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    Commanders Aerineth and Badboi & Major General Ghost
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    I don't usually post on the forums much, but I would like to say hats off, and thank you, to Raged(OD) for all the hard work you put in recruiting new members for our division. It's an honor to be in such a thriving community with so many great clansmen. I would also like to mention the great work you do in rank promotions and I try to vote at every opportunity. We are now hovering around 140+ members in game and around 60-65 members on OD site the last time I looked, that's even with "cleaning house" on folks who don't log in/play anymore. That said, for those who read my post, for those who take pride in being a member of Overdosed Gaming Community, we could all learn from the above mentioned Raged (OD) and start giving more time to or community, let's support each other. When someone comes up for a well earned promotion, vote for them, if a new member meets there trial requirements and shows promise, vote for them. Even if they already have enough votes..... We do a great job of helping each other out in game, we should also show our support for each other on OD site. I challenge everyone to give a little more time, your input is a valuable asset to the strength of the division as it grows. Vote, recruit, post on forum, and lets do all we can to try and get the other half of our D3 community to register on OD site! Thank you for your time, Tex
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    I am one happy mum couldnt ask for a better Christmas present MY LAUREN IS HOME now we can have the best Christmas ever and look to the new year and Lauren getting better thank you to all you that has had lauren in your prayers it’s meant so much to myself and my family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    I FINALLY DID IT !! I brought a pair of shoes with memory foam insoles , no more forgetting why I walked into the kitchen 🙂
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    @Ray(OD) you don’t have to be crazy to be my friend I’ll train you
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    So I just wanted to say that everyone here is amazing. I've only been playing again for maybe 2 weeks now but you all have helped me out so much. Can't wait to be a full member.
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    Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
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    You were one of the few people I could talk and debate with and receive honest and well-thought replies from. On more than one occasion your input has given me pause to reconsider my own thoughts on something. You weren't afraid to be outspoken, and you were good at what you did. OD is the lesser for being without you.
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    Sorry to Necro Thread this, however, now that I finished my schooling and over my busy work time, I can post. I have yet to give my tribute to the Bat@Tris(OD). Thanks for staying when I had asked you to. With all of those leaving, we needed your help transitioning new leadership. Thank you. That was a mistake. I got the last troll. Alas, I am honored for the offer; as you were my closest friend in OD. Sorry it took me a while to type this out. Just like you, real life gets in the way; but I wouldn't miss this. I understand why you left. OD was like a bad smoking habit: you couldn't kick the habit unless you quick cold turkey. You have a bright future ahead of you and if we're ever in the same area, I hope to hang with you sometime. You have my number, hit me up whenever. I admired Tris when we both started together in the SC2 division. I hosted the Tourneys and he made the division glue together. That was the height of competitive OD and I was glad to be a part of it with him for the wild ride it was. When my carpal forced me to pick up LoL, he stayed; even when our star players were signed to pro teams and competing in Korea (FOR REAL!!!) When you joined LoL, it was even better. You and I (along with others) worked on the evaluation system and other important clan reforms that took the clan from To This I really enjoyed having someone that would thoughtfully debate, could think many steps ahead, and think of many shortfalls. It was great, but all good things have to come to an end. Thanks for all you've done and all the good times we have had together. I'm going to miss hanging out on vent/TS3 together, but I'm sure we will in the future. I enjoy watching your stream, even though I go incognito and don't say hi. I know as much as you, that after work/school gets real, there's little time to dedicate to OD and you'd rather end on a high note. I can't believe it has been 3 months already. In these 3 months, I felt that there was a gigantic power/logic/wisdom/friendship vacuum that you have left. We were struggling for a while, but finally, have stabilized. OD will never be the same without you, but I'd think you'd enjoy knowing that we are back at it again. New leaders and old have stepped up their game to help fill the leadership crater. I'd like it if you stopped by every quarter or two to say hi. TLDR: I really enjoyed our friendship and the badass times we had together. I'll remember it forever. Thank you and good luck to a promising future. Possibly in 20 years, when I need an executive for my company, you may be getting a call. Again, Thank you my Friend.
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    guy uses infinity merc, fireball, juvies, and still cant win haha
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    I know this is not the place to post just wanted to pop by and say hi and miss you guys and game a lot but be back soon to see everyone and get to meet the new recruits that I’ve not already spoken to on ts really nice guys those I’ve spoken too have fun play nice REMEMBER RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN ❤️
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    Teamspeak will now automatically reset DSL when you log into it, courtesy of R.ganarok. No synchronizing required, it's set up to look for names matching those on the member list on our website. We'll be adding onto the function at a later time to include resetting DSL when a person moves channels as well, for those of you who tend to stay logged into Teamspeak. Also the Discord reset bot should be back up now, and should remain up more or less permanently going forward. (I know you were asking about this @PoPs(OD) ) You guys can thank Rag for that one too.
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    I'm glad to hear my post left a positive impression on some. In any case, it has been fun discussing the philosophy of discussion. It's been quite some time since I've been that engaged in a conversation just for the sake of exchanging thoughts. I apologize if any of my posts came across as a bit patronizing, I have a tendency to sometimes speak my mind a bit too plainly. I think everyone who participated contributed to the topic in their own way, and I have a high opinion of all of you. And once again, your writ was a pleasure to read, Dreg, and I feel it was very well done. So thank you for sharing.
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    thanks alot ray and sassy and purplez i got the torch also i think im good with my sorc now 🙂 That an awesome guide Purplez its well detailed it will be usefull thanks
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    "I think, therefore I am." Though this could fall under this umbrella of the a priori exclusion. I would argue that this is circular reasoning. Your conclusion is that there are no objective truths and your premise excludes a priori knowledge, the literal source of objectives truths. This leads to a valid conclusion. After all, if we exclude the source of objective truths then there are no objective truths. However, the soundness and, honestly, the usefulness of such an argument is questionable at best. That being said, I think I get what you're getting at. A posteriori knowledge is fallible. It can never be proven 100% correct. This is why theories in sciences, aside from axioms, are never considered hard truths, as science is based in empirical evidence, a form of a posteriori knowledge. I would say that a better way to convey your point isn't to say that objective truths don't exist, or that nothing can be proven real, but instead to say that one must take care in the information they are presenting; that one should be aware of whether their facts are a priori or a posteriori. If the fact is a priori, it's a fact, an objective truth. If the fact is a posteriori then a very large amount of evidence is required to support it and 1 piece of solid evidence against it can falsify it.
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    I sound like an alien lol Oh well, you did a good job Ray.
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    The reason it says to 'play' instead of allow you to install another copy of D2 is because that installer is programmed to look for a D2 folder located in C:/Progams(x86)/Diablo II If you rename that Diablo II folder to something different (Example: Diablo II-Primary Key) you will be allowed to install a 2nd copy of Diablo. **note you will need to re-add a shortcut to your desktop** Then install the non-primary cd-key of Diablo II to that C:/Program files(x86)/Diablo II folder and then you can install sandbox free edition and open two copies of Diablo if you open your primary on your desktop then right-click open the non primary cd-key diablo "run with sandbox"
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    Sivil, Ghost, Snickers, Badboi, & Momo
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    Times were pretty different back then. Large amounts of members brought a much more palpable sense of spam and immature fighting, the potential for "spies" from other Clans who wanted to mess up your stuff and then flood or load your channels. More than that, however, I think we are much more well-adapted to handle a large, diverse populace of members now. Members of different Divisions and ranks are represented in Admin Meetings, which went from originally just being Generals, to being Generals and Officers, to being Generals and Officers and Division Leaders, to being pretty much everyone who is invited or has a distinct reason for participating. The Rules Committee was formed which originally included an equal number of members from all ranks. Setranks became more strictly regulated, leadership has become more transparent, and the Clan as a whole has a much greater say in the promotions and advancement of every individual General. This has all come with its own set of challenges, but what it has allowed us to do is manage the interests and needs of our members in ways that no previous generations of OD were capable of, and most of our key problems of today aren't a result of trying to manage more people than we can handle, but rather it is more about trying to find that balance of flexibility against the somewhat more bureaucratic nature our processes have ended up becoming, as well as being able to better filter out the massive amounts of interests, opinions, and requests from our members and separating the good and needed ideas from those that aren't so needed. Therefore closing recruitment wouldn't really change our situation, we would still have the same problems that we struggle with daily. The heavy ratio of D2 members compare to the rest of the Clan has certainly had some noticeable effects as well, and in some aspects of the Clan does give them a leg up from other Divisions. But if you've ever seen the amount of daily disputes, trolling, and member management they have to deal with as a result of that large population, I think one would say it is a pretty fair trade-off in the end. Everyone can easily see the multitude of votes they can get in promotions and Award ceremonies, but not everyone can see the day-to-day hassles of their Division, so it is easy to mistake what they have earned as freebies handed to them on a silver platter when in actuality they work pretty hard to make sure the Division is held together with all those members. Having so many generous members willing to pitch in and help host events and games certainly helps with that too, and in that regard they are lucky to have them. So, rather than closing recruitment I think it is just more a matter of continuing to adapt and refine the way things are to better accommodate the people of the community. There are always things that could be better, and there is always room for improvement. The improvements of the past are what allow us to do what we do today, and as we continue to improve upon the flaws and systems of today, there is no telling what we'll be able to do in the future to come.
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    Indeed, you're not even the first person to publicly target me. Although it never went so well for your predecessors either. But let's focus on you. Originally I was pretty content to just ignore your outburst (except for the occasional troll post of course). After all, everyone else was already doing a pretty good job of explaining your mistakes for you. But you are apparently so head over heels in trying to get me to talk to you that you'll even invade my channel to rant at me. So very well, I will grant you your one true wish. Just to make sure I understand your story correctly here, you are an everyday Enlisted member who spends half his time gaming and chatting with the community. But the other half of your time is spent staring longingly at that forlorn Commander in the Gamer's Lounge Channel. "Who is she?" You wonder. "When will she come talk to me?" Day after day you wait, wondering when the Commander you espy in the distance will come to meet you. When you can finally speak to her, and ask her all those things that have been on your mind for so long, "What does she do?", "Why does she keep to herself?". The questions race around your mind in a vigorous torrent of emotions, just waiting for release. But she does not come. The days go by, and she does not come speak to you. It is as if you exist in a world outside of hers, doomed forever to stare at her from a distance. Never to reach her, never to connect with her. No! It must not be so! IT MUST NOT BE SO! Like an uncontrollable storm your emotions pour forth. She WILL acknowledge you! She will know you exist! She must! You will make sure she does, be it damn you and damn the world, it will happen! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which brings us to your post. I'm pretty sure I got your story right, based on what you were saying here, but do correct me if I'm off on a few points. So anyway, if your objective is to try and encourage leadership to come talk to members more, then I have to say, you sure aren't making a very good case for it. I'm going to optimistically choose to believe that this is one of those occasions like when little boys pick on the girls they secretly like because they don't know how to express their emotions very well, because on some level that might actually be forgivable. And for the record, it is a bit weird that someone who complains about me never speaking to them goes so out of their way to hide their identity so that I don't know who they are. But I'm sure you are just very shy, so let's go over a few things together shall we? This whole thing revolves around what I do for the Clan, and how much more work certain others have done than I have. First - I know you haven't asked those people you feel work harder than me about what I do, otherwise they would have told you. Second - I know you haven't read my evaluations that have explicitly outlined what I've recently done, NOR are you familiar with the expectations of each rank, because you have only just created a forum account today with the purpose of targeting me Third - I know you've never talked to me to ask me what I do, or to ask me to join you in a game or channel, because well.. who in their right mind would actually go talk to someone instead of just expect them to come talk to you? Which begs the question, what do you know then? Proceeding under the educated assumption that the answer to that question is "nothing" let me help explain a few things. First of all, the role of a Commander is not to come talk to you. That is what your therapist is for, and on a side note you may want to schedule another visit soon. As some very bright individuals have pointed out here, 4 Commanders divided by 400 members means you are expecting each Commander to speak regularly to at least a hundred people, if not all of them, which is far from the realm of realistic. The role of the Commander is to maintain the values and integrity of the community, to support or create developments or endeavors that benefit the community, to manage key community assets, and to help resolve the problems or arbitrate the disputes that Generals and Division Leaders are not able to absolve themselves. Most of this is outlined in the expectations written in the Overdosed - Guide to Everything, which I'm pretty familiar with being that I wrote the entire thing. But now I am digressing, and it looks like class is almost over, so let me end with giving you a bit of reading material for homework. To understand how the Clan works and the expectations of each rank please read up on: the OD Guide to Everything To understand a *little* of what I do, you can read up on: My recent evaluation posted in January. Or you can ask any of the Generals and other Commanders. Or maybe just.. you know.. listen to everyone replying to your topic here. Your options for enlightenment are endless! So go forth, learn, and remember: our children are our future!
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    So our shooting deaths, as a first world country, is comparable to Iraq, a country that is literally in a civil war. Boy, those loose gun laws sure are helping to keep the peace and people safe.