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    No more pins, we have 10 already on this forum, not including the sub forums.
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    On the course of cleverness, I don't think you have a passing grade yet.
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    How to recruit for poe first things first, most questions about the clan or how it works can be answered here, in the overdosed guide to everything (shout out to Terra for creating and maintaining this) http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ The process of recruiting explain that we have a dsl policy of needing to login every 14 days, but it can be reset by logging into the site, team speak or discord. let them know the trial period is 14 days, but shortens to 7 once they have enough votes explain that they cannot ask for votes for both trail membership and then for promotions promotions will be automatic until Staff Sargent let them know after they sign up on the website to read the rules they will need to create an account less than 12 characters with (OD) at the end, and it should be clean and not have foul language or sexual references they need to go to the main site www.overdosed.net once there they need to click register and fill out the info it asks, select there recruiter from the list and select POE as there main game and submit the form after that they need to tell the recruiter that they are finished, then you can go and approve them Let them know to create a forum account, have a look around, and feel free to post an introduction let them know that we use team speak 3 for voice communication, but that we also have a discord available, and encourage them to download it. Also let them know it will automatically reset their dsl, as long as it is the same account name as the OD site. It is always polite, although not required to offer them help if they need it. Please let them know the guild bank is open and anything they need they can take, and don't be shy if they need a hand. If you need help or an explanation of the console and how to use it, just get in contact with me and i will explain it all to you, and if you don't and you are not yet a recruiter and would like to become one, just message me!
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    Roses are flowers pebbles are stones here a big shout out to those on there own think yourself lucky & try not to sob look on the bright side you’re not with a knob πŸ™‚
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    Just something to throw in here for members that are potentially interested in BDO. The game features a 7-day trial after which you would normally have to pay a one-time purchase fee to continue playing. However, the game is currently having an event until October 17th where accounts that manage to get a character to level 56 during their 7-day free trial will receive the game for free.
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    Your mind is like your bed you have to make it up everyday And be careful who you let in ...
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    I came I saw and forgot what I was doing
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    There is a golden rule. It exists on the forums, if it does not, odds are your search parameters were bad. Very few and far between will you find a genuine new topic, aside from @Ray(OD)'s Greatest Thread Ever of course.
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    FRIENDS are the fruitcake of our lives some are nutty some are soaked in alcohol some are firm some are sweet but together they are great to have in your life πŸ™‚
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    Just my 2-cents on multiplayer content. For players used to a theme-park style of MMO, the game has next to no multiplayer content. There is content to make large communities in the game, it's simply up to the leadership of the community to design it in the world. The fact that the game has supported super guilds for extended periods of time stands as testament to that. The content does exist. That being said, the game has other problems. There's the rampant cries of P2W currently bogging down its community (I believe people are overreacting, not going to go into the full story here unless there's an extreme amount of interest to hear it) but, more importantly, it's economy has tanked in the past few months. For months, large guilds have used a method of farming silver for its members that essentially led to non-node war guilds having over 1 billion silver payouts every week for every player in the guild. The result from this is a drastic amount of inflation. When our group played previously, a pearl shop costume's price was about 24m silver. It has since quadrupled to over 100m silver. It's not hard to compete in the inflated market, so long as you play the same game and farm the same things, which involves lots of sea monster hunting. Unfortunately, this means also getting several sailboats and I remember having to chop trees for a week straight to make mine when they initially released them. I'm down to give the game a chance again but it's not something that should be approached without a plan. It would take a lot of recruiting and planning out of what activities we'll do to keep people engaged in the game.
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    we could use another division.
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    It's basically as Xayj said. It's a really good mmorpg aside from the fact that it is less a massive multiplayer and more a massive singleplayer online role-playing game. Something the developers have been critiqued for, but decided to focus on improving the game graphics instead. (Ironically, the one thing no one did complain about) The lack of group content makes it difficult to form any kind of community on it, and caused some of us to become disinterested. That said, both Bahafresh and Altros have started picking the game up again, and I've given it serious consideration as well. Primarily because despite its group-related problems it is the closest thing to a decent mmorpg available right now, and we've been searching for a long time to find a game we can found a new Division on.
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    Right it takes more than 10 days to dsl out, and besides....if anyone wants an IA the proper way to get one is to apply on the site under your console to get one, at that point i can approve them
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    This was originally an old post I made for a Division I was leading, but was found again many years later by GhostDog who recommended we make it more public so other leaders and Divisions could use it as well. A link to this topic will be included in the Introductions board (In the "New to OD? Want to learn how the Clan works?" pinned topic). Any Division Leaders can add a link to this topic as well in their forums, or wherever, if they feel it would be helpful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can place a vote by clicking the Console button and selecting the Promotions section. There are two buttons of interest in this section. The top one is the Promotion List, which will take you to the list of members who are already placed up for promotion. The lower one titled "Promote Member" is when you want to place someone up for promotion. Putting a member up for promotion is pretty straight-forward, you just locate them on the list, select their name, and then place your initial vote and reasons (same rules as placing votes in the Promotion List apply). It will then put the member into the Promotion List, where other people may place their votes on whether this member has earned their next rank or not. So let's take a look at the Promotion List. Here is an example. As one might expect this now provides a list of the members who are up for promotion. From here you can choose which member you want to place a vote for by selecting their name. There is nothing wrong with voting for people who are in other Divisions, however you should be familiar with the people you place votes for, if you go on a voting spree and just start voting for everyone because you can, we are going to be having a talk. And every time Terra needs to have one of "those" kinds of talks with someone, the end of the world draws just a little closer. So try not to do that. Clicking on a name will bring up the person and the list of votes they have already obtained. On here you can see who has already placed a vote for this person, and why they have given their vote. A person's probability of being promoted is entirely dependent on the impact they've had on those around them, people who don't associate much with others, or get involved with Clan or Division activities, aren't going to be noticed by many people, and as such not so many people will vote on their right to be promoted. On the other hand, people who are well-connected or exceptionally talented at blackmailing others will often wind up with an abundance of votes. Typically a member only needs to meet the required number of votes before their time on the Promotion List is up, which lasts 5 days. However, members who received substantially more votes than the required amount will have days taken off of their waiting time, making it possible for a member to receive their promotion in 3 days instead of 5 since being placed on the Promotion List. Once a member is promoted, or if a member fails to acquire the minimum amount of votes needed, they must wait 7 days before they can be placed back into the Promotion List. Members of Officer rank must wait 14 days. And members of General rank can only be promoted once every 3 months, and must provide a self-evaluation, but that isn't something you need to worry about right now. Needless to say members of OD tend to take note of people already on the Promotion List, since they are more noticeable. Members can have less of a habit of scanning the list of members eligible for promotion and actually putting them up for promotion. As such, it's possible to put yourself up for promotion, and add yourself to the Promotion List, if you feel you've earned it. But this should only happen if it's been a period of a month or two and you feel as if your hard work has gone somewhat unnoticed. If you are an Officer rank then putting yourself up for promotion is considered severely frowned upon. Back on the subject of placing votes, once you're inside someone's vote page you can add your own vote using a button at the bottom, which will then bring you to where you write out your vote. In here you can tailor the type of vote you want to provide for the individual. The "Vote Worth" number determines how many points you want your vote to be worth. Starting at Staff Sergeant your vote is only worth 1, but as you climb into higher ranks, the weight of your vote can be worth increasingly more. Members may not always want to vote with their full strength, they will vote stronger on people they are more impressed by. Once you determine the worth of your vote, next is to determine whether you want to Deny or Approve the promotion (it defaults on Deny, so make sure to adjust this if you are supporting the promotion). If you choose Deny, then your vote will actually subtract from a person's accumulated votes equal to the worth you designated, if it is greater than their accumulated votes then their acquired vote count will even go into negatives. Use this if you feel the member has demonstrated behavior or performance that makes them unworthy of a promotion, such as disrespect or periods of extreme inactivity. Lastly you must provide a reason for your vote. When supporting someone's promotion you must provide at least 3 reasons for why they deserve to be promoted. It doesn't matter what those reasons are, but try to put a little thought into it, and if you don't provide at least three reasons then your vote may be removed by administration. Neg voting only requires one reason, so long as it's a valid reason. When you are finished hit the "Submit my Decision" to get a preview of your Vote, then hit the Approve button to actually place the Vote. Overdosed is a Clan of karma. If you take time out to acknowledge people's efforts then they in turn will take the time to acknowledge yours when you become eligible for promotion. Only by looking after one another will we be able to grow and develop into an increasingly more sophisticated Division. So every OD member should take time every so often to look over the Promotion List and vote for the people they support! Of course, there are some OD members who take a different approach... πŸ˜›
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    Purplez(OD) will be playing a hammerdin, name to be determined tomorrow after I make him, but I guarantee, purple will be in the name! I just made the classic hammerdin, name is OD-PurpleZod yay! I won't start leveling him until tomorrow morning though.
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    DeadBeat(OD), Will Be playing a Barb ... OD-Experiment
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    The Red Portal Can you see the red door form and call Likely rich fat cows to kill for all Avenging steel splits the sky Nearly killing all, the cows they die Only one beast left to kill just now Venison, no, its just a cow Everyone trying to kill that king Robbing a cow for a precious ring Did our brave warriors kill them all One kingly cow that remains must fall Some red portal led us to kill Every stash we want to fill Damn, but Pops, don't kill the king! (This meager poem is known as an acrostic,< https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrostic >, the first letter of each line spells out something) (It may be presumptuous, but if I win let all other entrants share, I already have a hammerdin) (If I dont win <more likely> feel free to mock my effort)
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    Welcome to the community Dan! Be sure to check out our rules page to familiarize yourself: ... And always remember: We're all here to have fun and game together. I look forward to chatting with you in teamspeak, and be sure to check out some of our community events like Drunken Rocket League and Cards Against Humanity Nights!!
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    Rumours are carried by haters Spread by fools And accepted by idiots
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    A murderer will kill you a theif will steal from you but you never know where you stand with a. Liar ...
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    It was fun recruiting you Tony. Welcome to the Clan and just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD) if I can help with anything.
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    Welcome to OverDosed my the 2018 Texans hello ladies, and myself.
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    Just remember breaking your door Bell can have a real knock on effect πŸ™‚
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    Hi, you mind find this useful: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/
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