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  1. PUBG

    I'll play with you guys. I think I had an invite from you but I didn't accept cause I didn't know you were in OD lol. Send it again if you can.
  2. CSGO Squad RESTART!

    Add me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/SpikeSpiegelOD I much rather play cs go with people I know.
  3. The Vision

    I'm down to play Flex with you Korhal.
  4. Wondering who still plays.

    I'll definitely come for help when I hit 50 lol. Need that 55 before Jan 3rd I kind of figured it can be solo'd. I got to 30 in about 3 hours. This is my second time reinstalling it lol.
  5. Wondering who still plays.

    I giving BDO a shot so I am completely new, just started a Mystic for the event. Figured I could hit 55 before Jan 3rd lol. I was just wondering if anyone is still playing and wants to join me or can also power level me haha.
  6. Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I always have connection issues with DIscord. Discord also takes far too long to launch, the sound quality is awful. I avoid Discord whenever possible. I just don't see the appeal of Discord at all and IMO I feel like people like and use Discord just because others use it.
  7. Does anyone here collect Pops?

    I have a select few. Like Spike Spiegel, Vegeta, and Clark (the 100)
  8. Where'd it go? lol Anyways This is why you don't pick Yasuo into my Annie.
  9. Season 12 Ladder: November 10th

    Going to be going DH since I went Necro last season lol.
  10. Ugliest uniform (pause ) in the world

    I cannot stand the LA Kings Yellow and Purple jerseys.
  11. Hockey Pool

    I'm down for this.
  12. Monster Hunter: World

    I've played MH since the first one on PSP. I have been waiting a long time for this.
  13. FFXIV Interest Thread

    I know it's cross server. As I did enjoy playing with a ps4 controller, I just feel like it would be easier on PC.
  14. FFXIV Interest Thread

    I have FF XIV and have wanted to get back into it. But I own it for ps4 and I kind of want to play it on PC instead. If I get it for PC I will definitely join you all.