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  1. Terra

    Salmon Cannon

    This is just worth sharing.
  2. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    Sure, whatever, you're an innocent angel and Terra is a terrible person who guilt trips people into free service and berates their hard work. I don't care enough to argue with you two, I've already put in more effort into this discussion than it ever warranted.
  3. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    If that is what you want to take away from this then very well. I can offer nothing else with this.
  4. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    At no point in any of my posts did I disparage you personally, I have only illustrated your actions and the effects those actions have had in this scenario, and their likely effect in parallel real-world scenarios. You may have been willing to accept other things besides direct payment but the principle remains the same regardless. You were asking for concessions, while simultaneously saying the work you provide for those concessions can be taken away. That kind of statement just doesn't work.
  5. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    The extemporaneous dialogue shouldn't have happened regardless. This response would have been provided at any time upon request, generally businesses don't provide such feedback so it is important to learn to judge your own performance and mistakes, my willingness to do so on this occasion was a courtesy, because of the good relations between us for many years. I wasn't assessing your work with the OD awards based on the faults of other members' nominations or other people's mistakes, they weren't a factor, only yours were, which was enough to leave an impression. You specifically stated in your post that it was to protect your brand, not OD's integrity. Regardless OD is capable of protecting its own integrity. Someday, if you become a famously successful artist whose work is in such high demand that you can pick and choose your clients, and any client you work for would stand to benefit greatly from your participation and there was no one else that could bring them the level of prestige that your involvement would, THEN you could make claims about pulling your work out of something during your employment/participation and it would have some weight. But if your career as an artist is early on then you don't have the luxury of pulling your work out of something on your own whims. You have to judge *before* entering into the agreement whether the people and conditions you would be entering into the agreement with would lead to good publicity for your work. If you suspect that it wouldn't be, then you decline to help. But once you enter into that agreement then you need to honor it, trying to pull your work out after the fact would be hazardous to your career and your reputation as an artist, and most likely wouldn't succeed anyway. Decide what agreements you want to enter into and what not to based on what you feel is good for you, although as a rule of thumb if you are just starting out then you need to take advantage of whatever opportunities you can get, so I wouldn't recommend declining an opportunity unless you had really good reason to believe it would end badly for you. But don't ever tell people that you reserve the right to pull it out after the work has been done, no one is ever going to hire someone if they think the work *they* paid for can be taken away. If you want to reinforce that you know what you are doing, then you need to demonstrate what you can bring to the team, how the team would benefit from your participation, and how good of a team player you can be. Give examples of things you have done well, of occasions in which people have been happy with your work, or have been happy working alongside you. Show that you are enthusiastic about working, that your top priority is to better the team/project/company (even if your priority is actually to benefit yourself), and that you are committed to this cause. IF you have been successful in convincing the other party that you are a valuable asset, and you know they have a strong interest in you, THEN you can try and negotiate some terms, because only then, after your value has been demonstrated and acknowledged, do you have the leverage to try and get some bonus benefits or conditions. Even then, I'd be tentative in what you request, you need to judge carefully what you think you can get away with asking for and understand well what the general expectations of your field are, because if you grab for too much then you could blow your opportunity. There's no take-backs. --------------------------------------------------------------- In any case, I've shared enough insight for one night. Take from this what you will, and decide for yourself how to apply it. For the purposes of your graphic work on the stream templates your offer is declined. You can agree, disagree, or think what you will about the reasons or the conclusion, but it won't change the outcome at this point. For everything else that comes after, that is up to you.
  6. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    Very well, have it your way. You've stated that you treat twitch as a business, so let's look at this from a business perspective. You requested payment or advertising space in exchange for your services, doing so put us in a position where we had to determine if you were someone we would be willing to spend money on, and how likely we were to find willing graphic artists besides you who would volunteer their time instead. So let's look at those questions. Are you someone we would be willing to spend money on? No. And truthfully it had very little to do with your graphic work itself, and almost entirely to do with your demeanor as a person. From the beginning you approached this matter with a sense of entitlement, focusing almost exclusively on what you felt you deserved instead of what you had to offer, which sets a bad precedence when applying for anything that you hope will become a rewarding or paid position. You acted in a manner where your value was assumed instead of demonstrating your value and your worth instead. In the very post after you requested recompense for your services, You went on to say this So now we have a person who is more focused on personal gain than supporting the venture, and who also states that he's busy, implying that he might not have much time to help on the project, which puts his reliability into question. This is further promoted by the fact that I myself have witnessed you being late on doing OD's Awards on numerous occasions, with it often falling to me to remind you that it is time for them to be done, which serves as a pretty bad reference for you and really solidifies the notion that you aren't altogether very dependable in responsible positions. To top that off further you went on to say this Meaning in conclusion we are evaluating someone who has demonstrated that - He's motivated by personal gain - Has openly implied that he might not have time for it - Has known cases of being late and unreliable in past work - Has reserved the right to remove his work under certain circumstances or of his own prerogative That doesn't make for a very strong case when it comes to convincing us that you should be paid for your work. So let's look at the other question now. How likely are we to find willing graphic artists besides you? As it turns out, even at the time we had asked you if you were willing to help out, Tris had already received an offer of help from another artist he had connected with during his time streaming, someone whose work looked pretty good and who also offered to help out for free. This person was very supportive, and made such a good case for themselves that because of the amount of work involved, Tris is in talks with them about possible compensation for their work (out of his own pocket) anyway despite the fact that they offered to do it for free. In the end, you presented yourself in a bad way, and there happened to be other candidates who could fulfill the role and approached it in a manner much more appealing. If this were a job interview (and essentially it became just that) there is no business or company that would have hired you after a performance like that when other, more promising candidates were available. In truth we likely wouldn't have taken you even if there wasn't another person already available, such were the number of red flags that came up in your "interview" that it would have been more practical to take our chances by continuing to look for other artists instead. So, you made your offer, we declined the offer, that was that. In any professional setting that is where it should have ended. But you didn't actually end it there, so let's look at a third point of interest now. Your reaction to the decline Despite claiming to treat twitch as a business and approaching it in a professional manner, you instead decided to raise a stink about your offer being turned down. You criticized myself and others for not viewing your twitch channel, implied that your offer was declined simply because you weren't part of the "cool kids club", continued to push the fact that your offer was perfectly reasonable even after it was rejected, and told me to give my explanation in front of everyone instead of approaching me personally in a calm and mature manner. Your reaction in the aftermath demeans you, demeans me by having to explain this, demeans the truly good and honest thing we are all trying to put together for OD and streamers, and only further reinforces the conclusion that you would have been a bad person to hire. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So there you go, as requested, the reason your offer was declined in detail. I hope you take away a lot from this, because if you learn from it then your future interviews might go a lot better. And I hope this serves to demonstrate that irregardless of whatever malicious intents Collin imagines are behind my posts, that there were in fact legitimate reasons for the decline, and I did my best to be polite during the whole process.
  7. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    It was a polite decline. If you want a more thorough explanation on why it was declined then you are welcome to contact me in private for the details, but it would be inappropriate to turn this topic into an argument over this matter, or state personal interpretations of prior posts.
  8. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    Well I can respect that you want to protect your brand and your work, I won't fault you for that. Still, I think you are looking to tack your work onto something a little different than what we are doing here, and being that, as you said, you are pretty busy these days, I think its better if we make other arrangements instead. We appreciate you hearing us out though.
  9. Terra

    Artist work for Streams

    None of us are in any position to offer payments for people at this time, Jester. It's entirely up to you whether you want to help out, but we're all volunteers for this venture, we're each giving our time freely to the extent that we are willing.
  10. Hey @SupremeJester, you're a graphic artist, aren't you? Maybe this is something you'd be interested pitching in for, could be a chance to show off your work to a lot of people.
  11. Terra

    I am back

    You have a remarkable talent for finding a way to be extra successful at your interests. Between your accomplishments back in SC2, your exceptional League of Legends team, and now this streamer stuff, you just have some profound ability to really take things to a higher level. And sure, there have been other successful SC2 teams, and League teams, and streamers, but you're the only person I know who can just turn everything he touches into gold one phase at a time. Though I suppose with this latest venture half the credit goes to Lindsey as well. Nevertheless, you are quite an achiever. I admire it and yet I'm constantly perplexed by it all at the same time. You can take both as a compliment.
  12. Terra

    Can i...

    You are allowed to do it only if you show a picture of it to the rest of us on the forum here. Go team spirit!
  13. Terra

    King's Raid

    They're releasing Chapter 8 for King's Raid today, so the game is on maintenance for most of the day. 😕
  14. Terra

    King's Raid

    That's what you get for having such a dirty name! If only your mother could see the way you so shamelessly present yourself in public!