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    As many of you have probably heard by now, I am officially resigning from OD on Monday January 22nd. This day marks 5 years as a Commander in OD and 7 years in the clan and I request that Commander Badboi(OD) do the job. My stay in OD has been some of the best years in my life. I have acquired quite a few memories I will never forget and some friends that I will have the rest of my life. I have been truly blessed to be able to be apart of this history of this great community and am proud of what we have been able to accomplish. However, it's time to start focusing more on other aspects of my life. Of course, being the first Commander to officially, 'resign' in as long as I remember, I must make it long and juicy. Why am I leaving Focusing more on my future I am the luckiest guy in the world and have found a great gal that I will be marrying this summer. She supports my gaming habits and has always been very supportive of me in OD. Despite not being in the clan, she knows a lot about a lot of the inner workings of the clan, other Commanders and my trials and tribulations that I have endured. She has been great about everything. However, there comes a time where I have to consider where my priorities are and frankly, when it comes to OD and her, she wins every time. She made it very clear that I do not have to quit and that she doesn't want anyone to think she might be making me quit. She isn't. She is just that awesome. I take my career very seriously. In fact, my boss called me about an hour ago (yeah late at night) just to tell me that he wants to work with me to build a future with the company. I always strive to be the best at everything I do and my career is no different. I've had quite a few sleepless nights in the last year specifically (OD related) that have been counterproductive for me. I want to give myself the best shot I can to be the best that I can be. I am not the commander I once was One of my biggest achievements as a Commander was the development of what we we all know today as the self evaluations. This system was created out of necessity, not only to reward those officers that had been working so hard but to also hold accountable the Generals and Commanders that had been complacent for months or even years. When we made the evaluation system, I knew it would be hard for my fellow generals to oust me with my own system. So I promised myself and others that I would step away on top, rather then begrudgingly held onto long past my due date. This due date probably passed a long time ago. I did try to leave. A few times in fact. However, the generals in their infinite wisdom always had a reason to urge me to stay. It used to be a lack of experience among the generals, then there was a question of instability. Then it was just asking me to make sure I attend meetings and make sure they don't do anything stupid. Over the years (although probably this year more specifically) I have felt like I was doing everyone a favor by committing more time to this clan then I felt comfortable and staying a Commander. Over time, however, many people started to think they were doing my a favor by keeping me a Commander. I do not want any of that nonsense on my conscience. It's a good opportunity for the community With me stepping down, I believe this will open the door to opportunity for new leadership. With this comes new faces, younger and more innovative ideas. Some will be bad, yes, but many of them will be great and those that are not will be a learning experience It's been a long time but I finally feel comfortable leaving the generals in charge that are here. There has been a dramatic swing from 'gaming generals' to 'admin generals' in the last few years. I think this was very dangerous and is part of the reason I stayed on board. I finally think that the pendulum has started to slow or even stop which allows for gaming generals to continue to hold a vital role among the generals. I was often the voice of reason against the majority who had not fully thought out their ideas. I often turned an entire debate on it's head and left people questioning themselves and their beliefs. I often found solutions that some could not see. I always thought of this as one of my biggest strengths. I hope someone takes up the torch. My Highlights in OD Starcraft 2 I joined the SC2 division back in January of 2011. In my trial game I was so nervous that in my 1v1 trial game I opened with 2 Cybernetics Cores. I still won the game but everyone got a good laugh about it. The majority of leadership in SC2 left very shortly after I joined. I was left holding the reigns hosting all sorts of events. This was some of the most exciting things for me to host. They included things like: Clan Wars TTE (Tris' Tuesday Event) Practice nights Squad Wars Tournaments Streaming/Shoutcasting I got to meet Lozer(OD), Rathorne(OD) and Towlee(OD) at MLG Columbus in 2012. The story is awesome. It can be found here: Clan Overdosed was the #1 clan in NA for a looooong time. We were the most competitive division this Clan has seen thus far. Under Badboi(OD), Clan Overdosed took a pro team (Evil Geniuses) to a game 7 in a Bo7. They had to wake up their star player, Idra to win it for them. It was a sad loss but still awesome. I met a young man named Bailey who sent me a touching letter that I shared in this thread: League Of Legends I put together a ranked 5s team that played EVERY WEEK for like 2 years. It was awesome. For anyone who knows competitive 5's league they know that if you play ranked 5's you're effectively going to (as a team) going to be roughly at least 1 whole tier below your average individual player rank. This is mostly due to the fact that ranked 5's are far more competitive in general. We had so much team synergy and trust in each other with teamwork and developed plans that we (average rank of low gold) were able to get to gold 1 and faced platinum/diamond solo players every game. Winning against players who are so much better on an individual level due to teamwork is such a rush. I created the biggest Spreadsheet I have ever seen. I'm serious. I hosted Tuesday night inhouses for like 2 years. I kept stats of every player, in every role with every champion. I put probably 200-300 hours of work into developing this spreadsheet. I got it to a science. I got it to the point where all I had to do was type in one command and literally 80 different sheets would automatically update with stats for every player and ranked against each other by wins/loss/champion/roll/kda whatever you wanted. I did end up getting quite a bit of help though on this near the end (Tachikoma and Verg helped a lot with this). In less then a year, I joined the LoL division we took it from about 13 active members to about 50-60 active members. They were really a great group of people to game with. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and inviting them to inhouses and other competitions we would host. Sidenote, as a commander, inhouses are not advised. People over value you as a pick and then people love to gank the commanders nonstop. It's a tough gig. Commander Hosting events has always been what brought me the most joy, it's also probably why so many people pushed me up the ranks. It's a really easy way to be recognized. However, the Commander position has also earned me a few memories that are worth sharing. Working as a Commander I got to work with some truly great people. I started to name them all here but really there is too many to try and tag and I am sure I'd forget a lot. I will try and make an effort to reach out to some of you to bid my farewells. When I was first a general/commander, general meetings were not as well organized as they are now. I remember getting on Teamspeak on my phone while driving to and from school and having impromptu Generals meetings to iron down things like the General Evaluations. "Tris Signal" I remember when I had the time to sit down and talk with all the Generals on a more personal level. It saddens me I have not been able to do that for some time now. 'Drunken Rocket League' Making this Clan a better place I am very grateful that you have all given me the wonderful opportunity to serve all of you and wish OD the best of luck and I am sure you will all hear from me again at some point.
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    In case anyone was wondering what the secret was, this is usually how it goes.
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    I finished school this month and have signed a contract with a mobile game development company to work as a CSR Manager on salary, with a starting salary of $35,000 a year. I've been working for the company during my past year of school here on an hourly wage, and I was originally slated to have a performance review come December, but they've been so impressed with my performance that they held the review now instead and are switching me over to a salary-based contract starting September 1st. CSR is the role responsible for answering and resolving the issues of players who are playing the game, and working with the tech department and the development team to identify the common problems of the game and provide information on what improvements or changes are necessary. As the Manager I'll be directing a team of 4 initially, which will grow as needed depending on the popularity of the game and the number of players that play it. Full responsibility of the CSR department will be in my care, as long as the department fulfills its role well I have the freedom to run it however I see fit, there is no supervisor I need to answer to. I suppose at this point in their lives this is when most members and Commanders tend to phase out of the Clan life and focus on their budding new careers. But in my case actually the opposite will happen. My job is handled entirely by remote, including most of the conference meetings the development team holds, I can do all the work from my home computer even while interacting with OD at the same time. Additionally I can rearrange my work hours during the day however I like, I can work 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening, split them up into 2 hour segments each if I want, even work in the middle of the night if I choose. That maximum flexibility, and being done with school now, means my availability for OD will be more, not less, at least at this period of time. So, feeling pretty good lately.
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    I'm sure many of you have heard by now of the former "eggplant" situation on Discord in which some people were accused of sexual harassment, and some of you have had pretty strong feelings about what has transpired. To make sure that we, as a community, are on the same page, I am going to fill everyone in on the specifics of what happened, and what this situation is really about. We have spoken to all individuals involved and confirmed that the eggplant emojis were a group of people trolling in response to some users who were unintentionally using a server-wide notification to ping all members on the Discord. Although trolling and teasing can be considered inappropriate themselves in certain circumstances, all people who were doing it mentioned that there was no indication that the other side was upset, and if they had known then they would have stopped. As it turns out they didn't know the other side was upset because at the time the other side wasn't upset. We have spoken to Rose, who was the primary target of the teasing, and those who were with her during the time it happened, and they confirmed that they didn't regard it as a problem at the time, they never felt there was any kind of sexual implication from it, and never had any intention of persecuting or reporting those who were doing it. The incident started as commonplace gamer trolling, and ended with people rolling their eyes and shaking their head, as is so often the case. The suggestion that it was an act of sexual harassment came afterwards, and this notion came from a single individual who was neither a target nor an involved part of what transpired. Out of courtesy I will refrain from mentioning this individual by name, however they took it upon themselves to spread the word that this was a case of sexual harassment (because the people used eggplant emojis, and there are often pictures on the internet of eggplants resembling male genitalia), under the pretense of acting on behalf of Rose this individual first spoke to TypeReaL, then to Xayj, then PoPs, then Sassy in a dramatic fashion to spin a tale of how these individuals were sex abusers that picked on Rose, before finally bringing it to the attention of the Commanders in a group PM with them, and demanding action be taken. The Commanders launched an investigation into the situation, led by Badboi, to determine the events that occurred. During this occasion the individual in question spoke to certain people with what some have described as bragging that he was about to get several people disabled, including a General. But the Commanders did not find sufficient evidence of intended sexual harassment, and instead we punished the individuals for the act of trolling itself while under the belief that the actions themselves were still upsetting to Rose and others. We were unaware at the time that Rose never had anything to do with these allegations. Upon discovering this, the individual responsible for spreading the idea of sexual harassment threatened to resign, and continued to rile up certain circles of people with claims that the Commanders were not taking acts of sexual harassment seriously and were letting "sex offenders" off with a slap on the wrist, leading to others considering the idea of resignation, presumably in an effort to force our hand. However shortly after we came across new information that revealed to us that no one on the receiving end of the eggplant troll had been upset about it from the start, and that the claims of this individual acting on behalf of Rose was entirely false. This prompted a new investigation that led to this discovery that the allegations of sexual harassment were the machinations of a single person who was actively misleading people and leaders in an effort to rally people behind a false cause, and unjustifiably destroy the reputations of several individuals who became the target of his crusade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now this leads us to the aftermath. It is important to understand that accusations of sexual harassment are taken seriously by this community, however the severity of such accusations mean that they should also never be made carelessly either, without a strong measure of certainty. There was no such certainty in these accusations, they were a result of an outside party's observations whose motives have since become extremely suspect. The people involved in the eggplant emojis were originally punished under the belief that they had antagonized certain individuals who were reporting them for their trolling. However in light of new information it is clear that at the time of the occurrence this was not actually the case, and that the severity of their punishments no longer appropriately reflect what had transpired, and will be reversed. Trolling itself is generally a discouraged act when done to people outside your circle of friends, and to some extent the people involved in this issue could have conducted themselves better, however it is determined that the 2-day suspension that they have already received is already appropriate recompense for whatever misconduct occurred at the time. Lastly, some people have taken to accusing Rose as the person responsible for the sexual harassment accusations and the persecution of the people involved. Let the record be clear that Rose had no part at all in bringing these accusations to leadership, she was not involved in any step of this ordeal and never wished to be a part of it. If you are one of the people that have accused her of being soft, two-faced, or anything else related to the incident, then you owe her an apology because you were wrong. Anyone with questions or doubts about this incident are free to post in this thread, or send me a PM in private, and I strongly encourage all people to ask the questions that they need to because all of us need to make sure we are informed, and that we do not jump to any unfair conclusions. Please and thank you.
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    I apologize to the eggplanters and the eggplantees. I take full responsibility. I will take more steps in the future to further verify sources and not falsely punch the nuclear warning button.
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    I want to start of by saying that this whole situation could have been avoided if we opened up more and talked to each other instead of spreading rumors or falsities around like wildfire. If you have a question about something someone did or how something was handled. Then go to the person directly and talk to them. Ask them their intentions, ask them the reasoning behind what was done or said. Build your own opinion based off information you have collected. Do not let someone control your narrative and decide for you what could be done. I want this to be something we can all laugh about in the distant future and say remember that one time we all let ourselves get riled up.. It was crazy!! Aside from that I want to personally say Rose I hope you take the time to read this and know that there is no doubt in my mind you were not the cause of this. It has not changed my opinion of you in the least. In fact it has done the exact opposite I think of you more highly. The way you have handled yourself throughout this whole mess of a situation has given me a way better representation of what kind of person you are. I was glad I got the chance to speak to you and we could kind of laugh at how this situation got blown up and just say holy hell.. what a mess. So anyways I am glad that you can look past this and continue to be a part of the community. Furthermore I want to say that sexual harassment should not be tolerated in any fashion and if you feel someone has done something to wrong another member talk to them first. Talk to the person that was wronged in your eyes. Ask them if they would like to pursue it. But for all gods glory do not go on your own personal crusade and start a shit storm. Do not speak for someone or act on behalf of someone especially without their consent. Sexual harassment allegations are a very serious allegation and they will not be handled lightly. In the same breath do not try to abuse the system. I want to thank @Terra for the transparency on this situation so that the community as a whole can see what steps were taken what the conclusions were and the truth about what has happened and what is going on and @Badboi(OD) for spearheading the investigation and collecting as much information as he could. Hopefully we can all move past this and learn from this situation. There are many lessons that we can take away from this situation and learn from at all ranks.
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    All right, speaking out and making a bold stance on something takes some kahunas, and I can appreciate that. But for the record let's not mistake courage for being correct. And before this topic slides into any unsettling directions I think it's time I made a few things clear. Just so we have an understanding here, this topic was not created out of a necessity to deal with a problem, it was created out of an individual's lack of understanding and information. Not knowing what the Generals and Commanders are doing is very different from the Generals and Commanders being complacent and not doing anything, and just because someone doesn't take the time to find out what they do, or what kind of expectations they hold each other to, does not mean they get to expect the higher ranks to take time out to fill them in instead. Maybe if such people were a bit more proactive about finding the answers for themselves, instead of expecting others to report it to them, then they would be one of the people in those high ranks. But being that I am such a generous person I am going to willingly share some enlightenment freely, and without any effort needed to learn. To begin with, anyone who thinks the Generals and Commanders don't already hold each other accountable has a total lack of understanding as to what happens in the higher ranks, as nothing could be further from the truth. We hold each other to a very clear and definite standard, and those in the higher ranks who have failed to meet those standards *have* been removed in the past, and we have had our share of critiques and complaints to each other. Some might even say a bit too much for those who are aware of the full extent of it. The evals are just one of those ways we hold each other accountable. But before some people get the idea that the evals are their personal court of law, I will state for the record that the reason evals are transparent are to help members better see and understand some extent of the expectations that the higher ranks hold each other to, and generously are allowed to participate with their comments and thoughts. It is a courtesy. But the evals don't exist because Commanders and Generals have to answer and explain themselves to the members, they exist because Commanders and Generals have to answer and explain themselves to Commanders and Generals, that is why only the vote of Generals and up count during the evaluation part. If every member in the Clan was capable and in a position to judge the work standard and ability of a Commander then every member in the Clan would be a Commander. They are not, and they can not. Enlisted can't promote Officers because they are not in a position to understand the responsibilities and expectations of Officers. Officers can't promote Generals because they are not in a position to understand the responsibilities and expectations of Generals. If you want the right to judge the performance of those in important positions then you must prove to this community and the people in it that you have the judgement needed to do so. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, setting aside today's lesson, here is just some helpful advice from a fellow outspoken person. If you want to take a stand and call out something about the Clan you don't like, then strictly speaking you can. The smart way to do it, and the proper way to do it, is to talk to people within the ranks and find out if there is a moderate solution or plan of action that can be worked out. But I won't deny that there have been times where public call-outs have (rarely) had some measure of success (although radical action always comes with its form of consequences). But the secret is in the presentation, building up a strong case and being willing to bet all or nothing on what you have. So if you want to call out the Commanders then all right. If you want to demand that Commanders write evaluations annually or bi-annually, then all right. But that means when you go public you are absolutely ready to prove that this needs to be done. You prove that the Commanders have done nothing, that they do nothing to hold each other accountable, and that they need to be held accountable. You prove that you have been watching, that you have meticulously learned all that can be learned, that your understanding is complete and without flaw, and that all of your findings suggest that a radical change is the only course of action. You present a case so solid, so airtight, that nothing they can say has a chance against the overwhelming truth of it all. That is how you make a public call out. But if you are going to stand before the community and openly demand accountability from the highest Administration armed with nothing but your own ignorance, if you are going to stand here and simply say "I don't know what you do, so tell me or resign from your rank", then Good Sir you best prepare to be struck down from your would-be pedestal because you are in for nothing but a world of hurt.
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    Well! Sorry for the wait. But I have finally been able to finish these up. Right before our next awards ceremony too! If you notice a mistake, or don't see your award, please send me a PM and I will get it fixed as soon as I can. I hope y'all enjoy these. :) @Triny(OD) @Sassy @DBZ(OD) @Vanity(OD) @Terra @Dabomb(OD) @PJPotter(OD) @Ravemore(OD) @Badboi(OD) @Bedr(OD) @CompFreak(OD) @buckeyes47(OD) @LightningWolves(OD) @BioShock(OD) @MelodicRose(OD) @R.agnarok(OD) @Redvaine(OD) @SeriousWine(OD) Congrats to you all!
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    Today began as everyday usually, Woke up had my coffee, my dabs and then to my phone I go checking all the things I had missed sleeping and such. Well I open a Snap and it says something that is absolute awesomeness Defined. Our Very own one and only @Sassy says hell yeah I beat the shit out of Cancer to me in a snap Which Is absolutely awesome, We all knew that it would never be able to take you on and win Julie, You have been braver than brave during the time in Treatment and with this being said I hope you go out and enjoy everything you missed. I know I speak for all of us In OD when We say its as much as a relief to you as it is us, We wouldn't be the same place without your presence. Now Lets celebrate like its 1488 and cut the power ! I got the dabs
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    So now that I have a good moment to type, I figured I’d type this all out. Some of this may be new and some of it may not. Just giving a small portion of my experience. It seems everyone has their own opinion on how aspects of Overdosed works. What’s expected of you per rank? How does voting work? Posting relevant evaluations, all that good stuff. Truth is the system Overdosed uses today was pulled from the DoD (Department of Defense). Obviously it’s been tweaked a little to suit a gaming community. So here’s a breakdown of each area. -Billet Assignments So for those of you that don’t know what a billet is. A billet is a position assigned to a specific person to perform. Different organizations have their own term for it, the most common term though is billet which has also been used in reference to lodging (for those who were about to state it in a reply). Billet assignments are made by mid-grade officers (Captains and higher). The higher the billet (i.e. division leader) will be made by people of higher grades. In our case, division leaders are appointed by our senior flag staff (4 star’s and 5 star generals). Even though there’s a vote between the generals to decide what to do, it’s usually the 4 star’s or the 5 stars that enact the process after decisions are made. -Billet Tasks For every billet/position that a convening authority can impose, the person in question for said billet is given a list of assignments. Typically it is broken down by daily tasks, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. Billet tasks are almost never the same for each person, I’m sure you all have figured that out by now. This is one aspect that Overdosed does a little differently than what I’ve noticed, but this is how the process statistically functions best as per the studies performed by the SECDEF’s (Secretary of Defense) staff. Once a person has been selected for a billet, the conveining authority drafts up an appointment letter that says to the person “This is exactly what I expect you will do in this billet”, however tasks are not limited to what’s stated, the appointment letter only tells you the minimum requirements. Appointment letters are typically followed by an acceptance letter. The reason for this is to have black and white evidence that shows that the person was properly counseled on what he or she needs to do to maintain the billet. Otherwise, Badboi could select Priceless to be the Overdosed Divisions Coordinator and explain it to him vocally. But then when Priceless doesn’t perform and Badboi wants to demote him down, Priceless can basically win that battle hands down because there’s no real proof that he was given any sort of guidance on how to perform his duties. From what I’ve seen in the past, might be different now, people are either just kind of expected to know what to do already or they’re just vocally told, which leads to the he said she said arguments. -What should I do to get ahead? Act above your rank. Most people that advance in most places don’t stick to their lane. If all you do is just what you’re expected to do, promoting authorities are going to look at you and say “this is an effective person in this area”. That’s not the statement you want to hear. You want promoting authorities to say that you are an incredible asset that can be counted on to accomplish any task, people that stick in their own lanes don’t really experience this too much. If you’re a little old 1st Lieutenant trying to work your way up, for whatever your reason is, do the work expected of a 2nd LT or a Captain. Someone’s always watching and they’ll notice, and if you keep it up you’ll be going up the ladder in no time. -Evaluation System (aka the PES) The evaluation system used in OD is a spin-off of the PES, Performance Evaluation System. These should be done in 6 month intervals or more. Six months is a typical standard; that gives the person plenty of time to actually things done. Get their own processes/policies into effect and see how they work, and then gives them time to evaluate them and make any adjustments needed. Some jobs are less demanding than others, so anything less than 6 months can make the person seem ineffective/unproductive in their position which could lead to them being replaced. The way the evaluations should be dressed up are basically like this -Who you are (Name, rank, billet title) -Billet Tasks -Summary of Billet Accomplishments (every bullet you have for your billet task should have a mirror response) -Summary of Miscellaneous Accomplishments People reading/processing your eval should look over your eval and see if your billet tasks are being accomplished, then review your other accomplishments. They should also take into consideration how well you communicate with others, because communication is key to success. If you can’t talk to people without pissing off half the group, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Start looking to see if the person is tactful, diligent, effective, applies sound judgment, sets the standard, takes care of their subordinates, etc. It’s not about whether or not you like them as a person. Dave and Terra might submit their evaluations at the same time. But even if I don’t like Dave but I do like Terra, if Dave is up to par on what someone of his rank needs to be doing and Terra isn’t, then I’m expected to set my differences aside and give a fair review that accurately reflects each individual’s work. Key traits that you’ll need to be successful -Communication: The higher up you go in any organization, you’ll have to deal with internal politics, sometimes external ones as well. Politics is life, if you don’t like dealing with politics then you don’t need to be promoted because you’ll be expected to deal with them appropriately. The only thing that will change is the content of what’s going on, but in the end, it’s all politics. You have to be able to talk clearly, say what you need to say in a way that it can be correctly understood. -Develop Networking Skills: Making friends with all sorts of different people gives you a strategic advantage. You might be terrible at web site work, but you know your friend Haji Bob does amazing web work and might be able to help you out. A lot of times, success doesn’t depend on what you know but who you know. -Mission Oriented Mindset: Work to complete the job, not to be done with work. Anyone can complete the work just to have it complete, doesn’t mean it’ll be effective. Working to complete the job implies that you worked to say “mission accomplished”. Makes you more dependable, reliable, and makes you more efficient. It’s all about that positive mindset. -Adaptability: Be willing to change your methods to suit the needs of the moment. This applies to everything. One process may work a certain way before but maybe with the time table and resources you have, you might have to change it up. Take things that you like that you've seen from others and add it to your own methods. How you handle one person might not be the way to handle this other person. You need to be able to go from task to task and adapt to get results. -Judgment: Exercise sound decision making abilities. Recognize the situation, evaluate the job that needs to be done, analyze what your options are, do a risk assessment, make a decision, and implement it. -Be a good listener: Listen to the input given by the people around you. Take in the good input as well as the criticism. In all honesty, this trait pretty much explains itself. You need to be willing to listen to others in order to expect others to listen to you. -Tact: Come at people correctly. Show respect and people will take you seriously. Might be your friend, but if they’re your boss and it’s time to do some work, it’s time to get professional and get things done. -Game with your ALL of your members: Don’t just stick to the tight click of 12 regular people that you typically game with. If you just recruited 8 other people over the last 6 days, actively engage with them and make them feel like they’re wanted. People are more likely to respond if you make them feel valued/wanted. There will always be those that will leave, but at least you put the effort in. I think I’ll start to wrap it up, because I’m typing this out in word before I post it and right now the page count is up to 3. These are just small bits of leadership tools and tips that people use all the time. Everything listed above can be applied to Overdosed. With this being a gaming community, I think an important thing you need to keep in mind is to be a fun person to game with. Don’t be Elitist Joe who puts down people who aren’t very good at the game. Keep in mind everything I just typed is a very small synapse, since communties like OD and DL like to use modified systems that I'm used to, figured I'd offer up a thing or two. If anyone ever has any questions, feel free to ask, and if I don't know the answer I'll go and find the answer.
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    I always have connection issues with DIscord. Discord also takes far too long to launch, the sound quality is awful. I avoid Discord whenever possible. I just don't see the appeal of Discord at all and IMO I feel like people like and use Discord just because others use it.
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    A new rule was established by the Generals today in regards to name changes, and has been added to the Clan section of the Guide to Everything, along with a new sub-section called "Additional Rules of Note" (as this particular rule didn't fit under any other categories). This rule actually reflects the common practice of name changes in OD over the course of previous years, it was only in this past year that a measure of leniency has been allowed for name changes. Given the increasing number of members requesting name changes lately, and the added level of confusion that it has been creating, the Generals have decided to formally instate the old restrictions of name changes as a rule of the Clan, starting today.
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    I feel like this is kinda like asking how fat you are.. xD
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    There is no easy route through your circumstances, it is a difficult situation to be in. However it is important that you balance your moments of stress with your moments of calm and relaxation to the best that you can. It is a hard thing to do sometimes, but the truth is you can't help anyone if you aren't capable of helping yourself first. You often stop by the Gamer's Lounge channel, but you only ever stay for a few minutes at a time. You should stick around a bit longer next time, have a drink with us (It is a lounge after all, right?) and let the stress of recent ordeals wash away. It isn't selfish to see to your own needs, rather it is instead foolish not to. The failing health or eventual passing of a loved one is an ordeal that we will all have to face at some point in our lives, it is a trial we cannot avoid and it will test us for all that we are. But for the sake of those who are afflicted or cannot follow after it is a test we must overcome. If your sister helped shape you into the person you are today, then today you must be a person that can endure this trial, as there is no better reflection of the true value of her life and the worth of her struggles than in the vivid difference she has made to those around her. We must be the strength of those whose strength is failing, the resilience of those whose resilience is weakening, and the future of those whose future approaches. Until such a day as someone else must be ours for us.
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    Shoes that will never be filled.....good luck Tris. you are someone im sure 100% of this clan admired in one way or another. Everything you said and did was for this place...this "clan"....this family of like minded gamers. for that we thank you
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    FT = for trade ISO = in search of OT = off topic PC = Price check TL = trade list T/O = Top Offer BIN = buy it now C/O = current offer WUW = what you want WUG = what or "wut" you got NVM = nevermind NR = no reply NT = no thanks/no trade/no text PC = price check NN = no need IC = I see BRB = be right back RE = regarding or in reference to WTB = Want to buy WTS = Want to sell FTW = For the win GJ = good job ilvl = item level DISO = desperately in search of TTYL = talk to you later BTW = by the way IMHO = in my honest/humble opinion IIRC = if I remember correctly IMO = in my opinion AFK = away from keyboard IDK = I don't know LMK = let me know LLD = lower level dueling/dueler DR = damage reduced HR = high rune UI = unid or unidentified AA = auto aim TW = Tele/Walk in reference to baal games OR TW = Taiwan or tele walk game PK = player kill PB = poison/bone IAS = increased attack speed Attn = attention FHR = Faster Hit Recovery MG = More Gold FRW = Faster Run/Walk FOH = Fist of Heaven pally skill FCR = Faster cast rate COH = or CoH, Chains of honor HOZ = Herald of Zakarum COA = Crown of ages CB = Crushing Blow MF = Magic Find LR = Lightning Resist CR = Cold Resist FR = Fire Resist PR = Poison Resist RA = Resist All res = Resists AR = Attack Rating Eth = Ethereal WF = Windforce GF = The Grandfather pb = phase blade too ca = cryptic axe cs = crystal sword (most common, sometime collosus sword) ap = archon plate GC = Grand Charm SC = Small Charm LC = Large Charm PDSC = Small Charm with poison damage. anni = Annihilus, sc dropped by DClone HF = hell fire torch dropped by ubers SOH = Standard of heros charm that drops when hell fire torch drops. Has no known use at this time. KOH = key of hate (Summoner's drop) KOT = key of terror (Countess's drop) KOD = key of destruction (Nithahalk's drop) DClone = Diablo Clone, spawned from SOJ sales on any given server. SOJ = Stone of Jordan DEF = Defense PnB = Also Poison and Bone WC = Warcries KB = Knockback B&xB = Bow and Crossbow Jav = Javelin P&M = Passive and Magic CTA = Call to Arms (runeword) BOTD = Breath of the Dying (runeword) SS = Storm Shield HOJ = Hand of Justice (runeword) HOTO = Heart of the Oak (runeword) ll = life leech ml = mana leech MFsc = Magic find small charm NPC = Non playing characters i.e. townspeople 1337 = elite or leet or w/e pwned = owned = "beaten severely and in some cases repeatedly", the p-version probably originated in a typo (p being next to o on your keyboard). lol= laughing out loud lmao = laughing my azz off rofl = rolling on floor laughing roflmao = rolling on floor laughing my azz off T.T = face of somebody crying (doesn't look like it to me lol) GMTA = great minds think alike <3 = that means heart as in love
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    DH here with your now regularly scheduled source of being an Asshole having now been promoted to WO1(To those who it may concern, you were warned :D). This has been simmering for awhile now but since its now a new year, I felt the need to enlighten the rest of the clan about the expectations we hold for our Leadership. To quote your own guidelines: TLDR: All Generals are to be evaluated every 3 to 6 months. Guideline expressly states every 3 months but I give leeway and if memory serves it was 3 to 6. Triny meets that criteria, as does Dabomb and Pops(with Compfreak and Xayj(as a Colonel) falling within the last 6 months). The rest of the General staff, unfortunately, does not have an Evaluation recent enough to satisfy your own Guidelines. The biggest culprits of them all? Our very own 5-Star Generals(aka Commanders), some of which have unacceptable DSL for their rank. The last Commander to be evaluated was Terra and that was when she was looking to get her 5th star over a year ago. Rest of the Commanders haven't been evaluated in roughly 2 years(if not longer). Are Commanders exempt from the Evaluation process or do we get to hold their ass to the fire like every other General? Lets face it folks, either they get evaluated or they need to resign as Commanders because not being able to hold everyone accountable amounts to tyranny and the Libertarian in me just can't have that. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way so what say you Commanders? For the record, I was doing the following this morning: PS: If I get demoted for this, I take full responsibility. Do take into consideration I may be doing this just for that reason . Also if I'm stuck as a WO, may I get bumped to the correct usergroup here, on Discord and Teamspeak? Also to anyone reading this:
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    When I helped members in my guilds during the mmorpg Divisions I played, a lot of them would be reluctant or self-conscious about receiving free stuff or free help all the time as well. I would tell them that a Guild is only as strong as the members that are a part of it, and as they were a part of our Guild then anything that made them better was making the Guild better overall. There is no "you" and "I", there is only "us". We are all one team, and the effort we put into that team is what makes us the best at what we do. In turn it falls to you to use the power and privileges you are given to help others who come after, and continue the legacy.
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    Couldn't have said it any better =).
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    So are we going to have some polls posted so we can vote on these nominations that were due 2 weeks ago or ? (j/k, I know people are busy with the holidays and all lol....)
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    On second thought, maybe Discord isn't such a bad idea after all.
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    Tyler? Move them to our discord. If they're unwilling that's a you problem not a clan problem. Sorry bud.
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    There's another reason to bump this ;). Not only are you a cancer survivor(which is monumental in its own right) but you will have been in OD 3 years as of tomorrow :). Dear lord has it really been that long?
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    I was avoiding commenting on this due to the unnecessary drama revolving around it.. but here we go anyways. This thread started out mainly as a question regarding the abnormally large amount of channels that were created in the Battlefield teamspeak, as many of us were wondering what you could possibly need so many for. The question was never meant to attack anyone, only to question why there were so many channels that weren't being used on a constant basis. Once you elaborated what your intentions were, you were just informed of the rules that were put in place for this community, rules that have been here since.. god only knows when and how your channels were set up kind of avoids this rule. We have a division and channels for people to play CS.. and a squad and channels set up for people who want to play PUBG, neither of these are Battlefield, unless my not fully knowledgeable eyes are lying to me. I don't understand why an entire division is threatening to leave OD because of an enforcement of rules and a questioning of channels that were created when there are already channels in place for these games. I also am unsure why the criticisms of using Teamspeak over Discord are even being brought up because when we all were recruited/applied to be a part of this community, we knew that Teamspeak was an active part of the community. Call it old fashioned, but that'd be one hell of a transition to make for all of us to move all of our organization and rules into a Discord setup, not to mention that Discord is still undergoing development and improvement. Instead of arguing over rules and such and getting to a point of people threatening to leave (which should not even be how it is handled?), understand the points that are coming from both sides. There are already channels and divisions/squads set aside for CS:GO and PUBG, it does not need to be squished into the Battlefield division as well. Also side note.. Shouldn't we discuss Discord accessibilities and well-beings on another thread rather than change the topic completely of this one.. Side note #2, the passive aggressiveness could probably be done without as well.. *leaves thread*
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    When you first approached me about trying to make SC2 a Division, in my very first post to you Opal I said the following: Speaking from the perspective of a person who has made Squads into Divisions before, it's great when there are people willing to help you recruit and organize it, but it's also rare. More often than not the leader is the one who has to put 99% of the effort in, especially at the start. A Squad/Division tends to take after its leader, and if you are putting in the hard work to make things happen and to help the members of your game then eventually your members will start to follow suit. But everything begins and ends with the leader, and the responsibility of a Division falls entirely on its Division Leaders. No one else is responsible for ensuring the well-being of their Division, not even the R&R Squad. You have to be the one that sets the example, who leads the charge, who makes it work. If members are leaving your Division then you need to make it more fun and interesting so that people stay. I did tell you it was going to be hard. That said... The R&R Squad is a commitment you made, you proposed this idea and said "I will use this to better OD". You don't get to renegade on that commitment now by saying you are too busy to fulfill it. If you are too busy to fulfill your responsibilities then drop the responsibilities and either hand the Squad over to someone else or disband it, but as long as it exists that is a commitment you agreed to take on, and you have to be true to that commitment. If you'll pardon me for speaking plainly but Opal isn't the only one who has questioned whether the R&R Squad is making a difference, I've been wondering the same thing myself for about a couple months now. In fact I've looked up the recruitment records of the R&R Squad members and in the past three months the R&R Squad as a whole has only recruited 6 members for Divisions that weren't their own, and 5 of those were just from Bedr. In fact only Bedr and pjpotter could be considered active recruiters at all, whether it be their own Division or otherwise, and if you take Bedr out of the equation entirely then the R&R Squad has only recruited one member for another Division EVER. Opal is responsible for the success of Starcraft 2, I'll make that clear enough, but the truth is I wouldn't advise him to rely on the R&R Squad to help with recruitment either way because the R&R Squad is wholly unreliable when it comes to recruitment help. And your front on the Retention end isn't much better. I've been to the Admin Meetings and I've heard your monthly updates that basically say "The clan is holding strong at 366 members still", and that is roughly the update you've given every single month. And yes, we are holding at 350+ members, but I haven't seen anything to give me reason to believe that the R&R Squad is the reason why, in fact I have a strong suspicion that if we were to remove the R&R Squad we'd still be holding over 350+ members. You could say that the D&D groups that Xayj put together for a while was the work of the R&R Squad, but I'm actually inclined to believe that he would have done that anyway. There was no planning in the R&R Squad board for an event, no one proposed the idea of a D&D group for discussion, Xayj put that together on his own, and to me that means the credit should go to Xayj entirely, not the R&R Squad. All you can really bring to the table is the Cards Against Humanity night, in which case you might as well just call this the Cards Against Humanity Squad. But again, if you ask me, it would just be better to take the R&R Squad out of it entirely and give full credit to you because you could still run it just as easily even if the R&R Squad wasn't a thing. When you take that into consideration, it's not surprising that Opal has put to question your Squad, it was inevitable that someone was going to question it sooner or later. We need to see some *real* evidence of the R&R Squad at work, we need to see the R&R Squad doing things and planning things that make a difference, that make the Clan better, and not just coming to the table every Admin Meeting and pretending that the Clan being successful is the same as the R&R Squad being successful. Otherwise, and I'll give you forewarning now, I will eventually request that the R&R Squad be disbanded due to inactivity.
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    Oh this mother fucker better be wearing his brown pants when I find him
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    Starcraft is an amazing game that has many facets of play, I am aware that it has changed a lot since launch but at it's core it remains the same. If we only cater to laddering players it will be hard to grow and build a community. My current plans are to use a few different methods to gain people and build community. First and foremost starcraft is at heart a comparative game and should reflect that in any community based around it. Building a community based on self betterment and individual growth is the main goal, to do this we will organize viewing parties for GSL and WCS as well as helping lower rank players learn with replay analysis and in clan 1v1s. Second, starcraft is a social game with more than just ladder play. Arcade and co-op are a large portion of starcrafts community. Having players dedicated to arcade and co-op will help us grow our clan to be a more eclectic community, especially with competitive arcade games such as marine arena and dessert strike. Lastly, I am going to be working on recruiting and building events for everyone in the clan but will be going fairly blindly without any input from others and basically will build what I want to see in a clan for now. Being active in the forums about starcraft will be the best way to have an impact in the community as well as to show your love for the wonderful game that has made so many passionate gamers fall in love. Lots of love for you all, Opal(OD)
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    Thank you R.ag, will refrain from requesting your eval for another 3 months. ;)
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    We're about to hit 350 members in the Clan, and that is a milestone worth celebrating. A number that high is a combination of both good recruitment and good retention, being able to bring people in and keep them. That means as a community we are doing an excellent job of reaching out to new people, and providing for our members well enough that people want to stick around. Here's a few interesting tidbits for you guys to commemorate the achievement. - The last time OD achieved 350 members was in the middle of 2008 - Four members in our Clan right now were also there in 2008, based on the records available to me. R.agnarok(OD) as a Commander, Sunset(OD) as a Major, Ravemore(OD) as a Staff Sergeant, and Mari01 as Private First Class. - This is the third time in OD history that the Clan has exceeded 300 members, and will be only the second time it has exceeded 350 - The most members OD has ever had based on available records was 386 - In mid 2008 Clan OD had 64 members of Officer rank and higher (4 Commanders, 19 Generals, 41 Officers) compare to our current number of 30 members of Officer rank and higher (5 Commanders, 7 Generals, 18 Officers) Which means our population explosion has left us pretty bottom-heavy. Let's see if we can balance that out in the coming months and find those promising individuals rising up to display integrity and ability. If you are a member feeling ambitious and interested in rising up the ranks, this is your time to shine. Help out, contribute, find your role within the community, get involved in events and discussions, show an interest in the Clan and what goes on within it. There is plenty of space up above right now, and if you show the aptitude for it the community will carry you up there. Those of us in leadership, keep an eye out for these capable members in the days to come. Capable people in capable positions makes the Clan better and easier for everyone, and I already know of a few in the lower ranks who show some promising potential. It falls to the leaders of today to find us the leaders of tomorrow. Good work everyone. We're in a cascade of success, and I'm quite interested in seeing just how far we'll continue to go.
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    Yeah, we rejected R.agnarok for the same reason. He was equally hurt. It was a job centered around speaking your mind, disagreeing with others, and being vocal about your points. You were considered overqualified.
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    What do new members see when they see a topic with profanity in the title? They see a topic with profanity in the title. The better question is "What does this mean to them?", and the answer can vary quite a bit depending on the kind of person they are. OD is home to a great many different kinds of people, and nowhere is our differences more apparent than in our opinion of expression. There are two opposing extremes when it comes to expression, one extreme values total self-restraint, the other extreme values total freedom of expression, and the preferences of all of us here in OD fall somewhere in the spectrum between the two extremes. Observe. (The people used in this image are intended as nothing more than examples, and do not necessarily reflect their actual beliefs) A very large amount of tension between individuals stems from people on opposing sides of the spectrum clashing with each other over their differing beliefs of what is acceptable in this regard. For people on the civil side, the opposing side seems crass, uncultured, inconsiderate, and problem-prone. To people on the freedom side, the opposing side seems uptight, restrictive, controlling, and interfering-prone. Both sides tend to view the merits of their spectrum as better than the other. In truth, however, both sides are pretty much equal in their benefits and drawbacks, and it really comes down to what you are more comfortable with. The real problems come up when you start leaning too far towards one extreme. A civil-dominated community that forbids all form of swearing and cussing completely is as stifling as a freedom-dominating community allowing rampant use of cussing and derogatory remarks is irritating. OD administration and leadership has actually shifted between the spectrum a lot as well, depending on where the majority of leadership in control have fallen in the spectrum. When I first joined OD, freedom of expression was very loosely regulated, people got away with saying a lot of pretty trollish or sometimes scathing things, because the leadership at the time fell more on that side of the spectrum, and so they tolerated it, and in some cases even preferred it. As I prefer a more civil-focused environment myself, I didn't stick around back then. Nowadays administration actually leans closer towards the other spectrum, it has been civil-sided people that are landing more in higher ranks, including Officer ranks. Which means if we were to take this to a vote, the preferences of the civil side would probably win out, and swear words in topic names would be disallowed. But should it be? Honestly I would say no. It is easy to believe in the values of your own side, but for OD to truly be a community for all people and gamers, we need to appreciate and accommodate the values of both sides, not favor one. To do that, it is important for us to understand that people are different. It doesn't make them better, or worse, it makes them different. And a topic that says "Fuck Gringo" is going to be about as damaging to the community's ability to draw in new members as a 5-page rule book topic. Which it turns out we have both. More to the point, each new recruit is going to gravitate towards the topic, the people, and the Divisions that best represent *their* values, and where they fall on the spectrum. That is what all new recruits do, if there is nothing in the Clan that shares their values, then they leave. Therefore, having a topic with a cuss word isn't actually likely to damage our recruitment. Ironically, disallowing all topics from having cuss words, probably will. People, this is the failing of our species, our inability to appreciate and understand the point of views that differ so much from our own. I won't lie, hanging out with TypeReaL for an extended period of time would probably drive me insane. I prefer hanging out with the people and environments that range closer to the civil side, it's where I'm comfortable at. But I will nevertheless defend TypeReaL's right to associate in the manner he is comfortable with towards the people who feel similarly. If, like me, that isn't how you jibe, then just go read other topics.
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    Hey Ya'll! My human name is Jacob but you can call me Jd or even Melodas I'm a Diablo 2 Player of many years and mastered the hidden arts of kicking butt and taking name. Im 24 and pretty chill. and i just want to have fun with a group of people. So hopeful in time you will enjoy my company. I am starting back up from so for now i wont duel, but give me time and you'll see a true King Member!
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    I'm sorry. I know to some of you that this statement may not have any meaning. Also to clarify this is not a resignation but an apology since there's alot of mixed feelings about me out there. I want to point out I try my hardest to fit in and act normal for everyone. Sometimes I slip and it can be hard. So I'm sorry for not being stronger and able to maintain my composure. I also wanted to point that nobody told me to make an apology but I felt the need too. Since I felt I have wronged many people in the clan. I just wanted to come out an apologize for the actions I have done, in the past and leading up to the events now. I may have been rude to some of you to which I am sorry, I could not confront you like a proper person. I have always been bad in social settings and talking to people normally. I do not have the social constructs that people have but trust me I want to fit in and I want to be noticed by my peers. Most of the time I assume individuals don't want to be my friend which cause me to shrug them off. So I am sorry for anyone I came off on the wrong foot or said something to harsh. I know you may not forgive me but don't let me be the reason why you can't enjoy your time. I'm sorry for my actions. I was always getting into trouble and picking fights. Which if you look at me now it somewhat hasn't changed, sadly. If you have known me, you know playing League with me can be scary with my quick nature of switching from happy to rude, in a matter of seconds due to my competitive nature. I'm sorry for this, I am working on keeping it under control. That's why when I play League, you may have noticed I get super quiet when playing. 1 because I'm super focusing and 2 because I know if I say anything it might lead to bad mannered behavior. Sorry for making people leave our division because of me. I know I have a bad habit of saying things that come to mind or talking way to quickly. Not to mention I can be very impulsive from time to time. Sorry Chrishodge for letting you down as a leader and sorry for the people who had to sit and listen to us argue in WoW division. I really wish you guys can come back because Triny is an amazing leader and was everything I was not. Sorry that I could be a better leader in front of others. I wish I could change my behavioral problems with a switch of a button. I really do wish I could be a normal person but I know that this is what I have to cope with for rest of my life. So thank you for those being patience with me. Lastly to which everyone can agree with, sorry that I am hypersensitive. I get very passionate about the things I love and when I see something I love getting attacked. I just can't stop myself from getting really heated and uspet. I have always had this sensitivity problem and was never able to take bad news with a grain of salt. If I knew how to get a better grip of my sensitivity problems, it would make life so much easier. I probably won't have any of the mood issues I listed above. I always remind myself constantly when I am getting sad or upset is this "something I should be getting really upset over" before I continue on with the conversation but even that isn't enough sometimes. I constantly I have to control my temper or try to keep myself from breaking down in tears. I'm sorry about the people who have had to listen to me cry or fuss over things. I really wish I didn't, but it just happens, even if I try to stop myself. I'm sorry that this is long but I just thought I post of aplogy for those who I have wrong or said something rude. Sorry (People I want to apologize to and to whom this topic is dedicated to) Badboi Chrishodge Bahafresh Arineth Triny Xayj Terra Onee Leppy Tachikoma Sinnypie mmrdudedude Bones Truechill Redvaine AnkleC Azhriel Monaday Eric Nappycat Lastly sorry for the Diablo people who came over wanting to try our game then I scared them away. Sorry for anyone else I have wronged, with my improper behavior to which that I did not list above. Thank you for taking the time to read this. ~Lena
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    Your problem isn't that you aren't "normal". We're all different, some of us very extremely different from each other. In the higher ranks, our differences are some of our greatest strengths as a team, our individual qualities bring up the strengths and perspectives that others would fall short in. Of course, there are always things we could do better, but that success doesn't come from trying to change our individual traits, not really. It comes from recognizing our own flaws, the areas we aren't very good in, and figuring out a way to make things work, and be an asset, despite those flaws. Focusing on our strengths, and avoiding situations we know we don't handle well. Maybe over a long period of time our bad qualities will diminish somewhat and we'll be better human beings overall, but it's just like you said, you can't flip a switch and suddenly be different, it's something that happens gradually. So, in the meantime, we gotta figure out how to fit into the big picture as the kind of person we are. You are an emotionally sensitive person, Lena. You're probably going to be an emotionally sensitive person for most of your life, it's just the way you are. If your efforts are focused on trying to "not be sensitive" then your efforts will never work, you can't be someone you're not, trying to do so will fail and you'll probably start to hate yourself for it because you'll think you should be something that you can't be. Which seems like the path you've gone down. You *are* sensitive, you can't change that. What you can do is understand what this means for you. What does being sensitive allow you to do well, and what does it mean you can't do so well. I feel like just listing off good points, while helpful, might seem hollow in and of themselves, so let's start by looking at the opposite side for a moment. It may shock the Clan to learn that I'm not an emotionally sensitive person. A lot of those traits that you have that you *think* are bad, I don't have. But not having them has also created problems for me as well. It is harder for me to empathize with others, especially on an emotional level. This is largely what has led to situations of people finding me unapproachable, or intimidating, which are issues that have plagued me pretty much since I first joined OD. To people who don't know me, my actions can seem callous and indifferent, sometimes even arrogant. I can be a good leader, because I can be objective and assertive. But I can't always be a good friend, because I'm not empathetic, and I don't establish those kinds of bonding connections with people as well. You don't have those problems. You have different problems. You are capable of being empathetic with others, and connecting with them, and being supportive, and a good friend, and an overall bright ray of sunshine to an otherwise blasé environment. You may not have done so recently, but that's because you've been so focused on erasing your qualities rather than making use of them. Emotional people can often be difficult if they try and deal with problems while in an emotional state, but those same emotional states can also make them inspiring in situations that play to their emotional strengths. So, knowing what your emotional empathy is good for now, you need to understand what it is not good for. You have to come to understand about yourself that when your emotional state reaches above a certain level, you are not capable of assessing a situation or a problem properly anymore, and you're not able to make effective decisions while in that state. This means you need to learn to recognize when you are above that point, and when you are you need to either excuse yourself from a situation until you calm down some, and revisit it again later, or allow someone else to handle the situation in your stead. You'll always have that compulsion to speak up when you think something is unfair, but you can control the way in which you do it, keeping it to private messages and conversations rather than public outbursts. If you can, get in the habit of getting a second opinion from someone whom you trust. You can better tell if your emotional state is affecting your ability to judge something based on whether this individual feels the same way about it or not, and that can help you anchor yourself from acting impulsively, so long as you trust that person enough to believe them if they tell you that you might be overreacting. In this sense, you're in the opposite situation that I am. You can be a good friend, because you have that empathetic trait that can help you make connections with people. But you can't always be a good leader, because once you hit a certain state you can't be objective anymore. A lot of emotionally temperamental people run into the same problem, and we certainly have a few of those in the Clan as well. But it doesn't mean you can't fit into the community. We're all pieces to one big jigsaw puzzle, and a lot of us are still trying to find the place in which we perfectly fit. Which can be a long, and sometimes vexing process. But the real frustration, your real frustration, comes from trying to force your jigsaw piece into the spots it doesn't fit, and thinking there is something wrong with the way you are when it doesn't work, when really you just haven't found the spot you fit best in yet.
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    Hello everyone in the Diablo 3 division, I am posting this up because on reset weekend from the 23rd to the 25th I will be playing Diablo 3 nonstop while raising money for Charity alongside many other streamers for LevelWithACause. I did this last reset as well and we had a huge turn out - raising almost $8,000 dollars. This time we are working to raise money for Save the Children, an organization that believes every child deserves a future, and works in over 120 countries world wide to achieve that goal. I take great pride in having the opportunity to once again stream and raise money for a wonderful cause like this, and hope to see many of you stop by the stream -- Even if you don't donate, taking time out of your day to support with your viewership still means a lot to me. Moreover, I am posting this in the Diablo 3 Division area because I was wondering if some of you would like to party with me opening night, or over the weekend as we enjoy the ladder reset together. Hope to see you there! Sarnith Links for streams [I multi-platform so both will have live feeds]: www.twitch.tv/sarnith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIw6b7qVvkbA27lXUYLJjNg
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    Stitches the Terror of DarkShire Stitches is a heavy front-line fighter who can use his hook to drag enemies to him. Damage 6/10 Utility 10/10 Suitability 8/10 Complexity 4/10 Stitches has 3 Abilities and a choice of 2 Ultimate's. T Vile Gas When damaged Stitches emits a gas cloud that poisons nearby enemies Q Hook Pull the first enemy hit towards you W Slam Deals Damage to the enemies within the targeted area E Devour Deals large damage to non heroic units or moderate damage to heroes and restores Health to Stitches R1 Putrid Bile Emit bile that damages each second to enemies within the area and slows them. stitches gains movement speed while Putrid bile is active R2 Gorge Consume and enemy hero trapping them for a few seconds. when gorge ends the Hero is released. (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info on stitches. this is just a base outline)
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    I personally prefer discord for a few reasons. •Sound quality is much better than other platforms available atm. •There is rarely ever any reverb on discord which is nice when I have my headphones on. •The privileges in discord are more apparent with the color codes. •Discord offers high functionality to be incorporated with multiple games. •Discord shows what game someone is playing. •Discord offers bots that can be scripted to do about anything you need done. ( I can provide scripts if ever needed) •Discord is free... Until something better comes along I don't see new gamers using older voice platforms. You have to look at it like you have never used teamspeak, ventrilo or whatever other voice platform you are used to. If you started today with no knowledge of any of those you would most likely go with discord for the above reasons and for the simple fact that almost all gamers are gravitating to discord as there all in one community platform. I help develop on eqemulator.org and while they still have forums almost all of there communication is done through discord now. Thats a massive project that is almost solely managed through discord. They made the switch last year and everyone loves it. So my question is...what are we waiting for? Make the switch. No sense separating the clan into two platforms when we could all be on the same platform.
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    ROFLMAO. I must admit, you deserve +1 for that one(even if my goal is to try and catch you). Also we need to add a new OD Award. Best Forum quote. When nominating, must present a link to the quote in question so that when voting on the award, we get to decide which is best.
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    It's not our recruiters that are the problem. You want to pin the blame on the recruiters because someone doesn't like a program? That's not fair. More often than not, as soon as Teamspeak is mentioned to potential recruits in Final Fantasy, they just stop talking to us. So before you say we need to be retrained, perhaps you should learn the facts from all sides first. It's not a fault of ours that's the problem. You're under the impression this is just to get them into the clan. But we're not even getting that far. This is recruitment into the free company itself. People WANT a voice program. They WANT a way to speak to party members, not type. And as soon as Teamspeak is mentioned, they're completely uninterested. Those that we've mentioned Discord have been on board and have been happy to join the free company. It's pretty much a requirement for a lot of those out there in Final Fantasy that would accept an invite to a free company. I find your continued reference of calling people running into this problem unsuccessful recruiters disappointing. Stop being demeaning to people. And it's 46%, not 75%. Don't give ratios/percentages/numbers that are misleading.
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    Hey everyone my names Austin I live near Nashville. just getting back into diablo after an accident leaving 55% of my body burnt and my left hand damaged pretty bad, but i can play d2 with one had and it has sparked my love for the game and cant wait to take on this reset with yall!
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    http://dimensionaldeath.com/?page=huntinglogs - Hunting Log mark locations for every class
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    Primal Guides (Stormblood) The Pool Of Tribute (Lv 63) Susanoo Emanation (Lv 67) Lakshmi The Royal Menagerie (Lv 70) Shinryu The Pool of Tribute (Susanoo) Extreme Emanation (Lakshmi) Extreme
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    Im so proud of you and everything that your doing getting this running rosey rose :D
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    I mean... let's pretend FFXIV is the zoo.. you can come join us ;) *fails attempt of smooth talking recruitment* It seems, so far, that Jenova is our winner. I'll close off the poll on Friday, 2pm EST/EDT.. idk what time zone I'm in currently.. but Eastern time! Whatever the poll says at that point is where we will end up. Thank you for being so patient with me, especially recently. Love ya'll <3
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    im gonna pull from both the MCEU and the DCEU here for who I feel would be my picks for specific super heroes or villians lets start then The Man of Steel would be @Badboi(OD) my pick for this is pretty simple have you seen him w/o a shirt on Followed by @Terra as Wonder Woman ( I know shes not american but I really would not pick a fight with terra and a sword/ lasso of truth ) @Aerineth(OD) You were an Easy pick as You would be Dr Strange mystical and level headed to the end @Sassy Of course your Selena Kyle, with your wits you would be a perfect Catwoman @Triny(OD) Im gonna say Squirrel Girl as we dont truly know how powerful either of you really are. @Dabomb(OD) Rocket racoon for obvious reasons was gonna give this one to me but you've earned it @Hari(OD) im giving you Batman your mysterious and your always spending fg on stuff @DarkHelmet - The flash once again I feel you fit this persona quite well @MelodicRose(OD) Storm also for obvious reasons :D @PJPotter(OD) - Groot because I am groot ! @R.agnarok(OD) captain america because its like your lost and frozen in ice half the time @dave1(OD) - Professor X because your one of the older and wiser of us all @SupremeJester this is a tough one like dabomb you can slot in anywhere but giving you Starlord @TypeReaL(OD)hmm this one is very hard but I gotta put myself as Loki @zkgqwe(OD) Capn Boomerang alrighty i gotta shower and go to work
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    I know I'm not around on D2 atm, BUT, I notice ppl saying that nothing is really happening on the pvp side of things. ITS JUST A THOUGHT, so please don't get triggered haha. Instead of making a tournament that offers free fg to sign ons and expecting new ppl to come and not enjoy themselves. WHY DONT WE create some coaching tournaments, where it isn't all about winning or getting some free fg, but more about teaming a new pvp or someone that needs some guidance in the area with someone that is skilled at PVP. For example I jumped into pvp with just a basic idea of what I needed to do, but boy was I wrong. I was getting torn up for the first few tournaments (nothings really changed thought) I particitaped in. It wasn't fun at all for me and seriously considered giving it away. It was only due to people telling me what to due as we were losing rounds that I was learning. So I guess my proposal is to say pair up someone like Vanity(OD) or DBZ(OD) (who are great pvpers) and many others coach some new people through pvp gear and play styles. Its just a thought I have had for a while As I said I know I'm not around D2 atm but still have it in mind. Yall have a hell of a day/night OD Stay golden from DOWN UNDER :D
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    Im going to be doing flex queue every friday night starting at 7pm central. My goal is to get into high gold - come and join me friday nights and lets play.
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    That's a blanket statement.