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  1. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    I Play only sorc.I will be orb sorc till get infinity then i turn lite sorc.Im helpless till lvl 18 but I'm good on maps.My kill machine starts at lvl 30
  2. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    I thought its 8pm Est my bad I will on 6.30pm Est
  3. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    ty I will on exactly 7.30pm EST
  4. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    I will play SCL this reset.i hope I find a team
  5. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy b’day pops
  6. Division Meeting: What day works for you?

    I can attend any day any time just need to know 2 days before.
  7. Group Grifting

    I play only shadow impale build.Mostly I group with TiedyeT(OD), Optimusmike(OD) and Tex(OD) for high Gr's.we did few high GRs like 99.i hope this season OD will be on the leaderboard. when I on the game I try to play everyone. I'm going to make HC shadow, in few days I will able to help on HC side also.Hit me up when I play.
  8. D3 Elite Squad

    Squad consists of players that excel at top tier Greater Rifts These rules are temporary and Squad leaders will change at any time SoftCore-Season and Non-Season Grater Rift Must be complete either one the below to get Elite status. 1.Must be able to do Solo GR 90 or higher 2.Must be able to carry 3 player GR 85 or higher 3.Clear 4 player Gr 95+ Hardcore-Season and Non-Season 1.Must be able to do solo GR 70 or higher 2.Must be able to carry 3 player GR 60 or higher
  9. New Member Clock(OD)

    Welcome back to clan. I think you the oldest member now.You beat Typereal(OD) by a year(2002).
  10. Konichiwa people

    Welcome to OD
  11. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    HardCore most gear are common to all chars .we need 3 things 1.Max Resistance 2.Damage 3.Life Those rings don't have any Res or Str or Fcr .Dex is not a problem on HCL(PvP uses hacks) 95% chars using Tgods and Spirit or SS
  12. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    For SoftCore Pvm/Pvp I like to use Dwart Star For HardCore those rings are useless.
  13. Uh well It has happened again

    past 3 days I'm sick aslo, no work complete bed rest.I feel better today back to work. You can do auto skill cast
  14. well i finally joined.

    Welcome to OD.Back in days I was baaling KOA chaos games(2008-2010).when I need some gold I was pked the bots lol(lazy to farm gold).I think steve is the only one human in KOA. Its nice to see you in OD I need some run scripts if u have