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  1. yo blind if u get back the minecraft server lets play man like old times

  2. yo dom u still in the clan ???

  3. darkness re-enable me xD

  4. killerx16(OD)


    Hi Killer here i'm resigning from OD and im not sure if ill be back or not but anyways it was fun having to know all of u guys and Happy gaming. and this is my last gift to u guys OVERDOSED =')
  5. killerx16(OD)

    I'M a member

    So am I!
  6. killerx16(OD)

    Server reset

    yea i agree lets reset the server
  7. killerx16(OD)

    Minecraft: New Map and Mods?

    i voted as well
  8. killerx16(OD)

    Happy holidays

    Hi boys killer here its that time again like every year having fun going to party's drinking so much like we all do. Just wanted to tell u guys merry christmas and a happy new year come back safe boys drink wisely if u know ur getting drunk ask someone else to bring u home or call a cab =D. anyways peace have fun on ur holidays see u guys soon... Sincerely Killerx16(OD)
  9. killerx16(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Left 4 Dead and Warcraft III Ladder

  10. Hi my name is Killerx16(OD) i would like to request a act for vent im in WC3 Killerx16(OD) in U.S East