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  1. Revival of Social Media!

    You can mention the Drunken Rocket League night happening on the 29th if you like.
  2. Member behind the mic #7 with Terra(OD)

    I ain't here to impress you.
  3. 2018 Movie of the Year

    What a terribly scandalous thing to say! Or it would be, but your opinion means jack so we're good.
  4. 2018 Movie of the Year

    If simply calling something trash is considered acting like Terra, then I've been inspiring generations of people without even realizing it.
  5. Clan Changelog

    In accordance with the decisions made in the November 19 Admin Meeting, a section on the extra gaming channel for Divisions has been added under the Teamspeak part of the Guide under the Special Channels heading.
  6. Clan Changelog

    Creating just a simple topic here that I'll use to log system changes that take place in the Clan, and the Guide to Everything.
  7. Overdosed Academy Squad I finally got around to putting together the Academy Squad. This Squad will contain a list of Division Leaders who voluntarily offer themselves as a source for advice on certain parts of running Divisions (during this I will refer to Divisions, but all of this applies to Squads as well). Running Divisions can be tricky, particularly since it is inevitable that sooner or later a Division is going to run into some kind of problem, and it falls to the Division Leader to figure out how to get past that problem. In such cases, if you need help or even a second opinion, find someone in this Squad, particularly someone offering to be a source of advice in a category that best pertains to your problem. Don't under-value this. Even despite the fact that, so far, I've written most of the topics on information and knowledge related to creating and leading Divisions, I have also had to occasionally ask the second opinion of someone whose judgment I trusted just to double-check that what I was doing was reasonable, fair, and the best decision under those circumstances. The sure mark of a poor leader is someone who believes they have no need for a fresh perspective on important matters. There are three categories, although many of the leaders listed may have extensive knowledge on two or all of the categories, each one has picked one category they wish to be responsible for advising in. This is to help spread out the attention commitment so that one person doesn't end up being the go-to person for all the Clan's problems, but also to encourage members to get to know other leaders, not just their favored one (although most people will probably still just go to the person they trust the most each time, but at least this way there are options if that person is unavailable). Leaders in each category are listed in the Squad description on the site, but for simplicity's sake I'll post them here too. Advice on Problem-Solving Leaders offering advice in this category specialize in judging problems and the best course of action for dealing with them.This will primarily refer to help with resolving disputes between members or appropriate disciplinary action, but can include cases of theft, dishonesty, or other direct problems plaguing a Division as well. -Terra Advice on Leadership Leaders offering advice in this category specialize in offering information and techniques on being a fair, confident, and inspirational leader. Knowing the best approaches to earning the trust and faith of your members, the balance between decisiveness and recklessness, the best use of authority, these are all things that fall under this category, and in which leaders under this category are willing to offer suggestions on. -Ravemore Advice on Events Leaders in this category offer advice specializing in creative events. These can be tournament ideas or places to get tournament brackets, custom events such as how ironman tourneys work, or even knowledge on effective techniques for recruiting, retention, or in-game economic ideas. All of these are things a Leader of Events can provide recommendations on. -No laders in this category yet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to join the Squad and offer your services as a leader? First off, only someone who has been a Division Leader of a Division for at least 6 months can become a part of this Squad. You need the credentials to back up your confidence. If you meet that requirement you can apply through the site or by posting in this topic and I'll add you both here and on the site, make sure you communicate to me in some form which of the three categories you would like to be responsible for tutoring on. You can only pick one. Once added people looking for perspective or opinions may contact you, however keep in mind that there are not always very many situations in which people actively look for advice, so don't take it personally if you are rarely, if ever, contacted for help. The idea is to give members the option, its up to them to decide if they want to use it or not. If someone does come to you for help, keep in mind that it falls to them to choose if they want to follow your advice or not, each of them are to decide for themselves if your solution is the best course of action in their situation. If you are receiving advice from a leader Keep in mind that their advice does not guarantee a resolution to your problem, it is simply a recommendation. The choice of how and whether to apply their suggestions is up to you, and the responsibility of taking care of your Division and it's problems is still yours. Furthermore in certain circumstances the advice provided may take the form of constructive criticism or things you may not necessarily agree with or want to hear. Again, the choice of whether to accept the advice or not is yours, but don't ask for answers to a question you aren't prepared to receive answers for. If needed, you can ask any additional leaders for second or third or fourth opinions as well, maybe they will advise something similar, or maybe they will advise something entirely different, choose the recommendations you feel address your situation best. Advice is still worth hearing, even if you don't use it.
  8. Well I tired to be Civil

    I suddenly feel very much like I'm back in the old days of battle.net again. Diplomacy isn't really your strong suit, TypeReaL, but that said it wouldn't have mattered in this case because he's obviously not interested in reconciling. What PJ suggested is the best course of action, ignore them and focus on providing for the members of your Division. For all intents and purposes this... individual.. is essentially powerless to harm you, the only way he would be successful at enticing your members away is if your members weren't particularly impressed with being in OD already. If your members are happy then they aren't going to leave for some unknown new group. You can reinforce this within your Division by perhaps holding a Division meeting with your members and encouraging them to talk to you guys anytime if they have any concerns or requests regarding the Division, remind them that you are there for their needs and gaming experience and let them feel like their opinions matter and that you will listen. It'll make this guys claims of abuse and drama ring pretty hollow to anyone they try to tell it to. Just out of curiosity, but this person has obviously been involved with OD in some fashion before, is he a former member?
  9. Starcraft 2: F2P

    Co-op really seemed to restore that driving engine for SC2, before the co-op mode was introduced it seemed like it was waning for a long time. I wonder if it would be considered more or less successful than the first starcraft.
  10. Shedou's Intro

    Or maybe he'll be just like AOL, show up for one day every 3 months. Never around, but never really just going away either.
  11. Getting Kicked or Banned

    What? So even my bot could be used again??
  12. Clan Changelog

    A new rule was established by the Generals today in regards to name changes, and has been added to the Clan section of the Guide to Everything, along with a new sub-section called "Additional Rules of Note" (as this particular rule didn't fit under any other categories). This rule actually reflects the common practice of name changes in OD over the course of previous years, it was only in this past year that a measure of leniency has been allowed for name changes. Given the increasing number of members requesting name changes lately, and the added level of confusion that it has been creating, the Generals have decided to formally instate the old restrictions of name changes as a rule of the Clan, starting today.
  13. Update

    From personal experience I can confirm that Square Enix has a very lousy account-recovery system.
  14. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    It kinda looks like someone tried to set up the Announcement but wasn't quite able to figure it out. =P I'll set up an Announcement for it now. Just a forewarning, but AOL will probably never forgive you for taking away his dream of running Community Meetings again, he's been continuously asking if Lightning was still around every few months for the past year or two now.
  15. Events: What Do You Want to See?

    I'm up for any event, and I can make any day as long as I know about it in advance.
  16. Share your pics!

    I don't have any wedding pictures, but here are some awe-inspiring pictures of me.
  17. Our Teamspeak Powers by Rank The following is a long overdue list of what we can do on Teamspeak at which rank, and how they are done. Teamspeak has always played a central role within our Clan, but few members actually knew what powers they had available or understood how to use all of them. Recently we've revamped how all the powers worked and adjusted them to be almost entirely rank based, and I'm following up on that by writing this guide that will map the powers along with a brief explanation on how they are used so that anyone interested has a place to educate themselves on it. But first The rule of Teamspeak Powers All Teamspeak Powers are to be used responsibly and as needed, especially those that affect other users. Creating channels with inappropriate names, editing players, moving them/kicking them/banning them without their permission or justifiable cause are all taboo. It doesn't matter the reason. Moving people between channels or kicking them as a prank or a joke is still a violation of the rules and still subject to consequences. In most cases these consequences will simply be a removal of your TS powers but at the discretion of OD Administration additional consequences may apply. So don't abuse your power! With that out of the way Rank Powers All ranks inherit the powers of their predecessors, this is a list of all the *new* powers a person gets upon attaining each rank. Guests -Can join any non-private channel -Can private message people -Can poke people -Can download files using the File Transfer system Trial Members/Enlisted -Gain the ability to upload files as well as download with the File Transfer system (See below for an explanation of how it works) -Enlisted can add members to the Trial Member Server Group Warrant Officers -Gain the power to create Temporary Channels -Can kick or ban Guests -Can move Enlisted and lower between channels -Can view channel Permissions (right-click channel, select Edit Channel. You can look but not change anything) -Can set people up to Enlisted rank Officers -Gain the power to create permanent sub-channels (channels attached to an existing channel) -Can move Warrant Officers and lower between channels -Can view channel group permissions -Can modify channel names and descriptions -Can delete inappropriate Avatars -Can kick or ban Enlisted and lower +Division Leader --Anyone with a Division Leader tag gains these additional powers regardless of their rank-- -Can create and delete permanent channels within their Division -Can move and modify channels within their Division -Can kick or ban Enlisted members and lower but only from within the channels of their own Division -Can add/remove Priority Speaker powers to people within their Channel Senior Officers -Gain the power to move Officers and lower between channels -Can add and remove members from Channel Groups (i.e. make them Division Leaders) -Can delete temporary and sub-channels -Can kick or ban Warrant Officer ranks and lower -Can view Server Group permissions Brigadier Generals -Gain the power to create and delete any kind of channel anywhere -Can move Senior Officers and lower between Channels -Can modify the settings of channels -Can modify user descriptions -Can create and delete new Channel Groups -Gain the power to add/remove Priority Speaker powers to people within any Channel -Gain the power to add/remove Poke Immunity to users in Teamspeak Major Generals -Gain the power to add passwords to channels -Can move around channels Lieutenant Generals No additional powers from Major at this time 4-Star General -Gain the power to move Lieutenant Generals and lower between channels -Can kick or ban Lieutenant Generals and lower Commander -Can create, delete, or modify anything. Be it a person, channel, or group. How to use your Powers File Transfers Each individual channel has it's own file cache. To access the file transfer system first right-click the channel name of the channel you want to add or take files from, and then select "Open File Browser" From here you can see the file directory for this channel. Although there might be a variety of buttons, the only two buttons you need to worry about right now are the up and down arrows. The up arrow represents uploading, and clicking it will bring up an index of your computer files where you can select the one you'd like to upload, much like uploading anything anywhere else on the net. The down arrow is downloading, and it will download the file you select in the list (they will be listed in the big white open box when you enter the file browser) and download it to the location of your choice on your computer. Adding people to Server Groups (Setting their Rank) To set someone's rank in Teamspeak just right-click that person, mouse over Set Server Group to bring up a list of the available Server Groups, and click on the rank of your choice. Please note that the Division Leader tag is not set this way. Each person can set people up to one rank lower than their own rank. So Officers could set people up to Warrant Officer rank. Ranks listed in gray are ranks you do not have the power to set people to. Creating Channels To Create a channel, right-click the channel you would like the new channel to be attached to and select "Create Channel" (this makes a sub-channel, for a whole new index of channels right-click the "Clan Overdosed" server name at the top, but only Generals and higher can do this). This opens up a window where you apply the settings of your new channel. 1. Select your channel name 2. Select a channel Password (for Major Generals and up only) 3. Select the channel type, if you are a Warrant Officer you will only be able to create Temporary channels. Temp channels are automatically deleted when no one is in them 4. Under the Audio Tab make sure to set Voice Quality to the maximum 10, or people's voices won't come in as clearly 5. Under the permissions tab you can set the Join Power, this determines who can join the channel. Setting it to 50 means that only Officers and up will be able to join. It defaults to 0 so unless purposefully set, anyone will be able to join the new channel. 6. Set the Modify Power, the power required to be able to modify the settings of the channel, like what you are doing now 7. Set the Delete power, the power required to delete the channel Both the Modify power and the Delete Power are automatically set to be equal to the Channel Creation power of the creator. So by default Officers can't delete channels created by Generals. Aside from the settings listed here you don't need to worry about any of the other settings in the Channel Creation. A Channel is not required to have a Description, although it isn't a problem if you add one either. Kicking, Banning, or Moving You can access the options to kick, ban, or move a person by right-clicking them in Teamspeak. Kicking a member from a channel will move them to the next channel above, or to the lobby. Kicking them from the server will disconnect them from the server. In both cases the person you kick can rejoin again right away, as such kicking serves best as more of a warning than a consequence. Ban a client from the server and they will not be able to return until an Administrator removes them from the ban list. People cannot be banned from specific channels (although it is possible to set up restrictions so that they can't join specific channels). Moving a Client to your own channel, as one might expect, instantly moves someone to your own channel. This can be aggravating for someone if they were in the middle of talking to other people. All of these features are only to be used when needed. Abusing them will result in *all* of your Teamspeak powers being suspended, not just these three. Deleting User Avatar or Changing User Description Similarly to kicking, banning, and moving, you can also find the options for these by right-clicking someone in Teamspeak. Deleting Avatars or editing Descriptions should only take place if someone is using something inappropriate. Examples of "inappropriate" would be pictures containing nudity or descriptions containing sexual illustrations, anything racist or discriminating against people, places, or religions, or anything intending to be blatantly offensive towards another person regardless of whether they are a member of our Clan or not. Similarly to abusing your other powers, deleting or changing someone's information without just cause will result in all of your Teamspeak powers being suspended. --------------------------------------- These are all the powers I can explain at the moment. I'll explain the creation of Channel Groups, how to assign Channel Groups to channels, and how to assign people to Channel Groups (make someone a Division Leader) at a later time. At the moment I don't have the access needed to take the pictures required for the explanation.
  18. Plans for Free Company Actions

    If you wouldn't mind, a brief explanation of exactly what each company action does for those of us who aren't familiar with it would be appreciated.
  19. Returning from IA

    It is good to see you survived the ordeal, for sure. OD just hasn't been the same without you around.
  20. Overdosed Gaming T-shirt

    Yeah sadly Darkhelmet is right in this case, wake_n_bake. We like having OD T-Shirts, but we would be heartbroken if you ended up in trouble for selling T-Shirts depicting blizzard or other company imagery on there. And you'll definitely get in trouble eventually if you keep selling those kinds of shirts. You'll have to change them up to be OD-specific.
  21. Share your pics!

    It was love at first invite.
  22. Returning from IA

    *sigh* Well you've probably already been through a lot, so no point in chastising you for something you've undoubtedly already told yourself plenty of times over. I trust the experience has left you a little wiser for the future?
  23. Congratulations are in Order

    Dealing with all those cancerous players on battle.net has helped you to build up an immunity.
  24. 3 Best Games?

    If you like turn-based RPG's then yeah, it's among the best there is. Aerineth, Altros, Remsen and myself had a pretty dedicated group for Original Sin 1, and we've played a lot of Original Sin 2 with Xayj and Melrak as well.
  25. 3 Best Games?

    Rocket League, Divinity Original Sin 2, and.. probably Age of Wonders III takes the next spot in terms of how much time I've spent playing them. Final Fantasy Online is pretty fun too.