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    Indeed. I've been watching the situation unfold for a while now and I can't say I've been very impressed. Let me ask a few rhetorical questions here. Why is it humiliating to receive neg votes? Why is it publicly shameful to apologize? Are we expecting to rise up the ranks without anyone ever disagreeing with us? Are we expecting to spend our whole time in OD without ever making mistakes? Of course not. And it isn't humiliating to accept and acknowledge that, it's mature. Do you think the rest of us haven't been in situations that didn't go the way we hoped? You think the rest of us weren't denied promotions or positions for reasons we disagreed with, or felt were unfair, or felt were too harsh? Every General has been there, any Officer that hasn't been there will at some point. I've been there, take a look at my July 2016 Eval when I first applied for Commander. I got denied for reasons I didn't agree with either. But it happened, and I had to accept it, and I'm not the least bit embarrassed by it. I just tried again 6 months later. Anytime you support something that others are denying, you're going to disagree with their reasons, that's a given. More often than not those reasons will seem unfair too, from your point of view. That's just generally what happens when people have different views. But so what? The truth is sooner or later we all end up in a situation where things don't go our way. Maybe it will be at CWO4, maybe it will be at MWO5. Maybe in Officer ranks, or General ranks, or on our evals for Commander ranks. It is different for each of us. You don't get to control when things don't go the way you want, what you do get to control is how you choose to deal with it when they don't. You can choose to rally against it, call it humiliating and unfair, publicly denounce it as a conspiracy against you by those who hate you, criticize those who disagreed with you and tell them they are being too harsh or judging wrongly. You can choose to do that. Or you can choose to accept your unsuccessful moments as gracefully as your successful ones. You can take what you can from the failure even if you disagree with it, learn from it, and try again next time. And in so doing you can come to understand that it isn't the amount of neg votes we receive that define us, but how we accept them and learn from them. It isn't our mistakes that determine our ability, but our willingness to acknowledge them and become better because of them. And it isn't our rank that decides our success, but the choices we make in pursuit of them. And we should never be ashamed of any of that. So what will you do the next time something doesn't go the way you think it should? Will you rally against that as well? Criticize those who think differently, and pressure the Generals or Division Leaders into trying to change things your way? Will that be your answer to all neg votes or decisions you don't like? What kind of community do we start becoming then? Sometimes people get promoted when perhaps they shouldn't. And sometimes people don't get promoted when perhaps they should. The system isn't perfect. But neither are we, and sometimes what seems like the right decision at the time turns out to be a little different in the long run. I've opposed the promotions of people who turned out to be fine later on, and I've supported the promotions of people who turned out to be useless douchebags. The reality is it's hard to tell what the right call is, and none of us are perfect, so the best we can hope for is to put all our thoughts and views together, see what the result is, and be willing to accept that result whether we agree with it or not. Everyone handles success well. It is in how we handle failure that we show our true caliber as a person. Try to keep that in mind the next time you, or someone you like, are being promoted.
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    Hmm.. your cryptic and seemingly threatening posts are concerning for someone who has intentions to continue to move through ranks. Negative votes shouldn't be seen as humiliating or evil - they should be used to learn and grow from, so I'm failing to understand why you are taking it so harshly and lashing out at people who only want to see what more you can do before you're handed ranks with more power and responsibility. Based off of these recent dramatic and menacing posts.. and with some.. interesting choices of wording and comments on other people's promotions now - I truly hope that you aren't put up for officer anytime soon. Dividing a division and creating such a mess isn't helping - take their advice and learn from it. The leaders of Diablo 2 are only there to help you learn and grow. Sassy and Pops have been pillars of D2, they mean you no harm.
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    How about we cut all the drama, people have even gone so far as to post public apologies to you, yet the post you make says to forget it with a veiled threat in the mix. This stops now, the division you say you love is suffering and people are in different channels and separated instead of playing together over this entire situation. I trust the judgement of the leaders of the division, they felt the promo was to soon, which imho was justified, you seem to have taken it to a whole different level of insult, lets take this to PM's and keep it off the forums to cut the drama and others choosing sides.
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    Oh yes ... but come on terra you did come across that way but you know what you come good I like you a lot now 🤪
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    I can 100% assure you, that not a single General or Commander for that matter, had been exempt of "losing face" as you describe it. It is common, and it's almost an untold requirement to climb up ranks. The only difference in what makes a good leader and what doesn't, is the way you handle such key moments. You have the ability to turn something bad, into something helpful for you, something admiring, and turn the public spotlight to let everyone know you have an admirable way of handling any type of situation, and only then, you will gain the trust from even those that you were expecting to do the opposite. Always remember, possibilities are always in your hands, and you came to a place where you have exceptionally understanding leaders, so, my advice is for you to take good advantage from it, and turn a moment of shame, into a moment of respect.
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    I will say this: the ones who are most deserving of an apology are those who've experienced verbal attacks as a result of the promotion.
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    Funny fact, I was named after the movie the Omen. It's too bad my parents didn't read enough of the good book to know Damian from there. But your first statement in this sentence is essentially the message I tried to parlay to you last night. We have a very big misconception with the promotion system, in so much as it is usually only positive "promotions." We don't demote there. And the next promo within a week, used to be two can wipe away any misfortunes of the event. The promotion system, with the ability to negative vote, neutral or approve is essentially the equivalent of how we do Evaluations for generals. But they are once every 3 months. Last much longer. The game, the OverDosed game I spoke to of is not for all the feint of heart. I agree. However, his actions to me(And mind you Ive given well into 30-40 points in two months into this man's promotions) has reminded me of why I have generals, and sometimes more then one in each division. In fact, I'm sorry dissipointed they did not stand by their decision. At the end of the day he needed another 10-15 points even with all the negs. It's hard to get anybody with "no vote power" to drop negs ever, as he clearly pointed to in his last post here. I also tried to explain to him to get this before officer, or mid officer ranks was a blessing in disguise. The truth of this matter will play out none the less. With or without participation, and no matter what anyone says. Actions, and the behaviors which drive the attitudes when actions are taken will be clear enough. Good luck ahead, Ghostdog.
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    thanks everyone ^_^ it nice to meet friendly people ^_^
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    Total congratz on your first house! That's a major accomplishment. Gaming is fun and we miss you, but real life should always take first place. Come and visit when you can but find that happy balance.
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    Congrats man! Just login to site when you can