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    Do I need to have a Ladder PvP toon or is scnl fine?
  2. Uber Smiter on USEast

    Hi Guys!, If you are in OD. And you have Keys I'll do your keys to torch service Free, you just have to try and help. If you tele for me I can get it done in under 10 minutes. Brought to you by the #1 Orb Smiter on East! Best way to contact me is to reply here, or seek me out on teamspeak, or pm me on jsp - snicker66
  3. ISO Crafting jewels

    @Sparks(OD)I'll remember to keep my jewels I find
  4. Any Smiters out there?

    I got my smiter up and running :) Ive done 5 ubers (last night) If anyone in OD buys or has keys I'll do their torch for free
  5. How many Genders are there in 2018?

    A discussion in Teamspeak 3 we had on Sunday about how many genders there are. This seems like a lovely topic to discuss here in the water cooler. Lets keep this discussion going.
  6. Recycling Character Name's plus a few new names

    Hi there, May I ask if this is a Diablo II related topic or is this community based. Is it alright if I have someone move the topic to the diablo division section if its related to Diablo II. Thanks Man! enjoy your Saturday. Regards, Quintin (Snicker66)
  7. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    First @Aerineth(OD) and @ChrisSpeck(OD) I think the term you are both looking for is that Diablo II hols a plurality *not* a majority. Thanks. @ChrisSpeck(OD) I would like to attempt at keeping this topic of discussion easy for other to read up on, can you please spell check your posts a little better. There was a large quality of issues with your text. It took a larger amount of time to read your post verses a larger post that was void of grammar issues. @Criaric(OD) - thank you for your opinion on the topic. @DarkHelmet I really liked reading this and thought it was great for development of the topic. I would like to point out what @MelodicRose(OD) & @Aerineth(OD) & @ChrisSpeck(OD) in regards to their discussion on recruiting and the main communication platform that the community uses. ----------------------------------- Second I'd like to picture it this section for users who are just starting to read the topic. They are discussing the recruiting for the community. This being being supported by what @DarkHelmet brought up that each genera is different and Melodic and Aerineth both brought up examples of this in regards to their games. The story is that the world prefers the idea that: The more complex the steps to connect the easier it will be to scare someone away. Note: It is easier in some situations for some platforms. -------- Example: The non community gamers would prefer to use the simple way to connect, verses installing software. ----------------------------------- Third (conclusion) With the ever changing world being introduced to new things everyday. We should adapt to what is best. I'd like to throw out the idea that we should use both platforms. Pros of both platforms as a community we: - Get functionality of both platforms. - Can still use TS3 as the main platform for community events such as for hosting meetings - Reach out to the new player base who prefers simple connect mentality. I'd like to bring up the point of meetings. When the community conducts administrative meetings they consist of primary division leaders or Officers+, correct? I feel that if a member who was in a division that used Discord for their divisions primary communication and for their division events it would not be too much to ask that those division leaders to have teamspeak installed to attend those meetings. That way as a community, we are taking advantage of multiple platforms for communication that best suite the different divisions to give them the most appropriate tools possible to provide them with a successful division. after all isn't the goal is win-win situation. Sorry for the wordy topic I attempted to space things out and highlight ideas with bold text Regards, Quintin (Snicker66(OD))
  8. Java Expierence?

    haha sorry guys I was just sitting at work while I was trying to pick through it. It was due at midnight last night, I got the code to function as it should tho. the main issue is that the methods that were being called were refreshing the wrong things due to the naming scheme being too simulator to other objects that were predefined and being passed into the method
  9. Java Expierence?

    Anyone have a good amount of Java experience? I have a Project where I need to Code a Football game that operates off of using random number generators Long story short I need to generate a number for the number of possessions that are within a quarter and then divide the possessions up between the home and away team. However the code that I have currently for slitting the possessions does not work currently. Any suggestions?
  10. new recruit

    Welcome sir, I hope to play classic with you throughout the ladder hopefully. I'll most likely make a pally
  11. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Thanks for the information, I was unsure about this information. Do we know of anyone willing to do the research into different recording\capture software programs to try with the discord?
  12. Ladder Reset progress

    I got screwed and got ipbanned last night after joining too many games... so hopefully I can play tonight...
  13. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    No I have not which is why I requested a picture of what it looks like so I could see. Thanks Mike. Tyler? haha From what I'm reading throughout this discussion all of this seems quite within reach to have acomplished Thank you all for your feedback on this topic. On the topic of recording: How about we just designate one or two people who record the meeting to be responsible for (with the option to ask for help setting up) attempt setting up recording functionality for discord and test different programs (if no one wants to I can do this tomorrow) @Collin(OD) Side note: I'm not 100% understanding of how nicknames work on discord. For Ex. my handle is currently 'Snick' for my discord. and an observation I'm going to make is that my discord handle for OD should be my actual OD handle. Is there a way for me to have different handles per Discord server I am connected to? Regards, Quintin *Snicker66(OD)*
  14. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I like where this topic is going. Thank you all for your posts! Can I bring up the idea of the Hierarchy that is in teamspeak because I would like to discuss our options that are available within discord to develop a hierarchy for discord that would be comparable to the one that is in teamspeak. I'm referring to channel layout Can we get an example screenshot of what the discord channel would look like. How cluttered would it be? Thanks. Quintin -sent from Note8
  15. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    Agreed. K.i.s.s. keep it simple stupid ^