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    Leaving OD 😭

    It is concerning to see quite a few members in this topic agree with the feeling that favoritism is a problem, and I would certainly be interested in hearing more about how they came to feel that way if some were willing to fill me in through a private conversation. Favoritism can be a tricky issue to nail down. The reality is those who associate closely with people in rank or positions are always going to be more likely to be promoted, not necessarily because they are friends but because those giving promotions will be more familiar with what those people do, making it easier to assess them. In this case being friends with someone and being aware of their actions and performance more tends to go hand-in-hand, which can easily give the impression of favoritism even though that's not really the case. However instances of favoritism can still exist. The reasons for promotions matter, and all members of the same rank should be held to the same standard, friends or otherwise. If promotions are being given out without the effort being made to earn them, then that would be an issue worth hearing about and a bad habit worth breaking. If you have a concern, don't be afraid to share it. Those of us in leadership are not omniscient, we cannot fix problems we are not aware of. At the same time, however, it is important to keep in mind that earning promotions, whether in OD or in real life, will often involve not just working hard but taking steps to ensure you are noticed and stand out from your peers. Ideally the Division Leaders should make their best effort to acknowledge the work and actions of all their members, to the best of their ability, but those members interested in advancing should also make their best effort to approach leadership and let them know that they *are* interested in working their way up and ask what they can do to help out or earn their place. We are the progenitors of our own worlds, the protagonists to our own story. Just as a story could never progress without the actions of its characters, it is only through our own actions do we shape our world. To do nothing or say nothing is to accept the world for the way it is. In other words if your plan is simply to wait for leadership to notice you, or to notice the problems you see, then things are unlikely to change. You must take it upon yourself to take the steps needed to achieve the things you feel are important.
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    Patch Note History

    https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2401?lang=en Notable changes include a completely new Marketplace system for the game.
  3. Terra

    Patch Note History

    This topic will be posting links to patch notes for member reference. January 30 Patch Notes https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2321
  4. Probably should have posted this sooner, but just a heads up that Savage Rift will be canceled tomorrow as I will be hosting the monthly Drunken Rocket League, so we will be doing it after the Guild Meeting on Saturday instead.
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    First I've heard of it. What's it about and what kind of game is it?
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    Guild House / Guild Galley Gear Prep

    A consumable requires 800 mil? Is that the worth of the materials? Which materials are we talking about here?
  7. Terra

    Guild House / Guild Galley Gear Prep

    I'd also like to know what we need to make the Guild-specific Breezy Crystals. It would be good if we could make a truck load of those too while we had a Guild Base.
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    Guild House / Guild Galley Gear Prep

    The materials are relatively easy to get, I remember researching it before. That's pretty good information so thanks for rounding that up for us Archie. What I would like to know, though, is the materials for getting the Galley's blue gear. As that will definitely be a priority when we get the Guild House. Also regular Guild Houses may cost only 2billion but the Guild houses that have a Shipyard are going to cost more. If what you say is accurate though, and the minimum bid is half of the previous winning bid, then at least we can find out what the going rates are. If you are willing to try and find out what we need to get Galley blue gear then I'll make some effort this coming week to see if I can figure out what the bids for Shipyard Guilds are going at.
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    Patch Note History

    February 13 patch notes https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2373?lang=en
  10. Saw this little news article.
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    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    gee, can't imagine why that would be. 🙄
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    Team Speak

    That tutorial video doesn't work anymore, and I'm personally kind of glad it doesn't because that wasn't my most dignified of videos. The basics are you start it up, you push Connections in the top left, enter the server name (ts3.overdosed.net) and a nickname for yourself (should be your OD name), then hit connect. (No password needed) It should connect you to the server. For troubleshooting or voice checks/changes you select Tools at the top -> Options -> Capture. Push-to-talk is generally recommended, so people don't end up hearing your burps, coughs, sneezes, sighs, snickers, and snorts. If that really doesn't work for you then voice activation is second-best, just make sure to adjust your sensitivity using the colored bar above so it doesn't pick up everything. And if you use continuous transmission then you will have no friends and no one will come to your birthday party.
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    Guild Positions

    Dunnskii is the Guild Combat Trainer now, and Archie has taken over as Guild taskmaster.
  14. Terra

    Guild Positions

    Guild Positions To better organize the Guild and delegate responsibilities certain members have been assigned particular roles that will fulfill a function of the guild and help keep things progressing smoothly. As the Guild grows and we become capable of more things, new roles may open up. Current Positions Guild Treasurer Held by: Compfreak(OD) Responsible for: Tracking the daily guild income and expenses to provide a clear picture of our net profit Guild Admiral Held by: Altros(OD) Responsible for: Organizing sea monster runs and other ocean-related activities. Can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which we take into account when considering guild raises Guild Taskmaster Held by: Archie(OD) Responsible for: Organizing Guild Missions. Like the Admiral, can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which works positively towards earning raises Guild Combat Trainer Held by: iGitrDunn(OD) Responsible for: Helping members learn PvP, scheduling times for members to get together to practice PvP in Battlefield or other areas. Possibly set up combat tournaments or competitions. Combat Trainer should be experienced in PvP and familiar with most class skills. Guild Event Master Held by: (Vacant) Responsible for: Hosting events for the Guild such as Scroll Runs or Savage Rifts. Can be creative with making their own events as well. (Such as Horse-racing competitions)
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    Cool Title, also Catchy and Original

    Ultima Online? Damn that's pretty oldschool. I only played Ultima a bit back in the day, but it's a classic.
  16. Terra

    How can new players and members help the guild?

    To be honest, the best way to help the Guild at your level is to keep focusing on yourself. It's great that you want to help contribute to the Guild, but a Guild is only as strong as the members that make it, and as long as you are a part of our Guild then anything that benefits you is also benefiting OD as a whole. So get better, get stronger, and use everything we offer members to do it. Take whatever silver you can get from us, and whatever items our events provide, and use it to make yourself powerful and capable. Then once everyone does that we can move onto the "taking over the world" step. Once you hit 56 then helping out with Guild Missions is good, and if you eventually build yourself a sailboat then you can help us earn a lot of money. But other than that the best way to help out is just chat with our other members and help them with the things they need. Accept help when it is given, and give help when it is needed. That is all any of us really need to do, that is our recipe for success.
  17. A comprehensive guide on obtaining the Ring of Power. A quest-reward ring that can't be enhanced, but provides 11 AP (equivalent to a DUO Crescent Guardian ring) https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/ring-of-power-11-ap-ring-quest-guide.340429/
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    Black Desert Screen Shots

    Ocean Warfare!
  19. Terra

    The Guild Galley

    Red October is the final decision.
  20. er.. how did things that are not Divisions become part of the options for Most Promising New Division?
  21. Terra

    Latest Failstack Charts

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JfYm6ZNy9oUlYr_Su6nTiQwK8tjp5jvbUflW_yRaLec/edit#gid=82981048 I unpinned the last topic to avoid any confusion with the out-dated charts. These ones are the most current available. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to change between Weapon/Armor/Accessory charts. Note: These only show the probability of success for each failstack so players can use it as a reference. It does not show the recommended failstack for each enhancement, although players can easily devise their own by using it.
  22. Here's a link to the class changes with the coming patch. (Compliments of Archie) These changes went up on their global test server and is expected to be on our server in the next 2 - 3 weeks.
  23. Terra

    On the Use of Clubs

    Non-General members can join and leave a club at will if its open, if its invite only and they leave then they have to be re-invited.
  24. Forum Clubs As most of you have probably noticed by now our Forum now features the use of Clubs, accessed from the Clubs button at the top of the forum. I'll go over briefly here what we decided on are acceptable reasons to create and use Clubs. What you can create a Club for Clubs can be created for the following things 1. You can create a Club for non-Squad games that people seem to be interested in, such as the Chess club or a Rocket League club 2. Squads have the option of being made as a club instead of a sub-board on the forum, it is up to the Squad founders to decide where they would like it. When a Squad becomes a Division its Club board will be converted into its own forum board on the forum 3. Divisions can choose to allow the creation of Clubs for whatever they feel will be useful for their Division. This can include using a Club as a private locker for leaders, for organizing PvP groups, or anything else the Division feels will be useful. When a Club is created, it will remain hidden to everyone but the creator until an Administrator approves it. During this time the creator can begin customizing their Club with themes and other limited options while they wait. A club's creation will be denied if there is nothing to indicate members would be interested in it, or if the Club does not have the consent of the Division Leaders (if it is a Division-related Club) How to create a Club To create a Club simply select the Club button at the top of the forum and then select the "Start a Club" button on the upper right side. (Locations may vary slightly depending on Forum Theme being used) When creating a Club you have the option of changing its accessibility between 4 options. Public Anyone can see the Club topics and post in them, even if they aren't part of the Club Open All Members can see the Club topics but only members who join the Club can post in them. Can join the Club freely without the need for approval. Closed All Members can see the Club topics but only members who are in the Club can post in them. Members must be invited by the Club leader to join the Club. Private The Club and all its topics are hidden from any members who are not part of the Club. Members must be invited by the Club leader to join the Club. The Benefits of a Club Clubs come with a few benefits that the use of regular boards do not provide. Club Leaders have a greater degree of control over their Clubs, having all of the Moderator powers that a Moderator of a regular board would have, but also being able to select their own Moderators and create their own boards. Using hidden Private Clubs instead of private Boards allows leaders to add and remove access to the board easily, without the need to set or remember passwords. There are forum mods out there that can enhance Club control to greater extents as well, and if Clubs see a lot of use on our forum then we may look into future upgrades. If you wish to check out and experiment with a Club then feel free to use the tutorial Club I created: Terra's Drinking Lounge!