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  1. I don't think leading the dragons away from them is smart. It's true that they are at risk, but they are also far and a way their greatest weapon against the masses of undead, she can't not use them. That said there is a very high chance of a dragon vs dragon battle coming up.
  2. My guess, I think Brandon Stark is likely to die in the coming battle when their gambit fails, and quite possibly Theon who is protecting him. Theon has been known to make escapes but I think this time, in this moment, he would choose to stand his ground, he feels too strongly about his past sins against the Starks. I think Brienne has a high chance of dying too, although at least she will die as a knight now. I think Edd, the guy appointed as the current lord commander of the night's watch will die in this battle. I think Davos has a low chance of surviving this battle as well, same with Grey Worm (the unsullied leader). Possibly Beric as well. (The guy who uses the flaming sword) So to recap, my prediction of people who will die, in order from most likely to least likely Edd Brandon Stark Theon Brienne Grey Worm Davos Beric Might change the list as I give it more thought. I think The Hound will likely survive because I think he is ultimately destined to be killed by Arya for being on her "list".
  3. Any bets on who lives and who dies in the upcoming battle next week? Let's see who can make the most accurate prediction.
  4. Can we Like make a clan wide boycott for Loblaws or some shit, Cuz if all the equipment in my shop died today the government wouldnt fucking give me 12 million

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Terra


      So is your Government.

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      I did not Vote liberal ..... hell I didnt even vote

    4. Terra


      Probably for the best.

  5. Hmm. Some of us did burn out a bit on BDO, so we've been taking a break. I handed over guild leadership to Gino so he could keep handing out raises and do the bonuses in my stead, but I can see how the activity would be an issue. My Recruiter account should be able to recruit on Olvia again, so I'll spend some time this coming week to get fresh blood into the guild and reinvigorate the activity a bit. I can't say our guild will be pursuing anything ambitious as things are now, but we can put in the effort to maintain it. Sorry for letting it go a bit. Don't forget that you can always contact me on Discord or Teamspeak if you need something, and if you like I can show you how I recruit as well. Having two recruiters instead of one would restore activity in the Guild pretty quickly.
  6. Happy birthday Terra. Here's a picture of Canadian maple whiskey:



    1. Terra



  7. Terra

    The Half Lemon

    I read this out of boredom while I was waiting for Remsen to finish his game, and I still regretted the time I lost reading it afterward.
  8. That's a nice fairy tale.
  9. -- Notice -- Rag is currently doing script work on the website so if you notice some weird things occurring on it please don't be alarmed. Things will be back to normal soon.

    1. Ray(OD)


      Thanks for heads up

  10. There is a bleak and dismal future that awaits you, if you keep calling me that. -_-
  11. Our time is better spent holding the guilty accountable rather than the uninvolved. A terrorist naming a particular individual or organization prior to an attack does not make them complicit in the attack, ultimately every individual is accountable for their own actions alone, and the only people responsible for such a terrible act are the ones who committed it. Unfortunately it is the failing of society to always adopt the simplest answers to complicated situations.
  12. You be rolling in the money. Thanks for sharing such a detailed explanation, I'm sure the members who are willing to put in the effort for their gains would find this indispensable.
  13. Another courageous candidate steps forward to take on the challenge of reforming the SC2 Division. It's a tough one, but you might be just the person to see it through. I hope it goes well, we could always use some fresh new Divisions.
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