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    WHAT the fuck are you doing to my status Box ....... this is for me and me alone to express thoughts of harming you and what I ate for breakfast
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    Tyson FFA Tourney Posted
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    you say the word and ill cut his throat with a leaf spring ! sorry @Ray(OD) but if it happens it happens
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    Home day! Tight underwear gents!
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    Welcome to the realm of the Taylor Swift age. From experience - its nothing too exciting. Happy birthday Ray ❤ you are a great jokester and an even better friend! I hope your day is lovely
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    Happy Valentines Day To My Favorite OD Peoples! ❤️
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    For valentines I went to the park and watched all the couples walking as I fed the ducks bread soaked in antifreeze what a day
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    I'd kind of like to have my own ice cream truck, but name half of the ice cream flavors "Justice" and the other half "Revenge".
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    Ray plz can you record the meeting tonight for me I’m up at 6 in morning for work there no way can be there hope all goes well 💙
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    Illl See everyone on Diablo Saturday Once i get my Wifi back up see ya then
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    Terra I had a terrifying dream about you a few days ago 😢
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    It totally ruins the moment when someone plays music that's too loud while I'm pooping.
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    WOOHOO my stalker moved on got a new man and I didnt shit out any blood Last Night EVERYTHING IS COMING UP Milhouse I tell you
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    Today for breakfast I had 3 black coffee followed by copious amounts of Mdma laced with meth I call it a hillbilly highball
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    Can you get your tongue any further up their ass !!!!!!!!
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    Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to ray the gay happy birthday to youu hope you have a great day ray from your friend Julieeee 💙
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    Starting to wonder if my Sociology prof is a Marxist...
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    If I like LoL enough and it doesn't destory my computer then I might revive it.
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    After fearing to sleep Wednesday (was using my rescue inhaler often, fear of being unable to breathe), it's nice to be able to wake up today and be able to breathe out of my nostrils and not cough up my lungs. It's amazing how much you cherish oxygen when you've spent the last few days struggling to get enough of it. P.S., my ribs hurt like a bitch.
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    If my lungs could function that would be great. Been up every other hour hacking up my lungs until I need my inhaler.. The plague needs to leave.
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    Just back from hospital I’ve only got Me a bit pneumonia they wanted to keep me in nooooo way spent to much time in hospitals over pass 2 years I’m feeling really rough though but it won’t keep down. 🙂
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    Getting my arse kicked with this flu got sent home from work this morning after an hour being there not moved out my bed tony cooking me chicken soup medicine in a pan I say 😞