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  1. The game accepts pictures at a 64 x 64 pixel size, however it shrinks it down to about 20 x 20 pixel size when its next to our character in-game. The icons present will probably still work but let me just put them into perspective so we can judge. Our current emblem is this big in-game. The emblems suggested so far will look like this next to our characters in-game. Sadly Purplez picture doesn't quite handle the limitations. =P Of the ideas presented, I agree that the blue OD one looks the best so far. But we still have a couple days, so if we can get some more good-looking options in then that'd be great.
  2. Picture of the super rare Unicorn mount for BDO.
  3. @Triny(OD) What's the word on your friends for tomorrow? We should aim to secure the Naga Temple early, at minimum at least an hour before the EXP boost starts, so that we are only fighting people who are peeking in at it rather than any groups or guilds who have already gathered up at it. The bulk of our members will probably be on more for the evening one than the afternoon, but we can use the afternoon to test the waters, so to speak. For OD I'll be creating and leading the first party. If/when we need a second party @CompFreak(OD) I'll have you create and lead it. And if we need a third party @GCT(OD) will create and lead it. Both of you can be part of existing parties until it becomes clear that we need to make a new party due to the number of people, and then you can break off and create the new party as needed. That make sense?
  4. Remember its a 64 x 64 icon guys, pretty small, this is more of a symbol than a real picture. I don't like the spam. And Guild Master's preference takes precedence this time.
  5. Gonna have to ask you not to spam up our topics that we need to be productive here, thanks Ray. Or at least wait until we're finished with what we need to decide. @CompFreak(OD) Guild Emblems are registered as 60 x 60 pixel images, although they tend to appear slightly smaller in the game itself.
  6. Terra

    Just for fun

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I was trying to decide whether to hit you.
  7. Terra

    Just for fun

    Lyn will bring... Lyn! Bringing myself to the party is the greatest gift I can give. ❤️
  8. Lookin to improve our Guild Emblem. So everyone get out their Google Image coupons and see if you can find us something good. Or, if you're a talented artist, you can try and make us something. Just remember that whatever we choose is going to be representing our Guild so we're going to be candid about choosing the one we feel is best! The more options the better though, so show us what you got and share with us your opinion on what you think looks best!
  9. Oh, you're absolutely right. How convenient.
  10. I think GCT copied the wrong UTC times for the first 3-hour set. The exact times as stated in the BDO Events page are as follows I'll adjust his post to match the proper UTC times.
  11. Oh, damn. I just realized this is going to overlap the time of our first Guild Meeting. Well maybe we can hold a brief meeting after the 3-hour period on Saturday.
  12. Been talking about it with Triny, she's gonna see if some of her guild members will be up for helping out. If so then they're gonna grind and guard the entrance area to Nagas from players coming in and let us grind on the mobs inside. Since Nagas is a much more enclosed grinding area its easier to defend. If we can do it then this event may turn into a good opportunity to catapult a lot of our members into the 60's and make us a bit more competitive as a guild.
  13. Think we'll probably want you in our TS channel during those times, just to make it easier to communicate. So, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at: 3pm - 6pm Pacific / 5pm - 8pm Central and 8pm - 11pm Pacific / 10pm - 1am Central Thinkin maybe our best bet is to form multiple parties and grind in the same areas. We'll need a bigger area to support our groups but then we'll be able to help defend each other and Triny can help protect all groups. Valencia grind spots probably still won't be an option for us, but maybe we can contest areas like Mansha's Forest, Helm's Post, or maybe even Pirates would be viable during this?
  14. Activision isn't likely to go bankrupt as long as World of Warcraft is still a thing, and even then they'd have to screw up quite a number of game projects before they'd actually be in danger of going under. But although unlikely, it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. Disney isn't going to go bankrupt though. Blizzard may be the powerhouse of gaming companies but Disney is pretty much king of the damn world, they could bomb the entire Star Wars franchise and their domination of worldwide marketing and branding wouldn't even budge. Which, by the way, they didn't. Aside from A Solo Story all of their Star Wars movie releases were huge successes, each earning over a billion worldwide out of the box office with Episode 7 earning a ridiculous 2 billion. Not only have they been earning a lot of money from it, but in 6 years they've already made back the 4 billion dollars they spent to buy the Lucasfilm franchise to begin with. So no, Disney is definitely not going bankrupt anytime soon, no matter how angry some Star Wars fans get. =P
  15. Guild Events These are the available events our Guild offers for each day of the week. Monday Tuesday Boss Scroll Runs (5pm Pacific / 7pm Central) Wednesday Thursday Friday Savage Rift (7pm Pacific / 9pm Central Saturday Guild Meeting (7 pm Pacific / 9 pm Central) Sunday Vell World Boss run (1:30 pm Pacific / 3:30 pm Central)
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. So the real question then becomes "Where can we possibly grind at?" Because during each of those 3 hours the event is on, the entire world is going to go to hell. @Triny(OD) think you'll be around for some of that? We might need to hire on some muscle to protect us from the amount of people who will most certainly fight to the death for grinding spots.
  18. Do we have the timeline on these events yet?
  19. Pretty serious implications, but we need a lot more info than just an angry guy ranting on a stream to be able to know for sure.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. There were a lot of classes I didn't name, but I'm trying not to overdo it here. =P If you or anyone else wants to give a shout-out to your favorite class then post a picture of them (or your own character) on here and give us a run-down of what the class is like.
  22. Known for being the best visually-looking MMORPG of all time, Black Desert was created to be the ultimate role-playing game. Players dive into a thriving and automated world whose scope and attention to detail is almost unfathomable, facing not just the challenges of leveling up and becoming stronger as a character, but also in finding a place for themselves in the world of interconnected cities, regions and landscapes. Designed by Kakao, Black Desert was created using a custom-made Game Engine created solely for Black Desert, somehow magically allowing the game to look absurdly good without putting too much demand on computers and graphic cards, and without any loading screens when traversing the world itself whether you are delving into deep dungeons or climbing the towers of ancient ruins. Hurl spells of fantastical might as a Witch or Wizard, cut through your enemies faster than the eye can follow as a Ninja or Maehwa, combine magic and martial arts together as a Dark Knight or Sorceress, or push into the thick of a fight as a Knight or Valkyrie. All done in a seamless flow of fast-paced real-time combat that makes use of every moment. And in-between bouts of combat and conquest settle down with the money-making career of your choice, whether it be a farmer, trader, alchemist, cook, fisher. Or think bigger and acquire lands, hire workers, rent workshops, and create a global-spanning business conglomerate! Join Guilds (Our Guild, preferably) and sign a contract, get paid a daily salary, apply for raises, and participate in group ventures or sea monster battles. So just how extreme is the role-playing aspect of Black Desert? Pretty extreme when your character can raise their HP by eating regularly, increase their stamina by running for long periods of time, strengthen their weight capacity by back-packing between towns. Deposit your money in the banks of each city, because carrying lots of silver around gets pretty heavy! Careful though, the banks of each city are independent, you don't want to end up broke in one city because you left all your assets in another! Maybe you'll want to travel between cities a little faster then? Grab a lasso and go capture and tame a wild horse. Heck, tame a bunch of them, then breed them into even faster and stronger generations. You'll need a camel if you're going into the desert though, and make sure to bring lots of water because heatstroke is no joke! I could spend all day writing about the different things you can do in Black Desert, but why don't you see for yourself? Come join us in Black Desert today!
  23. Damn, I got to get me one of those bottles... But yes, BDO is a Division now, so when you get a free moment go edit your profile on the main website and change your main game to Black Desert.
  24. How good, exactly, did you imagine our play skills being during the drunken part? =P
  25. Well as it happens I'm generally the one who hosts that, so at least you'll already be familiar with the host. There is no sign-up, we typically hold Drunken Rocket League on the last Friday of every month, 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central, you just need to show up and we'll fit you in. I've actually been in the mood for some Rocket League again myself, so I'll make sure we host one this month.
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