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  1. Badboi(OD)

    The Rookie

    Welcome to the community!
  2. Badboi(OD)

    Selling my EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    Great bargain. Did you Overclock it?
  3. Badboi(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    CB, you’ll find out sooner or later that the higher you climb, the more stress and administrative/non-gaming time increases, while OD/Life balance gets a little out of wack.
  4. Badboi(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    Thanks for all your hard work and I know that I'll see you back soon. -Frank
  5. Badboi(OD)


    Well done! #SetRank @Aerineth(OD)
  6. Badboi(OD)

    Goodbye and Well Wishes

    Supreme, I really think you should stay. In my 8 years in OD, I’ve had ups and downs in both life and I’m OD politics (Evaluations OP). But I stuck with it and are where I am today. I see you as a potential future leader and prefer not to lose you. As someone who is well aware of getting publicly criticized and piled on the forums, I know that feeling. Like your short of breath, anxious, and like you’re wearing a 50 lbs backpack. But I’m here to lift you up if you need it. I too put in a resignation early in my OD career and it was a commander that denied it, threw it in the trash can, and gave me the toughen up buttercup speech. Let me know if I can do that for you and we can move forward. If not, good luck.
  7. Badboi(OD)

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

  8. Badboi(OD)

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Yes! So there are 4 different of Star Wars Trilogies. Star Wars 1-3 A Star Wars Story (Rogue One, Solo, & Boba Fett) Star Wars 4-6 (Original) Star Wars 7-9 (9 yet to be released) If I compare Solo to Rogue One, I’d say I enjoyed Rogue One. Still worth the trip to the movies though. On an acting level, I didn’t think Young Han sold me. However, Donald Glover and Kalessi stole the show.
  9. Badboi(OD)


    Welcome back Nubs. It’s been a while. 75% play SCL and 25% play HCL.
  10. Badboi(OD)

    Content Update 3.3.0

    Reset is Friday Night
  11. Badboi(OD)

    Why hello there.

    Welcome to our community.
  12. Badboi(OD)

    What if

    As far as I know, Typereal is from your country lol.
  13. Badboi(OD)


    sup son. Welcome
  14. Badboi(OD)

    Hello, everyone ;)

    Welcome Kek
  15. Frank i don't recall us ever discussing whether or not your a colonel O 'Neil fan, or general O 'Neil fan.

    1. Terra


      Colonel O'Neil. Off-world adventures were never the same without him.

    2. SnipeDragon(OD)


      I agree, I liked it when he had the Ancient Repository downloaded into his brain and Daniel was flabbergasted that Jack knew more than he did.  Hmm, I need to brush off the dust and watch them all again.

    3. Badboi(OD)


      My favorite version of O’Neil is when Teal’c accidently body swapped with him.