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  1. There is a bleak and dismal future that awaits you, if you keep calling me that. -_-
  2. Our time is better spent holding the guilty accountable rather than the uninvolved. A terrorist naming a particular individual or organization prior to an attack does not make them complicit in the attack, ultimately every individual is accountable for their own actions alone, and the only people responsible for such a terrible act are the ones who committed it. Unfortunately it is the failing of society to always adopt the simplest answers to complicated situations.
  3. You be rolling in the money. Thanks for sharing such a detailed explanation, I'm sure the members who are willing to put in the effort for their gains would find this indispensable.
  4. Another courageous candidate steps forward to take on the challenge of reforming the SC2 Division. It's a tough one, but you might be just the person to see it through. I hope it goes well, we could always use some fresh new Divisions.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. A special event in BDO is going on right now where you can go on their site and get a gift price once a day. (Resets at midnight) Link to the location https://3rd-anniversary.blackdesertonline.com/
  7. All right, I'll see what we can do.
  8. You and Archie have so much in common.
  9. Team Roster Guild Galley Team (Saturday - 4pm Pacific / 6pm Central, before Guild Meeting) Terra - available any day / time Swerp - available any day / time KiloPico - most available weekends Pinebox - Only available on weekends Strooper - Prefers weekends in the afternoon Dave - Weekends or Weekdays between 6 - 9pm Clabringtime After-hours Team (Saturday - After Guild Meeting) Remsen - Available when he feels like it Bahafresh - Available when he doesn't feel like it Compfreak - Available when he isn't working
  10. February 27 patch notes https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2429?lang=en Notable changes - Cliff Weapons can now be acquired by players again for a temporary amount of time as part of their anniversary events
  11. That's fine. I was planning on keeping you in the garage anyway. 😉
  12. This is gonna be the new OD house, right? The official Clan house where all members can live? Gotta make sure it has something for all of us.
  13. I can't see the liquor store. Might have to re-evaluate the land you purchased!
  14. It is concerning to see quite a few members in this topic agree with the feeling that favoritism is a problem, and I would certainly be interested in hearing more about how they came to feel that way if some were willing to fill me in through a private conversation. Favoritism can be a tricky issue to nail down. The reality is those who associate closely with people in rank or positions are always going to be more likely to be promoted, not necessarily because they are friends but because those giving promotions will be more familiar with what those people do, making it easier to assess them. In this case being friends with someone and being aware of their actions and performance more tends to go hand-in-hand, which can easily give the impression of favoritism even though that's not really the case. However instances of favoritism can still exist. The reasons for promotions matter, and all members of the same rank should be held to the same standard, friends or otherwise. If promotions are being given out without the effort being made to earn them, then that would be an issue worth hearing about and a bad habit worth breaking. If you have a concern, don't be afraid to share it. Those of us in leadership are not omniscient, we cannot fix problems we are not aware of. At the same time, however, it is important to keep in mind that earning promotions, whether in OD or in real life, will often involve not just working hard but taking steps to ensure you are noticed and stand out from your peers. Ideally the Division Leaders should make their best effort to acknowledge the work and actions of all their members, to the best of their ability, but those members interested in advancing should also make their best effort to approach leadership and let them know that they *are* interested in working their way up and ask what they can do to help out or earn their place. We are the progenitors of our own worlds, the protagonists to our own story. Just as a story could never progress without the actions of its characters, it is only through our own actions do we shape our world. To do nothing or say nothing is to accept the world for the way it is. In other words if your plan is simply to wait for leadership to notice you, or to notice the problems you see, then things are unlikely to change. You must take it upon yourself to take the steps needed to achieve the things you feel are important.
  15. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2401?lang=en Notable changes include a completely new Marketplace system for the game.
  16. Probably should have posted this sooner, but just a heads up that Savage Rift will be canceled tomorrow as I will be hosting the monthly Drunken Rocket League, so we will be doing it after the Guild Meeting on Saturday instead.
  17. Terra


    First I've heard of it. What's it about and what kind of game is it?
  18. A consumable requires 800 mil? Is that the worth of the materials? Which materials are we talking about here?
  19. I'd also like to know what we need to make the Guild-specific Breezy Crystals. It would be good if we could make a truck load of those too while we had a Guild Base.
  20. The materials are relatively easy to get, I remember researching it before. That's pretty good information so thanks for rounding that up for us Archie. What I would like to know, though, is the materials for getting the Galley's blue gear. As that will definitely be a priority when we get the Guild House. Also regular Guild Houses may cost only 2billion but the Guild houses that have a Shipyard are going to cost more. If what you say is accurate though, and the minimum bid is half of the previous winning bid, then at least we can find out what the going rates are. If you are willing to try and find out what we need to get Galley blue gear then I'll make some effort this coming week to see if I can figure out what the bids for Shipyard Guilds are going at.
  21. February 13 patch notes https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2373?lang=en
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