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  1. I see you're rockin the Type Real engraved hat lmk when you want a Type Real OD shirt xD

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    2. MelodicRose(OD)


      You make merch? :o

    3. wake_n_bake(OD)


      yeah :D

      yeah :D


    4. MelodicRose(OD)


      I'll have to poke you about this at some point 

  2. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Show Us Your Ink!

    me and highpower(OD) have a few matching tats https://i.imgur.com/undefined.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/undefined.jpg[/img] ugh wtf
  3. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    oh alright just let me know buddy
  4. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Overdosed Gaming T-shirt

    for some reason when i have the single logo for overdosed gaming, and nothing else around it, it like shrinks it its some kind of issue with the print site i use, maybe overdosed on the back along with the account name of whoever
  5. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Overdosed Gaming T-shirt

    I made these up a few days ago, I've had a little feedback but not much, mainly that D2 should be at the top xD and "booo league of legends" They're 20 dollars over at kottin-products.myshopify.com/products/overdosed-gaming I'm also willing to put these on hoodies, alter them to be specific towards a certain game, and even add your OD account name to the shirt or w/e it is If clothing isnt something you'd want, I can put this design or an altered version on a poster or a framed photo, or even a towel Let me know what you think and if you want to order one ^.^ ALSO interested in any designs you guys have that you'd like to see on a shirt or something. If you want me to make something, or you already have something made up then you can just send it to me. Thanks OD :D <3 Heres the Enigma shit I made too xD
  6. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

  7. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

  8. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    what up man did you have an idea for me?
  9. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    of course dude!
  10. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    cant figure out how to post it here its not letting me xD
  11. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    haha, i mean i can swap the order around ive had 0 feedback so anything helps :D
  12. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    alright lemme know what you think of the overdosed shirt https://kottin-products.myshopify.com/products/overdosed-gaming
  13. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    so you want it say LT4; cuz driving a 302 is for pussies? or just LT4 lol i can whip up the overdosed gaming shirt in 10 minutes and have it on my store in 15 you want these on tshirts, hoodies, wall art,or tank tops? i can even do towels xD
  14. wake_n_bake(OD)

    Opened An Online Clothing Store

    So a few months ago I started designing shirts and other things, and I just recently opened up a myshopify store (https://kottin-products.myshopify.com) A.) If anyone has any ideas for shirts, hats, handbags, hoodies or wall art shoot em this way! Or if you have your own graphic design you'd like on a shirt or wouldn't mind if I borrowed from you post it here B.) Not sure if you guys have made Overdosed Gaming t-shirts, but if I created them, how many would be interested in buying one? No idea is a bad idea, and I could use all the help you guys can give me Much love OD <3 @Toaster(OD) @Sassy @Data(OD) @nilla67532(OD) @ogPoPs(OD) @NiceGuy(OD) @Varcus420(OD) @Unionity(OD)
  15. wake_n_bake(OD)


    Me and HighPower(OD)