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  1. Metz(OD)

    Ever wonder how it feels to get HiJacked?

    Damn Mike.. Hope you get it sorted quickly and find out whats going on. Always makes you wonder how the hell they got the info or w/e circumstance let them get your stuff.
  2. Metz(OD)

    From Terra to You

    "choices are only a by-product of the chance circumstances" ...Chance circumstances, how amazing they can be. Own the moment for you may wish later you did. Thanks Terra.
  3. Metz(OD)

    Diablo 3 Xbox 360

    I dunno...My 50 Inch 4k UHD would love a ps4. No 360 here Rocket.
  4. Metz(OD)

    Away and away some more.

    Oh my god Rob is a Commander. What is this Voodoo? Rag? What in the holy hell this world is now doomed... Ducky invasion.. Oh yea, got a psu.
  5. Hey guys, 2009 pc finally took a shit on me (mobo). Been trying to login with my phone when i can inbetwen work and settling in my new place. Have a few bills to pay then i hope in a couple weeks i can get setup up again. I noticed i lost track of days and droped from 2nd lt to to mwo5. Was actually gonna ask for a demote while i get my shit together in order to give another member an open officer spot so i guess thats done. So again no idea how long ill be in lingo, hope to be back soon ladies!!
  6. Metz(OD)

    New Member Saying Hello.

    Welcome to Clan OD!
  7. Metz(OD)

    Community Meeting

    I get out of work next Sunday at 9. Wish I could make it.
  8. Find The Mind.

  9. Metz(OD)

    Community Meeting

    I work second shift on Wed-Sun. Mon-Tues are off.
  10. Metz(OD)

    Attention ALL OD members

    Nice to step up and apologize Mike. From this day forth let your actions speak towards the sincerity of the apology. Kutos and I hope all works out.
  11. Metz(OD)


    Welcome to OD Snipe. Enjoy your stay, have fun and good luck!
  12. Metz(OD)

    Mutiny i say!

    "Poof" ... and in a cloud of taco seasoning, he's gone! You'll never make it past the green sauce.
  13. Metz(OD)

    Feeling waaay to old.

    Screw that, lets have a soccer tourney and really watch em drop!
  14. Metz(OD)

    Annnnnnnndddd I'm back!

    Welcome back bud. Been a long time. Hope things stay positive for ya and maybe we could throw down a few games if ya ever fire up d3.