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  1. Passing the Torch

    As many of you have probably heard by now, I am officially resigning from OD on Monday January 22nd. This day marks 5 years as a Commander in OD and 7 years in the clan and I request that Commander Badboi(OD) do the job. My stay in OD has been some of the best years in my life. I have acquired quite a few memories I will never forget and some friends that I will have the rest of my life. I have been truly blessed to be able to be apart of this history of this great community and am proud of what we have been able to accomplish. However, it's time to start focusing more on other aspects of my life. Of course, being the first Commander to officially, 'resign' in as long as I remember, I must make it long and juicy. Why am I leaving Focusing more on my future I am the luckiest guy in the world and have found a great gal that I will be marrying this summer. She supports my gaming habits and has always been very supportive of me in OD. Despite not being in the clan, she knows a lot about a lot of the inner workings of the clan, other Commanders and my trials and tribulations that I have endured. She has been great about everything. However, there comes a time where I have to consider where my priorities are and frankly, when it comes to OD and her, she wins every time. She made it very clear that I do not have to quit and that she doesn't want anyone to think she might be making me quit. She isn't. She is just that awesome. I take my career very seriously. In fact, my boss called me about an hour ago (yeah late at night) just to tell me that he wants to work with me to build a future with the company. I always strive to be the best at everything I do and my career is no different. I've had quite a few sleepless nights in the last year specifically (OD related) that have been counterproductive for me. I want to give myself the best shot I can to be the best that I can be. I am not the commander I once was One of my biggest achievements as a Commander was the development of what we we all know today as the self evaluations. This system was created out of necessity, not only to reward those officers that had been working so hard but to also hold accountable the Generals and Commanders that had been complacent for months or even years. When we made the evaluation system, I knew it would be hard for my fellow generals to oust me with my own system. So I promised myself and others that I would step away on top, rather then begrudgingly held onto long past my due date. This due date probably passed a long time ago. I did try to leave. A few times in fact. However, the generals in their infinite wisdom always had a reason to urge me to stay. It used to be a lack of experience among the generals, then there was a question of instability. Then it was just asking me to make sure I attend meetings and make sure they don't do anything stupid. Over the years (although probably this year more specifically) I have felt like I was doing everyone a favor by committing more time to this clan then I felt comfortable and staying a Commander. Over time, however, many people started to think they were doing my a favor by keeping me a Commander. I do not want any of that nonsense on my conscience. It's a good opportunity for the community With me stepping down, I believe this will open the door to opportunity for new leadership. With this comes new faces, younger and more innovative ideas. Some will be bad, yes, but many of them will be great and those that are not will be a learning experience It's been a long time but I finally feel comfortable leaving the generals in charge that are here. There has been a dramatic swing from 'gaming generals' to 'admin generals' in the last few years. I think this was very dangerous and is part of the reason I stayed on board. I finally think that the pendulum has started to slow or even stop which allows for gaming generals to continue to hold a vital role among the generals. I was often the voice of reason against the majority who had not fully thought out their ideas. I often turned an entire debate on it's head and left people questioning themselves and their beliefs. I often found solutions that some could not see. I always thought of this as one of my biggest strengths. I hope someone takes up the torch. My Highlights in OD Starcraft 2 I joined the SC2 division back in January of 2011. In my trial game I was so nervous that in my 1v1 trial game I opened with 2 Cybernetics Cores. I still won the game but everyone got a good laugh about it. The majority of leadership in SC2 left very shortly after I joined. I was left holding the reigns hosting all sorts of events. This was some of the most exciting things for me to host. They included things like: Clan Wars TTE (Tris' Tuesday Event) Practice nights Squad Wars Tournaments Streaming/Shoutcasting I got to meet Lozer(OD), Rathorne(OD) and Towlee(OD) at MLG Columbus in 2012. The story is awesome. It can be found here: Clan Overdosed was the #1 clan in NA for a looooong time. We were the most competitive division this Clan has seen thus far. Under Badboi(OD), Clan Overdosed took a pro team (Evil Geniuses) to a game 7 in a Bo7. They had to wake up their star player, Idra to win it for them. It was a sad loss but still awesome. I met a young man named Bailey who sent me a touching letter that I shared in this thread: League Of Legends I put together a ranked 5s team that played EVERY WEEK for like 2 years. It was awesome. For anyone who knows competitive 5's league they know that if you play ranked 5's you're effectively going to (as a team) going to be roughly at least 1 whole tier below your average individual player rank. This is mostly due to the fact that ranked 5's are far more competitive in general. We had so much team synergy and trust in each other with teamwork and developed plans that we (average rank of low gold) were able to get to gold 1 and faced platinum/diamond solo players every game. Winning against players who are so much better on an individual level due to teamwork is such a rush. I created the biggest Spreadsheet I have ever seen. I'm serious. I hosted Tuesday night inhouses for like 2 years. I kept stats of every player, in every role with every champion. I put probably 200-300 hours of work into developing this spreadsheet. I got it to a science. I got it to the point where all I had to do was type in one command and literally 80 different sheets would automatically update with stats for every player and ranked against each other by wins/loss/champion/roll/kda whatever you wanted. I did end up getting quite a bit of help though on this near the end (Tachikoma and Verg helped a lot with this). In less then a year, I joined the LoL division we took it from about 13 active members to about 50-60 active members. They were really a great group of people to game with. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and inviting them to inhouses and other competitions we would host. Sidenote, as a commander, inhouses are not advised. People over value you as a pick and then people love to gank the commanders nonstop. It's a tough gig. Commander Hosting events has always been what brought me the most joy, it's also probably why so many people pushed me up the ranks. It's a really easy way to be recognized. However, the Commander position has also earned me a few memories that are worth sharing. Working as a Commander I got to work with some truly great people. I started to name them all here but really there is too many to try and tag and I am sure I'd forget a lot. I will try and make an effort to reach out to some of you to bid my farewells. When I was first a general/commander, general meetings were not as well organized as they are now. I remember getting on Teamspeak on my phone while driving to and from school and having impromptu Generals meetings to iron down things like the General Evaluations. "Tris Signal" I remember when I had the time to sit down and talk with all the Generals on a more personal level. It saddens me I have not been able to do that for some time now. For documentation sake, I will likely have to edit this later but I have already been working on this for a couple hours and would rather not risk losing anything so I will post as is and come back later to edit/add. If you're reading this before be coming back and fixing this, please know that I am very grateful that you have all given me the wonderful opportunity to serve all of you and wish OD the best of luck.
  2. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    1. 2 meetings ago I reminded all division leaders that they need to be pushing their "Welcome to xxxxx division" forum thread. This thread is used to educate all members on the division about critical things such as who and how to contact division leaders and is to be used in the recruiting process. From what I have seen, divisions have abide. 2. This is basically one of the biggest criteria in which we promote people by. We let members spill their guts on their thoughts of members before the generals even vote on the promotion of generals. In fact, we take what members say about their leaders as some of the most important feedback in terms of their success as a leader. Furthermore, we have told people time and time again that recruiting goes well beyond signing people onto the website. You have to be a mentor for them throughout their entire stay in OD and that it's not just limited to those who are 'leaders'. 3. I'm not sure about this one. It seems like a legit thing to do but some aspects do not seem reasonable. I could spend 1 hour every night trying to reach out to members and I'd barely scratch the surface and I'd be using an immense amount of my time to do this. Want me to use less then an hour with members? Then we get further away from the 'personal' touch you are looking for. Realistically, those members will always go to those they trust the most. Having been that person for the majority of the clan for a year or two back in 2012-2014, I will tell you that this is not a fun role. It is very taxing and ultimately drives leaders away from fulfilling those roles. If you're a Commander who goes out of your way to open the door to every single member, you will be opening the flood gates for them to talk to you about every single issue that they ever have and most of those issues are things that a Commander (from another division) should not be answering to. The hierarchy is built so that way people have a manageable amount of people they can take care of whilst still getting their own work (and gaming) done. 4. We have moved in this direction already. They used to be Generals meetings, then they were officer meetings, now they are admin meetings whereas just about anyone who wants to come, can. Admins are allowed to bring guests (and most will if you ask them) and the term 'admin' is pretty loose. There have also already been 'open clan meetings' but there was no overwhelming support for them. To say that this approach is 'no longer working for everyone' is somewhat misleading. This approach never worked for 'everyone'. No approach will ever work for 'everyone'. However, this clan is now the biggest it's ever been. It makes sense that that the Commanders specifically are not giving as much face time to each individual member. But we as a clan must be doing something right to be where we are today. given the sentiment of Commanders and higher level generals who have shared their thoughts of being burned out, I don't think asking them to stretch themselves more thinly is the answer. The simple answer would be to get more! However, given the rigorous standards that we set for ourselves as well as the open door that we give everyone into our jobs, the General roles are either not sought out or people do not meet the requirements we set for them. Look, I know that this response is probably very negative and it may come off as me 'attacking you.' I have been around the block a time or two. I saw where it used to be. I see the progress this clan has made in the last 7 years. I do agree, we should always push forward and always try and do better. However, the Generals and Commanders we have... They are like family to me at this point. I see what they do for this clan. I see how hard they work. I see what they have done to get us where we are today. They are some of the greatest and most hard working people I have ever met and have a lot of great experience and knowledge that this clan can benefit from. It pains me to see when people say they don't do enough because I already have sympathy for many of them. People are trying to get water out of a rock. I have seen this road before. It's a dark road. I'm not saying we should never change. We have before. We have paid the consequences for it. We will do it again. I hope it can be done more gracefully then last. Tread carefully. I just don't want to see some of the hardest workers in the clan see this type of thing and get discouraged that they are not doing enough and give up because some of them will take it this way.
  3. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    The following message was sent less then 3 months ago. I send a message like this usually about once a year. I also bring it up 2-3 times a year in our admin meetings as well bringing up in a less official manner with those that I correspond with more often. OD Leadership Hello all, I hope you all had a good week and have an even better weekend planned ahead. I just wanted to take a moment to remind many of our members about OD leadership in general. The leaders of OD are here to enhance your gaming experience. To this day, that is still our purpose. We, as leaders, are not here to throw our weight around. We are not here to be bossy. We are not here to belittle you or to control you. Again, we are here to enhance everyone's gaming experience. If not directly then by enabling those who can. Granted, there are times where people have to condemn certain actions or punish those who break our rules. However, this is in the common good for the clan and in general this is a much smaller aspect as our roles as leaders in this community. Leadership is here to enable members. We are there to give them the tools, the guidance and support to do the things they want to do in this community. It is important that all of you whether you're a new recruit or a general, the leadership above you is there to help. All of this being said, I implore all if you who have concerns, ideas, suggestions, problems to seek out leadership for help. it doesn't have to be your direct superior, doesn't have to be someone in your division and it doesn't have to be me. But know that the leaders in this clan - are leaders because of their love/dedication to this clan and want the best for it. Furthermore, please remember that not every leader has the same set of skills as everyone else. You may want to talk to one person about starting a division or someone else about a personal issue or maybe someone else about a rule. Please keep this in mind, especially if you feel as though a leader has been unable to help you in a way that you're looking. Chance are someone might have more experience with what you're looking for. If you ask them bluntly, they might even suggest a better person to talk to. TLDR: Leadership is here to help. If you have ideas/concerns/suggestions you should feel free to bring them up because we all want what's best for the clan. Tris(OD) If this is not the type of interaction you're looking for can you help enlighten me and the rest of leadership what it is you're looking for exactly and maybe we can accommodate or at least reach an undertanding.
  4. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    I do also want to add one more point that I forgot to mention. The majority of the 'evaluations' are because that person (or others) want to see that person promoted. It's not common for people to be put up for promotion because people want them to be demoted. Since Commanders can only go down I believe that the evaluation consistency are not unlike any of the other ranks in the sense that people are not being put up for evaluation in hopes of a demotion. People are not putting people up because they think they are unfit and should be demoted. This has been a common trend for years now. It's probably because in recent years, there has been less Generals for the most part. Why? Probably has to do with the much higher standards that have been pushed onto the Generals over the past 4 years or so.
  5. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Not much to add this this thread except for that Aerineth hit this one on the head. My best suggestion is to talk to the leaders you actually look up to. For you it sounds like maybe talk to Triny or Dabomb. Ask them questions. Commanders rank is a very interesting rank because their type of influence on the Clan can vary greatly as each paves their own way. Ask them their thoughts on the Commanders since they are more likely to be working closely with them. If you still want to see them over the fire, urge them to nominate said Commander(s). Talk to other members and get them to also talk to their division leaders/generals. If they don't listen, try to get other generals promoted that will hold them accountable. That set aside, I would never demote you over a post like this but I have seen worse for less. I will admit this though it's probably not in the best taste to try and call people out on the forums like this unless you really feel it's a last resort (which it never is).
  6. [Guide] Ahri The Nine Tailed Fox

    Will always be my favorite :)
  7. Life the MMO

    Yeah.. I saw this a couple months ago. This is very funny.
  8. Rocket League squad?

    Smells like sarcasm in here. I will take it anyways. Outlaw, if you or anyone you know feels the desire to step up and try to create events or get things going, let me know. I have no problem putting people in place to do it. I'm only still there because nobody else seemingly wants it at the moment. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help enable people to set it up. I think Rocket League still has potential as a game to spin some pretty fun inhouse events off of.
  9. Rocket League squad?

    Neither has yet? Pretty rude. I did plenty of events and played the game more than almost everyone in the clan... A year ago... Plus it's the biggest non division related squad in the clan. Other then that, Terra is right. Nobody has had the motivation to really move it beyond what it is.
  10. Clash Royale?

    I played it right out the gate. Got to the legendary arena and was really enjoying it. Then they started making the real money purchases quite inviting and I quickly lost interest. I'd be playing people with 6-7 legend cards while had not gotten a single one. I was not going to start dumping money into it so I stopped almost immediately. Was fun while it lasted though.
  11. OD Golden Age

    Based on the history you provided, Terra, if every trial member were to currently pass and we didn't lose any members in the process, we would exceed the record. It's exciting times :).
  12. Forum Group: Should ban appeals be a thing?

    First, I don't see how you can say bans are public "kinda". Officers + is less then 10% of the clan. Furthermore, only a small fraction of those are actually involved with the banning process. There are usually 4-5 admins involved unless a really tricky situation. Also, most of them are not going to really have much of an opinion of those bans. If you're talking about the officers board for bans, then your are sorely mistaken if you think the majority of people actively read this. It's used more for historical reasons because they are going to have more important things to worry about then someone being banned in another division whom they don't ever talk to. Second, as I said, there is already an appeal for anything, including bans. Take it to someone of a higher rank. It's usually high risk, high reward. If you're wasting their time, they are not going to be happy about it but if you are in the right, those whom previously, "punished" you may get in trouble themselves. Lastly, bans are really quite rare. We have roughly 30-40 admins and well on our way to 400 people? We really rarely ban people out of the clan. Maybe once a month? The ban hammer almost always falls into one of two categories. First, they did something that blatantly shows disregard for our rules (ie botting). Or, they have been warned over and over again for their behavior and show little to no remorse or improvement. Not only that but admins almost always seek the approval of other admins before banning. You already got to plead your case and it should be crystal clear why you were banned. If you disagreed, you should of spoke with a higher admin. If they were a commander, it's not going to be over-ruled.
  13. Forum Group: Should ban appeals be a thing?

    Look, let me first just say that it's always been the norm to always take it to a higher rank for an appeal. If you want to appeal, airing it out in public is not going to make your case any better then doing so privately. If you need the support of other members, then let them in on the private conversation as well. Why is having a public appeal a bad thing? First off, it's a sensitive issue for all parties involved. When you couple that with it being on a forum thread where tone and intention are sometime lost and stir in the fact that people are upset, people are going to take things the wrong way and people are going to get upset. Then you have a large portion of (newer members or friends of the "victim" who only pick and choose specific things to read or acknowledge. Now a bunch of people are getting upset. Let's say 2-3 enlisted members who are new to the division speak on issue with only a limited idea of how the clan is ran or that persons past.... Let's say they stick up for them. Well ultimately, it's not going to reverse the admins decision but now those members are going to feel like their voice is not being heard and they will feel neglected. Victim: "But everyone should have a chance to voice their concern" That's fine, invite them with you when you plead your case to a general. Generals not doing a good job? Get the removed and vote for ones that are.
  14. HI from FireBabe (OD)

    Glad you stopped by. We appreciate your work you put into this clan even though most of us have never gotten to truly meet you. You should poke your head in from time to time. We have an admin meeting next Sunday, would be great to have you stop by. Anyhow, let me know if you ever want a brief "recent history" lesson of what has happened in the last few years to help connect some dots. I know it would be interesting to pick your brain much like Terra has, by the sounds of it.
  15. New!

    Welcome to the clan. We make it our goal to enhance your gaming experience. If you ever feel that this clan could be doing something better to achieve that goal, do not hesitate to let us know. That said, I hope you enjoy your stay.