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  1. Terra

    Xayj(OD) 2.0 (Re-introduction)

    I had no idea you were so eager to write another eval.
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  3. Terra

    What if

    I sometimes wonder if America needs to protect itself from the world, or if the world needs to protect itself from America.
  4. Terra

    Division Icon Changes

    Pfft. You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? I know all the rules almost by heart, I'd never go and break one. :p
  5. Drink suggestions for Drunken Rocket League this week?

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    2. CompFreak(OD)


      I'll stick with the "Apple vodka and Cranberry" or "7 & 7" recommendations :wink:

      Bloody Mary = One of the only things "pepper vodka" is good for...


      EDIT: Just found this recipe and will definitely be trying this one myself! :




      Redheaded slut

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  The redheaded slut is a cocktail made of Jägermeister, peach-flavored schnapps, and cranberry juice. [1]


      Preparation and variations

      • A redheaded slut, also known as a ginger bitch, is typically made as either a mixed drink or a shooter. As a mixed drink the ingredients are generally poured over ice in a small cocktail glass, then stirred. As a shooter, the ingredients are mixed with ice in a cocktail shaker then strained and poured into a shot glass.
      • A very common variation includes equal parts Jägermeister, Schnapps, Crown Royal, and cranberry-flavored vodka.
      • A relatively uncommon variation substitutes Chambord for the cranberry juice, and sometimes substitutes Canadian whisky and Southern Comfort for the schnapps and Jägermeister.
      • Another variation, referred to as the Lindsay Lohan, includes a splash of Coke.[2]
      • On Prince Edward Island, a redheaded slut is a mix of Vodka, Sour Puss, and Raspberry Cordial, a carbonated raspberry soda named for the drink from Anne of Green Gables.
    3. Terra


      Charming name.

    4. CompFreak(OD)


      I didn't name it... 😇

  6. Terra

    Division Icon Changes

    My mistake, I will correct that part. Thank you Hikato.
  7. If you haven't noticed yet, the website has been changed to display the larger icon for Divisions on the members page now, rather than the super small ones. As the larger icons are still smaller than the height of the rank images, they don't take up more space, and are quite a bit more clearer. Being that computers aren't operating in 800 x 600 resolution anymore, like they were when the site was first designed, it was getting pretty hard to find usable small icons for new Divisions. Existing Divisions who want to change their icon now that the larger one is actively displayed can either post the new icon they want here, or contact their favorite Commander for assistance. Credit goes to Hikato for this change.
  8. Terra

    Automatic DSL resets

    Automatic DSL reset for Steam is live now, members can now link to their Steam profiles on the website, which will also add a button next to their name on the members page that will link to their Steam profile. Members can use this to more easily find and add other members to their friends list.
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  10. THAT is by far the creepiest profile picture since mine I LOVE IT :D

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    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      you should hear me read children's stories, do you want to I can come read you some right now if you want :D

    3. Terra


      You're already old enough to read children's stories? Your parents must be so proud!

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      Well I can read pop ups not the big words yet :( still struggle with those big words like the gold star chart is seriously lacking

  11. Terra

    Anime Central

    Congratulations guys, it looks like you had a lot of fun. 2nd place in the tournament is really good.
  12. Terra

    Story Time with Uncle Coffee

    Haha. I've heard of a guy falling for a girl but you really took that meaning all the way.
  13. Terra

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    You were one of the few people I could talk and debate with and receive honest and well-thought replies from. On more than one occasion your input has given me pause to reconsider my own thoughts on something. You weren't afraid to be outspoken, and you were good at what you did. OD is the lesser for being without you.
  14. Terra

    Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    The 7&7 sounds interesting, as does the Apple Vodka with Cranberry juice. I might try those. The rest, while effective I'm sure, aren't really all that creative.