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    Happy Easter to one and all! Don't eat too much chocolate... personally, I think the ears on the chocolate bunny are the best LMAO
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    ❤️ I am Happy To Join The D3 Division Gang ❤️ Don't Forget To Sign Up For @Prozacck(OD) Event On The Forums ❤️
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    @MelodicRose(OD) has been selected as the next interviewee for Member Behind the Mic! If you have any questions that you'd like to me ask her on your behalf, please leave them here via reply. I look forward to it!
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    Look how friggin cool this is. This is called a red sprite and they can be seen over late mature stages of convective storms, mostly over the plains. This picture was taken on 4/17 in Oklahoma, when the latest run-in with dangerous severe weather swept across the country during last week. I just submitted a research paper for my Physical Meteorology class on these.. and then saw this on Twitter.. so thought I'd share.
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    I've added this event to the calendar on the main website for ya @Ray(OD). Looking forward to attending (and I second snicker66's motion to have it end by 8pm CST for GoT)!
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    I look forward to seeing you host the meeting I'll see you there in two weeks at this present time I think I'll be able to make it, I request that we finish by 8 PM as Game of Thrones is life
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    League of legends World of warcraft Taco vs taco eating contest truth or dare 2 girls 1 cup rocketship peekaboo hide and seek tag civ 4 civ 5 civ 6 minesweeper travian league of legends again diablo 2 diablo 3 halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 halo wars halo 4 halo 5 gears of war gears of war 2 gears of war 3 star wars Tactical areana online tera Polical incorrectiness dank meme genorator euro truck simulator the sims the game where you build roller coasters pubjizzle fortNIGHT the meat game, where your just a bag of meat stick wars tribal wars poker texas hold'em go fish uno monopoly risk age of conan Netflix (the game where you spend more time looking for a movie/show then you spend watching it) ect. ect.
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    Nice 2 days off work but woke up with a banging headache ouchhhh
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    Right.. forgot about that.. it's been a long day today.. 15 hours before I got home.
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    Due to bad connection i have some problems with game. It's so laggy, and i have no fun. I really don't know how long will be period of my absence. The main reason (I think) is a location where i'm living. Since I moved to country site - population 700 ppl - (some kind of a summer resort), I noticed that connection depends from tourists. Unfortunately my village has no fiber optics - so badwich is really bad. For example - when i want to log in to my FB account i need to wait 2 - 3 min. D3 is simply unplayable for me (500/700 ms is normal for me now - month ago it was no more than 150 ms). Of course i'll be trying to play, but if You will not notice that i'm online - You know reason... Greetings Sławomir Dagga (dagus)
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    Oh gawd I accidentally swiped right on a friend...
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    D3 is lot of updates and it will kill other games next season you guys wont belive it. Hope they reset on same day
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    challenge me anytime, just don't expect mercy lol @Sassy
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    lol well hop on around 1-2am sometime and we can hang out. Then I wont be the only one online lol. I will be rebidding at work next week so who knows what shift I might get may be able to be on in the day if Im lucky. It also depends on time of day I mean people work and stuff during the day there normally isnt much activity until after 4-5pm but I dont think there are nearly as many people playing d2 as there used to be and Im not just talking in OD I mean the game in general
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    Hi all Im going to run this event with the help of @Prozacck(OD) and he gave few ideas. Any Active member of OD will participate but its only related to DIABLO 3 This event based on point system who get more points he/she win Member of Month Medal +2000FG How to get points There are too many ways to earn points 1. D3 Recruitment. 200 points 2. Voting on D3 trails. 100 points 3. Voting on D3 promos. 75 points 4. Host D3 event 100 points 5. Make any D3 topic on Forums 50 points 6. Reply any D3 topic on forums. 25 points 7. D3 paragon lvl 0 to 500. 20 points 8. D3 paragon lvl 501 to 1000. 35 points 9. D3 paragon lvl 1001 to 1200 60 points 10. D3 paragon lvl 1201 to 1500 100 points 11. D3 paragon lvl 1501+. 175 points 12. D3 streaming. 40 points(limit 1 per day) 13. Accepting D3 Elite squad. 125 points Duration period. Apr 19 to end of season 16(may 12?) Post all links and paragon lvls All the participants will get some FG depending on their points Good Luck all @Prozacck(OD) =100+50 @MelodicRose(OD) =25 @MooMoo(OD) =25+40+25 @Purplez(OD) =25+25 @Dmon(OD) =25 @Hectic(OD) =25+25 @Solaris(OD) =25 @JC6(OD) =25 @Mj3(OD) =25+40+25+40+40+25
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    I get on d2 and d3 still.. It's just hard to stay on d2 when I logon and the only ones online and not afk (looking at you @Rich(OD) and @Membership(OD)) are the two run bots. Then... I hop on d3 🙂 or Skyrim, or whatever else I feel like playing lol
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    Happy Easter everyone in OD have a great day we have a family bbq and lots of drinking to do 🙂
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    sorry i slow down on good weather... havent been on in 2w..
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    i was on! but im at work and i replied back to you but then u were gone haha. yea. its been pretty dead as of late.... im always on and bored playing alone haha. most of the active players are trying out other games or in game at night time~ also its been pretty hard recruiting these days as not many ppl are on playing or following runs. only regulars are following or comin back, but not many new faces joining. thats why ive been walking more with other members and solo play in pub to try to find new recruits hahaha, in doing so, ive been more into classic these days ;D
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    nah its been bad for a while now. even when im at work leveling theres like 3 people online. was tough getting people out for the tourney too. you bring a big crowd with you during the mornings, and that crew is mia as well lol. def be nice having you back next ladder
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    sorry Julie Im trying to take @Mj3(OD) and @MooMoo(OD) they are best streamers for D3 and they dedicated runners for D2.
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    it is really seeming so. We need more people that play past the first two months of ladder lol. I guess this is what JSP and bots have done to the game.. When we starting the Diablo Immortal div? lmao
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    Gloating don’t get you no where ...
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    http://prntscr.com/nf3fdu Here's a screenshot of the picture in the post for yah ^^
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    OHHH SNAP! Me too!! idk why but the chocolate is just better there and its the perfect amount haha!
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    Welcome to Clan Overdosed, Josh! Let me know if you require assistance.
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    Happy Easter Everyone!! About to Have Family Time ❤️
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    happy easter! b safe on the roads!
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    happy easter you nutty brit! 🙂
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    Yeah I'm about lvl 12 but I also got rushed and I spent 2 days on jsp buying gear lol. I realized the gear is more expensive cause it's rare so no runewords. I actually paid 1500fg just for the armor itself. But when you see it you will know why. I still have all my other quests to do though and cant use any of the gear until I'm high level anyway.
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    BLACKTHORNE'S HIGHEST GR PUSH The crown jewel of Diablo 3 (besides Ess of Johan), everyone is using meta sets to push so i thought why not take it back to old school when Blackthornes was everyone's Sunday best. Its simple but a few rules to try keep it fair for everyone. Rules: 1) No primal gear at all 2) you can only augment any ancient with lvl 50 gems! 3) you can pair blackthorne set with other sets, this is not a blackthornes only event 4) only allowed to use 800 paragon 5) this is a solo push event (group clears will not count) 6) followers are allowed, BUT, UNITY IS NOT!! 7) must have full set bonuses from Blackthornes, not just one piece! I know some of the rules will restrict the push levels but, rules is rules! To be apart of this event all you need to do is strap on ya best dressed Blackthornes and PUSH! Post a screenshot of you completing the GR with your mouse showing you have blackthornes set equipped to be in the running! An example has been provided in this post for you. Prize will be 500FG and bragging rights for the season! Hope yall enjoy this and looking forward to seeing how far people push! Have fun yall and push hard!
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    you mean one that is definitely insured as well 🙄
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    Just to clear things up- It's pronounced data, not "data".
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    The police came my door last night and said, 'Are you familiar with the letters HB'? I said, 'No i'm not' 'How about LS'? 'No' 'What about JD'? I said, hang on a minute, am I a suspect or something'? They said, 'No, these are just initial enquiries!'. lol 😂 😂😂
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    As long as you are having fun GamerGoth, that is all that matters 🙂 Alot of members make sorcs so that they can crush others without the ancient requirement, but there are several that actually play classic. Good luck!
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    W.O.W. when i have time added but the OD Clan there disintegrated and tried and failed to restart several times and always on a different server then where it was so nothing for OD there atm for me. i also play or played: PoE for a bit, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online... but will not return there, D2 and currently D3 when the seasons begin but only to get the rewards then i lose interest, SWToR... i am in the OD clan there but unless there's something new to do i don't really log on cause playing solo gets boring real fast and others are never on though they tell me they are lol just my luck i guess, DC Universe Online but again boring to play alone, and currently i'm playing either SAO: Fatal Bullet or MTG Arena which i just started. i would like to do more with the clan but i seem to not be where everyone else is lol
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    Mr cookie @Aerineth(OD) I’ll have you know she got to act 5 we even stopped off for a drink in the pub in act2 😛😛
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    D2 and D3 Tried POE its not easy like diablo games so i quit
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    I'm unsure if I will be in attendance (I have a final the following day), but I am curious what topics you are aiming to discuss regarding social media. Would be nice to know what is going on 🙂
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    D2 D3 PoE GTA V Super Mario Bros Crossover Warcaft III RoC and TfT SC BW WoW MoP Halo 2 & Halo 3 Mechassault II Lone Wolf Minesweeper Need for Speed Underground Need for Speed Carbon Mortal Kombat (2011) God of War I & II DMC 3 Solitaire Spider Solitaire Checkers Exploding Kittens Cards Against Humanity What Do You Meme? Street Fighter V Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Fire Red Pokemon Ruby Tetris Ninja Gaiden Black Super Smash Bros N64 Conker Live and Reloaded MVC3 Monopoly Crazy Eights Go Fish The Lebanese Equivalent of Spades (400) 52 Card Pick Up Hide and Seek Catch The Silent Game 7UP Improv Games Non-Alcoholic Beer Pong Charades Tinder Trivia Crack Roblox Crypt Raider Farmville Basket Ball Soccer Volley Ball Badminton Soccer Baseball Dodgeball Naruto Ninja Storm 4? Soul Calibur II Hot Potato Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare Trivial Pursuit Thumb War Arm Wrestling Feet Fight And more
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    Look I got way to fucked up on acid last night and may have burned a church down but I didnt think it was that church and how the fuck did I get to france and back im not even allowed out of the country
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