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  1. [RESOLVED]in-game guild

    Can anyone speak on this and provide an explanation?
  2. Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    Any suggestions for this months drinks?
  3. Changing the default forum theme!

    Titan Black is now the new default forum theme.
  4. Happy birthday Terra! I hope you had an awesome day. :happy:

    1. Terra


      Thank you Raged. I hope you had a good day as well.

  5. hsppy birthday Terra :) 

    1. Terra


      Thanks Sassy. Hope you have a hsppy day too. ;)

    2. Purplez(OD)
  6. Happy birthday O_O

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      Ha. Thanks. Was wondering if someone would notice.

  7. OD Nomads?

    Battle tag is essentially the same thing as your Battle.net account username on the classic battle.net, although the tag comes with a small ID number as well. The Clan hasn't really given up on SC2, we support pretty much any game that someone is willing to be a leader on, and if another SC2 leader arose then we would offer them the same opportunities as anywhere else. I believe I mentioned in an SC2 thread that there are a few people who still play SC2, and some of us would participate in event nights. The last person to form an SC2 channel on behalf of OD was Opal I believe, when he briefly remade SC2 into a Division. Although unfortunately it looks like he DSLed out a couple months back. @Melrak(OD) when you were workin SC2 with Opal did you guys have a Clan channel? Any thoughts on how Opal could be contacted?
  8. fishing season is coming up, lets see some catches!

    On the contrary, I'm more worried about the creepy monster I won't be able to stop seeing in the boat with me the whole time.
  9. Hoping to go home soon!

    Glad to hear you have survived your ordeal, that can't have been easy. We may be branched out into many Divisions, but no matter what your game, an OD member is an OD member. You're one of us, and it's hard to see one of our own go through tough times.
  10. Times were pretty different back then. Large amounts of members brought a much more palpable sense of spam and immature fighting, the potential for "spies" from other Clans who wanted to mess up your stuff and then flood or load your channels. More than that, however, I think we are much more well-adapted to handle a large, diverse populace of members now. Members of different Divisions and ranks are represented in Admin Meetings, which went from originally just being Generals, to being Generals and Officers, to being Generals and Officers and Division Leaders, to being pretty much everyone who is invited or has a distinct reason for participating. The Rules Committee was formed which originally included an equal number of members from all ranks. Setranks became more strictly regulated, leadership has become more transparent, and the Clan as a whole has a much greater say in the promotions and advancement of every individual General. This has all come with its own set of challenges, but what it has allowed us to do is manage the interests and needs of our members in ways that no previous generations of OD were capable of, and most of our key problems of today aren't a result of trying to manage more people than we can handle, but rather it is more about trying to find that balance of flexibility against the somewhat more bureaucratic nature our processes have ended up becoming, as well as being able to better filter out the massive amounts of interests, opinions, and requests from our members and separating the good and needed ideas from those that aren't so needed. Therefore closing recruitment wouldn't really change our situation, we would still have the same problems that we struggle with daily. The heavy ratio of D2 members compare to the rest of the Clan has certainly had some noticeable effects as well, and in some aspects of the Clan does give them a leg up from other Divisions. But if you've ever seen the amount of daily disputes, trolling, and member management they have to deal with as a result of that large population, I think one would say it is a pretty fair trade-off in the end. Everyone can easily see the multitude of votes they can get in promotions and Award ceremonies, but not everyone can see the day-to-day hassles of their Division, so it is easy to mistake what they have earned as freebies handed to them on a silver platter when in actuality they work pretty hard to make sure the Division is held together with all those members. Having so many generous members willing to pitch in and help host events and games certainly helps with that too, and in that regard they are lucky to have them. So, rather than closing recruitment I think it is just more a matter of continuing to adapt and refine the way things are to better accommodate the people of the community. There are always things that could be better, and there is always room for improvement. The improvements of the past are what allow us to do what we do today, and as we continue to improve upon the flaws and systems of today, there is no telling what we'll be able to do in the future to come.
  11. SC2 Game night

    I'm still fine with playing SC2. If you ask me on the fly odds are I'll already be engaged in another game, but if you give me a date and time for a Starcraft 2 night I'll be there. I can pretty much make any time as long as I know about it ahead of time.
  12. https://www.tsn.ca/sedins-to-retire-at-season-s-end-1.1044434


    So the citys probably just as ecstatic as I am Bye Bye swedes ( and the last of the failed cup run )

  13. Oh, you hear that Officers? High praise from a veteran member.
  14. And yet it is in how we handle our failures that truly shape us and define us as a person. You aren't doing them any favors by trying to protect them from those moments where we have to accept when things aren't going to go our way. You will just leave them woefully unprepared for the day when it inevitably doesn't. Tough love is sometimes the most important kind of love. There's no official testimony that they are required to give, however potential candidates for Officer ranks often interact pretty frequently with the Division Leaders of their Division, who judge them by the standards they look for in Officers of their Division. In most cases Division Leaders will also notify other Clan leaders during the Admin Meeting about members they are considering for future Officers, so that the rest of us can keep some tabs on their performance and assess them for ourselves. A tier-change promotion to Officer does have some differences that set them aside from regular promotions, other than what I mentioned above. Only an Officer or higher can put up another Officer for promotion (though after they are put up, all members can vote on them). And the amount of points required to succeed in a promotion from MWO5 to 2nd Lieutenant is substantially higher than most other promotions. It can be a challenging milestone to achieve. But it is the ability to overcome that challenge that really demonstrates their worth as Officers, much more than a written testimony would in this case, I feel.
  15. how would you deal with this?

    They have their choices, you have yours. That's all there is to it.