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  1. New Up-To-Date data on Boss Gear Enhancements. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JfYm6ZNy9oUlYr_Su6nTiQwK8tjp5jvbUflW_yRaLec/edit#gid=82981048
  2. Sounds good, all right then. I'll see if I can work out with the members in the Guild Meeting today what time and date would work best for them. Make sure to attend the Guild Meeting too, Lepercy! Since this idea is your creation we'll want to make sure we set a date and time that work for you.
  3. Terra

    Clan Changelog

    Created the new section on Forum Clubs in the Guide to Everything.
  4. Okay, I think I got everything. If anyone sees anything they consider to be incorrect, or anything they think I've missed, then let me know about it by PM. I will be unpinning a lot of older topics around the forum that contain less up-to-date information than this one here, and I will make an effort to keep this, and ONLY this topic, fully up to date with all existing information and future changes that take place. Therefore this topic should remain the one true, absolute topic of everything applicable to the Clan. Unless for some reason I end up disappearing from OD, in which case it'll probably end up as yet one more out-dated topic. #JobSecurity
  5. Forum Clubs As most of you have probably noticed by now our Forum now features the use of Clubs, accessed from the Clubs button at the top of the forum. I'll go over briefly here what we decided on are acceptable reasons to create and use Clubs. What you can create a Club for Clubs can be created for the following things 1. You can create a Club for non-Squad games that people seem to be interested in, such as the Chess club or a Rocket League club 2. Squads have the option of being made as a club instead of a sub-board on the forum, it is up to the Squad founders to decide where they would like it. When a Squad becomes a Division its Club board will be converted into its own forum board on the forum 3. Divisions can choose to allow the creation of Clubs for whatever they feel will be useful for their Division. This can include using a Club as a private locker for leaders, for organizing PvP groups, or anything else the Division feels will be useful. When a Club is created, it will remain hidden to everyone but the creator until an Administrator approves it. During this time the creator can begin customizing their Club with themes and other limited options while they wait. A club's creation will be denied if there is nothing to indicate members would be interested in it, or if the Club does not have the consent of the Division Leaders (if it is a Division-related Club) How to create a Club To create a Club simply select the Club button at the top of the forum and then select the "Start a Club" button on the upper right side. (Locations may vary slightly depending on Forum Theme being used) When creating a Club you have the option of changing its accessibility between 4 options. Public Anyone can see the Club topics and post in them, even if they aren't part of the Club Open All Members can see the Club topics but only members who join the Club can post in them. Can join the Club freely without the need for approval. Closed All Members can see the Club topics but only members who are in the Club can post in them. Members must be invited by the Club leader to join the Club. Private The Club and all its topics are hidden from any members who are not part of the Club. Members must be invited by the Club leader to join the Club. The Benefits of a Club Clubs come with a few benefits that the use of regular boards do not provide. Club Leaders have a greater degree of control over their Clubs, having all of the Moderator powers that a Moderator of a regular board would have, but also being able to select their own Moderators and create their own boards. Using hidden Private Clubs instead of private Boards allows leaders to add and remove access to the board easily, without the need to set or remember passwords. There are forum mods out there that can enhance Club control to greater extents as well, and if Clubs see a lot of use on our forum then we may look into future upgrades. If you wish to check out and experiment with a Club then feel free to use the tutorial Club I created: Terra's Drinking Lounge!
  6. Terra

    New Look

    Took a moment to upgrade my wardrobe last night with something new for a change.
  7. It sounds promising. What are the rewards and benefits that the Guild Bosses provide exactly? If we are going to sink some time and a portion of our Guild Missions into it, I'd like to have a better idea of what we stand to gain.
  8. Heads up to the Clan, I will not be reachable on the 24th or the 25th. I'll be in Victoria for those two days.

    1. Sassy


      Have a fantastic Christmas terra 


    2. Terra


      You too guys.

    3. Trysts(OD)


      Merry Christmas ^^

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  9. We have acquired the Guild Summoning spell that allows the Guild Leader to summon Guild Members to her location. When the summoning spell is used a flag icon will appear near your minimap. The flag lasts for 10 minutes, selecting the flag will give you the option to teleport to the location I used the spell at. The flag will not appear if you are: - In the desert (and presumably the ocean too) - In Red Battlefield - In Conquest wars Pretty much any PvP location or area in which your map disappears it won't work.
  10. Onto new horizons! As long as there are other games out there waiting to be conquered the story will go on.
  11. Terra


    You know Blue is needed to make Purple, right? =P
  12. Terra

    Guild Positions

    We're all waitin on you, Xayj.
  13. Sign back into Trillian, loser. Got things I need to ask you about.

    1. R.agnarok(OD)


      I been on the whole time.

    2. Terra


      R.agnarok(OD) signed on at 7:53 PM

  14. Terra

    - Guild Events -

    Savage Rift added for Fridays. Also I removed the scheduled Guild Missions since we really don't follow a schedule for those.
  15. Thanks for the reminder about the Admin Meeting.

    1. MelodicRose(OD)


      Ahh, I just figured I'd ask because holiday season is fast approaching after next week - didn't know if it was just not being done or if it was forgotten. 

    2. Terra


      Just waiting on a couple confirmations but will probably be on the 30th just so it doesn't interfere with the holiday season for people.

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      Just take the month off 😄 everyones gonna be so hungover during the holidays.. well not me but the majority of people that get in the holiday spirit aside from terra trying to stab me that still no matter how you cut it is attempted murder. remember what happened last year @Aerineth(OD) got so drunk the next 3 days he kept sending me omnious messages like type Why do you wash counter clock wise in the shower ....? Type someone shit in the officers break room and winks at me cmon man ! well that went off on a tangent but how bout we cancel it do this impending doom I have forecast guess @MelodicRose(OD) isnt the only one with predictions !

  16. Terra

    Guild Positions

    Aerineth has gracefully stepped down from the Guild Taskmaster position and iGitrDunn(OD) is the new Guild Taskmaster. Two new Guild Roles are available now, to be filled by anyone who is interested in taking them on. Send me a message if you want to apply.
  17. A New Recruit accidentally put you as his recruiter. Not sure how regularly you check the site these days with all your other life activities so I just wanted to give you a heads up on here. We'll need you to reject his application so we can change the name of his new account back to the username he wanted.

  18. We'll take another in a month or so and see how much we've grown by comparison. (In terms of who will actually show up for the picture anyway)
  19. Dunnskii you have somehow managed to perfectly time that screenshot at the exact moment half our members were all looking away at the same time. You can certainly see the difference in graphic quality between your picture and Aerineth's though. Sorry to say but he definitely got the better shot. =P
  20. Terra

    - Guild Events -

    Boss Scroll Runs added for Tuesdays at 8pm Central.
  21. We've reached a population of 50+ members in the in-game Guild now, qualifying us as a Large guild in BDO and giving us access to Large-scale Guild Missions as well as 300,000,000 support funds per week instead of our previous 200m. This gives us a bit more money to play with, and I propose we put an especially strong focus on website membership benefits. Right now we offer members an extra 300,000 silver to their daily salary. I want to double that benefit to an extra 600,000 silver, meaning any member who signs up for the main website will receive at least a million silver per day. I also plan on hammering out our bonus system soon too, to incentivize sea monster hunting and help bring in more money for the Guild so we can hopefully bump this up even further.
  22. Who would the third guild be? ^_-
  23. You sure aren't having a lot of luck with this game, huh. The way your computer crashes during the character creation though, makes me wonder if there is something about the game your graphics card doesn't like. Can try and ask some of my boys to think about it for you, most of them are IT guys anyway.
  24. Here are image copies of the failstacks in case they are easier to read. (Click on them to enlarge) Weapon / Accessories Armor
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