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    Hey Everyone! So I've come to the realization that the PoE division was lacking some crazy race content with clan camaraderie! Starting on Good Friday at 7pm EST ( Friday April 19 ), we will be running a Private league for OD members with a set of challenges with FG as prizes. ( Can also choose in game currency over FG if you do not use D2JSP ). The League will run for 10 days and prizes will be awarded throughout the league as well as at the end for some of the final challenges. All are welcome to the challenge and it even serves as a good opportunity for some D2 players with some downtime to win some FG for the Season reset coming up! You are welcome to Stream or Document any progress throughout the private league. Rules: #1: Character must be tagged with ODC_ODNAMEHERE #2: All OD clan rules are still in effect. This one is self explanatory. #3: League will have 10% increased monster life and a slight increase to elemental damage for extra challenge. #4: Must provide Screen Shot evidence of any "First's" challenges. This includes your party if you all achieved the challenge together. Challenges completed as a group will split the prize evenly between the members of that group. #5: Remember not to mention JSP or forum gold in the in-game chat. You may be banned from PoE for RWT. 2500fg Prize Pool: Prize pool donated by Triny, Hari, and Oot! CHALLENGES / PRIZES Highest level at the end = 500fg (750c) First to complete A5 = 100fg (150c) First to complete A10 = 200fg (300c) First to farm Oni-Goroshi = 300fg (450c) First to 80 = 400fg (600c) Most map completion = 300fg (450c) Deepest depth in mines = 300fg (450c) First to 6L a Unique ( not a tabula ) = 200fg (300c) First to farm 9 humility = 200fg (300c) For any questions or interest in helping crowdfund the private league PM me or respond on this thread!
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    Had best family and friends day at my daughter Perrie baby shower ( no the little moo is not here ) but the best thing ever my lauren is home after being away in Germany that really made my day good I’ve missed that girl glad she back home now feeling very well in her self she has a way to go yet but all looks good and she wearing glasses now looks so much like her mumma now lol ❤️❤️❤️
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    My daughter in labour woo hoo my new granddaughter should be here soon ( I hope )
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    Had a great mother’s day with family now time to chill
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    Going to spend the day with 3 my children for mother’s day sad that lauren not with us 😞
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    Howdy everyone! After many moons, I've finally gotten to a point in my life where I can finally fit OD back into my life beyond the occasional stop by. Friday my manager asked my if I wanted to change to the day shift. This is a mind blowing life event for me. It means I get to leave work at a respectable hour and I can eat earlier, Go to bed if I need to. ALL OF THE THINGS! For those of you who know me. I'm so happy to be back and playing games with everyone again. For those of you who don't know me. You should stop by and say hi! Send me a message, drop by the BDO channels where I'll probably be or my channel the half star hotel. I love anime and I've done a lot around and for the community during my time here. I'm not going to go into all the things I've done in details. Some of my greatest hits are. Starting the Rules Committee with @Badboi(OD), starting the Community News Letter the "overdosed review" back up, starting and successfully running the destiny 2 division for a decent amount of time alongside @Melrak(OD) until the game forced us to kill it. Who knew the THIRD DLC would save the game. If only we knew. lol I look forward to doing so much more and just simply gaming with y'all again. Xayj
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    You are required to log in to the www.overdosed.net main website every so many days or you are automatically disabled. Our website scripts do this to help push activity in the clan and to maintain our member roster. For lower ranked members you are demoted one rank after the 14th day and on the 15th day you are disabled. At higher ranks the same thing happens, but with less time. For example, if I don't log in to the website for a week I believe I am disabled. Someone should have explained this to you when you were recruited, though. No worries! This happens from time to time. I'm glad you want to stay. I have re-enabled you on the website. If you have more issues or if you have any questions please post them here. @Knite
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    This idea bought up ProZacck(OD) Giving out some FG for highest paragon lvl by end of season16. Any OD member will get on this event all to do is post your OD Account ,B.net Tag ,D2jsp and your paragon lvl First Place. 1000Fg Second. 500Fg Third. 250Fg 50Fg for every one who post their paragon lvl and You will get +25Fg evey updated paragon lvl Thank You
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    I look forward to seeing you host the meeting I'll see you there in two weeks at this present time I think I'll be able to make it, I request that we finish by 8 PM as Game of Thrones is life
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    League of legends World of warcraft Taco vs taco eating contest truth or dare 2 girls 1 cup rocketship peekaboo hide and seek tag civ 4 civ 5 civ 6 minesweeper travian league of legends again diablo 2 diablo 3 halo 1 halo 2 halo 3 halo wars halo 4 halo 5 gears of war gears of war 2 gears of war 3 star wars Tactical areana online tera Polical incorrectiness dank meme genorator euro truck simulator the sims the game where you build roller coasters pubjizzle fortNIGHT the meat game, where your just a bag of meat stick wars tribal wars poker texas hold'em go fish uno monopoly risk age of conan Netflix (the game where you spend more time looking for a movie/show then you spend watching it) ect. ect.
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    Look I got way to fucked up on acid last night and may have burned a church down but I didnt think it was that church and how the fuck did I get to france and back im not even allowed out of the country
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    I thought they just had a special log when they elected a new pope, didnt realise they burnt down entire churches
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    I do that on planes to avoid having a conversation with the person next to me
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    Things that make me question my own sanity includes wearing earphones despite not listening to anything
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    You gotta take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what u got, remember what you had, learn to forgive but Never forget , learn from Youre mistakes but Never regret ....
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    @MelodicRose(OD) Let's get this tourney trending on our social media!
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    Hullooooo.. So in a way to kind of begin finding a home in OD again, I have begun venturing out of my comfort zone to games I nornally wouldn't try. Maybe I will find something I like 😛 I downloaded PoE, but have no idea what I am doing. Do any of you have advice to a new player to the game?:)
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    Your friendly Rose passed her senior competencies (map discussion + exam) as of this afternoon. I will be a super official meteorologist in 29 days 😄 B.S. of Science
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    You can also edit the scripts in a way to add custom commands to whatever you need it to. Also you can hook stealthbot to IRC and monitor chat and moderate the channel from a phone with an IRC app. You can track leaderboards and the sort as well, similar to how the runs are tracked. Really with scripting your imagination is your limit. You just need to be careful and ensure you don't break the functionality of the bot itself, when I was learning years ago on winbot and then later stealthbot I broke it numerous times and had to start over. Trial and error though is how you learn. This old post i dug up on the forums gives a pretty accurate account of bot origins to anyone interested. I was around during those years and remember the clan wars, and had to defend and attack on occasion with my army of bots. It was a constant back and forth. Around the year 02 through 03 it was very bad on bnet and if you were affiliated with a clan no matter how peaceful you were other more aggressive clans would attack your channel for the fun of it. It is an interesting read for sure and brought back some memories for myself. He did not mention the winbot, which was used in Starcraft to artificially increase your wins, it also doubled as a channel bot, but wasn't very effective.
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    love this idea! Ill have my son that weekend but will still try and grind as much as possible 🙂
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    Julie’s so short she climbs stairs to use a ladder Julie’s so short she gets out of bed with a escalator julies so short she needs a booster seat to drive Julie’s so short she uses a step stool to get on the couch Julie’s so short when she with her kids they push her around in the stroller this was sent to me by the only idiot that would think up total nonsense while in school ha ha ha
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    actual pvp videos alot of you can learn from, watch mouse placement, when they go in, switching NL's to lock people down, etc these are some friends of mine who filmed like everything good luck on your adventures in the moor, and im in 2 of them lol
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    Well Ray, I would be glad to partner with you on promoting other games of interest. Let me know what kind of plans you have and we can bounce some ideas off one another.
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    Question Of The Day? What Are Your Expectations For The Next 30 Days?? My Answer: To Get Better At Apex On PC lol :)
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    grow up Peter Pan, get back here and lick that white dog shit!
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    ive re-enabled you on the websites as you must be the one to remove or hide your email. To do this go to console at the top then click Account management followed by change profile and you will see it there.
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    Question of the Day? Whats Your Family Moment That You Have Had In OD? My Answer is: Meeting @Sassy for the First Time and then I would look up English Slang Words To Try to Click With Her But Never Worked out But Funny Times And When We Did Drunken Nights :)
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    Yeah well as I said I haven't slept in 2 days and on top of that I was stoned for the first time in a week and when you put me on the spot I couldn't come up with much of a contest but wanted to be a gg and team player. Nobody really took much interest in the post so I figured why not just give the stuff to whoever asks for it first. What people don't claim within a day I'm gonna donate to mule. I'm not gonna give exact stats but 1 of those high end items is one step off from being perfect and I'm not giving away which one lol.
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    In English, we say "April Fools". In French, we say "Poisson d'Avril", which literally translates to "Fish of April". You see, the reason why they use "Fish of April" is because in the 1400s, a new species of fish was discovered in France. The fish was named Mokus Foscus, for its tendency to mock other animals and people as well. Though, as petty we humans are, some of us started murdering these innocent fish for being themselves. Eventually, it seemed that enough of the Mokus Foscus have been wiped out for reduce their mockery; however, like the saying "there's plenty of fish in the sea", it was found that there was even more Mokus Foscus in the oceans and rivers than we thought. To prevent senseless slaughter of the Mokus Foscus, future kingdoms and governments had to implement laws to protect them. This, however, was especially difficult for leaders who were very much anti-satire. These laws came into effect in April of 1951, thus earning the fish the name "Fish of April".
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    So I get a lot of compliments on the speed and quality of rushes and thought that I would make a video with tips and tricks and such on it.. My goal here was to give tricks throughout the normal portion of it and then a standard rush in nm / hell. While every rush obviously will differ based on finding different areas, overall the majority of rushes I do are around the same amount of time as this one. If you are not into the whole tips and tricks and just want to see it in action, you can start watching when NM starts here --> Video starting at 12:12 Here it is, let me know if you have questions 🙂 Thank you to @Khorne(OD) for being my Rushee and @queballz for bumping.. I hope you enjoy my video... and I highly recommend reading this post by SeriousWine(OD) -->
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    ❤️ Have a beautiful day ❤️ Question Of The Day? Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years? My Answer Is : Kids Will All Be Graduating & I Will Travel The World & Build A House & Be Fishing Day In & Day Out.
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    HEY LOOK AT MY NEW SIGNATURE :) Ray(OD) made for me (:
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    When your feeling down this kiddo comes to see his nanny god I love him he’s such handsome kiddo
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    Just start now! one day wont make a difference in a month long contest! GL Everyone! and no Cindy i don't require a screen shot as i hope everyone posting the name and account will be honest about it being a new char. I will be looking through ladder to check on things like that.
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    And we made cakes for his mummy for mother’s day tomorrow
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    A friend of mine showed me this website that helps determine the value of items on D2JSP. It might be hard to see, but on the left are little boxes that can be filled in with values. Depending on the item's stats, the value calculator will determine the price. It will even tell you if something should be Charsi'd! http://tools.harrogath.com/valuecalc.html
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    I'm not diablo2, so the rewards aren't exactly viable to me - but I'll post anyway cuz whyyyy not. Things I would buy/invest in: Pay off all the debt that myself, my parents, and my younger brother have acquired over the course of life (student loans, housing loans, credit cards, etc) Purchase a house for my parents - we have lived a life of struggle for a long time, they've worked hard to support myself and my brother, they deserve a nice place to stay after we are gone My mom would have to have a purple room because she loves purple.. so ironically incorporating purple into this post was hella easy. Move back to MI and invest in a lil house for myself and my boyfriend (a place to host LAN parties with my MI peeps!) Invest the rest to ensure that I'll have money remaining should an emergency come up of any sort When I sit down and think about it, I haven't known what a lot of money is like in my life so I can only think to pay off debts, set my parents up someplace nice, and save the rest. *shrug*
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    I would buy the rights to the color Purple, and trademark it, forcing anyone who uses it to pay me, thus, generating more money in the long run.
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    I would have a heart attack... Die... and my wife would do what she wants with it she would prolly buy a purple 69 camaro. If i win please pass it to the next person
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    1. I'd quickly pay off all my bills, leaving me with roughly $900k 2. I would hire a team to finally develop D2 Remastered HD 3. I would purchase a copy for every member in OD 3. I would make sure that there would be new super ultimate full sets that make both your character and mercenary glow bright purple. 4. Take a well deserved vacation to Disney World for one week, followed up with a three week vacation of 18 hours a day of non-stop OD gaming
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    Pay school debts for everyone around me.
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    one id buy blizzard and clan OD two I would give 5 grand 2 each member of OD three I would use the rest to buy items gear and forum gold 4 clan m8zs (what if anything was left id spend it on a nice house and a Lamborghini-purple of course and a sexy house maid ) lol.
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    While I was cutting peppers up for this evening dinner this is what I found inside this pepper ... baby pepper inside big pepper add your funny veggies to the post must yours 🙂
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    Hey @MooMoo(OD)! I just wanted to let you know that I posted your video (as well as the druid bowling event video) on the Twitter page - your name is on as credited. 🙂
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    I mean would I do any worse of a Job than Trump or Trudeau probably ? but atleast id make 420 a national holiday and make vodka illegal, hats mandatory and everyone has to wear a 6 shooter to settle common differences
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    yeah @Sassy Dabomb would be GREAT! DBZ(OD) too haha
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    Mine was the best I mean I am the worlds most charming person and oh so humble
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    thats not an addict ... Im an addict, hes a collector
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