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    Guild Positions

    Guild Positions To better organize the Guild and delegate responsibilities certain members have been assigned particular roles that will fulfill a function of the guild and help keep things progressing smoothly. As the Guild grows and we become capable of more things, new roles may open up. Current Positions Guild Treasurer Held by: Compfreak(OD) Responsible for: Tracking the daily guild income and expenses to provide a clear picture of our net profit Guild Admiral Held by: Altros(OD) Responsible for: Organizing sea monster runs and other ocean-related activities. Can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which we take into account when considering guild raises Guild Taskmaster Held by: iGitrDunn(OD) Responsible for: Organizing Guild Missions. Like the Admiral, can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which works positively towards earning raises Guild Combat Trainer Held by: (Vacant) Responsible for: Helping members learn PvP, scheduling times for members to get together to practice PvP in Battlefield or other areas. Possibly set up combat tournaments or competitions. Combat Trainer should be experienced in PvP and familiar with most class skills. Guild Event Master Held by: (Vacant) Responsible for: Hosting events for the Guild such as Scroll Runs or Savage Rifts. Can be creative with making their own events as well. (Such as Horse-racing competitions)
  2. Terra


    You know Blue is needed to make Purple, right? =P
  3. Terra

    Guild Positions

    We're all waitin on you, Xayj.
  4. Sign back into Trillian, loser. Got things I need to ask you about.

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      I been on the whole time.

    2. Terra


      R.agnarok(OD) signed on at 7:53 PM

  5. Terra

    - Guild Events -

    Savage Rift added for Fridays. Also I removed the scheduled Guild Missions since we really don't follow a schedule for those.
  6. Terra

    - Guild Events -

    Guild Events These are the available events our Guild offers for each day of the week. Monday Tuesday Boss Scroll Runs (6pm Pacific / 8pm Central) Wednesday Thursday Friday Savage Rift (7pm Pacific / 9pm Central Saturday Guild Meeting (6 pm Pacific / 8 pm Central) Sunday Vell World Boss run (1 pm Pacific / 3 pm Central)
  7. Thanks for the reminder about the Admin Meeting.

    1. MelodicRose(OD)


      Ahh, I just figured I'd ask because holiday season is fast approaching after next week - didn't know if it was just not being done or if it was forgotten. 

    2. Terra


      Just waiting on a couple confirmations but will probably be on the 30th just so it doesn't interfere with the holiday season for people.

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      Just take the month off 😄 everyones gonna be so hungover during the holidays.. well not me but the majority of people that get in the holiday spirit aside from terra trying to stab me that still no matter how you cut it is attempted murder. remember what happened last year @Aerineth(OD) got so drunk the next 3 days he kept sending me omnious messages like type Why do you wash counter clock wise in the shower ....? Type someone shit in the officers break room and winks at me cmon man ! well that went off on a tangent but how bout we cancel it do this impending doom I have forecast guess @MelodicRose(OD) isnt the only one with predictions !

  8. Terra

    Guild Positions

    Aerineth has gracefully stepped down from the Guild Taskmaster position and iGitrDunn(OD) is the new Guild Taskmaster. Two new Guild Roles are available now, to be filled by anyone who is interested in taking them on. Send me a message if you want to apply.
  9. A New Recruit accidentally put you as his recruiter. Not sure how regularly you check the site these days with all your other life activities so I just wanted to give you a heads up on here. We'll need you to reject his application so we can change the name of his new account back to the username he wanted.

  10. Terra

    Black Desert Screen Shots

    We'll take another in a month or so and see how much we've grown by comparison. (In terms of who will actually show up for the picture anyway)
  11. Terra

    Black Desert Screen Shots

    Dunnskii you have somehow managed to perfectly time that screenshot at the exact moment half our members were all looking away at the same time. You can certainly see the difference in graphic quality between your picture and Aerineth's though. Sorry to say but he definitely got the better shot. =P
  12. Terra

    Large-Sized Guild!

    We've reached a population of 50+ members in the in-game Guild now, qualifying us as a Large guild in BDO and giving us access to Large-scale Guild Missions as well as 300,000,000 support funds per week instead of our previous 200m. This gives us a bit more money to play with, and I propose we put an especially strong focus on website membership benefits. Right now we offer members an extra 300,000 silver to their daily salary. I want to double that benefit to an extra 600,000 silver, meaning any member who signs up for the main website will receive at least a million silver per day. I also plan on hammering out our bonus system soon too, to incentivize sea monster hunting and help bring in more money for the Guild so we can hopefully bump this up even further.
  13. Terra

    Introduction Venom88(OD)

  14. Terra

    Request a Forum Rank change!

    If you need your forum rank changed after a tier-change promotion then please request it here, and an Admin will change it at their next available opportunity. This applies to the following ranks: Enlisted, Warrant Officer, Officer, Senior Officer, General 1 - 3*, General (4 star) Must have the website rank first to get the equivalent forum rank! This does not include custom forum titles, you must request that by PM. If you see someone who has a rank they shouldn't have (for example a member who DSLed out but still has Officer access) you can also let us know about them here as well, or you can PM one of us in private.
  15. Terra

    - Guild Events -

    Boss Scroll Runs added for Tuesdays at 8pm Central.
  16. Squad of the Month Squad of the month is a new initiative that the OD community is offering to help Squad leaders generate attention for their Squad. Any Squad looking to become a Division is allowed to request to be Squad of the Month, and their application will be determined in the next Admin Meeting. If approved, that Squad will have their Teamspeak channel featured at the top of Teamspeak for one month. This is intended to help Squads push towards Division status by making it easier for their new recruits to find their Teamspeak channel, and by promoting awareness of the game by placing it in an area where all members of the Clan are more likely to see it. To request Squad of the Month you must: 1. Be an existing Squad already on the website 2. Intend to make your Squad a Division and be willing to use Squad of the Month as an opportunity to drive towards that goal Any Squad wishing to apply for Squad of the Month may reply to this topic, please include the name of your Squad, its leaders (Commander and XO) and your plans on how to make it into a Division using Squad of the Month (i.e. The days you plan to focus on recruitment, events you have in mind, etc.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previous Squads of the Month Magic: The Gathering - December 2017
  17. Terra

    3 Guilds enter a room

    Who would the third guild be? ^_-
  18. Terra

    guest passes to play Black desert

    You sure aren't having a lot of luck with this game, huh. The way your computer crashes during the character creation though, makes me wonder if there is something about the game your graphics card doesn't like. Can try and ask some of my boys to think about it for you, most of them are IT guys anyway.
  19. Lookin to improve our Guild Emblem. So everyone get out their Google Image coupons and see if you can find us something good. Or, if you're a talented artist, you can try and make us something. Just remember that whatever we choose is going to be representing our Guild so we're going to be candid about choosing the one we feel is best! The more options the better though, so show us what you got and share with us your opinion on what you think looks best!
  20. Known for being the best visually-looking MMORPG of all time, Black Desert was created to be the ultimate role-playing game. Players dive into a thriving and automated world whose scope and attention to detail is almost unfathomable, facing not just the challenges of leveling up and becoming stronger as a character, but also in finding a place for themselves in the world of interconnected cities, regions and landscapes. Designed by Kakao, Black Desert was created using a custom-made Game Engine created solely for Black Desert, somehow magically allowing the game to look absurdly good without putting too much demand on computers and graphic cards, and without any loading screens when traversing the world itself whether you are delving into deep dungeons or climbing the towers of ancient ruins. Hurl spells of fantastical might as a Witch or Wizard, cut through your enemies faster than the eye can follow as a Ninja or Maehwa, combine magic and martial arts together as a Dark Knight or Sorceress, or push into the thick of a fight as a Knight or Valkyrie. All done in a seamless flow of fast-paced real-time combat that makes use of every moment. And in-between bouts of combat and conquest settle down with the money-making career of your choice, whether it be a farmer, trader, alchemist, cook, fisher. Or think bigger and acquire lands, hire workers, rent workshops, and create a global-spanning business conglomerate! Join Guilds (Our Guild, preferably) and sign a contract, get paid a daily salary, apply for raises, and participate in group ventures or sea monster battles. So just how extreme is the role-playing aspect of Black Desert? Pretty extreme when your character can raise their HP by eating regularly, increase their stamina by running for long periods of time, strengthen their weight capacity by back-packing between towns. Deposit your money in the banks of each city, because carrying lots of silver around gets pretty heavy! Careful though, the banks of each city are independent, you don't want to end up broke in one city because you left all your assets in another! Maybe you'll want to travel between cities a little faster then? Grab a lasso and go capture and tame a wild horse. Heck, tame a bunch of them, then breed them into even faster and stronger generations. You'll need a camel if you're going into the desert though, and make sure to bring lots of water because heatstroke is no joke! I could spend all day writing about the different things you can do in Black Desert, but why don't you see for yourself? Come join us in Black Desert today!
  21. Terra


    Here are image copies of the failstacks in case they are easier to read. (Click on them to enlarge) Weapon / Accessories Armor
  22. Terra

    Unicorn Picture

    Picture of the super rare Unicorn mount for BDO.
  23. Terra

    New Guild Emblem Suggestions

    The game accepts pictures at a 64 x 64 pixel size, however it shrinks it down to about 20 x 20 pixel size when its next to our character in-game. The icons present will probably still work but let me just put them into perspective so we can judge. Our current emblem is this big in-game. The emblems suggested so far will look like this next to our characters in-game. Sadly Purplez picture doesn't quite handle the limitations. =P Of the ideas presented, I agree that the blue OD one looks the best so far. But we still have a couple days, so if we can get some more good-looking options in then that'd be great.
  24. Terra

    1,000% EXP boost days and times

    @Triny(OD) What's the word on your friends for tomorrow? We should aim to secure the Naga Temple early, at minimum at least an hour before the EXP boost starts, so that we are only fighting people who are peeking in at it rather than any groups or guilds who have already gathered up at it. The bulk of our members will probably be on more for the evening one than the afternoon, but we can use the afternoon to test the waters, so to speak. For OD I'll be creating and leading the first party. If/when we need a second party @CompFreak(OD) I'll have you create and lead it. And if we need a third party @GCT(OD) will create and lead it. Both of you can be part of existing parties until it becomes clear that we need to make a new party due to the number of people, and then you can break off and create the new party as needed. That make sense?
  25. Terra

    New Guild Emblem Suggestions

    Remember its a 64 x 64 icon guys, pretty small, this is more of a symbol than a real picture. I don't like the spam. And Guild Master's preference takes precedence this time.