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  1. Wondering who still plays.

    I'll definitely come for help when I hit 50 lol. Need that 55 before Jan 3rd I kind of figured it can be solo'd. I got to 30 in about 3 hours. This is my second time reinstalling it lol.
  2. Wondering who still plays.

    I giving BDO a shot so I am completely new, just started a Mystic for the event. Figured I could hit 55 before Jan 3rd lol. I was just wondering if anyone is still playing and wants to join me or can also power level me haha.
  3. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I always have connection issues with DIscord. Discord also takes far too long to launch, the sound quality is awful. I avoid Discord whenever possible. I just don't see the appeal of Discord at all and IMO I feel like people like and use Discord just because others use it.
  4. Does anyone here collect Pops?

    I have a select few. Like Spike Spiegel, Vegeta, and Clark (the 100)
  5. Where'd it go? lol Anyways This is why you don't pick Yasuo into my Annie.
  6. Season 12 Ladder: November 10th

    Going to be going DH since I went Necro last season lol.
  7. Ugliest uniform (pause ) in the world

    I cannot stand the LA Kings Yellow and Purple jerseys.
  8. Hockey Pool

    I'm down for this.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    I've played MH since the first one on PSP. I have been waiting a long time for this.
  10. FFXIV Interest Thread

    I know it's cross server. As I did enjoy playing with a ps4 controller, I just feel like it would be easier on PC.
  11. FFXIV Interest Thread

    I have FF XIV and have wanted to get back into it. But I own it for ps4 and I kind of want to play it on PC instead. If I get it for PC I will definitely join you all.
  12. Revitalizing LoL Inhouses

    anytime is good for me.
  13. Which character is your Favorite?

    The female Wizard. From her voice to the way the story played out during my first playthrough of the campaign. Also Sorc being my favourite in D2 as well.
  14. Smites Main Chat Service

    I didn't vote. But I personally don't like Discord. The program is full of bugs whenever I use it lol. I literally haven't played smite in a few months because you are all in Discord and not TS.