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  1. Hari(OD)

    Plans for Start of Season 15

    I will be on at 7pm cst
  2. Hari(OD)

    Bumpa(OD) is Back

    I was left clan when you were climbing ranks.You was helped me hold D2Hc mules for clan members Warrant Officer WO1 Bumpa(OD) was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer CWO2 with 17 total cumulative points from Brigadier General XeRo(OD), Colonel Cubed(OD), First Lieutenant BabyT(OD), for Is very active and helpful to all members. Helps hari with the HCL mules. Goes out of his way to rush anyone that ask. Now just please stop dieing. on Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:10 AM Here some of your achievements Commander R.agnarok(OD) promoted Chief Warrant Officer CWO3 Bumpa(OD) to Second Lieutenant for Set ranking a few members due to the recent events on the division, this decision was approved by the current D2 leaders. on Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:48 AM Commander R.agnarok(OD) awarded Major Bumpa(OD) the Navy Cross Medal for He has been helping restructure the d2 division and get things moving smoothly. on Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:24 PM Brigadier General Badboi(OD) awarded Lieutenant Colonel Bumpa(OD) the Medal for Humane Action for Puts in a lot of work for the HCL squad. Congrats and well deserved. on Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:18 PM sent new pass on fourms pm.its case sens
  3. Hari(OD)

    Bumpa(OD) is Back

    Hi bumpa I think u remember me.im playing D3 also add me Hari#1233 Colonel Hari(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant Bumpa(OD) for Dsled out want be back to OD.Req on forums http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67551-bumpaod-is-back/?tab=comments#comment-830434 Wb Bumpa was written into log.
  4. Hari(OD)

    Common abbreviations on D2

    @Purple(OD) add Ng =New game Gn = Good night Gd = Good Duel
  5. Hari(OD)

    Dwolf(OD) is back!

    Wb wolf.Im playing D3 now.
  6. Hari(OD)

    Winners - July 2018 Clan Awards

    Congrats all the winners and thanks for the members who cast votes Great job Purplez keep it up.I hope next time i see some purple color in medals
  7. Hari(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    If raged take one rank demotion and snipe will join division leadership everything will be going smooth
  8. Hari(OD)

    Hardcore Grouping

    i moved back to D3 div i will try to bring more Hc players once i get gear and carry Gr 60
  9. Hari(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    dont leave just step down rank and enjoy your real life.Think about it
  10. Hari(OD)

    Hardcore Grouping

    ty for plvl
  11. Hari(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    Hari(OD) Cold sorc till get infinity
  12. Hari(OD)


    I think the d2 leaders moved it in trash can while back didn't noticed it,here it is I copied and paste it Many people are always asking in channel just how to operate JSP, what it's uses are, and how do you trade on it. Yes this may be silly to some but you'd be surprised at just how many people actually don't know how to operate JSP. I've written a quick guide (With pictures too!) on signing up and utilizing JSP. So read it carefully because this is VERY basic! *General Terminology of JSP Guide* BIN = Buy It Now. FT = For Trade ISO = In Search Of. ------------------------- Registering. First you'll wanna go to: http://www.d2jsp.org Register a new account. Fill out the full registration form, just like any other website or forum. Once you've done that you'll want to log in. At this point it will only ask you for your JSP Username. After, it will THEN require you to fill in your password. (You do NOT need to worry about a gold password yet until you've set one.) Now you're logged in! You can now edit your personal settings, or trade. We'll go with trading. From this page you will want to go to w/e Realm you play and if you play SC or HC - L or NL. Picture below will show you! (Along w/ some other quick info) --------------------------------------- Trading and Topic Making. Now with trading and making a topic. Once you've found which actual sub-forum you want to go to (IE., Softcore - USEAST Trading) you can now go to "New Topic" Now make a new topic and fill out the necessary information. Do you have something for trade? Or do you have something to sell? Put that in your topic title. (IE., ISO: Perfect Coh!) In Topic description, put w/e you want. I usually just put "FT: FG!) Post message should have w/e you're selling or in search of. Usually if you don't wanna book mark the link to your post you can track it. If you have fg and want your post to stand out, you can pay to have your topic title bolded, italicized or appear Red. Once you're done, just hit Post or preview it! Sending FG. The simplest form is going to the user's profile whom you'd like to send the forum gold to and looking for this shape. -------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- In-Game Trading! Alright when you're about ready to make a trade in-game, you'll want to PM the person the gamename and meet them in it. Example: (Message) Hey! 20fg for your Arachs. Meet me in game Tina1//1. (/Message) Once you're in-game you will want to state your JSP name and what youre selling/trading and for how much fg you're trading it for. "IE., TechaTina@JSP here. 20fg for your Arachs." (Alot of people take screen shots during trades, to prevent scams later on. You may do so but I recommend it only for the more expensive items. This is up to you though!) Once you or the other person shows the item in the in-game trade screen. Either of you will send the fg. You or they will get the item and done! Last but not least. Watching out for Scammers. There is no "true" way of telling who will be a scammer and who's not. Those with the tag of "Trusted" or "Mediator" are automatically seen as Trusted. (Obviously.) Though these tags are given out Scarcely. So a good way of debating and deciding whether a trader is trustable enough to not scam you are a few ways: Their join date. (Try not to trade w/ someone who JUST joined. Though some of em are trustable enough, some aren't.) Their Post count (This also increases your e-peen size) And their status on JSP. IE., Are they known? Ask a few people who have JSP as well. More to come, this is just to sum JSP up quickly. If anyone else has ANYTHING to add, they may do so . I am sure I have forgotten a few things!
  13. Hari(OD)


  14. Hari(OD)

    Ladder Reset Teams

    Hari(OD)-Softcore Lite sorc
  15. Hari(OD)

    Introducing MrXinu aka "X"

    Welcome to OD
  16. Hari(OD)

    D3 Division Logs

    History: Hari(OD) was tried to re-built D3 division and was asked few members to help him ,in that process he met PjPotter(OD) who taking the challenge and succeed. TypeReal had also joined for the cause. Squad to Division Finally on 31st of march 2017 we made it with 10 members. Leaders 1.TypeReal(OD) --Division leader 2. Tex46 --Division Leader Contribution 1.PjPotter(OD) -70% 2.Tyreal(OD) -25% 3.Hari(OD) -5%
  17. Hari(OD)

    Congratz to Queballz(OD)!

    My bad 2 nd one since 2012
  18. Hari(OD)

    Congratz to Queballz(OD)!

    Grats boy you the first one since 2011
  19. Hari(OD)

    Member Winter Award Results!

    congrats all the winners and Ty for all the voters
  20. Hari(OD)

    Any Smiters out there?

    I have 2xh and a d key i hope i find some more keys
  21. Hari(OD)

    Any Smiters out there?

    Koftrader(OD) got smiter I sendhim msg on jsp to contact you
  22. Hari(OD)

    Brittney's Back!!

    Welcome to OD
  23. Hari(OD)

    Ladder Reset progress

    This ladder is not that great start I'm way behind not even reach hell mode.only good thing is I can rush Norm and NM and have all WP's
  24. Hari(OD)

    HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy b’day pops
  25. Hari(OD)

    Division Meeting: What day works for you?

    I can attend any day any time just need to know 2 days before.