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  1. Member Winter Award Results!

    congrats all the winners and Ty for all the voters
  2. Any Smiters out there?

    I have 2xh and a d key i hope i find some more keys
  3. Any Smiters out there?

    Koftrader(OD) got smiter I sendhim msg on jsp to contact you
  4. Brittney's Back!!

    Welcome to OD
  5. Ladder Reset progress

    This ladder is not that great start I'm way behind not even reach hell mode.only good thing is I can rush Norm and NM and have all WP's
  6. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy b’day pops
  7. Division Meeting: What day works for you?

    I can attend any day any time just need to know 2 days before.
  8. Group Grifting

    I play only shadow impale build.Mostly I group with TiedyeT(OD), Optimusmike(OD) and Tex(OD) for high Gr's.we did few high GRs like 99.i hope this season OD will be on the leaderboard. when I on the game I try to play everyone. I'm going to make HC shadow, in few days I will able to help on HC side also.Hit me up when I play.
  9. D3 Elite Squad

    Squad consists of players that excel at top tier Greater Rifts These rules are temporary and Squad leaders will change at any time SoftCore-Season and Non-Season Grater Rift Must be complete either one the below to get Elite status. 1.Must be able to do Solo GR 90 or higher 2.Must be able to carry 3 player GR 85 or higher 3.Clear 4 player Gr 95+ Hardcore-Season and Non-Season 1.Must be able to do solo GR 70 or higher 2.Must be able to carry 3 player GR 60 or higher
  10. New Member Clock(OD)

    Welcome back to clan. I think you the oldest member now.You beat Typereal(OD) by a year(2002).
  11. Konichiwa people

    Welcome to OD
  12. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    HardCore most gear are common to all chars .we need 3 things 1.Max Resistance 2.Damage 3.Life Those rings don't have any Res or Str or Fcr .Dex is not a problem on HCL(PvP uses hacks) 95% chars using Tgods and Spirit or SS
  13. Which Absorb ring do you think is best?

    For SoftCore Pvm/Pvp I like to use Dwart Star For HardCore those rings are useless.
  14. Uh well It has happened again

    past 3 days I'm sick aslo, no work complete bed rest.I feel better today back to work. You can do auto skill cast