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  1. Tris(OD)


    Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
  2. The wedding is only a week away! Badboi(OD), Aerineth(OD), Ghost(OD) and M777Matt777(OD) are all going to be there (granted I knew Matt before OD but still). I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Congratulations to you both!  I has been a pleasure getting to know both you and Linds.  

    2. SnipeDragon(OD)


      Congratulations to you both!

    3. Sassy


      grats to both of you many happy years together 🙂 

  3. Tris(OD)

    Artist work for Streams

    Thank you sir. At the moment there is a lot of work being done. When the dust settles a bit, I’ll have a better idea of what exactly we need.
  4. Tris(OD)


    It’s cause I came back isn’t it? I knew it!
  5. Tris(OD)

    Artist work for Streams

    Like I said, I have been really busy. The little time I have has been very focused on what I deem most important but I assure you that I have worked very hard the last week to move things along. I don't raid random people (with rare exception-see note below). I raid 1 person at the end of each stream and the person I raid is usually very calculated. They are scouted ahead of time. Many of them are acquaintances that I have built a relationship with over time. Sometimes they are people whom I think are going to big time and I want to support them. Sometimes they are people who did work for me in the past, sometimes they are people who really help our community or maybe they are just someone who has raided me in the past and I owe em one. I almost always know their games and their schedule as to not raid someone when they go offline. I think raids are immensely important and take special care as to not squander a great opportunity. I've already got a short list of preferred victims for Sunday's raid. Going back to the 'exception' I was talking about above - occasionally I will raid with a group based on the advice of people I trust. Group raids are amazing experiences as well and are filled with opportunity. I'm glad that I was able to do that for you. My response to this whole thing has been somewhat slow and I apologize. I feel I could have stopped (some) of the bloodshed but part of the agreement about my return was to avoid the brunt of the political side of OD that I was completely anchored in previously. I enjoyed it, I believe I was good at it, but with my limited time, it was not something I wished to pursue any further. Tis' why I came back at a significantly lower rank then what the rules suggested I return at. However, in this situation, I probably should of said something sooner. That being said, I had not seen your previous response to purplez when I initially posted and now I am forced to get put my face on the tee and talk about it since it will be my second post with no other admins posting here yet and I cant just ignore it. I don't want to make a big deal out of this but I have to talk about it. I believe Terra did a brilliant job with her initial post and summed up everything that was done wrong (or at the least how it was perceived as wrong which is just as important). I urge the rest of the admins to relax a bit. Terra did what was required. We don't need to pile on. On the other hand, Jester, you did so brilliantly with your initial reaction, please try to understand people have similar opinions as Terra too and they clearly also wanted to share them (which they are entitled to as you invited them). Don't let your frustrations with Terra cause you to lash out at others who are legitimately also trying to be helpful.
  6. Tris(OD)

    I am back

    To be honest that's one of the drawbacks of this venture. I feel like I have pretty good rapport in the community and left on really solid terms. There is a risk in this venture. If I fail hard, it would be a terrible turn to my reputation and would be a sad way to then re-exit the clan. I do appreciate your kind words though, thank you. Raged/Purplez thank you for the warm welcome back :). Collin, you did not ;).
  7. Tris(OD)

    Artist work for Streams

    There has obviously been a little bloodshed here and there and I don't want to really expand on any of those things particularly as I have a lot of respect to those involved and don't feel that this late in the game that I can really bring much of value on those particular subjects. I feel there might be some things that may of been taken/presented poorly but it's my belief that everyone here has OD best interest at heart. Because I do not wish to dwell on what has been specifically debated here, I will only be commenting on the things that I felt personally tied into. Jester, it saddens me to think that other streamers feel this way. I really hope that this is not the way people are reading into this. I know you mentioned it as 'being excited' but I don't like the idea that 'streamers were just swept under the rug until now.' In my 7 years in OD, not once did a streamer suggest anything to me like what I have proposed to OD in the last couple weeks. If this was proposed to any other person in leadership and it was 'swept under the rug' I am deeply apologetic to whomever that was and hope that they are still here to cap on any type of opportunity they may get in the near future. I just want you to hear my side of the story first hand. I was approached by 2 different streaming communities (large and successful ones where they have partners to help you and artists to do all your art for you for free) and was really close to accepting but realized that I really liked making connections on Twitch and already had a lot of good connections of people I wanted to help and support. I didn't want to blindly follow their rules and support their team. I wanted to support my family in OD and the streamers I had already made friends with. I approached OD leadership saying that I think that we could go center stage as a community but I needed their help to get there. If we (Linds and I) got shoved center stage my thought process was that OD could finally get the center-stage attention they deserve and really take it to the next level. Admittedly, Lindsey and I would be the benefactors of this attention as well and if that comes off as greedy or anything of that sort, I would understand it. You mentioned of thinking of Twitch as a business. Perhaps, it would make more sense if you think of me trying to build my twitch resume for 7 years in this community where I recruited most of my 77 recruits off of other sites similar to twitch (Team Liquid to be exact). I'll be 100% honest here and since you don't know me, I doubt you will trust me on this one but if I thought there was another streamer in OD (right now) that would have a better chance of putting in the work whilst representing OD to the degree in which it wishes to be represented, I would move out of the way, push them in front of me in hopes of them taking OD to the next level. Perhaps in the process of calling streamers to arms as well as expanding our streaming community, we will find those people to take us there. My goal is to get OD's name in the spotlight and I think Twitch is a great place to do that. If people raid (as an Overdosed gaming member) you're appealing to not only streamers (cause who wouldn't want that type of support as a streamer) but also the viewers in that stream. I'm not really sure what you're saying about every half hour, I think there was some sort of disconnect in communication. The goal was that this Sunday, Linds and I would be streaming an OD only event (aka only OD members could participate in games). We would be playing Rocket league instead of PUBG (a more popular OD game). We would be inviting everyone out so we could raid someone at the end of that stream in hopes of getting OD's name out. On our first raid, I drew 3 people into having interest in OD and we only had like 3 OD members (and we raided a small stream since we didn't have that many people). Expanding our Streamer team in OD would also be one of our goals and this is a good way to do it. Once we get a better idea of the streamers in OD and who takes it seriously, we can support them as well. I don't think you were trying to put anything I am doing in a bad light. The only part that felt kinda crappy (in terms of my goals) was the first thing I quoted you on and I don't think you intentionally were trying to do that so for that, I don't think you owe me an apology. There were other parts that I didn't particularly like in your approach but you apologized about them and admitted your approach could be better so for that, we are good in my book. I followed your stream. I will have to check you out sometime but things are just crazy right now. Bachelor party this weekend, getting married next month and we keep a pretty tight stream schedule. Makes it difficult to even communicate the things I need help with sometimes :-\. Things will slow down though after the wedding/honeymoon.
  8. Tris(OD)

    I am back

    Hello all. For those who don't know me, I am Tristan. I was a member of OD for 7 years. 5 of those years I was a commander in OD. In January I resigned my position for a litany of reasons. One of the main reasons was the I was engaged and OD was taking up too much of my time. OD was my hobby and took too much time away from my fiance (we get married next month). However, in the time off, my fiance and I have started streaming together. It has become a joint hobby of ours. We are now rejoining OD as a team and OD is no longer my thing but our thing. I will no longer be on the political stages of OD but instead focusing on being a Twitch Ambassador for OD and hopefully help push OD center stage on one of the fastest growing gaming networks out there! There will be lots of information shared regarding our Twitch under the streaming sub forum! Thank you to all who have been giving me the warm welcomes and it's good to be back :).
  9. Lindsey and I are starting a duo gaming stream As of right now, we are only streaming from my computer but are playing together and have two cams. Anyhow, I digress. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help us with some cool custom overlays. We have found some pretty cool default ones we can give as references but they all have very specific things that we have no use for and are frankly just not ideal. Furthermore, on the details portion of the stream (About us, Schedule etc etc) we want pictures (panel headers) that have the same scheme as the Stream Templates. Right now, we just have pictures that we pulled out of a word document and they just clash big time. Also, Lindsey and I are willing to give some financial incentive depending on the timeliness and quality of the work. Our goal is to go 'official' next tuesday (the 10th). We can get by with the templates we have now, they are just not ideal. If you are serious about helping me, feel free to visit our stream https://www.twitch.tv/trisandlinds. We will be streaming most of the evenings still getting things worked out and we can show you the current schemes that we have been a fan of. Thank you for your time in advance.
  10. Tris(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    Ghost, thank you for that. I still think back very fondly on all the stuff we worked on together. Some things more savory then others. Keep in touch my friend. Thank you for the support, sir. I will check in from time to time. Like today :)
  11. Tris(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    Interesting? I hope that is a good thing ;). Thank you for the support. I appreciate what you have done for the community and am excited to see where it will go with future leaders such as yourself. Thank you, Ian. I appreciate that. Cards Against Humanity was fun. I drank a bit too much :). I will stop by eventually. Thank you for the support. Thank you Sassy. I appreciate that. Lol. You might have to change the bulb a time or two in my absence. I am glad you're back. I did miss you while you were gone despite being pretty distraught over it. Rob, it means a lot to me that you came back and showed your support. I am proud of the steps that you took when you made your run at Commander. A year prior to that, you would not of been seriously considered for the position. You really improved a lot and to think I may of played a small part of that, makes me happy. However, I am even more proud of the steps you have made since leaving OD. Keep up the good work my friend and you come find me if you ever need anything. Bartender, I appreciate you coming back and showing your support as well. I have been pretty hard on you from time to time and it means a lot that you didn't let that tarnish any type of rapport we had with each other and you understood where I was coming from. Ammunition, thank you for the support as well. My vacancy will give way to other people to rise up the occasion. I am optimistic about this. Thank you for the support, Ganker. Best of luck to you in the future. Thanks for the support gentlemen. I am glad I was able to serve you proudly. I wish you both the best in the future to come. Thanks for the support. I am optimistic with the people I leave this clan with. Then there is people like you who care enough to pour your time and thought into the evaluations when you're still such a new member. This clan is headed in the right direction. Thank you for taking the time to come out and post.
  12. Tris(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    Sunset, you are absolutely right. OD has taught me how to be a leader and it has positively impacted me in many aspects of my life. On the other hand, it would be really interesting to see the alternate universe of OD in which I never existed and compare. Thank you for sharing your insight and inspirational words. Thank you for bringing me to OD. Keep in touch.
  13. Tris(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    There is no hiding the fact that OD has played such a large part of my life. Many people here are like family to me. I was hoping that this would be a good thread for me to come to when I feel nostalgic or even when I am having a rough day, I could come to this thread. That said, people have been very supportive but I will have to link some of the other threads that have people have commenting on my retirement. Terra, 2 years from now, I wont be able to remember what thread you said something nice about me so I will have to link it ;).
  14. Tris(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    I really appreciate all the support I am getting in this thread. You all will be missed. It's really been an honor working for and with you all.
  15. Tris(OD)

    Passing the Torch

    As many of you have probably heard by now, I am officially resigning from OD on Monday January 22nd. This day marks 5 years as a Commander in OD and 7 years in the clan and I request that Commander Badboi(OD) do the job. My stay in OD has been some of the best years in my life. I have acquired quite a few memories I will never forget and some friends that I will have the rest of my life. I have been truly blessed to be able to be apart of this history of this great community and am proud of what we have been able to accomplish. However, it's time to start focusing more on other aspects of my life. Of course, being the first Commander to officially, 'resign' in as long as I remember, I must make it long and juicy. Why am I leaving Focusing more on my future I am the luckiest guy in the world and have found a great gal that I will be marrying this summer. She supports my gaming habits and has always been very supportive of me in OD. Despite not being in the clan, she knows a lot about a lot of the inner workings of the clan, other Commanders and my trials and tribulations that I have endured. She has been great about everything. However, there comes a time where I have to consider where my priorities are and frankly, when it comes to OD and her, she wins every time. She made it very clear that I do not have to quit and that she doesn't want anyone to think she might be making me quit. She isn't. She is just that awesome. I take my career very seriously. In fact, my boss called me about an hour ago (yeah late at night) just to tell me that he wants to work with me to build a future with the company. I always strive to be the best at everything I do and my career is no different. I've had quite a few sleepless nights in the last year specifically (OD related) that have been counterproductive for me. I want to give myself the best shot I can to be the best that I can be. I am not the commander I once was One of my biggest achievements as a Commander was the development of what we we all know today as the self evaluations. This system was created out of necessity, not only to reward those officers that had been working so hard but to also hold accountable the Generals and Commanders that had been complacent for months or even years. When we made the evaluation system, I knew it would be hard for my fellow generals to oust me with my own system. So I promised myself and others that I would step away on top, rather then begrudgingly held onto long past my due date. This due date probably passed a long time ago. I did try to leave. A few times in fact. However, the generals in their infinite wisdom always had a reason to urge me to stay. It used to be a lack of experience among the generals, then there was a question of instability. Then it was just asking me to make sure I attend meetings and make sure they don't do anything stupid. Over the years (although probably this year more specifically) I have felt like I was doing everyone a favor by committing more time to this clan then I felt comfortable and staying a Commander. Over time, however, many people started to think they were doing my a favor by keeping me a Commander. I do not want any of that nonsense on my conscience. It's a good opportunity for the community With me stepping down, I believe this will open the door to opportunity for new leadership. With this comes new faces, younger and more innovative ideas. Some will be bad, yes, but many of them will be great and those that are not will be a learning experience It's been a long time but I finally feel comfortable leaving the generals in charge that are here. There has been a dramatic swing from 'gaming generals' to 'admin generals' in the last few years. I think this was very dangerous and is part of the reason I stayed on board. I finally think that the pendulum has started to slow or even stop which allows for gaming generals to continue to hold a vital role among the generals. I was often the voice of reason against the majority who had not fully thought out their ideas. I often turned an entire debate on it's head and left people questioning themselves and their beliefs. I often found solutions that some could not see. I always thought of this as one of my biggest strengths. I hope someone takes up the torch. My Highlights in OD Starcraft 2 I joined the SC2 division back in January of 2011. In my trial game I was so nervous that in my 1v1 trial game I opened with 2 Cybernetics Cores. I still won the game but everyone got a good laugh about it. The majority of leadership in SC2 left very shortly after I joined. I was left holding the reigns hosting all sorts of events. This was some of the most exciting things for me to host. They included things like: Clan Wars TTE (Tris' Tuesday Event) Practice nights Squad Wars Tournaments Streaming/Shoutcasting I got to meet Lozer(OD), Rathorne(OD) and Towlee(OD) at MLG Columbus in 2012. The story is awesome. It can be found here: Clan Overdosed was the #1 clan in NA for a looooong time. We were the most competitive division this Clan has seen thus far. Under Badboi(OD), Clan Overdosed took a pro team (Evil Geniuses) to a game 7 in a Bo7. They had to wake up their star player, Idra to win it for them. It was a sad loss but still awesome. I met a young man named Bailey who sent me a touching letter that I shared in this thread: League Of Legends I put together a ranked 5s team that played EVERY WEEK for like 2 years. It was awesome. For anyone who knows competitive 5's league they know that if you play ranked 5's you're effectively going to (as a team) going to be roughly at least 1 whole tier below your average individual player rank. This is mostly due to the fact that ranked 5's are far more competitive in general. We had so much team synergy and trust in each other with teamwork and developed plans that we (average rank of low gold) were able to get to gold 1 and faced platinum/diamond solo players every game. Winning against players who are so much better on an individual level due to teamwork is such a rush. I created the biggest Spreadsheet I have ever seen. I'm serious. I hosted Tuesday night inhouses for like 2 years. I kept stats of every player, in every role with every champion. I put probably 200-300 hours of work into developing this spreadsheet. I got it to a science. I got it to the point where all I had to do was type in one command and literally 80 different sheets would automatically update with stats for every player and ranked against each other by wins/loss/champion/roll/kda whatever you wanted. I did end up getting quite a bit of help though on this near the end (Tachikoma and Verg helped a lot with this). In less then a year, I joined the LoL division we took it from about 13 active members to about 50-60 active members. They were really a great group of people to game with. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and inviting them to inhouses and other competitions we would host. Sidenote, as a commander, inhouses are not advised. People over value you as a pick and then people love to gank the commanders nonstop. It's a tough gig. Commander Hosting events has always been what brought me the most joy, it's also probably why so many people pushed me up the ranks. It's a really easy way to be recognized. However, the Commander position has also earned me a few memories that are worth sharing. Working as a Commander I got to work with some truly great people. I started to name them all here but really there is too many to try and tag and I am sure I'd forget a lot. I will try and make an effort to reach out to some of you to bid my farewells. When I was first a general/commander, general meetings were not as well organized as they are now. I remember getting on Teamspeak on my phone while driving to and from school and having impromptu Generals meetings to iron down things like the General Evaluations. "Tris Signal" I remember when I had the time to sit down and talk with all the Generals on a more personal level. It saddens me I have not been able to do that for some time now. 'Drunken Rocket League' Making this Clan a better place I am very grateful that you have all given me the wonderful opportunity to serve all of you and wish OD the best of luck and I am sure you will all hear from me again at some point.