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  1. DriftThis(OD)


    Will do Ang how are you btw D: getting any better?
  2. DriftThis(OD)


    XD keep em man think of it as the guy that thought you well xD
  3. Great guy, Hope to see you soon bud! :)

  4. DriftThis(OD)


    Take care :/
  5. DriftThis(OD)


    Been a good run here in OD but I cant see myself with out the ppl I helped make D2 Division the way it is Besides I saw old faces coming back and ide rather not get into that but in any case sorry for this but I know youll will be fine yall have good Officers sides me if yall need someone to talk to ill still have my AIM Take Care OD keep doing what yall do best dont take shit from anyone but also be GM I hope I served yall right DriftThis(OD) aka Waffelz(OD) P.S. ya your right Rob I am leaving but atleast even when I am gone from OD I wont do them wrong
  6. DriftThis(OD)


    Lyle another Leader of D2 Division that will be missed alot one day when I can Ill come by Florida and party with the OD there when your done with things thats inside of you Come back to OD ~Waffz~
  7. DriftThis(OD)

    Its that time.

    Dave even tho you get mad at noobs who cant use the Forums or do the OPS bot (me) you still made sure they get it done I for one Learned alot from you ty for your patience endless one that put up with all of us. Sad to rly see you go right on the Height of my Ranks you always saw me as a Leader but you know me Ill do my best for this Clan but I do hope you do come back Take care see you around ~Waffz~
  8. DriftThis(OD)

    TY for Siggy

  9. DriftThis(OD)

    TY for Siggy

    Got a new Siggy and would like a shout out to Sil3NtKilL(OD) ty dude :yes:
  10. eh to many can be bad to lol Look at life both ways not just the good :D

  11. DriftThis(OD)

    Testing Something

    Test Sexy Test
  12. DriftThis(OD)

    Something that I feel I need to post.

    Dave that sucks lol on siggy lol and Bumpa not rly it actually only takes 30sec to login pending on your net and comp lol
  13. DriftThis(OD)


    Pete your dedication will not be forgotten we miss you just remember your spot will be here when you return also tell your manager his a dumb ass working someone 12 hr shifts and barely a day off ....... but anyways best wishes
  14. DriftThis(OD)

    Hello all!

    Just remember to login my Recruit
  15. DriftThis(OD)

    Hey All

    man alot of ppl from AH Converting to OD nice I still wish them luck but in any case welcome to OD feel free to come to your Division Officers or any Officers in General for any type of help questions or anything enjoy your stay