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  1. if you dont have xbox how do u have the French Beta of it because you need to have both in order to play it, if you didnt know you have to have a modded xbox with a chip to run itm well at least thats how i understood it when i did it to my xbox. by the way i reserved my copy a few months back taking school off on tuesday to play all day
  2. thanks a lot guys, i had a great tim in OD ill still come to cs server everyonce in a while
  3. well ive been in OD for just around 500 days and i really love it, but i just cant play often at all anymore so, later
  4. i wouldnt doubt it....
  5. grats solider. today is my 493rd day in the clan
  6. 25000? thats not that many a few years ago it was much higher on average, bnet is on a decline
  7. i think OD should consist of a well rounded setr of games, which would include WC because its bnets newest game, an mmorpg, and fsp the only problem with chnaging to different games is that the OD community while gaming will be divided amonst different games. we would have to use IRC or sumthing like that very actively for a channel so everyone on every game would talk to people of other games.
  8. ya the emulators are on the chips and u can buy a soderless adapter for it for only like $5-10 or sumthing around there
  9. it doesnt bother me at all
  10. the Xenium Ice chip pwns... and Maddius's idea blows only for one reason only 10gb or w/e on the xbox so that is a very limited number of games. What would make that pwn is if u got a mod wimth like 160gb hd on it or sumthing like that.
  11. just look for the other name it works
  12. >< y would sum1 do that though... prbably just think their funny or sumthin
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