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  1. I am double clanning so if someone can punish me with a disablement that would be great. If anyone still wants to game with me on D2 i can be found at Forlorn[zF] and my ps account is Forlornzf. take care OD.
  2. BabyT(OD)

    Im out

    Im out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZEWC3NGZtI
  3. WIsh you the best and im sure will keep in touch. If not ill bug tayna.
  4. later man ill talk to you and patty on facebook im sure.
  5. OK its Home and Mike in the finals. R.ag and lyle please duel to see who takes 3rd.
  6. In a attempt to get all our L, Nl, HCL players to play with each other i will be holding a massive iron man tournament. There is room for everyone in the division. If you would like to participate post up here and i will give further information.
  7. Well its monday and i havent heard from smokeuntil or barbslayer so they have been disqualified. Home and R.ag need to duel to see who faces mike in the finals. Whoever loses between Home and r.ag need to duel cubed to see who gets 2nd/3rd place.
  8. Does she need my medical expertise?
  9. I got a pm from him. His computer is in the shop. R.ag you move to the next round. SmokeUntil/Barbslayer Aenima/Skyking both have until monday to get there duels in.
  10. wonder if i can test this also?
  11. K i have sent everyone in this tournament a pm. Please get your duels in before monday of next week. Beanermang and thrifty both have left the clan so skyking and cubed have automatically moved to there next round.
  12. Welcome to overdosed. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
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