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  1. Onee(OD)

    Thank You For Everything

    Long live the king
  2. Onee(OD)

    New to league

    The paying part is 100% cosmetics. The game is won by how well you and your team are playing. Easy early champs depend on the position (lane/jungle) you are playing. Top - Garen, Teemo, Yorik Mid - Annie, Orianna, Brand Bot - Siver, Ash, Jinx Jungle - Warwick, Nocturne, Trundle Support - All of them League is toxic because the game sucks. If you aren't a tier rank above the other team and your team is hard feeding it makes winning a real pain in the ass. It only takes one troll or scrub or afk to ruin 15-45 minutes of your day. That said, when you get a feel for the game and then you start out playing fools and making some clean plays, it feels pretty nice and worth all the trash you have to deal with the rest of the time. I think League is either a game you like and will play a decent amount of or a game you don't like and won't play at all unless its against your will. Give it some time, get a decent amount of champions and learn the game before you decide you don't like it though. It takes a while to get into. I recommend watching a lot of videos
  3. Thanks for the clarification
  4. These are just public messages right? Not personal ones I hope. So in other words it serves as a channel/ops bot like d2?
  5. Not sure if this is the place, but I looked for some time about my question and couldn't find it. So here I ask. Bot Disclaimer By joining the OverDosed Gaming Discord server, you expressly acknowledge and consent to the retention and usage of your account details and message history by our server's bots. What exactly does this mean?
  6. Onee(OD)

    What's the best thing you've found so far?

    I made the mistake of selling it too cheap out of raw excitement lol. Guess what. That same shit happened this last reset. I found a Tgods day 1 right outside of bloodmoore in hell. Sold it too cheap, lucky I did though because I died later that night
  7. Happy birthday Kodee hope you have a great day :) 

  8. Onee(OD)

    d3 Elite Runners

    xD I like this, or "Diablo III Elite Division" either way
  9. Onee(OD)

    d3 Elite Runners

    I talked to Hari about it too. He said he wants "D3 Elite Division" Which I am also cool with :D
  10. Onee(OD)

    d3 Elite Runners

    Can we please change the name of the squad. It looks and sounds terrible :P D3 Elite G-Rifters Elite Division It has the word Elite in it twice, and if you say all of the words out loud "D3 Elite Greater Rifters Elite Division" It sounds just awful </3 My suggestion for a clean looking title would be something along the lines of "Diablo III GR Elite Division"
  11. Onee(OD)

    Grater Rifts

    Hopefully in a week or so I will be able to help out a little more. My wiz can solo 77 but I hate playing her.
  12. Onee(OD)


    Glad to be having you back. We need to start climbing. You have to carry us to gold, I'll carry us to Masters. Your punishment for never being there for me </3
  13. Onee(OD)

    Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    Thanks for all the replies <3 Antivirus might not have been the right term, I almost never download anything or visit questionable sites (that I'm aware of :P) So I wouldn't need anything continuous. That said, there were about 12 "virus'" that got deleted when I was done lol. So somewhere along the line, I clicked on something I shouldn't have. I will be keeping this topic around to use for reference next time, because the one I ended up using sucks. Thanks for all the help, suggestions and advice! OD = Fam
  14. Onee(OD)

    Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    Or something that would clean my computer. What do you guys use?