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  1. Hari(OD)

    New D3 Game Guild ODG

    The current leader of OD game guild no more active and he dont want transfer leadership. So Hari(OD) made a new game guild OverDosed Gaming(ODG) and requested all OD members move to new guild which is ODG Thank you
  2. Hari(OD)

    Hows everyone been . Back in OD and D2

    ya moved to Peoria,Illinois 7 months ago
  3. Hari(OD)

    Hows everyone been . Back in OD and D2

    hi Donald log time no see how u doing
  4. Hari(OD)

    Just for fun

    Hari will bring hangover shots make sure no one get hangover
  5. Hari(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    i will play on reset add me if any spot open Hari(OD) OD-lightbunny cold sorc till find infinity
  6. Hari(OD)

    Sort of but not really resignation?

    D3 is best try it out
  7. Hari(OD)

    D3 Elite Squad

    Sergeant First Class Kraken(OD) was approved into Diablo III elite. Sergeant First Class Kraken(OD)'s recruiting privileges was successfully updated.
  8. Hari(OD)

    D3 Elite Squad

    What’s your solo or group Grs on either hc or sc then only I can add u
  9. Hari(OD)

    Been a while..

    I have some gear and tunes on Hc lmk if any one need
  10. Hari(OD)

    Plans for Start of Season 15

    I will be on at 7pm cst
  11. Hari(OD)

    Bumpa(OD) is Back

    I was left clan when you were climbing ranks.You was helped me hold D2Hc mules for clan members Warrant Officer WO1 Bumpa(OD) was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer CWO2 with 17 total cumulative points from Brigadier General XeRo(OD), Colonel Cubed(OD), First Lieutenant BabyT(OD), for Is very active and helpful to all members. Helps hari with the HCL mules. Goes out of his way to rush anyone that ask. Now just please stop dieing. on Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:10 AM Here some of your achievements Commander R.agnarok(OD) promoted Chief Warrant Officer CWO3 Bumpa(OD) to Second Lieutenant for Set ranking a few members due to the recent events on the division, this decision was approved by the current D2 leaders. on Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:48 AM Commander R.agnarok(OD) awarded Major Bumpa(OD) the Navy Cross Medal for He has been helping restructure the d2 division and get things moving smoothly. on Thu Sep 22, 2011 5:24 PM Brigadier General Badboi(OD) awarded Lieutenant Colonel Bumpa(OD) the Medal for Humane Action for Puts in a lot of work for the HCL squad. Congrats and well deserved. on Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:18 PM sent new pass on fourms pm.its case sens
  12. Hari(OD)

    Bumpa(OD) is Back

    Hi bumpa I think u remember me.im playing D3 also add me Hari#1233 Colonel Hari(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant Bumpa(OD) for Dsled out want be back to OD.Req on forums http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67551-bumpaod-is-back/?tab=comments#comment-830434 Wb Bumpa was written into log.
  13. Hari(OD)

    Common abbreviations on D2

    @Purple(OD) add Ng =New game Gn = Good night Gd = Good Duel
  14. Hari(OD)

    Dwolf(OD) is back!

    Wb wolf.Im playing D3 now.