$ added cost of the 256GB M.2 SSD OR the 150$ added cost of the 128GB M.2 + 2 TB Mechanical Harddrive. I'll search around tomorrow morning and see if I can find a good option for you with your requested specs.
  2. snicker66(OD)

    Computer Purchase - Input Needed..

    I'd look into something that has a i5 not i7. It will save you money. The only big difference between the 7 n 5 is hypertheading and virtualization support. Unless your running a VM in your PC I'd recommend a i5 for price saving And hands down. Invest into a m.2 hard drive. Their amazing *Sent from phone
  3. snicker66(OD)

    The Ladder

    Cancel that challenge we had I've been unavailable to look for him to fight him over the past three days I've been moving my house. I'll be available tomorrow afternoon if someone challenges me
  4. snicker66(OD)

    A Quick Update

    Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a new apartment and will be in process of moving from my current apartment to the new one.. It's going to be a all week process, Hopefully I'll be move in and settled by Monday of next week. So I'll be less active on teamspeak and ingame Best,
  5. snicker66(OD)

    The Ladder

    @Mr_kon(od) Challenge
  6. snicker66(OD)

    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    I've got my crusher and hdin at level 70 with full gear thanks to RickAstley(OD) I Just need to level my BO barb to be more efficient. Long story short I can do Crushes if needed inbox me on jsp @ snicker66@jsp OR email me snicker66@overdosed.net so i get a notification on my phone You can send me a message on the forums but it dont have a push notification setup to my phone for that
  7. snicker66(OD)

    PS4 or Xbox

    Anyone got opinions? I want to buy one for the upcoming release of the spyro remake Any pros or cons for which team I should join LOL Anyone trying to sell one? Im looking to buy ( just saying)
  8. snicker66(OD)

    The Ladder

    Does anyone know how to contact Bumpykins(OD)?? I havnt gotten a chance to reach out I'm off work today at 4:30 can fight anytime after 4:30
  9. snicker66(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    what case is that Col? Corsair Air 240?
  10. snicker66(OD)

    Winners - July 2018 Clan Awards

    Gosh I hope so, otherwise it's going on mine
  11. snicker66(OD)

    The Ladder

    I'd like to challenge @Bumpykins(OD)
  12. snicker66(OD)

    The Ladder

    Sunset can you add me to the ladder OD Name: snicker66(OD) Account: Snicker66(OD)@useast Toon: OD-PvP Class: Pally Spec: Vank
  13. snicker66(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    Yikers frank is running a 780
  14. snicker66(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    Nice price for that, I paid 600 for my founders edition If I wanted to SLI my 1080 with that I would totally buy that
  15. snicker66(OD)

    OD anniversary

    Snickers66, is the very best, like no one ever was To trade d2 items is his real test To make FG is his cause He will lurk, across the forums Searching far and wide Each item to understand the value thats INSIDE JSSSP, Its snickers and me I know its his destinny JSP, oh its his best friend In a forums he must defend JSP a heart sooo truee His courage will pull us through You trade with me, and Ill trade with you J S P!!!! Gotta trade em all Every thread along the way With courage he will face He will trade every day To claim his rightful place Go with him, the time is right Theres no better trade Arm in arm he'll do the trade Its always been his dreeam JSSSSP! Credit: Castigate(OD) - Year 2013