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  1. Hari(OD)


    Added +25 to D3 MoM event
  2. Hari(OD)


    Both ODD2 and D3 are still alive and good shape lmk if u wanna back to OD
  3. Its campaign mode sorry for the confuse i hope you will join
  4. Sorry to hear Dagus i hope everything will be fine by season17 +50 points added to D3MoM event
  5. This ProZacck(OD)”s event he want me post it. He want creat some fun with in div and clan wide. Its a simple walk through act1 to act5 on campaign mode This event starts on sat day 04/27/19 at 7pm CST There are no rules u can make new char or existing char its all up to you Sign in bonus 50fg(you will get 50fg if u sign in or join event) Complete Act1 100fg Complete Act2. 200fg complete Act3. 300fg Complete Act4. 400fg Complete Act5. 500fg+100fg bonus Any OD member will join if any one want to try or new to D3 we always rdy to help dont hesitate ask us I hope @MooMoo(OD) and @Mj3(OD) will join and stream this event *pm me for D3 key but you have active in game least couple of months Support D3 division Thank you all
  6. This should be move to D2 section i think some day in May
  7. Hari(OD)

    On game

    D3 is lot of updates and it will kill other games next season you guys wont belive it. Hope they reset on same day
  8. Hari(OD)

    On game

    sorry Julie Im trying to take @Mj3(OD) and @MooMoo(OD) they are best streamers for D3 and they dedicated runners for D2.
  9. We have 2 of D3 streamers now and welcome other D3 streamers it helps grow our community. This event run from 04/21/19 to 04/30/19 Prizes Each streaming post get 20fg and unlimited posts fg transfer end of day Streaming with commentary will get a surprise and you will say “ wow “. Its limited one per OD Account Any OD member will join but post only D3 game stream OD account Stream account d2jsp account Thank you all
  10. Got u but we dont have any separate streaming thread need 1
  11. Limit one par day on this event i will make another event for streaming some time today
  12. Added +25 +25 +40 to your total ask @MooMoo(OD) how to get our clan logo on streaming it helps our D3 as well as clan OD
  13. Post the streaming below the links this topic is Paragon lvls and updated para lvls http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68557-prize-for-game-streamers/?tab=comments#comment-841364 and http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68562-d3-member-of-month/?tab=comments#comment-841424 Sent and +25 added to MoM event chk it out http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68562-d3-member-of-month/
  14. Hop here and there and support d3 division events when u have some time
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