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    New guy here. Happy to be joining up. I like long walks on the beach, good tea, sarcasm, and my kids. Maybe not the walks. Looking forward to making friends and killing time with you all!
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    Mmmmm that feeling when you get A+'s feelsgoodman
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    Guild Positions To better organize the Guild and delegate responsibilities certain members have been assigned particular roles that will fulfill a function of the guild and help keep things progressing smoothly. As the Guild grows and we become capable of more things, new roles may open up. Current Positions Guild Treasurer Held by: Compfreak(OD) Responsible for: Tracking the daily guild income and expenses to provide a clear picture of our net profit Guild Admiral Held by: Altros(OD) Responsible for: Organizing sea monster runs and other ocean-related activities. Can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which we take into account when considering guild raises Guild Taskmaster Held by: iGitrDunn(OD) Responsible for: Organizing Guild Missions. Like the Admiral, can also vouch for any members he feels have been consistently helpful which works positively towards earning raises Guild Combat Trainer Held by: (Vacant) Responsible for: Helping members learn PvP, scheduling times for members to get together to practice PvP in Battlefield or other areas. Possibly set up combat tournaments or competitions. Combat Trainer should be experienced in PvP and familiar with most class skills. Guild Event Master Held by: (Vacant) Responsible for: Hosting events for the Guild such as Scroll Runs or Savage Rifts. Can be creative with making their own events as well. (Such as Horse-racing competitions)
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    Aerineth has gracefully stepped down from the Guild Taskmaster position and iGitrDunn(OD) is the new Guild Taskmaster. Two new Guild Roles are available now, to be filled by anyone who is interested in taking them on. Send me a message if you want to apply.
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    All I can say is its my first time back to the clan in over a year and it feels good to be back. Count me iiiiiiiin! Making my ever so famous hdin ^_^