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    Indeed. I've been watching the situation unfold for a while now and I can't say I've been very impressed. Let me ask a few rhetorical questions here. Why is it humiliating to receive neg votes? Why is it publicly shameful to apologize? Are we expecting to rise up the ranks without anyone ever disagreeing with us? Are we expecting to spend our whole time in OD without ever making mistakes? Of course not. And it isn't humiliating to accept and acknowledge that, it's mature. Do you think the rest of us haven't been in situations that didn't go the way we hoped? You think the rest of us weren't denied promotions or positions for reasons we disagreed with, or felt were unfair, or felt were too harsh? Every General has been there, any Officer that hasn't been there will at some point. I've been there, take a look at my July 2016 Eval when I first applied for Commander. I got denied for reasons I didn't agree with either. But it happened, and I had to accept it, and I'm not the least bit embarrassed by it. I just tried again 6 months later. Anytime you support something that others are denying, you're going to disagree with their reasons, that's a given. More often than not those reasons will seem unfair too, from your point of view. That's just generally what happens when people have different views. But so what? The truth is sooner or later we all end up in a situation where things don't go our way. Maybe it will be at CWO4, maybe it will be at MWO5. Maybe in Officer ranks, or General ranks, or on our evals for Commander ranks. It is different for each of us. You don't get to control when things don't go the way you want, what you do get to control is how you choose to deal with it when they don't. You can choose to rally against it, call it humiliating and unfair, publicly denounce it as a conspiracy against you by those who hate you, criticize those who disagreed with you and tell them they are being too harsh or judging wrongly. You can choose to do that. Or you can choose to accept your unsuccessful moments as gracefully as your successful ones. You can take what you can from the failure even if you disagree with it, learn from it, and try again next time. And in so doing you can come to understand that it isn't the amount of neg votes we receive that define us, but how we accept them and learn from them. It isn't our mistakes that determine our ability, but our willingness to acknowledge them and become better because of them. And it isn't our rank that decides our success, but the choices we make in pursuit of them. And we should never be ashamed of any of that. So what will you do the next time something doesn't go the way you think it should? Will you rally against that as well? Criticize those who think differently, and pressure the Generals or Division Leaders into trying to change things your way? Will that be your answer to all neg votes or decisions you don't like? What kind of community do we start becoming then? Sometimes people get promoted when perhaps they shouldn't. And sometimes people don't get promoted when perhaps they should. The system isn't perfect. But neither are we, and sometimes what seems like the right decision at the time turns out to be a little different in the long run. I've opposed the promotions of people who turned out to be fine later on, and I've supported the promotions of people who turned out to be useless douchebags. The reality is it's hard to tell what the right call is, and none of us are perfect, so the best we can hope for is to put all our thoughts and views together, see what the result is, and be willing to accept that result whether we agree with it or not. Everyone handles success well. It is in how we handle failure that we show our true caliber as a person. Try to keep that in mind the next time you, or someone you like, are being promoted.
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    Today I received a card from a member in OD with words that brought happy tears to my face not just words for myself but words for my daughter lauren And I’m going to share these words I will forever treasure this card and hold it close to my heart we definitely are friends for life even if we are miles apart and the card was beautiful thank you and the words were out this world and every word was from the heart ❤️❤️I will be forever grateful that we became great friends. @SeeD(OD) I remember the day you joined od @SuNSeT said I really like this guy he’s a good guy well he was damnright you are one the good guys that’s for sure I’m glad our paths crossed SeeD I will hold you close too I wish you all the best of luck in the world you will be a GREAT DOCTOR I have faith in you and I’m glad I was there when you wasn’t doing to good that what friends are for and I must say the only one other person that ask how you was that was sunset ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    If you need your forum rank changed after a tier-change promotion then please request it here, and an Admin will change it at their next available opportunity. This applies to the following ranks: Enlisted, Warrant Officer, Officer, Senior Officer, General 1 - 3*, General (4 star) Must have the website rank first to get the equivalent forum rank! This does not include custom forum titles, you must request that by PM. If you see someone who has a rank they shouldn't have (for example a member who DSLed out but still has Officer access) you can also let us know about them here as well, or you can PM one of us in private.
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    The holiday season is a joyful time for a lot of people, but there's those that are going through rough times. If you take a moment to make somebody else's life brighter, or try to put a smile on somebody's face it can only make your own day a happier one. Be kind to on another. Life is too short to waste on being grumpy, rude or downright mean. Let's hear how you "paid it forward" by being kind or creating a smile instead of a frown! My own little story was pretty simple. I was at the dollar store right around the corner from my house. When I entered the store, there was an elderly lady standing at the front by the registers waiting with a few things in a shopping cart. When I was checking out, I noticed she was still standing there. The clerks were asking her if she was able to get in touch with her ride. The woman was shaking her head saying no. So I took a chance and asked, ma'am do you need a ride? It turns out, she only lived a couple of blocks from the store so I drove her home and took her packages inside for her. She was so grateful-- trying to give me money, asking me if I wanted some cookies. It was just a small thing, but it put a smile on both of our faces.
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    OD is not only Diablo, there are many other divisions and squads for other games. Before you resign, see if there is any activity here in whatever game you're moving on to 🙂
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    Overall, I am thankful for my family and the unending amount of love they give to me, even when I'm two hours away and have basically been MIA for the past 3 months due to school. I am thankful for being able to even attempt to further my education, I'm a first generation college student,.. and I will be thankful when I get that diploma in my hands after all this chaos. I am thankful for the time I have spent in OD, though it has been diminishing quickly as of late for many reasons - OD will always have a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful that I met a lot of you. I am thankful for making it to 22, wew! I'm thankful to gaming in general for plopping a great set of friends from my home state into my life, ultimately blossoming a beautiful relationship with someone, that is already shaping my future after school. *hm* I have too many things that I am thankful for. It's taken me a very long time to reach a point in my life where I am happy with where I am and where I came from, so I think about this stuff a lot 🙂 The last few years have been a mess for me and I'm blessed to have been surrounded by people who have held me up when I wanted to give up completely. *end sappy Kaitlyn* P.S., @Purplez(OD) your picture seems to be slightly broken..
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    Fact @Aerineth(OD) dropped -25 on me once Fact I passed without making a situation out of it, Blowin out of proportion seemed to happen and it wasnt even a tier changing rank Lets just sweep this under the rug with the rest of my bad ideas
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    This posts coming from my heart not my arse did I want to remove ghostdog vote NO coukd I have worded it a bit better to be understood lot better YES did I neg vote because me and ghostdog never see eye to eye NO do I feel I’ve let down my division because the way I voted NO do I feel this has shown true colors of few people YES do I feel like I’ve let down those who neg voted by removing my vote YES are we held to a higher expectation YES are we allowed to vote how we wish no matter what our rank is YES should we be questioned on our votes NO Could this situation been handle different YES Are we going to see more neg votes and hassle on the way we vote in the future on others promos YES Are we going please everyone along the way NO shoukd we vote positive every time to please the clan NO Will I neg vote again on other promos YES will this stop me being the good general that I know I am and have worked so hard to get where I am NOOOO
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    I can 100% assure you, that not a single General or Commander for that matter, had been exempt of "losing face" as you describe it. It is common, and it's almost an untold requirement to climb up ranks. The only difference in what makes a good leader and what doesn't, is the way you handle such key moments. You have the ability to turn something bad, into something helpful for you, something admiring, and turn the public spotlight to let everyone know you have an admirable way of handling any type of situation, and only then, you will gain the trust from even those that you were expecting to do the opposite. Always remember, possibilities are always in your hands, and you came to a place where you have exceptionally understanding leaders, so, my advice is for you to take good advantage from it, and turn a moment of shame, into a moment of respect.
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    Commanders Aerineth and Badboi & Major General Ghost
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    I don't usually post on the forums much, but I would like to say hats off, and thank you, to Raged(OD) for all the hard work you put in recruiting new members for our division. It's an honor to be in such a thriving community with so many great clansmen. I would also like to mention the great work you do in rank promotions and I try to vote at every opportunity. We are now hovering around 140+ members in game and around 60-65 members on OD site the last time I looked, that's even with "cleaning house" on folks who don't log in/play anymore. That said, for those who read my post, for those who take pride in being a member of Overdosed Gaming Community, we could all learn from the above mentioned Raged (OD) and start giving more time to or community, let's support each other. When someone comes up for a well earned promotion, vote for them, if a new member meets there trial requirements and shows promise, vote for them. Even if they already have enough votes..... We do a great job of helping each other out in game, we should also show our support for each other on OD site. I challenge everyone to give a little more time, your input is a valuable asset to the strength of the division as it grows. Vote, recruit, post on forum, and lets do all we can to try and get the other half of our D3 community to register on OD site! Thank you for your time, Tex
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    Hey Everyone! So I've come to the realization that the PoE division was lacking some crazy race content with clan camaraderie! Starting on Good Friday at 7pm EST ( Friday April 19 ), we will be running a Private league for OD members with a set of challenges with FG as prizes. ( Can also choose in game currency over FG if you do not use D2JSP ). The League will run for 10 days and prizes will be awarded throughout the league as well as at the end for some of the final challenges. All are welcome to the challenge and it even serves as a good opportunity for some D2 players with some downtime to win some FG for the Season reset coming up! You are welcome to Stream or Document any progress throughout the private league. Rules: #1: Character must be tagged with ODC_ODNAMEHERE #2: All OD clan rules are still in effect. This one is self explanatory. #3: League will have 10% increased monster life and a slight increase to elemental damage for extra challenge. #4: Must provide Screen Shot evidence of any "First's" challenges. This includes your party if you all achieved the challenge together. Challenges completed as a group will split the prize evenly between the members of that group. #5: Remember not to mention JSP or forum gold in the in-game chat. You may be banned from PoE for RWT. 2500fg Prize Pool: Prize pool donated by Triny, Hari, and Oot! CHALLENGES / PRIZES Highest level at the end = 500fg (750c) First to complete A5 = 100fg (150c) First to complete A10 = 200fg (300c) First to farm Oni-Goroshi = 300fg (450c) First to 80 = 400fg (600c) Most map completion = 300fg (450c) Deepest depth in mines = 300fg (450c) First to 6L a Unique ( not a tabula ) = 200fg (300c) First to farm 9 humility = 200fg (300c) For any questions or interest in helping crowdfund the private league PM me or respond on this thread!
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    Had best family and friends day at my daughter Perrie baby shower ( no the little moo is not here ) but the best thing ever my lauren is home after being away in Germany that really made my day good I’ve missed that girl glad she back home now feeling very well in her self she has a way to go yet but all looks good and she wearing glasses now looks so much like her mumma now lol ❤️❤️❤️
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    My daughter in labour woo hoo my new granddaughter should be here soon ( I hope )
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    There is a bleak and dismal future that awaits you, if you keep calling me that. -_-
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    Dear OD Community, Starting this off I have to say: I have made a series of bad decisions. I'm sorry to the Apex Squad and especially to BadBoi. Early on in Apex's lifespan, I made a video of my exploiting the game with malicious hacks (Aimbot and ESP) and ever since then I haven't exploited on the game since. I got paid to make that video by a cheat provider, and I got selfish and took the money and not thinking about, you guys the community and the game's community. I find the game fun now and that someone in the clan found out about the video and my YouTube through my Twitch when I was streaming Apex Legends. I ended up getting demoted to Staff Sergeant on the website and removed off of the squad. My apologies to everyone in the clan. I later removed my YouTube channel based of off exploiting games not associated with OD in any way off of my Twitch channel and completely removed the Apex Legends video because we are now a squad in that game. From now on I won't exploit in games ever again. Again, sorry to the whole community and BadBoi. With Regards, FUZION
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    Apology accepted. In OD, we pride ourselves on being “legit” no matter which game we are playing. This is how our D2 division has been so successful, in a game where botting/hacks ruins the enjoyment of the game for others. I know it doesn’t feel good to be held accountable and demoted. I’ve been through this before. But you’ve made your first step to becoming a better member and staying on the right track. In time, you will prove to be a valuable member and earn the ranks back and even more. There are leaders in the community where you can learn leadership skills and grow, not only you OD career but learn some valuable life skills.
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    It is concerning to see quite a few members in this topic agree with the feeling that favoritism is a problem, and I would certainly be interested in hearing more about how they came to feel that way if some were willing to fill me in through a private conversation. Favoritism can be a tricky issue to nail down. The reality is those who associate closely with people in rank or positions are always going to be more likely to be promoted, not necessarily because they are friends but because those giving promotions will be more familiar with what those people do, making it easier to assess them. In this case being friends with someone and being aware of their actions and performance more tends to go hand-in-hand, which can easily give the impression of favoritism even though that's not really the case. However instances of favoritism can still exist. The reasons for promotions matter, and all members of the same rank should be held to the same standard, friends or otherwise. If promotions are being given out without the effort being made to earn them, then that would be an issue worth hearing about and a bad habit worth breaking. If you have a concern, don't be afraid to share it. Those of us in leadership are not omniscient, we cannot fix problems we are not aware of. At the same time, however, it is important to keep in mind that earning promotions, whether in OD or in real life, will often involve not just working hard but taking steps to ensure you are noticed and stand out from your peers. Ideally the Division Leaders should make their best effort to acknowledge the work and actions of all their members, to the best of their ability, but those members interested in advancing should also make their best effort to approach leadership and let them know that they *are* interested in working their way up and ask what they can do to help out or earn their place. We are the progenitors of our own worlds, the protagonists to our own story. Just as a story could never progress without the actions of its characters, it is only through our own actions do we shape our world. To do nothing or say nothing is to accept the world for the way it is. In other words if your plan is simply to wait for leadership to notice you, or to notice the problems you see, then things are unlikely to change. You must take it upon yourself to take the steps needed to achieve the things you feel are important.
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    Guild Picture BDO! From left to right: Barbaric, @Dave(OD), @Terra, Rippentoo, @iGitrDunn(OD), Aerineth, @Trysts(OD), CeMaTaRieN, @Remsen
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    Red October is the final decision.
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    id like Ray(OD) to interview Ray(OD) as a puppet and make it a video plz
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    Once upon a time, there once was a kid, that played on a Atari, long long ago.... The kid then grew up a bit, after his mother and father split, and his mother found a more "compatible" opponent, for which this kid could then upgrade to a NES for Super Mario Bros competitions..... Also, the best friend of said competitor, had a PC, for which he taught this kid about a game on DOS called "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy..." Not long after these times, the neighbor kids got involved with their Sega's and Sega Saturn's, and Dreamcast's.... (Loud devices and alot of heat to melt carpet....) Super Nintendo was a thing about this time as well but this kid was too busy with school to get too involved with this version of a console generation... Eventually catching back up to N64, when the 3D of Mario began to become a popular thing, this kid was mesmerized by how far over the short time things are progressing already.... After school, this kid decided to follow his fathers steps, and try to do better than he did in the Army, and enlist.. Thus the, now adult did... and gaming was a thing of the past, at least for now.... During the late years of the service, the adult met up with a gaming group in California and learned about Dungeons and Dragons, and after a few months, began to be a Dungeon Master for the soldiers stationed there.... Unfortunately, at end of the fourth year of service, this adult was injured during a joint task force exercise, and relieved of service.... About a year after returning home, the veteran began college and was staying in a apartment on campus, shared with a roommate... Not knowing, this roommate played video games.... While sitting in the roommates room one day, this veteran asked, "whats the dwarf for?" The roommate said, "This is the new release of "Wrath of the Lich King, for World of Warcraft!" The veteran sat for long hours observing and thus not a few weeks passed was then also playing this type of game himself.... This began a long MMO history for this veteran spanning almost two decades of mmo gaming from titles suck as WoW, GW2, Rift, ArcheAge, FFXIV, ESO, Minecraft, D3, Destiny 1 and 2, BDO, and many many steam game to include H1Z1 just Survive with over 800 plus hours in this one alone.... And this is just the PC games..... Also had a PS4 with several titles with that as well..... From being a kid playing the original grey gameboy the size of a hardback book to a highend pc playing Black Desert Online, I, Lepercy have been there, and this is my story....
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    I am one happy mum couldnt ask for a better Christmas present MY LAUREN IS HOME now we can have the best Christmas ever and look to the new year and Lauren getting better thank you to all you that has had lauren in your prayers it’s meant so much to myself and my family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    I'm thankful for @Sassy's death threats.
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    I am happy to announce @Chknwg1(OD) as our next interview for Member Behind the Mic episode 11. Please reply with any questions you'd like me to ask him during the interview.
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    Hmm.. your cryptic and seemingly threatening posts are concerning for someone who has intentions to continue to move through ranks. Negative votes shouldn't be seen as humiliating or evil - they should be used to learn and grow from, so I'm failing to understand why you are taking it so harshly and lashing out at people who only want to see what more you can do before you're handed ranks with more power and responsibility. Based off of these recent dramatic and menacing posts.. and with some.. interesting choices of wording and comments on other people's promotions now - I truly hope that you aren't put up for officer anytime soon. Dividing a division and creating such a mess isn't helping - take their advice and learn from it. The leaders of Diablo 2 are only there to help you learn and grow. Sassy and Pops have been pillars of D2, they mean you no harm.
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    I FINALLY DID IT !! I brought a pair of shoes with memory foam insoles , no more forgetting why I walked into the kitchen 🙂
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    @Ray(OD) you don’t have to be crazy to be my friend I’ll train you
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    So I just wanted to say that everyone here is amazing. I've only been playing again for maybe 2 weeks now but you all have helped me out so much. Can't wait to be a full member.
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    Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
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    You were one of the few people I could talk and debate with and receive honest and well-thought replies from. On more than one occasion your input has given me pause to reconsider my own thoughts on something. You weren't afraid to be outspoken, and you were good at what you did. OD is the lesser for being without you.
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    Sorry to Necro Thread this, however, now that I finished my schooling and over my busy work time, I can post. I have yet to give my tribute to the Bat@Tris(OD). Thanks for staying when I had asked you to. With all of those leaving, we needed your help transitioning new leadership. Thank you. That was a mistake. I got the last troll. Alas, I am honored for the offer; as you were my closest friend in OD. Sorry it took me a while to type this out. Just like you, real life gets in the way; but I wouldn't miss this. I understand why you left. OD was like a bad smoking habit: you couldn't kick the habit unless you quick cold turkey. You have a bright future ahead of you and if we're ever in the same area, I hope to hang with you sometime. You have my number, hit me up whenever. I admired Tris when we both started together in the SC2 division. I hosted the Tourneys and he made the division glue together. That was the height of competitive OD and I was glad to be a part of it with him for the wild ride it was. When my carpal forced me to pick up LoL, he stayed; even when our star players were signed to pro teams and competing in Korea (FOR REAL!!!) When you joined LoL, it was even better. You and I (along with others) worked on the evaluation system and other important clan reforms that took the clan from To This I really enjoyed having someone that would thoughtfully debate, could think many steps ahead, and think of many shortfalls. It was great, but all good things have to come to an end. Thanks for all you've done and all the good times we have had together. I'm going to miss hanging out on vent/TS3 together, but I'm sure we will in the future. I enjoy watching your stream, even though I go incognito and don't say hi. I know as much as you, that after work/school gets real, there's little time to dedicate to OD and you'd rather end on a high note. I can't believe it has been 3 months already. In these 3 months, I felt that there was a gigantic power/logic/wisdom/friendship vacuum that you have left. We were struggling for a while, but finally, have stabilized. OD will never be the same without you, but I'd think you'd enjoy knowing that we are back at it again. New leaders and old have stepped up their game to help fill the leadership crater. I'd like it if you stopped by every quarter or two to say hi. TLDR: I really enjoyed our friendship and the badass times we had together. I'll remember it forever. Thank you and good luck to a promising future. Possibly in 20 years, when I need an executive for my company, you may be getting a call. Again, Thank you my Friend.
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    Going to spend the day with 3 my children for mother’s day sad that lauren not with us 😞
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    Would like you all to meet MACIE my new rescued bulldog I was due to get a baby bulldog come May but macie had come into a rescue center for bully’s I just fell in love with her so I started the adoption process and we was excepted.. we go to pick her up on Saturday I’m so excited to get her and give her that loving forever home she deserves and it’s a play mate for our Haze she is such a cutie
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    Yeah I'm positive I'll be back but for now I'm going to be on a break for a few months
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    your madness pales in comparison to ours I mean we have me and @Ray(OD) and to a lesser extent @Terra 😄
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    Guild Positions To better organize the Guild and delegate responsibilities certain members have been assigned particular roles that will fulfill a function of the guild and help keep things progressing smoothly. As the Guild grows and we become capable of more things, new roles may open up. Current Positions Guild Treasurer Held by: Compfreak(OD) Responsible for: Tracking the daily guild income and expenses to provide a clear picture of our net profit Guild Admiral Held by: Altros(OD) Responsible for: Organizing sea monster runs and other ocean-related activities. Can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which we take into account when considering guild raises Guild Taskmaster Held by: Archie(OD) Responsible for: Organizing Guild Missions. Like the Admiral, can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which works positively towards earning raises Guild Combat Trainer Held by: iGitrDunn(OD) Responsible for: Helping members learn PvP, scheduling times for members to get together to practice PvP in Battlefield or other areas. Possibly set up combat tournaments or competitions. Combat Trainer should be experienced in PvP and familiar with most class skills. Guild Event Master Held by: (Vacant) Responsible for: Hosting events for the Guild such as Scroll Runs or Savage Rifts. Can be creative with making their own events as well. (Such as Horse-racing competitions)
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    Really liked your behind the mic Damian @Townkill(OD) well done again @Ray(OD)for doing it 🙂
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    guy uses infinity merc, fireball, juvies, and still cant win haha
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    Can a noob withdraw his resignation?
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    Hari will bring hangover shots make sure no one get hangover
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    It is a time to be thankful. For starters, I was born on Thanksgiving day back in 1987. That means I’ll be 31 on Sunday 🙁. As far as giving thanks, I’m thankful my dad decided to join the Air Force and his first assignment was over in England where he met my mother. Thanks to that, I get to enjoy some of the finest British cooking every thanksgiving day, and she has passed some pretty amazing recipes over to me. I’m thankful to have a great group of friends and a very loving wife who puts up me with me through thick and thin, as I know it isn’t always easy. I’m thankful I’m gunna pass Skribbzz on the ladder here shortly 🤣🤣. Thankful to be in a position to help people in this clan and thankful to have a community that kicks ass in game that has been going nearly 20 years strong now. I’m thankful to be in good health like a little 🎅 🧝‍♂️. I’m also thankful I’m alive and well to post in this topic. Let’s hear it from you all. Keep cool and stay classy y’all. Happy holidays
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    Closed on our first house this week! It's a new build. They break ground next week. Very exciting 🙂
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    On the course of cleverness, I don't think you have a passing grade yet.
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    thanks alot ray and sassy and purplez i got the torch also i think im good with my sorc now 🙂 That an awesome guide Purplez its well detailed it will be usefull thanks
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    Very well, have it your way. You've stated that you treat twitch as a business, so let's look at this from a business perspective. You requested payment or advertising space in exchange for your services, doing so put us in a position where we had to determine if you were someone we would be willing to spend money on, and how likely we were to find willing graphic artists besides you who would volunteer their time instead. So let's look at those questions. Are you someone we would be willing to spend money on? No. And truthfully it had very little to do with your graphic work itself, and almost entirely to do with your demeanor as a person. From the beginning you approached this matter with a sense of entitlement, focusing almost exclusively on what you felt you deserved instead of what you had to offer, which sets a bad precedence when applying for anything that you hope will become a rewarding or paid position. You acted in a manner where your value was assumed instead of demonstrating your value and your worth instead. In the very post after you requested recompense for your services, You went on to say this So now we have a person who is more focused on personal gain than supporting the venture, and who also states that he's busy, implying that he might not have much time to help on the project, which puts his reliability into question. This is further promoted by the fact that I myself have witnessed you being late on doing OD's Awards on numerous occasions, with it often falling to me to remind you that it is time for them to be done, which serves as a pretty bad reference for you and really solidifies the notion that you aren't altogether very dependable in responsible positions. To top that off further you went on to say this Meaning in conclusion we are evaluating someone who has demonstrated that - He's motivated by personal gain - Has openly implied that he might not have time for it - Has known cases of being late and unreliable in past work - Has reserved the right to remove his work under certain circumstances or of his own prerogative That doesn't make for a very strong case when it comes to convincing us that you should be paid for your work. So let's look at the other question now. How likely are we to find willing graphic artists besides you? As it turns out, even at the time we had asked you if you were willing to help out, Tris had already received an offer of help from another artist he had connected with during his time streaming, someone whose work looked pretty good and who also offered to help out for free. This person was very supportive, and made such a good case for themselves that because of the amount of work involved, Tris is in talks with them about possible compensation for their work (out of his own pocket) anyway despite the fact that they offered to do it for free. In the end, you presented yourself in a bad way, and there happened to be other candidates who could fulfill the role and approached it in a manner much more appealing. If this were a job interview (and essentially it became just that) there is no business or company that would have hired you after a performance like that when other, more promising candidates were available. In truth we likely wouldn't have taken you even if there wasn't another person already available, such were the number of red flags that came up in your "interview" that it would have been more practical to take our chances by continuing to look for other artists instead. So, you made your offer, we declined the offer, that was that. In any professional setting that is where it should have ended. But you didn't actually end it there, so let's look at a third point of interest now. Your reaction to the decline Despite claiming to treat twitch as a business and approaching it in a professional manner, you instead decided to raise a stink about your offer being turned down. You criticized myself and others for not viewing your twitch channel, implied that your offer was declined simply because you weren't part of the "cool kids club", continued to push the fact that your offer was perfectly reasonable even after it was rejected, and told me to give my explanation in front of everyone instead of approaching me personally in a calm and mature manner. Your reaction in the aftermath demeans you, demeans me by having to explain this, demeans the truly good and honest thing we are all trying to put together for OD and streamers, and only further reinforces the conclusion that you would have been a bad person to hire. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So there you go, as requested, the reason your offer was declined in detail. I hope you take away a lot from this, because if you learn from it then your future interviews might go a lot better. And I hope this serves to demonstrate that irregardless of whatever malicious intents Collin imagines are behind my posts, that there were in fact legitimate reasons for the decline, and I did my best to be polite during the whole process.
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