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    Xayj(OD) 2.0 (Re-introduction)

    I had no idea you were so eager to write another eval.
  2. We have been aware for some time now that logging into the website consistently to reset DSL has been an inconvenience, both for new members who don't want to bother doing it as well as for Squads and Divisions who were having troubles recruiting and retaining members because of it. Most of you are aware that we set up a system for D2 that allowed their DSL to be reset automatically, but in actuality this is something we want to provide for all Squads and Divisions, both present and future. Particularly after a number of Divisions reported DSL logins as being the major challenge they were facing, we have put a major focus on getting a workable system for automatically resetting DSL for everyone. At the moment our website coders have only finished an automatic reset for Discord, but we are going to do our best to try and create methods for both Teamspeak and Steam as well, if we can. Automatic DSL Reset for Discord To get Discord to automatically reset your DSL -- go to Console -> Third Party Integrations -> Link Discord -> Click the "Link with Discord!" button What this does Once you click the Link with Discord button this will tell the website to send your (OD) name to a Discord bot we have. Once a day if the bot sees your OD name enter a voice chat on Discord OR enter a message in a text chat, it will reset your DSL. When it resets your DSL it will send you a message notifying you that your DSL was reset so that you can be certain it has worked correctly. The bot will also tell you if you have any pending private messages on the website as well. You must use your official OD name on Discord, including the (OD) tag, or it will not work. If you get a "bad state" error then just click the "Link with Discord!" button again, it should eventually work. Automatic DSL Reset for Steam To get Discord to automatically reset your DSL -- go to Console -> Third Party Integrations -> Link Steam -> Click the "Sign into Steam" button -> Log into your Steam account What this does Once you log into your Steam account on the site this will set the website to automatically reset your DSL every time you use Steam, or play a game through Steam. In addition it will add a link next to your name on the members page allowing people to link to your Steam profile. An easy way to find your fellow members and add them to your Steam friends list. Unlike Discord your Steam name doesn't need to be based on your OD name, it can still be whatever you want. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You can use the Integration Overview button (under third party integrations) to view what networks you are currently linked to, and to unlink yourself from any of them if you want. Please praise Snipedragon and Hikato as your saviors for setting this up. Hikato set up the bot and Snipedragon designed the system on our website.
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  5. Terra

    What if

    I sometimes wonder if America needs to protect itself from the world, or if the world needs to protect itself from America.
  6. If you haven't noticed yet, the website has been changed to display the larger icon for Divisions on the members page now, rather than the super small ones. As the larger icons are still smaller than the height of the rank images, they don't take up more space, and are quite a bit more clearer. Being that computers aren't operating in 800 x 600 resolution anymore, like they were when the site was first designed, it was getting pretty hard to find usable small icons for new Divisions. Existing Divisions who want to change their icon now that the larger one is actively displayed can either post the new icon they want here, or contact their favorite Commander for assistance. Credit goes to Hikato for this change.
  7. Terra

    Division Icon Changes

    Pfft. You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? I know all the rules almost by heart, I'd never go and break one. :p
  8. Drink suggestions for Drunken Rocket League this week?

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    2. CompFreak(OD)


      I'll stick with the "Apple vodka and Cranberry" or "7 & 7" recommendations :wink:

      Bloody Mary = One of the only things "pepper vodka" is good for...


      EDIT: Just found this recipe and will definitely be trying this one myself! :




      Redheaded slut

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  The redheaded slut is a cocktail made of Jägermeister, peach-flavored schnapps, and cranberry juice. [1]


      Preparation and variations

      • A redheaded slut, also known as a ginger bitch, is typically made as either a mixed drink or a shooter. As a mixed drink the ingredients are generally poured over ice in a small cocktail glass, then stirred. As a shooter, the ingredients are mixed with ice in a cocktail shaker then strained and poured into a shot glass.
      • A very common variation includes equal parts Jägermeister, Schnapps, Crown Royal, and cranberry-flavored vodka.
      • A relatively uncommon variation substitutes Chambord for the cranberry juice, and sometimes substitutes Canadian whisky and Southern Comfort for the schnapps and Jägermeister.
      • Another variation, referred to as the Lindsay Lohan, includes a splash of Coke.[2]
      • On Prince Edward Island, a redheaded slut is a mix of Vodka, Sour Puss, and Raspberry Cordial, a carbonated raspberry soda named for the drink from Anne of Green Gables.
    3. Terra


      Charming name.

    4. CompFreak(OD)


      I didn't name it... 😇

  9. Terra

    Division Icon Changes

    My mistake, I will correct that part. Thank you Hikato.
  10. Terra

    Automatic DSL resets

    Automatic DSL reset for Steam is live now, members can now link to their Steam profiles on the website, which will also add a button next to their name on the members page that will link to their Steam profile. Members can use this to more easily find and add other members to their friends list.
  11. Terra

    Anime Central

    Congratulations guys, it looks like you had a lot of fun. 2nd place in the tournament is really good.
  12. Terra

    Story Time with Uncle Coffee

    Haha. I've heard of a guy falling for a girl but you really took that meaning all the way.
  13. Terra

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    You were one of the few people I could talk and debate with and receive honest and well-thought replies from. On more than one occasion your input has given me pause to reconsider my own thoughts on something. You weren't afraid to be outspoken, and you were good at what you did. OD is the lesser for being without you.
  14. I've been running Drunken Rocket Leagues for quite a while now, and I've tried a pretty good variety of drinks each time. But I feel like for this next Drunken Rocket League (Mar 30, 8pm CST) I should take a page from someone else's book for a change. Walk a little on the wild side. So all you alcoholic connoisseurs out there, this is your chance. Give me your suggestion of the most daring and reckless drink you know of (that is relatively obtainable from a store) and I'll pick the most promising one as my drink of choice for this month's Drunken Rocket League event. And anyone who comes and drinks the same drink with me that night gets +10 rep points from me here on the forum. Which might not seem so useful right now but halfway through your drink you'll realize that it'd be totally awesome.
  15. Terra

    Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    The 7&7 sounds interesting, as does the Apple Vodka with Cranberry juice. I might try those. The rest, while effective I'm sure, aren't really all that creative.
  16. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    I think you'll have to start fresh, unfortunately. Where you decide is best to do so is entirely up to you.
  17. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    Spoken like a true Division Leader should. I wish I could do more to help you out, but unfortunately I've never had any roots in WoW. Nevertheless if you need anything clan-side then you can let me know, and I'll give you what help I can. To start with I can give you control of everything WoW-related on the forum and website here. Strictly speaking WoW is still a Division, and we don't typically remove Divisions if a new leader inherits it, so although it presently only has a member count of 6, the Division is yours nonetheless. Which will also give you access to the Division Administration board. You can change or rearrange whatever you like on the WoW forum boards here, whatever helps you to organize the kind of guild you want. If you have any other questions then you can ask me directly either by private message on the forum here, or on Teamspeak.
  18. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    There are two types of actions. Those that make a situation worse, and those that make a situation better. All leaders need to be astute problem-solvers, and need to understand that it isn't about doing what you want, it's about doing what is best for the Division, the Clan, the people. In a broad sense the original WoW Division failed for us and broke away because of the lack of problem-solving skills that people on both ends had. We need to do better this time. But if drama can flare up over one pointless post, then what chance do we have? The only thing we have accomplished in this topic so far is to validate the old WoW's members reasons for wanting to break away from us. And for what? To make a pointless post? To point out to someone that their post was pointless? To argue over who gets to control a guild that we don't even have? The whole argument was for nothing, Triny doesn't have control over the guild that you guys want, she only has control over the guild that the former WoW members have, and that firmly belongs to them, not us anymore. The abandoned guild isn't nearly as advanced, and the person with control over it isn't active anymore. As such we are better off starting a new guild from scratch. @horoxix(OD), typically the Clan would defer to our senior ranks to head up a project like this, but as our Officers seem to be focused on the wrong priorities, if reviving the WoW Division is still something you would be interested in then you can be the guild leader and the main Squad leader. You can decide for yourself whether to include Collin or ChrisSpeck in it. At the moment I'm not sure I'd find either one to be much of an appealing choice, but unfortunately the reality is you are probably going to need some help if this remake is going to succeed, so if they aren't capable of working together then you are better off getting the help of at least one, unless you can find someone else to help you rebuild. It's not much of an appealing way to start it off, I know, so if you don't want to do this then that's fine. We'll just have to give up on WoW entirely for the time being.
  19. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    Both you and Chris want to help out with the WoW remake, and yet by the looks of it you can't even seem to stand each other in one forum topic. If you are planning to step in as the leader then I'd like to ask, how do you imagine handling this? I'd prefer to make a WoW Squad, not a drama Squad, if it can be helped.
  20. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    I agree with Dabomb, there's no need to make this personal. Many people have been trying to contact Triny several times over the past few weeks, and though a lot of this is because there were many unanswered questions at the time she went IA, nonetheless it isn't surprising that she's stopped responding to most of them at this point. Triny has promised to speak with me soon when she has some time, hopefully I will be able to get the answers we need and put this confusing situation to rest. I will ask about the extra guild and see if we can get it passed on to someone. Once we have it we can decide what to do with it and who should run it after that.
  21. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    We may have to take you up on that offer, but I'd like to try and speak to Triny again first. That said, just having someone willing to try and restore it is a nice relief. And although ChrisSpeck isn't exactly smart enough to think his words through, he is a great recruiter, so if you can manage to put up with him it would be worth having him along. You are going to need to do a lot of recruiting if the Division is going to recover.
  22. Terra

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    Yes, the WoW Division has broken away from OD. They said they were unhappy with a lot of things, but they wouldn't elaborate on them and don't seem interested in trying to work it out.
  23. Terra

    A purple keyboard!!!! OMGGGG lol

    You are pretty passionate about your favorite color, huh.
  24. Overdosed Academy Squad I finally got around to putting together the Academy Squad. This Squad will contain a list of Division Leaders who voluntarily offer themselves as a source for advice on certain parts of running Divisions (during this I will refer to Divisions, but all of this applies to Squads as well). Running Divisions can be tricky, particularly since it is inevitable that sooner or later a Division is going to run into some kind of problem, and it falls to the Division Leader to figure out how to get past that problem. In such cases, if you need help or even a second opinion, find someone in this Squad, particularly someone offering to be a source of advice in a category that best pertains to your problem. Don't under-value this. Even despite the fact that, so far, I've written most of the topics on information and knowledge related to creating and leading Divisions, I have also had to occasionally ask the second opinion of someone whose judgment I trusted just to double-check that what I was doing was reasonable, fair, and the best decision under those circumstances. The sure mark of a poor leader is someone who believes they have no need for a fresh perspective on important matters. There are three categories, although many of the leaders listed may have extensive knowledge on two or all of the categories, each one has picked one category they wish to be responsible for advising in. This is to help spread out the attention commitment so that one person doesn't end up being the go-to person for all the Clan's problems, but also to encourage members to get to know other leaders, not just their favored one (although most people will probably still just go to the person they trust the most each time, but at least this way there are options if that person is unavailable). Leaders in each category are listed in the Squad description on the site, but for simplicity's sake I'll post them here too. Advice on Problem-Solving Leaders offering advice in this category specialize in judging problems and the best course of action for dealing with them.This will primarily refer to help with resolving disputes between members or appropriate disciplinary action, but can include cases of theft, dishonesty, or other direct problems plaguing a Division as well. -Terra Advice on Leadership Leaders offering advice in this category specialize in offering information and techniques on being a fair, confident, and inspirational leader. Knowing the best approaches to earning the trust and faith of your members, the balance between decisiveness and recklessness, the best use of authority, these are all things that fall under this category, and in which leaders under this category are willing to offer suggestions on. -Ravemore Advice on Events Leaders in this category offer advice specializing in creative events. These can be tournament ideas or places to get tournament brackets, custom events such as how ironman tourneys work, or even knowledge on effective techniques for recruiting, retention, or in-game economic ideas. All of these are things a Leader of Events can provide recommendations on. -No laders in this category yet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to join the Squad and offer your services as a leader? First off, only someone who has been a Division Leader of a Division for at least 6 months can become a part of this Squad. You need the credentials to back up your confidence. If you meet that requirement you can apply through the site or by posting in this topic and I'll add you both here and on the site, make sure you communicate to me in some form which of the three categories you would like to be responsible for tutoring on. You can only pick one. Once added people looking for perspective or opinions may contact you, however keep in mind that there are not always very many situations in which people actively look for advice, so don't take it personally if you are rarely, if ever, contacted for help. The idea is to give members the option, its up to them to decide if they want to use it or not. If someone does come to you for help, keep in mind that it falls to them to choose if they want to follow your advice or not, each of them are to decide for themselves if your solution is the best course of action in their situation. If you are receiving advice from a leader Keep in mind that their advice does not guarantee a resolution to your problem, it is simply a recommendation. The choice of how and whether to apply their suggestions is up to you, and the responsibility of taking care of your Division and it's problems is still yours. Furthermore in certain circumstances the advice provided may take the form of constructive criticism or things you may not necessarily agree with or want to hear. Again, the choice of whether to accept the advice or not is yours, but don't ask for answers to a question you aren't prepared to receive answers for. If needed, you can ask any additional leaders for second or third or fourth opinions as well, maybe they will advise something similar, or maybe they will advise something entirely different, choose the recommendations you feel address your situation best. Advice is still worth hearing, even if you don't use it.