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    God I hope disney fucks up the lion king as bad as they did starwars then you can feel what I feel
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    I just want to thank my beeb Slum(OD) for getting a fancy signature made for me! 😍 I lub it!
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    happy bday @DBZ(OD) hangovers only get longer from here on out
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    I think I'm going steady with Google. I asked her if she liked me and she said "yes yes a million times yes" so I guess I'm off the market ladies
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    I got a broken tv that still kinda works should I A. shoot hockey pucks at it B. drive golf balls at it C. find my pellet gun and unleash D. drive my car at it
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    Just a Heads up me and @Ray(OD) are planning a hostile take over but because your you im gonna give you a chance to avoid any bloodshed and stand with us in a crazy new world order based on asshattery and dabs then what ever ray feels like but theres gonna be alot of people tarred and feathered id hate to have to do that to you
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    Watching Cooking Show W/Bae on YouTube: Slum(OD) - "Those eggs are so frothy." Me - "Yeah, they got their asses kicked." Slum(OD) - "What?" Me - "Yeah, they got beat." ☠️ lol P.S - Ray, If you see this - I hope you're proud. 😎
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    So I can take a gun into a movie theater, but not these snacks I stole from walmart America make sense ALREADY
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    Thank you ray for posting that I’m in between doing things much appreciated
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    Nothing says "college student" like doing all your shit at the last minute.
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    Sorry Fuzion(OD), it's all down hill from 15. The best years are behind you now. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„
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    Happy birthday! Here's an Enigma worth more than 10 fg:
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    Happy birthday Blake πŸ™‚
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    its freezing grow a beard and come warm me gently ;D
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    Kayleighhhhhhhhhhh holdthedoor lol πŸ˜‚
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    Happy birthdayyyyyyy
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    Happy birthday kodee πŸ™‚
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    I hate people that were born in 1988. You happy now?????
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    I need to go to sleep 7.49 am just home from the hospital I just can’t seem to go to sleep 😞
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    Not been out my bed for 2 days this flu has kicked my arse big time bit it’s stopped me seeing my lauren 😞
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    Push me a little further because you’re doing a great job atm
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    R I P Mr Marvel STAN LEE. Very sad to hear of his passing 😞