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  1. Terra im sick as fuck which means you have to be Type for the next couple days. 1 threaten the panda 2. get high 3.plays diablo

    1. Terra


      I understand exactly how you feel. My Rocket League skills are sick as fuck too.

    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      Perfect haha your already half way there ^^

    3. DarkHelmet


      Sick too? Geez Terakahn is sick as well. To quote him, he thinks someone gave him a bug to turn his stomach inside out... a nasty stomach bug.

      Also it’s Starcraft 2, not Diablo 3. Even when well and stoned you’re behind everyone else. Heck if you’re not ahead of me, you got a problem lol.


      Besides, Sunset is getting the old gang back together.