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    There's another reason to bump this ;). Not only are you a cancer survivor(which is monumental in its own right) but you will have been in OD 3 years as of tomorrow :). Dear lord has it really been that long?
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    Staff Sergeant MiaMi(OD) playing Diablo II was disabled for having 15 days since last login on Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:00 PM Commander Aerineth(OD) reset Staff Sergeant MiaMi(OD)'s password for Forgot his password. Resetting for him. - Aer on Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:28 AM Commander Aerineth(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant MiaMi(OD) for Re-enabling you. It's been 3 years since you were disabled. The terms of your re-enablement consist of your finishing your promotion probation before you're allowed to be promoted again. You have 27 days from today before you can be promoted again. I'll have my eye on you. - Aer on Tue Dec 13, 2016 4:40 AM http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/64849-resolvedlooking-to-rejoin/?tab=comments#comment-798708 Considering when I re-enabled you on these terms laid out in this thread, and you dsl'd out 15 days later, you basically never logged in. So the restriction will be the same, 27 days before you're eligible to be promoted making January 5th the first day you can be promoted. Should you accept this we will re-enable you.
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    Mercury Public Event: Vex Crossroads While at first intimidating due to its size, the three steps required to completed a reasonably simple and quick, and obviously goes much faster with a compliment of other players joining you. Phase one: Seize keys from Gatekeepers to shut down the warp gates The sole public event on Mercury looks like it is two events occurring at the same time, but it's actually showing the first phase takes place across two areas at once.This first phase has you shut down four warp gates, two at either end of the patrol space. Start at one end, and find the Gatekeeper, a named enemy called 'Keeper of Ages Present'.Once it's downed, it'll drop orbs. Pick up one of these orbs, and take it to one of the two gates on the upper ledges on the outside of the raised area to dunk it. If the orbs disappear, more should spawn up the steps near the launcher.Perform this for both gates on both sides, making for a total of four gates. Phase two: Travel to the island to shut down its warp gate On both outer edges of Mercury are islands, which one of the launch pads near the above gates will take you to. When you land, it's a similar process as before - find the Gatekeeper, destroy it for orbs, and drop them into the central gate. You then take the launcher back, go to the far other side, and repeat at the second island. It should be noted it's this phase that has the Heroic requirement, which we'll discuss in more detail toward the end of this page. Phase three: Defeat the Gate Lord With the second island done, head back via the launcher and go to the central-most- area, where a towering Vex - the Gate Lord - will be waiting.This is a simple case of putting as much damage in as possible. With a handful of you it won't take long at all, and once it's downed, the event is over, giving you two treasure chests to choose from. Turning Vex Crossroads Heroic The Heroic activation comes during one very specific part of the event.When you travel to the first island as part of the second phase, you'll destroy a Gatekeeper and drop an orb in the center, before taking the launcher back to the main Mercury setting.However, when you drop the orb and before you take the launcher, a floating diamond will appear on the outer edge of the island. You must destroy this as soon as possible to trigger a platform.Leap up onto it, and two diamonds appear. Destroy these, and another platform and another set of diamonds will appear.Destroy these, and a final platform will take you to the top of the island. Stand in the middle of the plate and the Heroic version of the event will activate. Hope this helps you all guys. ill be posting more heroic Walkthrough's in time.
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    Hey Everyone! The next behind the mic interview will be with Triny! Once again this interview will be done by your lovely MelodicRose(OD). So don't worry. You don't have to sit here for an hour and be plagued by my voice. So once again let's fire up those brains(or what's left of them) and give @MelodicRose(OD) some questions for @Triny(OD) for her interview.
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    Just joined, i have been playing D2 on and off as we all do forever, no one ever quits this game.... we just take a break and come back. I wont complain ive been playing D2 for roughly 14 years. Looking forward to the reset tomorrow but then again i wont be able to play until thursday night cuz of work. Happy to have a family to play with though!
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    @TieDyeT(OD)will take care of it Bay no worries
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    @TieDyeT(OD) @boydbrooks(OD) @Sassy i'll play either HCL or SCL for reset - just let me know what team(s) need a member. I'll play whatever is needed, thanks. I'll also be able to play all night as well. I'd prefer HCL i think, but im down for either.
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    1-TXCold(OD) Pally - 1/2 hr late 2-Haj(OD) F. Sorc 3-Next(OD) Pally 4-CN(OD) Pally/Sorc 5-Jiraiya(OD) 6-Cogswell(OD) 7-Hari(OD) 8-TieDyeT(OD) Barb Team 2 1-Froggie420(OD) Pally 2-Boydbrooks(OD) Sorc 3-Triad(OD) zon4-Ocelot(OD)5- Griswold(OD)6- data(OD) 7-Ascend(OD) Pally8-Kimchi(OD) Barb Team 3 1-Spanks(OD) Sorc 2-Vermz(OD) Pally/Sorc 3-Miami(OD) Sorc/Pally 4-Milabrega(OD) 5-Endus(OD) 6-Pwood(OD) 7-Bootyman(OD) 8-Croydayn(OD) Barb Team 4 1-Kyynu(OD) 2-4-Biznatch(OD) L Sorc 3-Fungi(OD) 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- i boyd have edited team 2 and moved a couple more to team 4. going to finish this tomorrow, but this looks almost complete. please post what characters u will guys use. i moved biznatch due too only needing 1 sorc per team at least and since kyynu was by himself it would definetly help him. also i know fungi is my boy <3 and hes good so i figured he can help kyynu and biz. thanks guys, and thank yall for helping get this organized.
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    Hey fellow clan members! I just wanted to post something so you all can get to know me and so we can start out by being totally awesome. Why is clan OD so tight for people playing Diablo 2? Previously all of my gaming was a solo event. Bot up until you get to a high enough level to actually start doing shit in the game. That experience drove me away from diablo for YEARS. With clan members starting teams and having open forum discussions the game feels like a new place. Weirdly sentimental attachments to old school gaming combined with a lack of excitement about D3 always bring me back here. With such a large community it feels like we should be doing something to get the game we all really want and deserve. While D3 pays homage to D2 and D1 in a lot of ways it just isn't the same game. We've been following blizzard for years, and they can't give us something truly exciting to play. SC2 is the best remake of a classic game, because it stayed true to the things that made the original gameplay amazing but invoked a new community of dedicated players. So what now. With D3 sucking eggs our only option is to bring back the vicious D2 community. Maybe, just maybe with enough support and good ideas we can influence blizzard to either remaster the game (professionally as opposed to some third party private bs) or show them where they went right and that in fact it was so right that we still play, for some of us more than 15 years after the release. Thanks for the recruit Boydbrooks(OD)
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    BTS - Run @MelodicRose(OD)
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    i just read this post , im glad you kicked Cancers butt, but Froggie is Right you can Quite Smoking, im going on 15 years on being on Anti-Depressants, i dont tell many people, back in 2001 i almost took my life, then i found Diablo 2 and i could go and play a game and Kill Monsters, and not get Arrested,,,lol a few years went by and i met this Cool dude in a Clan called KoA and a name of a item i like,,,, Frog's,, so i can say a Game and a Friendship Saved my Life,, anyway like i was saying you can Quite Smoking, my goal for the End of the Year is to also Quite Smoking, 38 years and i think i can do it this time,,, that and i see my Shrink on Monday im hoping he can give me a Scrip for a helper to take Edge Off <3
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    welcome gris! i personally agree with d3 sucking eggs.. it is more like WoW then diablo.. to me.
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    Welcome aboard, we all OD on gaming, i konw my 8+ hours a day piss of the wife XD
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    D3 doesn't suck eggs. It's just... different. Its not the Diablo that we remember from its first incarnation or heck the much touted and successful sequel in Diablo 2(that still has numerous bugs lol). Its more of a casual hack and slash similar to the arcade game Gauntlet(cant tell you how many quarters I dumped into that one time). Some people prefer the old school Diablo feel that 1 and more importantly 2 provides while some don't mind the Hack and Slash that Diablo 3 provides. If there is any downside is that Diablo 3 lacks any sort of Economy so one can't simply trade or get particular gear they want or need. That leaves it up to the RNG gods which frankly D2 limited to great success imo. I mean sure drops are random but when something drops, you know what you're going to get and with what mods/stats. D3... they threw that out the window with the random primary/secondary crap and main stat... is all that matters. Some people like how Diablo 3 operates so better to leave it be than to outright trash it(Plus we support it so that's even more reason to leave it alone). I'm not that knowledgeable about the clan's beginnings but what I do know is that one of the Founders did actually die from an overdose. Therefore there's irony within the name. It's also been around for so long that it would be blasphemy to even consider changing it. If we were, it'd be Spaceballs or bust. Seriously folks, who wouldn't want to join a band of marauders going to plaid? I'm Steve or DarkHelmet(DH for short) and I welcome you to Overdosed. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and if you got issues, talk to an Officer or General within your main game. If all else fails, bother a Commander(they need a swift kick in their ass anyway :P).
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    Know what is great about this? They are all Final Fantasy Players
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    I began this ladder season with a zealer (sucked) then tried a necromancer (sucked) and then got smart, and realized that all of the fun builds are a tad bit gear-intensive, so I started reading. I've always been skeptical as to the effect of magic find in game and I believe a quick explanation of how it works is in order. Magic find does NOT change the type of item dropped. For instance, if mephisto decides to drop a cap, he's dropping that cap regardless if your magic find is 0 or 1000. Your magic find helps to determine though, if you're going to get a regular, magic, rare, set, or unique cap! So in part, magic find does exactly what it says, helps you find magic items. The profitability of this process is questionable i'm sure, but in less than 50 runs (Which are very very short) at a mf of around 300, i've found a tal's ammy, half of trangs, a hoz, shako, and two facets. The Process: Get a sorceress, they can kill meph from a screen away, have a built in nigma, and the best magic find equipment in the game is geared towards them. Do nightmare baal runs until level 75-80 In hell difficulty Beat act 1 and 2, and kill the high council, getting the durance waypoint. Join other people's games that have already killed mephisto, and kill him there. Receive quest-level drops every time you kill meph. I don't know why exactly it works, but it does, I have not seen a shitty all magic drop yet. How to kill mephisto without dying: Make a fire sorceress: Use either a hydra, fireball, or meteor build (I use meteor) Use the Rising sun amulet. (The fire absorb makes the hydras from the council heal you, even if you have -100 resists, so you can ignore them if they spawn in the middle) Teleport here: Run to here: Teleport to here: Drop spells on meph until he is dead. Finding meph is easy, if your waypoint exits to the northeast, D3 will be facing southeast Waypoint exits southeast, D3 will be facing Southwest Waypoint exits Southwest, D3 will be facing northwest Waypoint exits Northwest, D3 will be facing northeast (Go counter clockwise) And now you know, start making that FG.