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  1. We're here for you RickAstley!

    @Purplez(OD) is right. For example, although I live in Atlanta, I work for a firm of over 260,000 people spanning 21 countries. @RickAstley(OD), in Minneapolis, we are hiring at University of Minnesota and US Bank Stadium (Vikings). Although, I don’t know of the specific entry-level positions, we are hiring for an assistant unit controller, financial analyst, assistant HR Manager, and various food service positions ranging from Supervisor to Director. I have made recommendations in the past, but I reserve them for members who I’ve known for a while; to assertain their track record. One of these former members, is still employed with the company in Texas.
  2. Hey guys Motsi00(OD) Here

    Welcome to the community.
  3. Hello i am GhostDog(OD)

    Valor Margulis. Welcome to OD.
  4. Nice to meet you all

    Welcome to the community.
  5. Hi I'm SoundsGood(OD)

    Thanks for joining
  6. Recruiting Guide:

  7. Badboi's Hardcore Race

    Date: TBA Hardcore Ladder Must Create a New Account First to Kill Innocence Reward: Rank (If under MWO5) Other Rules: TBA
  8. Signatures if anyone is in need!

    Great job
  9. Content Update 3.3.0

    There has been a growing interest in making the squad into a division. I plan on working with the group of gamers to devise a plan on making this happen before the next reset. This way there can be a sustainable start to next season’s hard and Softcore Ladder reset. I’m thinking a few practice run tournaments could certainly be inplimented and I’m sure there are many great ideas yet to be brought to the table. The forums are a great tool to accomplish this goal.
  10. Purp, you can always comment in a neutral vote.
  11. CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    I think DBS is supposed to be DBZ.
  12. First placement game of S8

    That’s wrecked. Was it a hard or soft reset?
  13. New guy alert lol

    Welcome to our community.
  14. OD Shirt came in!

    When a member makes a donation of $25 or over with their t-shirt size and delivery address, Aerineth sends DaBomb the information at the end of the month and ships out the shirt.