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  1. Where the fuck is moneybags.

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    21 hours ago


    where the fuck was my hello

  3. way to go guys.. you finally made it big time crack
  4. moneybags

    Guess the Movie Game

    The answer is dead snow... Someone else continue this game .. Its been over a year.. Did I win?
  5. moneybags

    Remember when...

    Thanks for remembering who the real obs dodge champ is steveo... I think most people's "remember when" will be based on which game they played.. I mean I have so many bw memories it's insane... Like playing obs dodge on shrooms and thinking the arb cloaked my keyboard... Or begging firebabe to actually talk to us bw players when she entered the us east channel instead of ignoring people when they said hi.. Or just being around to witness mad omnikilla quotes.. And having rag put them on the bots quote list so we could toss them up in the channel when ever... Or on the forums when corgur would try to burn someone.. But he was just a little cutie and couldn't do it.. Or when there was that other forum where everyone was supposed to hide who they were and someone made posts in character as that robot from star wars knights of the old republic This was hard to post on an ipod
  6. moneybags

    An OD video

    what up with that zombie song video? and happy birfday and shit
  7. moneybags

    Greatest OD member ever

    Smelly I can't believe you picked kumar over omni
  8. moneybags

    Greatest OD member ever

    there is only one member that can be called the greatest ever... its a no brainer... omnikilla(OD) is the greatest member ever
  9. moneybags

    We Want YOU!

    im pretty sure after beta its gonna be free to pay.. that way it can compete with lol and hon
  10. moneybags

    We Want YOU!

    from what a kid at work explained to me... lol is just a watered down dota2 if i wanted that id play hero attack with rag on sc2
  11. moneybags

    I have done some thinking

    thats why odbw lasted so long.. hell thats why i played bw so long.. there was still people i could beat and teach even though i was bad.. a big part of why i didnt play much sc2 with od is because it was too sc2 oriented.. even the chatcraft was about sc2.. and when i did play.. since everyone was so focused on getting better at sc2 i couldnt find anyone my level to play with or against.. its no fun getting stomped all the time.... or just obsing cus no one wants to see a bady get stomped
  12. moneybags

    My Map

    um... just saying... there is a "starcraft : broodwars" forum... its right under the starcraft 2 forum... good eyes
  13. moneybags

    Dead Channel

    i heard d3 is like 25 minutes long... why people still playing it?
  14. moneybags

    NBA Playoffs

    4-2 heat* the heat and the clippers making me look bad though... them floppers in la were supposed to take one away from the spurs.. and the heat were supposed to play like the heat
  15. moneybags

    NBA Playoffs

    are you on drugs? celtics gonna win 4-2 spurs gonna win 4-1 thunder gonna win 4-1 heat gonna win 4-1 Haha! I just feel they will be close games that's all =p after watching a couple games... you might be right about the heat series... i didnt expect them to start playing like the bobcats