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    Would like you all to meet MACIE my new rescued bulldog I was due to get a baby bulldog come May but macie had come into a rescue center for bully’s I just fell in love with her so I started the adoption process and we was excepted.. we go to pick her up on Saturday I’m so excited to get her and give her that loving forever home she deserves and it’s a play mate for our Haze she is such a cutie
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    I'll most likely work most of the day.. then go home and... Make a nice meal Possibly microwaved Have a nice drink with it Possibly alcoholic or even energetic in form Dim the lights to set the mood Possibly turn to darkness Might even put on a nice movie Possibly a comedy though so I don't fall asleep Of course I'll prepare for a night with the true love of my life Possibly move her to a different spot to mix it up a bit Then I'll fire up ol' reliable and get her goin' Possibly overclock'er for shits and giggles I will login like normal on MooMoo(OD) Possibly level a bit And then I'll enter my home away from home Possibly make it to Cold Plains too (depending on who I duel *cough jason cough*) PVP forever and hope not everybody on f list is gone or afk Possibly deliver the chop Or idk, maybe I'll go out with some friends and have a few 🙂 Time will tell 😄
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    the music was a nice touch lol
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    Guess ill take @Redvaine(OD) to Mcdonald's
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    They sure do cindy there to many in rescue because they are not wanted after they been a breeding machine to some humans that don’t even care for the dog bastards they are when I see her I said to tony I’d rather her then spending 2grand on bulldog puppy ❤️❤️
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    im bringing my girlfriend to a sushi restaurant ( she dont eat meat but she eat fish ) then ill give her some flower with some seed i brought (she love plant ) and the seed are for a japaneese bonsai tree with blue leaf then when we will be home ill give her a foot massage with some candle on and then ...... im gonna give her the D 🙂
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    I used to love chant games when you got 20 to do cows with a bow you smacked them fuckers all over the place 🙂
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    Julie do you know any good Welsh recipes for a chocolate cake?
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    Happy Valentines Day To My Favorite OD Peoples! ❤️
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    Getting off early to stop and get her flowers and chocolate covered strawberries she loves. Then I will make her this BOMB chicken tortellini dish and veg out to some tv shows 🙂 Hope everyone has an awesome day!
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    I've Got Valentine's day off, going to run amok, through the slush, to buy myself some puffs. cuz i'm out and its been a blizzard here for the last 4 days and I have no idea how the power is still on.. Merry Valentine's day. buy yourself some undeez. and maybe a sock or two. !
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    Hey everyone, I will be spending most of valentines day working. After work, I plan on having a romantic evening with the love of my life, Mary Jane. She is beautiful but sometimes offends other people with her skunky odor. I don't mind though because she can always cheer me up and make me laugh! I'm usually pretty sad when she is gone. 😞 But I know she is just a phone call away, and we are back together again 😉 Cheers! ~Shade
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    Yea the streets are brutal to animals, and shelters actually aren't much better unless they're babies because most people don't seem to want anything over a baby. Definitely need more people to take these guys in and get them forever homes.
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    I wish I could adopt all the bully’s in the rescue center some are in such bad state just used as breeding machine there some make bully’s that were about to be flown to China to be used as meat the bully rescue saved them think their was 7 😞 but they are safe now and in loving home .. we used to have plenty dogs on the streets here but you won’t see any now there in rescue but even in there it’s trying find forever homes so sad but im glad I’m never waited until May and spend 2grand on a puppy and went for macie well done you and you’re family rescuing those animals
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    Lmfao Jared I thought the same only ray could think of doing that lol 😂
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    ^_^ what an adorable doge! Lucky too, so many still on the streets. My family and I are always taking in cats & dogs and trying to get them into forever homes, it's how we got our current cat but we've had her since she was a baby.
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    @Sassy no one lol just random discussion about enchant
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    Lol ray Who pissed on your cornflakes today ha ha ha
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    I am really glad you mentioned this, I had no idea this was a necessary step. 😄
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    Today I received a card from a member in OD with words that brought happy tears to my face not just words for myself but words for my daughter lauren And I’m going to share these words I will forever treasure this card and hold it close to my heart we definitely are friends for life even if we are miles apart and the card was beautiful thank you and the words were out this world and every word was from the heart ❤️❤️I will be forever grateful that we became great friends. @SeeD(OD) I remember the day you joined od @SuNSeT said I really like this guy he’s a good guy well he was damnright you are one the good guys that’s for sure I’m glad our paths crossed SeeD I will hold you close too I wish you all the best of luck in the world you will be a GREAT DOCTOR I have faith in you and I’m glad I was there when you wasn’t doing to good that what friends are for and I must say the only one other person that ask how you was that was sunset ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    The comments that are on this thread are unfathomable. I love all of you! You guys are all family to me!
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    Thank you ray for holding that d2 meeting sorry you never got the turn out that we thought you would get maybe more next time