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  1. Revival of Social Media!

    You can mention the Drunken Rocket League night happening on the 29th if you like.
  2. Member behind the mic #7 with Terra(OD)

    I ain't here to impress you.
  3. 2018 Movie of the Year

    What a terribly scandalous thing to say! Or it would be, but your opinion means jack so we're good.
  4. 2018 Movie of the Year

    If simply calling something trash is considered acting like Terra, then I've been inspiring generations of people without even realizing it.
  5. Terra I'm high as Fuck. This means you can stop being type, and be a PJ. All you gotta do:

    1. is annoy yourself

    2. Say high to everyone

    3. Suck at rocket league

    1. Terra


      Thanks for the generous offers guys, but I'm pretty sure I can't be anyone other than myself. Once a beautiful butterfly blooms there's no going back to... simpler states again.

    2. DarkHelmet


      PJ high as fuck? You've apparently spent too much time with Type. I'm exhausted at the moment though and yet I'm still awake at 12:24 in the morning.... sigh...

  6. Terra im sick as fuck which means you have to be Type for the next couple days. 1 threaten the panda 2. get high 3.plays diablo

    1. Terra


      I understand exactly how you feel. My Rocket League skills are sick as fuck too.

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      Perfect haha your already half way there ^^

    3. DarkHelmet


      Sick too? Geez Terakahn is sick as well. To quote him, he thinks someone gave him a bug to turn his stomach inside out... a nasty stomach bug.

      Also it’s Starcraft 2, not Diablo 3. Even when well and stoned you’re behind everyone else. Heck if you’re not ahead of me, you got a problem lol.


      Besides, Sunset is getting the old gang back together.

  7. Clan Changelog

    In accordance with the decisions made in the November 19 Admin Meeting, a section on the extra gaming channel for Divisions has been added under the Teamspeak part of the Guide under the Special Channels heading.
  8. Well I tired to be Civil

    I suddenly feel very much like I'm back in the old days of battle.net again. Diplomacy isn't really your strong suit, TypeReaL, but that said it wouldn't have mattered in this case because he's obviously not interested in reconciling. What PJ suggested is the best course of action, ignore them and focus on providing for the members of your Division. For all intents and purposes this... individual.. is essentially powerless to harm you, the only way he would be successful at enticing your members away is if your members weren't particularly impressed with being in OD already. If your members are happy then they aren't going to leave for some unknown new group. You can reinforce this within your Division by perhaps holding a Division meeting with your members and encouraging them to talk to you guys anytime if they have any concerns or requests regarding the Division, remind them that you are there for their needs and gaming experience and let them feel like their opinions matter and that you will listen. It'll make this guys claims of abuse and drama ring pretty hollow to anyone they try to tell it to. Just out of curiosity, but this person has obviously been involved with OD in some fashion before, is he a former member?
  9. Starcraft 2: F2P

    Co-op really seemed to restore that driving engine for SC2, before the co-op mode was introduced it seemed like it was waning for a long time. I wonder if it would be considered more or less successful than the first starcraft.
  10. Shedou's Intro

    Or maybe he'll be just like AOL, show up for one day every 3 months. Never around, but never really just going away either.
  11. Getting Kicked or Banned

    What? So even my bot could be used again??
  12. Clan Changelog

    A new rule was established by the Generals today in regards to name changes, and has been added to the Clan section of the Guide to Everything, along with a new sub-section called "Additional Rules of Note" (as this particular rule didn't fit under any other categories). This rule actually reflects the common practice of name changes in OD over the course of previous years, it was only in this past year that a measure of leniency has been allowed for name changes. Given the increasing number of members requesting name changes lately, and the added level of confusion that it has been creating, the Generals have decided to formally instate the old restrictions of name changes as a rule of the Clan, starting today.
  13. Update

    From personal experience I can confirm that Square Enix has a very lousy account-recovery system.
  14. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    It kinda looks like someone tried to set up the Announcement but wasn't quite able to figure it out. =P I'll set up an Announcement for it now. Just a forewarning, but AOL will probably never forgive you for taking away his dream of running Community Meetings again, he's been continuously asking if Lightning was still around every few months for the past year or two now.
  15. Events: What Do You Want to See?

    I'm up for any event, and I can make any day as long as I know about it in advance.