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  1. 2018 Movie of the Year

    Hey now, my narcissism isn't over 9000, it's currently undiagnosed and I'd like to keep it that way.
  2. Member behind the mic #7 with Terra(OD)

    @TerraBut you impress me anyway ;)
  3. 2018 Movie of the Year

    Well, no, you're wrong. That's my list, that's why it's definitive and fact. I did like Incredibles. But everything below Cars has pretty much no order, they're all trash.
  4. Member behind the mic #7 with Terra(OD)

    God, I came back to find this? I expected better of both of you.
  5. Best Zelda OST?

    Hard to pick a whole game's sound track. Specific songs are good though. Gerudo Valley and the Ballad of the Windfish are probably my favorite video game songs of all time. Link's Awakening was one of the first video games I ever played.
  6. 2018 Movie of the Year

    Definitive list of Pixar movies in order of best to worst: Toy Story Inside Out Finding Nemo Up Coco Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 WALL-E Monsters, Inc. The Incredibles Cars Ratatouille A Bug's Life Finding Dory Monsters University Brave The Good Dinosaur Cars 3 Cars 2
  7. Member behind the mic #7 with Terra(OD)

    If brevity is the soul of wit, then you have whatever the opposite of "wit" is.
  8. End of Days Revalation

    Hell yeah. Any time. I don't give a fuck. @Terra Hurricane Terra would just look really powerful on radar and prediction, then it hits you and you're incredibly disappointed and it doesn't last very long. It's also dry. Very very dry.
  9. End of Days Revalation

    "storms rack the East coast, and have been doing so for years now" Hundreds. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Of years. There's nothing special about America. There's no reason to think Jesus would reincarnate as a white guy in middle America. Kinda fucking racist, actually.
  10. Upgrade Trillian to use AIM again

    There's no good explanation for that, either.
  11. Total posts in the forums

    Not if I can help it. I also did the math and I have 1.4% of all posts on this forum. Not sure if that's an achievement or just really, really sad.
  12. For Terra and anyone of the Female gender

    Sounds like a fair equivalent AND an even match :D
  13. The next interview will be with...Terra(OD)

    Whoa now, Shakespeare, let's not get carried away!
  14. Total posts in the forums

    None of what you said explains why both forums have nearly identical post counts. Especially given that back in the day there were easily a 100-200 posts/day across the whole forum. It's just crazy that these two are split so evenly. Your scenario makes it seem less likely to have happened... @TypeReaL(OD) With all the drugs you've done, I would either guess you're not capable of making babies or you're the dude at the beginning of Idiocracy
  15. Total posts in the forums

    Am I the only one that thinks this is insane? General and Off Topic are within 0.00014% of each other. How are they so close? That's so crazy