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    from now until 10-17-18 there is an event running giving new players a chance to play the 7 day trial and reap the benefits of the full game if you can level up to 56 and complete your awakening quest this is easy to accomplish just give it a go! we are looking to grow into BDO as current attempts have no succeeded we shall push harder this time! https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/1888 The Challenge is for the division itself to be big enough to actually pick up the title of being a division.
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    @Sassy Always remember that a sweater made with chocolate coated utensils is the way to grab Joaquin Phoenix by the leather sofa.
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    Something about the beat makes me feel anxious, so nope to this one lol
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    If you feel like you’re losing everything ,remember trees lose their leaves every year and they are still standing tall waiting for a better day
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    Hoping those in the southeast remain safe this week! Areas along the panhandle of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are in for a wet and windy next few days. Hurricane Michael made landfall along Mexico Beach, FL with maximum sustained wind (over 10minutes) of 155 mph and a minimum pressure of 919mb. This is 1mph shy of a Cat5 hurricane. To compare pressure, Hurricane Andrew (1992) had a minimum pressure of 922mb. It is now the third strongest hurricane to make landfall in the US by these measurements. I beg those in the "path" to heed warnings and keep yourself informed of hazards by checking www.weather.gov frequently for your area. Just because it's set to be a tropical storm by the time it reaches the SE states does not mean that there are not terrible hazards still possible for us. Florence was a low-grade hurricane when it made landfall on the NC/SC coast and still caused terrible effects for those living there. Rain and wind are never a good mixture. Be wary!
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    @Terra I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in trying to argue against what concept I would like to teach to everyone in the world, but you missed the key factor in my concept... We are both in full agreement, that conflict and free market has driven us to succeed in bringing new technologies and inventions, and without it, the technologies and inventions we have today, most likely wouldn't exist. My concept, however, is to change the point of contention. Instead of conflicting with each other, to shift our collective focus to the external. I believe that we have come to the point where we have exhausted the benefits of conflicting with each other, and need to start shifting focus outwards. For example, there are actually many popular films and television series to choose from, that depict a world in which this has happened: Independence Day, Star Trek, Armageddon, Geostorm, Deep Impact, 2012, etc. . Within these films / shows, humanity unites against a common external foe, be it our planet, an alien species, an asteroid, etc.. Let us take "Independence Day" and more specifically, it's transition to the sequel, "Independence Day 2" as a model of how humanity, united against an invading species, not only survived, but then incorporated the new technologies used against them previously, to protect themselves from future attacks and bettering the quality of life for everyone. Many inventions and technologies are dreamed of and created as a tool to resolve the conflict, supporting your statement of "only through adversity can humanity achieve its greatest potential". We are not arguing that here at all, so let's circle back to the question at hand: I proposed to teach everyone in the world, the concept of humanity itself, "The fact that we are all 1 race: Human, and we must band together, lifting each other up instead of breaking each other down. ". I must have missed the concept you proposed? Instead of trying to find fault with others' ideas and "breaking each other down", I'd like to hear what idea you would like to teach everyone!
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    I disagree with your disagreement! People will set aside smaller conflicts in the face of greater adversity, that much is true. But in the absence of a greater threat, smaller conflicts develop a lot more frequently. When the groups or organizations or countries you affiliate yourself with are not in jeopardy, when the interests of the whole are not at stake, then the interests of yourself and those you are more strongly connected to become more relevant and more worth sinking limited time and resources into pursuing. We've never attained true peace, but we've certainly transitioned between times of greater conflict and times of greater peace and can see the patterns that emerge the further we go in either direction. Well it probably isn't what you said, because I wasn't actually responding to what you said. I was responding to what Purplez said. Your scenario is similar but it has some differences. All right, though. Let's look at what you said. Actually our limits would be profound. The free market is a zone of fierce competition, businesses are in a constant struggle to outdo and surpass each other. And without question this leads to some of the greatest forms of greed and corruption that plague our species. It is not only inevitable but necessary, any company that does not make profit and success its top priority will lose to any company that does, and as such ethics and morality often take a secondary role. But while businesses are pretty cut-throat to each other, and seemingly pretty greedy with their constant vying for money and profits, overall this actually works in favor of the consumer. The people and the world as a whole benefits greatly from a system in which businesses and corporations compete, because it is only in the process of constantly outdoing each other that advances are created and built upon. Let's take a look at cars, for example. A marvel of technological ingenuity, it was nevertheless pretty limited in its ability when first created. Fortunately for us, it was created in a world with a competing market. Where one company manufactured and sold these new inventions, another looked at what they were doing and said "I bet we could make it faster, and then people would buy ours instead". And they did, and people did. And then another company made another improvement so people would buy from them instead. Cars were developed to be faster, travel further, be more fuel efficient, more aerodynamic, better handling, more comfortable seating, better carrying capacity, and on and on and on. Each one a direct result of businesses improving on a design for the sole purpose of outdoing the other and turning a greater profit, eventually going from that first old-timey car from before, to this: This is the result of economic competition, the conflict of the open market. Now I know what you are thinking; "But Terra, my whole point is that we would be so much better if people just did these things anyway to make humanity better, instead of competing." Except, my dear Compfreak, we can't. Conflict paves the way for production and progress in a way simple good intention never can. Advancement only comes when preceded by need, and profit is among the most fundamental of all needs. Still skeptical? Well let's look at two examples of humanity, one of conflict and economic competition, and one centered on values and greater good. Look at the history of the Eastern world compare to the history of the Western. On the one hand you have in the East, civilizations of people forming kingdoms and empires. In the west, communities of first nations with their balanced cultures and unity with nature. The very culture and tradition of the first nations people revolved around working for the greater good. Tribes did not hunt and gather for money and profit, they did it to feed their people, promote their way of life, and live in comfort. But while they worked for their greater good, the East was rife with conflict. Kingdoms warred, Empires subjugated, kings and warlords alike cut bloody conquests again and again. Although the first nations people had their moments of skirmishes between tribes, for the vast majority of their history they lived relatively peaceful lives, and their problems were limited to the natural causes of food and resources. But in the East, people developed swords and shields and plate armors to better subjugate. Then they developed stone and brick castles and fortresses to better prevent subjugation. Then they developed catapults and trebuchets to better subjugate again. The free market took root, businesses competed for profits, and technology developed. Bows became crossbows, crossbows became muskets. There are other factors that influenced eastern culture and development as well, but there is no doubt that conflict and economic competition played insurmountable roles. And by the time Eastern humanity crossed the ocean and came to the lands of Western humanity, the cultures of peace and unity stood no chance against the superior technological development and methods of the culture forged in conflict. So, what would the human race look like if everyone worked solely for the greater good of all? Something more or less along the lines of this: Exactly like many secluded tribes still in existence in places like South America today, who have kept to their ways of working for the greater good of the whole, like they always have for thousands of years. Because once again, it is only through adversity that humanity can achieve its greatest potential.
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    Thanks will update my list, that's pretty wicked to hunt people there lol
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    Stop putting an effect into those who show no effect towards you there’s only so much you can do before you’re wasting your energy and time
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    @Terra, While I can definitely appreciate the concept that without suffering, we wouldn't have a clue on how to gauge happiness, but that is not what I said. I think you started on the path, but didn't go far enough as to elude to what @Altros(OD) brought up with internal vs. external conflicts. I will agree that an external conflict would ideally bring the "unity" of our species against a common foe, be it extra terra-strials, or an E.L.E., only through banding together as a species, would we have a chance at survival. The concept I was talking about, was to stop fighting each other over unimportant things (internal conflicts), and start attacking the issues that we all face (external conflicts). Enjoy 😉 :
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    Found a beautiful cover of it by Boyce Avenue: https://youtu.be/qrpvq6xef2A
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    Old timer. But it is better, so I'll quote ya on it for a second showing. 😉
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    I want to play this game but I can't figure out what class to play and the character creation is giving me anxiety. Also I wish there was a button to make my character look like Taylor Swift.
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    Behind my smile is a hurting heart Behind my laugh I’m falling apart I smile and act like everything is ok but I just hold back the tears and walk away 😞
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    First part of voting poll for Clan Awards. Vote for one choice only per section! Voting closes October 13, 2018. Thank you @CompFreak(OD) for removing Black Desert from most promising new division since it is just a squad! Apologies for my mistake in including it in the voting. Voting closed 10/14/18 3:37 a.m.
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    I make no apologies for who i am Never have never will
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    Welcome to OD glad to have helped Kyle with your recruiting but he did a fantastic job 🙂 Here is some information for you to read 🙂
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    @Ray(OD) do you want to be strangled a nice shade of blue or you’re head kicked in you pick little boy lol
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    hey welcome to the clan!!!!
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    There's an hcl pala called "Watching" who pks in chant games.
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    No more pins, we have 10 already on this forum, not including the sub forums.
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    Welcome welcome welcome Ray good to have ya! It's already been said but if you see me around and neeed anything holler
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    Welcome ray hahahah another friend of mike's god he sure has his followers .. if you need anything give me a shout :)
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    Welcome to OD, Ray :) btw, should be (OD), not (od) ...