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    Today I received a card from a member in OD with words that brought happy tears to my face not just words for myself but words for my daughter lauren And I’m going to share these words I will forever treasure this card and hold it close to my heart we definitely are friends for life even if we are miles apart and the card was beautiful thank you and the words were out this world and every word was from the heart ❤️❤️I will be forever grateful that we became great friends. @SeeD(OD) I remember the day you joined od @SuNSeT said I really like this guy he’s a good guy well he was damnright you are one the good guys that’s for sure I’m glad our paths crossed SeeD I will hold you close too I wish you all the best of luck in the world you will be a GREAT DOCTOR I have faith in you and I’m glad I was there when you wasn’t doing to good that what friends are for and I must say the only one other person that ask how you was that was sunset ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Once upon a time, there was a guy named CuddlyMace. When you saw his name on TeamSpeak you felt all warm and cozy because he was, after all, CuddlyMace. Then something happened, I think maybe puberty, because he decided to no longer be Cuddly and petitioned the Commander to change his name to "Moist". His voice even underwent a change. Now he talks hillbilly! He's forever cracking us all up on TS with his whut you having for dinner and his possum recipes. Most of all, he is known for his love of tacos! That Moist with his hillbilly accent is kind, generous and helpful. Recently he became a fashion designer and dressed Pops. He told him, put this hat on, these gloves, this belt and these boots. Pops meekly complied. When it came to getting just the right shield, it had to be perfect. Runes were flying everywhere trying for that perfect 35fcr. It was crazy to watch. And, of course, when that English lady Sassy came into the channel he immediately started talking recipes. Explaining exactly how he was going to cook that possum stew, adding potatoes, and carrots and who knows what all. Sassy was yelling, shut up you wanker but Moist just kept going and getting everybody to laugh and have a good time. So the moral of this story is, if you want a good time, join the channel Moist is in and listen to his hillbillyness!
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    This brought tears to my eyes it was a txt back to seed from my lauren Mummy can you forward this for me plz x I don’t know you but what you wrote just for myself was rather overwhelming brought a lot tears to my eyes and I am a true fighter just like my mummy she taught us 4 kids don’t ever give up if there’s a fight to fight we watched mummy fight and she did put up the biggest fight her life she ok now with my mothers strength we can fight anything we WILL NOT give up without that fight thank you again Lauren 💕💕
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    I now have a SCL chanter and will be hosting chant games! They will advertise in channel and be available to everybody. It's very fun to chant level and do your own quests. The chantress gives 3000 K damage! Some of you may ask, what is "chant leveling"? Chant is slang for "enchant" which is a sorceress fire tree skill. Simple explanation, is you use any bow no matter what class of character you choose to play, (preferably a ravenclaw bow after level 15). Once the chantress chants you, your low levels get increased damage and are able to kill monsters all throughout normal all by yourself and your chanted merc. By using the bow, you shoot from a distance and it doesn't require any mana. It's a fun way to level low characters and/or make bumpers.
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    Really liked your behind the mic Damian @Townkill(OD) well done again @Ray(OD)for doing it 🙂
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    Hello everyone. It is time we hear from all of D2, thus I'll start hosting D2 division meetings. These community meetings are to: - Address division concerns, opinions, questions, and suggestions. - Establish relationships between division members - Encourage community participation on Teamspeak 3 and the forums It is crucial that everyone's voice is heard. For proper organization and direction, we ask that you reply to this thread with any topics you'd like to be discussed. Polls will be made based off these topics. Popular topics will be brought to the meetings. Division meetings will be hosted on Teamspeak 3 every three months. The first one will take place on Sunday, Feb 10th, at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST). To download Teamspeak, follow this link: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ *Meetings will be recorded for quality assurance.
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    What a stud that Qui is. Was getting my poop in a group to go back up north, so didnt get much of a chance to talk with him yesterday. Were a family here, cant pick em, but your forced to share the same space regardless. I'm happy to be a part of such a good group. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 5 rule guide to success/happiness...something worth listening to. Rule 5: Give back, and I'm sure that letter from @SeeD(OD) and your words of wisdom from @Sassy will be something that sticks with you guys for a lifetime.
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    Loving my BLUE names thank you @Ray(OD)
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    So, as some of you are aware, Ray is a good big boy. In fact, Ray is such a good big boy, that he decided to create this thread to help those who bring forward bot accusations. *Ahem* (This also applies to other hacks/mods.) 1. Check to see if the member has already been disabled. In the Clan OD channel, type chk accname(OD), then hit enter. If done correctly, you should get this: Because Ray is a narcissist, he used himself as an example, and he refers to himself in the third person. Now, if the member's status is displayed as "disabled" then they've already been dealt with. If not, move on to the next step. 2. If the member hasn't been disabled, then get in touch with an Officer, Sr Officer, or a General (seen below). It is possible that the suspect has already been mentioned, and D2 leadership is on the lookout. 3. Now, if you have evidence (which is required to ban someone), it is suggested that you share it with ODD2 leadership via pm on the forums. Your evidence (either a screenshot or a video recording with the Baby Shark song (preferably) added to it) will be looked at, and action will be taken. *We cannot stop people from botting on their OD accounts even if they've been banned.*
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    To be honest, the best way to help the Guild at your level is to keep focusing on yourself. It's great that you want to help contribute to the Guild, but a Guild is only as strong as the members that make it, and as long as you are a part of our Guild then anything that benefits you is also benefiting OD as a whole. So get better, get stronger, and use everything we offer members to do it. Take whatever silver you can get from us, and whatever items our events provide, and use it to make yourself powerful and capable. Then once everyone does that we can move onto the "taking over the world" step. Once you hit 56 then helping out with Guild Missions is good, and if you eventually build yourself a sailboat then you can help us earn a lot of money. But other than that the best way to help out is just chat with our other members and help them with the things they need. Accept help when it is given, and give help when it is needed. That is all any of us really need to do, that is our recipe for success.
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    If i'm online (Discord, TS3, D2, PoD) i'll always stop what i'm doing to video record an accused OD botter for concrete proof. Hit me up if you'd like this ^.^
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    So today marks my 200th day in OD. Since joining I've climbed the ranks pretty quickly, already a 2nd Lieutenant, Executive Officer of the HC D2 Squad and recently joined the SWTOR Squad. But that's not the best part! Ill tell you guys that in a sec . I started playing with u guys and coming around in channel id say about 1 year ago. The first person I actually met is someone I don't even talk to anymore. Jake or as most of you know him Dont(OD). He hooked me up my first enigma since coming back to the game. So after a couple of months of playing with him I finally get recruited by Cindy. YES PURPLE is my FAV Color!! LOL!! Then I met Probably the craziest, funniest and best TS voice winner for the past idk how many awards :P Julie! Ill never forget that night U, Steve (Ralsha(OD)) and I where drinking on ts just saying stupid shit and drinking all night while doing baal runs. That night to me was classic and one ill never forget as it really started getting me involved in the clan activities as I was still fairly new. After a couple of months of just playing I finally started recruiting for the clan. My first recruit who is MIA lol Envious(OD) has been disabled for a while. I thought I made a mistake in the way I recruited him as in not explaining the DSL system to him properly but then I figured out that these things happen and are unavoidable. Now I got 10 recruits I help teach clan mates how to recruit and I even enable them with recruitment access. I started putting clan mates up for Promotion and using my Administrative powers to help in anyways possible. I've come a long way since joining 200 days ago and have met a lot of new clan mates in the process. And now for the best part...The best part is all the People I've met along my journey and all the friends I've made. I love you guys. We in it to win it MOFOS. And for all you new members or old for that matter... I'm proof that if you want something and put time and effort into it good things will come and you will be rewarded. I Want to send a special thanks to Cindy for being there when I was at my lowest and in need of someone to talk to. THANK YOU Feel free to tell your Story
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    ive been here since 01 you were all fucking weird then your all fucking weird now 😄 Type came Type Saw Type Conquered but In reality I grew up In OD and I wouldnt have had it any other way fuck I got sober thanks to this clan and a few special individuals that went above and beyond they know who they are
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    I like the 3rd one down a lot, looks good!
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    Hm... I've been in OD for nearly two years and have learned much about D2 than I new before I joined the clan. At first, I mostly concentrated on playing with fellow ODD2 members, but then I started using teamspeak which made me have a lot of fun talking with people and meeting others as well. I even didn't touch the forums until several months later. The first OD member I've ever met was Mike aka thirdeyepk(OD), and he was the one who insisted I join. Most of the time I spent as an Enlisted I'd either be running, following runs, or helping people at the drop of a hat. SeriousWine(OD) and my recruiter Candy(OD) helped me out a lot during this time. When I first met @Sassy, I was honestly kinda scared because she was a Major General. Now, I make fun of her spelling. It was then when I had a couple of epileptic episodes, and had to take a break from gaming. I dsl'd out, and it wasn't until a few weeks or a month later until I started playing D2 again (albeit on a non-OD account). Sassy begged and pleaded that I return (no, not really), so I came back to OD. I started working my way back up the ranks again, and got significantly more things done then just doing runs and rushing people. Sassy taught me how to use my console, @PoPs(OD) taught me Stealthbot, and I taught myself "acting a goat" (which is what Julie calls it). Determination is rewarded when success is achieved. Such rewards, however, carry with them a great deal of responsibility.
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    Listened today while was running around battle arena. I enjoyed it a lot.
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    We can also promote current events people are hosting to try to get more people to participate while we have a lot of people in one channel.
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    RIP EG, and secret can piss off lol. They had a very good tournament though, still very salty! Good interview :)
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    Is the day of the week set in stone? Sunday meetings tend to work a lot better and will probably have a much bigger turn out.
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    Congratulations to everybody, you are all winners in my book. The votes have been counted for the Clan Awards - January 2019. I present to you the award winners for January 2019!! CLAN AWARDS: COMMUNITY AWARDS: GAMING AWARDS: SUPERLATIVE AWARDS:
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    Ask him from me can I come and go canoeing With with him like frank did lol If there was one thing he could wish for and it would come true what would it be
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    Ask him who he's rooting for at the Chongqing Major since OG isn't there, and if his answer is anything but EG we can't be friends lol