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    Merica/Hectic's Apocalypse Contest!!

    You put a lot of thought into that. I always root for the zombies though.
  2. There's something I am curious about, so I want to pose a hypothetical situation to you guys and ask you a question about it to see what kind of answers people would give. Here's the situation. You are abducted by aliens! But these are not evil aliens, instead they are vagabonds rendered homeless due to a terrible accident on their home planet, and in order to survive they must relocate to a new planet. Of all the planets in their reachable vicinity, Earth is the only planet in which they could adapt to support their species, if they do not use it then their race as a whole will die. However their species requires an ammonia-based atmosphere to breathe, which means transforming Earth's atmosphere to support their life would cause all humans on the planet to perish. The aliens do not want humanity to perish, in fact they hold themselves to a strict code of honor as a species, and after much consideration they have a solution they feel is fair. With their advanced technology the aliens show you a view of parallel universes, millions of them, with each one an instance of humanity developing from its early forms to its present era. Each parallel universe is its own reality, separate from all the others. The aliens ask you, their chosen representative of humanity, for permission to use just one of the millions of parallel universes to settle their species, in which humanity in that singular reality would be wiped out so the alien species could survive, while in all the other realities humanity would continue to exist unimpeded. Their strict code of honor requires the aliens to comply with your decision, however if you don't provide any answer at all then the aliens will simply use your current reality to settle, for lack of any better option. Do you give the aliens your permission?
  3. Terra

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    Maybe. It's up to you to decide what to think based on the information in the first post.
  4. Terra

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    No work-arounds to avoid the hard call. Has to be Earth and the aliens don't have the means to transport the humans from one reality to another, their "universe drive" doesn't have the energy to make multiple trips. One species dies no matter what. All you have is the information there, sadly the aliens did not take a census for you.
  5. Terra

    hilarity ensues

    I was skeptical at first but that turned out all right by the end. =P
  6. We have been aware for some time now that logging into the website consistently to reset DSL has been an inconvenience, both for new members who don't want to bother doing it as well as for Squads and Divisions who were having troubles recruiting and retaining members because of it. Most of you are aware that we set up a system for D2 that allowed their DSL to be reset automatically, but in actuality this is something we want to provide for all Squads and Divisions, both present and future. Particularly after a number of Divisions reported DSL logins as being the major challenge they were facing, we have put a major focus on getting a workable system for automatically resetting DSL for everyone. At the moment our website coders have only finished an automatic reset for Discord, but we are going to do our best to try and create methods for both Teamspeak and Steam as well, if we can. Automatic DSL Reset for Discord To get Discord to automatically reset your DSL -- go to Console -> Third Party Integrations -> Link Discord -> Click the "Link with Discord!" button What this does Once you click the Link with Discord button this will tell the website to send your (OD) name to a Discord bot we have. Once a day if the bot sees your OD name enter a voice chat on Discord OR enter a message in a text chat, it will reset your DSL. When it resets your DSL it will send you a message notifying you that your DSL was reset so that you can be certain it has worked correctly. The bot will also tell you if you have any pending private messages on the website as well. You must use your official OD name on Discord, including the (OD) tag, or it will not work. If you get a "bad state" error then just click the "Link with Discord!" button again, it should eventually work. Automatic DSL Reset for Steam To get Discord to automatically reset your DSL -- go to Console -> Third Party Integrations -> Link Steam -> Click the "Sign into Steam" button -> Log into your Steam account What this does Once you log into your Steam account on the site this will set the website to automatically reset your DSL every time you use Steam, or play a game through Steam. In addition it will add a link next to your name on the members page allowing people to link to your Steam profile. An easy way to find your fellow members and add them to your Steam friends list. Unlike Discord your Steam name doesn't need to be based on your OD name, it can still be whatever you want. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: You can use the Integration Overview button (under third party integrations) to view what networks you are currently linked to, and to unlink yourself from any of them if you want. Please praise Snipedragon and Hikato as your saviors for setting this up. Hikato set up the bot and Snipedragon designed the system on our website.
  7. Terra

    Catchy As Hell

    I guess Asian cultures have their Brittney Spears types too.
  8. Terra

    World of Warcraft

    The only games you can select are Divisions. For a Squad to become a Division it needs to have 10 or more dedicated members. World of Warcraft used to be a Division in OD, but things didn't work out with it and it was removed. Only recently has @NekTheSheep ( aka Nekrath(OD) ) and a few others started trying to revive it. If you are interested, I'm sure they could use the help.
  9. Terra

    Automatic DSL resets

    We're aware of that, and we're taking steps to try and correct it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  10. Terra

    King's Raid

    Yeah it's a bit to learn at first but you'll get the hang of it before long. Glad to have you with us!
  11. Terra

    King's Raid

    For the past couple months quite a few of us have been playing a game called King's Raid. King's Raid is a mobile game, but the developers have also said they are fine with players using Bluestacks as well, for those who prefer to play it on PC. The game centers around the story of one man chosen by the holy sword to save the world from demons, and illustrates the hardships and moral dilemmas of being the chosen during his journey. The game is remarkably well-balanced in regards to being viable for non-paying players, there are a number of ways to earn the characters you want in the game, and in addition to those ways I myself have also purchased three characters from their store just with the rubies the game regularly gives me for free during the one and a half months I've played so far. The game comes with a built-in auto-run feature that allows your characters to repeatedly grind stages on their own to earn EXP and gear while you spend time playing your other games or doing other stuff. For times when you take control yourself, or for particularly difficult battles that require your personal intervention, making the most of your characters involves using their skills at the right times to interrupt deadly enemy attacks, chain together CC moves, or take advantage of an opportunity to maximize your damage when your target is most vulnerable. The characters you choose and their classes for your team composition have a large effect on the kinds of battles they specialize in, whether its story mode, the PvP arena, Dragon run parties, World Bosses, the different Guild Raids, or the different kind of dungeons, all characters in the game have different areas and situations in which they excel in. Those of us who currently play the game: Terra Aerineth Altros Bahafresh Remsen R.agnarok Snipedragon We could use more members for our in-game guild, as the more we have the faster our guild develops. Our guild name is: DawnOfAegis If you want to give the game a try then be sure to join up with us, just search for our guild name at the Guild Enclave in-game and apply. And feel free to hang out with us at the Gamer's Lounge while you play. If you have any questions about the game I can answer them here for you. Here's some additional screenshots for reference
  12. Just a heads up to members, I will not be available on July 20th and 21st.

    1. Ray(OD)


      Cya later alligator 

    2. Purplez(OD)


      Hope you are doing something outrageously fun!

  13. Terra

    (OD)Canelo Drinking

    You have made this poll-only topic in the resignation board, which sort of gives me the impression that this is related to a.. situation? Let me spare you the hassle of the poll and give you the easy answer. Whether you should drink and play depends on how you treat others when you drink. If you can drink responsibly, and people still enjoy being with you, and you don't otherwise bother or irritate people, then drink away. If you are a lousy drunk who is loud, obnoxious, and makes people uncomfortable, then you shouldn't drink. At least, not in a place where people who are bothered by it would be subjected to it. Being respectful and considerate of other gamers and members is always the number one priority. As long as you make sure you can do that, then the rest is golden.
  14. Monster Hunter World comes out for Steam on August 9. Been waiting a long time now to find a new game that could reliably support a new Division and this one shows the most promise, so if no one else steps up to try and lead it I'll definitely be trying my hand at it. If you have your eyes set on trying MHW out then be sure to let me know in the topic here.
  15. We'll get some people for it. In-game and out.
  16. Terra

    Winners - July 2018 Clan Awards

    You are er.. certainly resourceful in putting together the award images. =P
  17. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    Changes have been made to the nomination system and Phase 1 of General Evaluations. For reference.
  18. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    Creating just a simple topic here that I'll use to log system changes that take place in the Clan, and the Guide to Everything.
  19. Terra

    Community Meeting POSTPONED

    Do we have a definitive date on this yet? We should be broadcasting the date soon here so people have time to adjust their schedules to participate.
  20. Terra

    King's Raid

    About 125 - 130 MB.
  21. Terra

    I have a Brilliant Idea( dont laugh at me aer)

    I'll participate.
  22. Terra

    I hotel

    An interesting idea, but a bit counter-intuitive, I think. People stay at hotels generally when they are on vacation, and the purpose of a vacation is more to go out, tour the city, sight-see the landmarks, and just basically annoy the locals with your lack of familiarity with the customs. I can't imagine many people will travel a long distance just to stay inside their hotel the whole time, which would make most of the large-scale LAN setups probably go unused, and most of the computers and VR tech more of a one-time novelty. Something to check out for 20 minutes before getting back to your vacation.
  23. Terra

    Nominations for Clan Awards!!!

    Zombies and twerking, huh. Those will be some interesting awards to see the results of. Don't forget to send out the mass PM on the site, since not all members read the forum.
  24. Terra

    Warcraft 3 1.29

    I never played WC3 much even back in the day. Played quite a few of their DOTA maps though, before people went and made real games for that.
  25. Terra

    Farewell Everyone!

    Sorry to see you go, you were an amazing recruiter. Is Tex46 going to be the sole Division Leader for D3? Do we have active leadership to oversee it? I'd hate to leave the Division leaderless all of a sudden.