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  1. Introducing MrXinu aka "X"

    Welcome to OD
  2. D3 Division Logs

    History: Hari(OD) was tried to re-built D3 division and was asked few members to help him ,in that process he met PjPotter(OD) who taking the challenge and succeed. TypeReal had also joined for the cause. Squad to Division Finally on 31st of march 2017 we made it with 10 members. Leaders 1.TypeReal(OD) --Division leader 2. Tex46 --Division Leader Contribution 1.PjPotter(OD) -70% 2.Tyreal(OD) -25% 3.Hari(OD) -5%
  3. Congratz to Queballz(OD)!

    My bad 2 nd one since 2012
  4. Congratz to Queballz(OD)!

    Grats boy you the first one since 2011
  5. Member Winter Award Results!

    congrats all the winners and Ty for all the voters
  6. Any Smiters out there?

    I have 2xh and a d key i hope i find some more keys
  7. Any Smiters out there?

    Koftrader(OD) got smiter I sendhim msg on jsp to contact you
  8. Brittney's Back!!

    Welcome to OD
  9. Ladder Reset progress

    This ladder is not that great start I'm way behind not even reach hell mode.only good thing is I can rush Norm and NM and have all WP's
  10. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy b’day pops
  11. Division Meeting: What day works for you?

    I can attend any day any time just need to know 2 days before.
  12. D3 Elite Squad

    Squad consists of players that excel at top tier Greater Rifts These rules are temporary and Squad leaders will change at any time SoftCore-Season and Non-Season Grater Rift Must be complete either one the below to get Elite status. 1.Must be able to do Solo GR 90 or higher 2.Must be able to carry 3 player GR 85 or higher 3.Clear 4 player Gr 95+ Hardcore-Season and Non-Season 1.Must be able to do solo GR 70 or higher 2.Must be able to carry 3 player GR 60 or higher
  13. Group Grifting

    I play only shadow impale build.Mostly I group with TiedyeT(OD), Optimusmike(OD) and Tex(OD) for high Gr's.we did few high GRs like 99.i hope this season OD will be on the leaderboard. when I on the game I try to play everyone. I'm going to make HC shadow, in few days I will able to help on HC side also.Hit me up when I play.
  14. New Member Clock(OD)

    Welcome back to clan. I think you the oldest member now.You beat Typereal(OD) by a year(2002).
  15. Konichiwa people

    Welcome to OD
  16. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    HardCore most gear are common to all chars .we need 3 things 1.Max Resistance 2.Damage 3.Life Those rings don't have any Res or Str or Fcr .Dex is not a problem on HCL(PvP uses hacks) 95% chars using Tgods and Spirit or SS
  17. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    For SoftCore Pvm/Pvp I like to use Dwart Star For HardCore those rings are useless.
  18. Uh well It has happened again

    past 3 days I'm sick aslo, no work complete bed rest.I feel better today back to work. You can do auto skill cast
  19. well i finally joined.

    Welcome to OD.Back in days I was baaling KOA chaos games(2008-2010).when I need some gold I was pked the bots lol(lazy to farm gold).I think steve is the only one human in KOA. Its nice to see you in OD I need some run scripts if u have
  20. BacklashWave new recruit here.

    Welcome to OD.
  21. PTR Battle Report

    Actually PTR is easy to get gear and lvls than regular game.They just chking how the buffers are working.
  22. Elite member titles

    They are just random titles need cool ones
  23. Elite member titles

    Squad leaders will change Rules at any time SOFTCORE GR 1.Must be able to do Solo GR 75 or higher 2.Must be able to carry GR 70 runs or higher RANKS 75-80 GR = Master Rifter 80-85 GR = Elite Rifter 85 + Gr = Legendary Rifter HARDCORE GR 1.Must be able to do solo GR 60 or higher 2.Must be able to carry GR 50 runs or higher RANKS 60-65 GR = Master Rifter 65-70 GR = Elite Rifter 70 + Gr = Legendary Rifter SOFTCORE/HARDCORE season only GOBLIN HUNTERS/ BOUNTIES Must be able to find 3pet/3rainbow gobs or 10 bounty games for clan members RANKS T13 = Legendary Gob Hunter/ Bounter T12 = Elite Gob Hunter / Bounter T10 = Master Gob Hunter/ Bounter SOFTCORE / HARDCORE PLvl / GEAR / VAULTS Season only Must be able to do for clan members either of the following PLVLING = 10 chars/ Gear = 5 chars/ 50 vaults RANKS Will be announced later @TypeReaL(OD) and @PJPotter(OD) correct if any necessary changes
  24. Elite member titles

    It Looks you cover all main areas , great work I will make a good format tonight.All we need is some rank titles for GRs ,Gobs ,Bounties for ex Gr 75-80 = master Gr-80-85 = legendry