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    Stitches the Terror of DarkShire Stitches is a heavy front-line fighter who can use his hook to drag enemies to him. Damage 6/10 Utility 10/10 Suitability 8/10 Complexity 4/10 Stitches has 3 Abilities and a choice of 2 Ultimate's. T Vile Gas When damaged Stitches emits a gas cloud that poisons nearby enemies Q Hook Pull the first enemy hit towards you W Slam Deals Damage to the enemies within the targeted area E Devour Deals large damage to non heroic units or moderate damage to heroes and restores Health to Stitches R1 Putrid Bile Emit bile that damages each second to enemies within the area and slows them. stitches gains movement speed while Putrid bile is active R2 Gorge Consume and enemy hero trapping them for a few seconds. when gorge ends the Hero is released. (Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info on stitches. this is just a base outline)
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    Wonderful update from Shaco today! Congratz. we finely made it home after 2 weeks in the hospital from my daughters open heart operation. everything went great and she is now back to normal. Thank You for all the pm's and prayers it has helped me , the mother and family make it threw the hard time. and I am grateful to that. Thank You.
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    To be Crushed: Things to know!!!! Pay attention to the crusher so that things go smoother is the main key. First, you create your character make sure that you take the check out of expansion on the creation. You can create all of the characters except for Assassin and Druid. Ingame things to know: (If you die at any boss stay dead until rusher says to release so you do not miss the quest) Act1 simple just one player that needs the quest goes into the portal given by the rusher -- You can glitch Andy to be able to always have boss drops at this point. You just need to wait for the portal that automatically comes up when you take this portal and return to town. Do not talk to anyone except for Warriv which can carry you to act2. This is all that needs to be done for this glitch to work. Act2 Pay attention because the rusher may need you to go into the portal as soon as possible. Only one person needs to be doing all the movement. Preferably the one that knows the game the most and is the fastest. ---If you are the rusher do the Amulet first (Lost City + Claw viper temple2) So that the player can talk to Drognan right after you let them get the amulet. Then do the staff.(This prevents them from need palace portal) Rushee pay attention because you need to be in the arcane portal when the summoner dies or you will have to make ng or walk the tombs. For speed just be there. After placing the staff in the orifice in the tombs you can return to town and the rusher can make a tp next to the angel without talking to the angel, once the rushee has spoken to the angel it will grant the quest completion even though it said quest cant be completed. Act3 Make sure you stay put at the portal that the rusher opens here so that you can get the quest unless they state otherwise. Again if you die stay dead until told to release. Even if it says you missed the quest always attempt to talk to Cain it will sometimes grant the quest. Once you go into durance portal stay still moving around could trigger the council to come and attack you depending on where the crusher decided to put the portal. Again if you die stay dead until told to release. Act4 This is a simple thing to know as soon as you get here know what the name game should be and who is making it so that you can get out fast because once Diablo is dead there is a countdown on classic. I hope that this crush info helps people doing their crushes and knowing more about classic rushes. Thanks Print(OD) twitch.tv/printusmc oh yea I am PrintUSMC on jsp if you need to reach me outside of this forum And I can do crushes as well still working on leveling my sorc but she can do 1 to 2 people at a time
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    Welcome. It's so crazy that someone is finding this game today around the same time I did when I was like 15ish. Here's to another 15 years of Diablo success.
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    Hiyas Lank, I'm Cindy. Welcome to the fun community of Clan OD. Just give a shout if I can help with rushes or low/medium level gear. I love to share. Here's a couple of links to help you navigate the forum. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66572-crush-suggestion/
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    I'm Akhans and I'm addicted to Heroes of the Storm. Or at least watching people play it. I'm not terrible but I definitely have a lot to learn! Looking forward to playing with like minded individuals.
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    Hello Everyone, as some of you know i have been playing a lot of Runescape and im going to be making it a division if anyone would like to come back to the game or even start to play the game come find me on teamspeak or discord Anyone that wants to play ill give you 500k gold to help you get started off anyone playing on a non members account Anyone that wants to play and decides to become a member (or already is one) will receive another 500k to help out as well for a total of one mill gold PS: By member i mean getting a Runescape member ship not being a member of the squad/division PSS: I dont know when i will take down this offer but ill be doing this for a while so come check it out and have a good time the game is very easily afkable in a lot of things you can do and is easily coupled with other games at the same time if you have any questions shoot me a meesage here on the website, the forums, or find me on ts/discord or post here
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    Hello everyone in the Diablo 3 division, I am posting this up because on reset weekend from the 23rd to the 25th I will be playing Diablo 3 nonstop while raising money for Charity alongside many other streamers for LevelWithACause. I did this last reset as well and we had a huge turn out - raising almost $8,000 dollars. This time we are working to raise money for Save the Children, an organization that believes every child deserves a future, and works in over 120 countries world wide to achieve that goal. I take great pride in having the opportunity to once again stream and raise money for a wonderful cause like this, and hope to see many of you stop by the stream -- Even if you don't donate, taking time out of your day to support with your viewership still means a lot to me. Moreover, I am posting this in the Diablo 3 Division area because I was wondering if some of you would like to party with me opening night, or over the weekend as we enjoy the ladder reset together. Hope to see you there! Sarnith Links for streams [I multi-platform so both will have live feeds]: www.twitch.tv/sarnith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIw6b7qVvkbA27lXUYLJjNg
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    Nice! i need to hop and there and play with yall.
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    Positive vibes and prayers being sent out to @Shaco(OD) and his family during his daughter's ordeal. We all received the mass email on Overdosed.net about his daughter's surgery today. Just know your family is in our thoughts today. Keep us updated, please!
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    Thanks for your updates, so glad your daughter is doing well! Sorry for all the drama surrounding your posts. IMHO if anyone regards your messages as spam, they don't know the definition of a community (also hope this hasn't affected you in an negative way, it's just tasteless, really.. but why would it, you have bigger and more important things on your mind). I for one just wanted to post again and give my support! Take care & good health
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    Great piece of info @Akhans! I'll make sure to take a look at it.
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    Hots Logs is a great resource to research statistics for Heroes of the Storm. You have to upload replays (which are pretty small files) to get a good representation of your own stats, but even just browsing it to see what others are playing and the builds they use is useful. https://www.hotslogs.com/
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    We are seeking more survivors to help us thrive in the apocalypse. In 7 days to die we have a very harsh life. We must hunt and grow our own food or scavenge for what little remains of the old world. We must build fortifications to protect ourselves from the zombie onslaught daily. We must arm ourselves with weapons and protect ourselves from the constant threat of zombies and wildlife. We have to craft and create our own tools including electrical and power equipment later in life. For anyone that is interested please let me know and I will ensure your survival for your first go. We currently have 3 very established bases and 1 deserted castle up for grabs. We can equip players with armor, tools and weapons to help them get started. I will also gift every new player a brand new mini bike for quick travel around the world, which btw is quite large, so there is plenty of room for people to come join us. Hikato hosts an OD private server for us, the info for the server is in his original thread: Overdosed in 7 days. Come join us for great fun and comradeship. Currently myself, Vanity(OD), Hikato(OD) and SupremeJester(OD) are all active players. Ravemore(OD) pops in time to time as well.
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    Hey there peeps. I've tried to talk to as many of you as I could while online. Now branching off to here and discord to get some more info. I'm trying to get together a monthly Raid Day/Night. If we get enough people interested then we can try to have it more often. But what i need is to know what days and times are best for people. If you will let me know so I can try to make a sound plan, so that everyone can have a chance to be involved.
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    Post your steam accounts so I can add mine is following link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198453013909/
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    no problem man justs find me on ts or discord and we can play and get you your start up gold
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    I think that it has great potential for clan members, and friends of clan members. Turning it into a division might be a stretch. The game is Player vs. Player, I don't think it's feasible to try and join a public server to recruit. And I don't think people would appreciate random people coming in and messing up what they have spent so much time on. So I think working within the clan, and within the clan would be best. But that isn't that what Squad of the Month offers? Showing this game off to other clan members on our TeamSpeak and Discord servers?
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    7 Days to Die CO: Hikato(OD) XO: SupremeJester(OD) Utilizing the traffic from SotM we will be able to inform the members of a great game that really speaks for itself. As Atrayas has said, "For people that do not know it is 4 genres in 1. FPS,RPG,Survival/horror, and crafting/world building all in one bundle." Once our channel is more visible, and members stop by, they will see an active game with people who are more than willing to help new comers. We currently don't have any nights specifically focused on. But the few members we have involved at the moment are on every night. The beginning stages of the game are spent preparing to be able to survive the hoard that appears every 7th night. This is not to say that we couldn't host activity nights. Once established, some of the nights we could host weekly or even bi-weekly could be: Tuesday Tunes- Come hang out and listen to some tunes while we tune up the places we call home. Thursday's Turn Day- Take a turn going out and looking for those super rare auger parts or other things that members might need. Check the forums for postings of specific items people might need. Friday Night Hang Out- Friends that play together stay together. It's the perfect game to relax and get away from the troublesome work week. Join us with a pint and have a nice night as we tell jokes and survive the hard times together. Currently we have 5 members, and to have 3 more people joining the server. The more people you get, the easier it is to survive, stay alive, and thrive in the environment. We have currently 3 solid bases for someone to lay a bed down, and there are plenty of kilometers to expand out and create your own base. When it boils down to it we are a new squad that has 5 members on the server and we are extremely active. The accomplishments that some of the members have made in the game are above and beyond. Giving Squad of the Month to 7 Days to Die not only rewards their hard efforts, but it helps in everyone to survive for 7 days at a time. We thank you for your time, effort, and consideration, 7 Days to Die Staff
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    No worries :) I'm just glad that either the damage was minimal or threat neutralized completely neutralized. Either way, happy to be of service.
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    I'd like to further clarify that the post was not actually corgur, just someone who hijacked his account. Anyone who knows corgur knows he doesn't play any games. That just further proves it. :P
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    Hope everything goes well man.
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    Wishing you and your family the best @Shaco(OD)
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    Im sending my prayers and well wishes your way :)
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    My heart and prayers go out to you and your family @Shaco(OD)! Best wishes ~ PJ
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    thoughts with you and yours @Shaco(OD) sending prayers to you all and speedy recovery for your baby :(