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    Absolutely amazing you guys are reading this has cheered me right up been in a very dark place but seeing this is just wow thank you guys and girls <3
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    You can count on me! If I ever kill Jared in a duel I'll send you an SS.
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    You were one of the few people I could talk and debate with and receive honest and well-thought replies from. On more than one occasion your input has given me pause to reconsider my own thoughts on something. You weren't afraid to be outspoken, and you were good at what you did. OD is the lesser for being without you.
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    The Non Gamers view on Diablo (Read line by line top down) I will play my life according to these beliefs Diablo 2 does not exist It is just foolish to think That there is a Baal with a cosmic plan That an all powerful Blizzard brings redemption as a skill It is a comforting thought however Is only wishful thinking Purple, Uncle, Midnight can level as they please without effort The idea that I am deserving of hell difficulty Because of leveling Is a lie meant to make me a slave to time in the game. The more gear you have the happier you will be Our existence has no level 99 or purpose In a world with no Diablo There is freedom to be who I want to be But with Diablo Everything is fine It is ridiculous to think I am lost and in need of leveling. The Gamers view on Diablo (Read line by line bottom up)
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    Only a 1000 words huh, okay I'll try. Just remember I wanted to take this another way but with the limitation I decided to make a silly little story. I hope it makes you laugh The Village (Not to be confused with the terrible movie with the same name) This is the story of a happy little village called Odiadem, that is filled with happy little people. Except these people aren’t people at all, they’re OD members. All the little Odiademians were busy doing all the little chores of everyday life. We have Midnight running from one end to the other, Ghostdog rushing about to get his jobs done, and KC always looking for his keys. Everything seemed normal up until a giant roar could be heard from the distance that brought Odiadem to a complete stand still. Everyone froze in terror too afraid to move, too scared to stay. Another roar could be heard followed by a giant “thud,” then another and it was getting closer. That last thud seemed to snap them all out of their terror as they all seemed to run in a giant panic, pushing into each other as they sought to flee this terrible noise. Everyone was in a fear induced stampede, all except one person, Nymathin. All his life he knew he was destined for greatness and this must be it. He was going to single handedly save his beloved town. Nymathin rushed to his home to get the make shift weapon he made from three broom handles and a cooking pot, and off he ran in the direction of the approaching danger. Another roar was heard in the distance followed by more thuds, something huge was approaching. Nymathin would not be deterred from his mission to save his friends. He ran with all the speed his little legs could carry him toward the giant sound, as he reached the top of the first hill he seen it. A giant Purple monster and riding on it’s head was Sassy, the only Odiademian who was not happy and sought to destroy the happiness of all in Odiadem. “I should have known she’d be behind this” Nymathin explained as he ran to battle this giant Purple monster. The Purple monster stood seven times taller than our intrepid hero Nymathin but that didn’t stop him from swinging his pot polearm (non eth) at it. Bam, the pot made contact but had no effect. Nymathin swung again to no avail. The giant Purple monster swung one of it’s seven massive arms to swat Nymathin out of the way but Nymathin was too quick and dodged. Seeing this battle he could not win, he quickly ran back to Odiadem for safety. Upon reaching Odiadem, Nymathin was met by a large group of Odiademians who were frightened but curious as to what was coming. Nymathin answered their questions and told them that the unhappy Sassy was behind it all with her terrifying Purple monster. The townspeople looked hopeless but Nymathin had an idea. “If we put our minds to it, I bet we can come up with something.” The townspeople agreed and off they went to form a plan. All the while the giant thuds kept echoing in the distance. Everyone gathered for a meeting and it was decided that they would all stand and fight the horrible Purple monster by setting traps and ambush tactics. After the traps had been set and everyone was ready, the Purple monster was upon the village. Try as they might, nothing worked against the Purple monster, there were some very ingenious traps and strategies in play and I wish I could describe them but I only have 1000 words after all but trust me it was epic. The Purple monster seemed unbeatable and many lives were lost and nearly half the village lay in ruins. When there seemed to be no hope at all, along came our real hero Ray who ran out from his hiding place and yelled at the top of his little lungs “MUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone heard a strange sound coming from the top of the giant Purple monster, coming from the unhappy Sassy was a tiny weak giggle, which slowly grew into thunderous laughter, even the Purple monster put two of it’s seven arms on it’s horns and started laughing. This was followed by the townsfolk joining in. Soon everyone was laughing and having a good time. The unhappy Sassy realized that she wasn’t unhappy at all, that she had it in her to be happy. The townsfolk forgave her and welcomed her back into the village. Sure there were many deaths and half the town was destroyed but they all lived happily ever after.
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    already taken care of....ur in @Altreg01(OD)
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    Once upon a time, in the great Land of OD, there was an EvilGod who raged and threatened all with realpain. Members of OD were unable to enjoy the midnight sunset or the eclipsee all because of this badboi! Everybody was afraid to cross the DBZ line because of this EvilGod fearing execution. Nobody was enjoying the lovelycolors of purple that so often brought them joy. Even the OD animals like lion, monkeydluffy, the fuzzyllama, bear, the silverfox and froggie quivered in fear of the EvilGod. Only a ghost of a moomoo was heard throughout the Land of OD. A great feast was planned by Queen Sassy which included puddin and rice. Knight Ocelot was commanded to bring the swordoflight to the feast. Queen Sassy proclaimed that the Land of OD was minenotyours to the EvilGod. She saw a ray of hope pierce the Land of OD and knew there would be no fukinaround because she would appoint King Aerineth as everybody’s savior! King Aerineth faithfully accepted the task with just a little vanity. He would play his trump card and stop that badboi EvilGod from creating a chaotic time in the Land of OD. King Aerineth was afraid his badhands would tremble when using the swordoflight and didn't want a mistaken townkill so he pops a few coffeebeans for energy and strides off across the DBZ line. He plans to cause realpain to Evil God. Calling forth a firestorm King Aerineth uses his hikato skills and bounces across the terra(in). The battle rages back and forth until suddenly King Aerineth proves that EvilGod is onlymortal and pierces his chest with the swordoflight. Soon the SupremeJester and Dajokester are singing long live Queen Sassy and the Land of OD. That filth EvilGod has been executed. The Land of OD is rich yet again and you hear the joyful moomoo’s abound across the land. That’s a print and copy ... the end!
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    If you haven't noticed yet, the website has been changed to display the larger icon for Divisions on the members page now, rather than the super small ones. As the larger icons are still smaller than the height of the rank images, they don't take up more space, and are quite a bit more clearer. Being that computers aren't operating in 800 x 600 resolution anymore, like they were when the site was first designed, it was getting pretty hard to find usable small icons for new Divisions. Existing Divisions who want to change their icon now that the larger one is actively displayed can either post the new icon they want here, or contact their favorite Commander for assistance. Credit goes to Hikato for this change.
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    Hope for you to come back one day again, Had a good time playing with you, Hope we can still play! Stay strong!
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    I would but you said no toons over level 90 So... To much work to relevel a toon for one event
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    Had a chance to meet you in D2 division when I first joined OD and it was a pleasure to work with you. Good luck with your new challenge.
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    *Rawr rawr* Just like a purple monster! All us Odiademians just want to make @Sassy happy and who better than our resident nut job @Ray(OD). Excellent story Nymathin, savior of the land of OD! P.S. You forgot to stick a tiny *moo* in there so when Ray reads it out loud in his deadpan voice on TS we get all hysterical with laughter LOL I mean why do you have to put commas in big numbers anyway or always use your teleport ability? It's good to just stroll along in the game right?
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    You can't leave me dabomb!
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    Jake knows I’m messing bout :)
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    Damn Sassy, shots fired!
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    Hey man, I am glad you're moving forward with your life and your career. We have had many deep conversations, and I've learned many things from you, more so than even some of my teachers in high school and college. You have been a great and loyal friend, something I don't run into often. I could write an essay about you, but you and I have had this discussion already, so I may not. Thanks for your help, your advice, and leadership. I don't know how I would've come as far as I did without your guidance, nor would've solved problems in life as well without your perspective. Don't change, ever. I know this is not the end, and I'll probably talk to you soon,but either way, I will leave you with this. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
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    Good thing you said you are "fond" of purple which of course RULEZ over blue cuz I was going to smack your azz on the way out the door buster!
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    You can’t leave me shon :( good luck with the new job shitter loved every minute we had together on game and our journey through the ranks and the laughs we had the times you was there for me when I was battling that bitch cancer and your still there with me going through these sad time im going to miss you more then anyone <3
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    The Becoming of Sparky When the handsome good looking Sparky was still new to OD... Sparky had to overcome so many obstacles. One of them was not having an infinity and chains of honor nor decent gears. Another one was having to find a recruiter. But determined and after a few days of trying he was finally picked up by the strong and powerful general Sassy. Not knowing her identity he was just happy he was able to get into od as he got on the website and started filling it out. He finds out her identity and was like "holy macaroni! im getting recruited by a high ranking official in the clan!" (words has been re-edited due to view discretion but anyways who cares back to the story! ) Then he fills out the registration and bish bash bosh! HES IN! He has sold his soul and gave away his first child to the almighty Master Sassy as we all know it. He then gets a crush by Joe the partying Disco Lady and meets followme, print, and puddin along the way. FollowMe was telling Sparky to follow him everywhere which Sparky listened and done. Soon Sparky quickly finished through all the difficulties and has become friends with such nice nice people such as Ocelot, Puddin, Print, Purple, and etc... and then meets Pops and Sassy who has guided him through the rules. Everytime Sparky has done something wrong you would see Pops hop into the channel and there would be a great silence and Pops would say Sparky! May I speak to you for a second and Sparky's heart would drop and be like o no what have i done this time T.T. Well anyways soon Sparky meets the speedy Jake and started following his runs and eventually starts lvling up really really quickly. As Sparky gets stronger the wise and enlightened ones Cane(Puddin and Print) would jump in and teach Sparky how to rush as a team. Sparky would always get act 2 having trouble finding the bug cave( maggots lair) and the stupid snake pit all the time and dying to them. After many experience lost and being laughed at and teased by the mighty Snackpack but being guided at the same time and saved Sparky the apprentice has became the master! Now zipping through rushes and doing runs Sparky is able to kill any monster that gets in his way! YAY SPARKY! Credits goes to Lexer, Sassy, Pops, Puddin, Print, Disco, Nilla, Chickenwing, Purple and so much more that i cant name them all ! but Thank You Guys for helping me get so far! =]
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    The Unkillable Pker “Chocolate milk comes from brown cows” Midnight said in disbelief; he shook his head and tabbed out of Facebook. He couldn’t understand how at least 10% of Americans believed what he read. “You know, at least 10% of Americans also would like to see coffee pills banned. In fact, I used to take coffee pills, but I had to stop because there were all these weird side effects so yeah…I had to stop taking them. But, I did try Xanax a few times and that was just like woah you know? Hah, yeah, it’s weird stuff man.” Ocelot attempted to initiate yet another conversation about sleeping pills and other medication. MooMoo mooed. Sassy was immediately disengaged, but suddenly, a strange sound caught her attention. It sounded like a fat, bearded, and insecure man eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew; it was the sound of a pker. This was not any pker—this was an OD runs pker. A chill traveled down Julie’s spine. “Oi you lot, be careful. I know Aaron has killed the likes of LemonySnickets and Dakota-Indian a million times, but don’t let your guard down.” The British General cared greatly for her underlings. She also cherished her collection of LemonySnickets’ ears. The Teamspeak channel Ray’s House suddenly became quiet; there was a sense of dread, and Midnight didn’t want to see his sorc dead. He was about to hit level ninety-six on OD-Sparky. He continued running Baal while remaining vigilante for anyone who might attempt to pk his games. Julie would constantly stay in her corner carrying Ondal’s Wisdom, Aaron laid down traps and mooed, and Ray was microphone spamming Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s Baby’s Got Back. The Sassinator made it clear to Ray that she would not hesitate to kick him out his own channel if he didn’t stop his shenanigans. Midnight’s runs were quick, and would quickly fill up. Leechers were thoroughly enjoying his runs until the sound Julie heard earlier became gradually louder and louder. Everyone could hear the OD pker coming closer and closer. A Hammerdin named GodMode with the account name GG entered the next Baal run. He was level 99. When the Paladin first joined the game, he didn’t accept any party invitations. Once the other seven players were in the throne room, GodMode hostiles the party, and reaches them in a matter of moments. Aaron quickly laid traps around the pally, but they had no affect despite his mercenary being equipped with a perfect ethereal cryptic axe Infinity. Little did MooMoo know, GG equipped his character with two perfect Wisp Projectors and a Thundergod’s Vigor; he was able to heal from the lightning this way. OD-Aaron has been slain by GodMode. The others panicked, and returned to Harrogath as quickly as they could but to no avail. GodMode was modded to the point that he had met all max breakpoints that were available to Paladins. His faster cast rate prevented their escape and he quickly slaughtered all of them. Everyone was upset. The pker left afterwards. “What a MUG” Sassy said in disappointment. A storm of anger and confusion quickly swept the channel. GhostDog, who left a free pair of Trang-Oul’s Claws in dog//bark mentioned that if a game is bringing you more frustration than entertainment, then it’s best to log off for a bit and do something else. Midnight and company retrieved their bodies and gold. Ray, being the bastard that he is, stole Julie’s gold and tried to frame Khorne for it. Eventually, PoPs woke up from napping on his lawn, DBZ returned from being afk, and Purplez, being the generous soul that she is, made ten mule accounts for anyone in the clan who were in need of gear. The end.
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    Welcome to the club, you’re gonna have a great time
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    Thank you @Tex46(OD) I am truly thankful and appreciative of all your kind words. I agree with @Purplez(OD) that it is a team effort because I can recruit all I want, but if it weren't for you and all of our other members being so kind, helpful, and an all around pleasure to game with then we wouldn't retain even half of them. I also agree that every should take their time to vote on trials, promotions, etc. Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts and hard work. Our division is doing awesome, and I only can hope that it continues thriving like it is right now. -Raged(OD)😁