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    Had best family and friends day at my daughter Perrie baby shower ( no the little moo is not here ) but the best thing ever my lauren is home after being away in Germany that really made my day good I’ve missed that girl glad she back home now feeling very well in her self she has a way to go yet but all looks good and she wearing glasses now looks so much like her mumma now lol ❤️❤️❤️
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    My daughter in labour woo hoo my new granddaughter should be here soon ( I hope )
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    Had a great mother’s day with family now time to chill
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    Going to spend the day with 3 my children for mother’s day sad that lauren not with us 😞
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    ❤️ I am Happy To Join The D3 Division Gang ❤️ Don't Forget To Sign Up For @Prozacck(OD) Event On The Forums ❤️
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    Your friendly Rose passed her senior competencies (map discussion + exam) as of this afternoon. I will be a super official meteorologist in 29 days 😄 B.S. of Science
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    Julie’s so short she climbs stairs to use a ladder Julie’s so short she gets out of bed with a escalator julies so short she needs a booster seat to drive Julie’s so short she uses a step stool to get on the couch Julie’s so short when she with her kids they push her around in the stroller this was sent to me by the only idiot that would think up total nonsense while in school ha ha ha
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    Question Of The Day? What Are Your Expectations For The Next 30 Days?? My Answer: To Get Better At Apex On PC lol :)
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    Question of the Day? Whats Your Family Moment That You Have Had In OD? My Answer is: Meeting @Sassy for the First Time and then I would look up English Slang Words To Try to Click With Her But Never Worked out But Funny Times And When We Did Drunken Nights :)
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    ❤️ Have a beautiful day ❤️ Question Of The Day? Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years? My Answer Is : Kids Will All Be Graduating & I Will Travel The World & Build A House & Be Fishing Day In & Day Out.
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    HEY LOOK AT MY NEW SIGNATURE :) Ray(OD) made for me (:
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    Oh gawd I accidentally swiped right on a friend...
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    Gloating don’t get you no where ...
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    Happy Easter Everyone!! About to Have Family Time ❤️
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    happy bday brian...just don't tell the lady all you want for your bday is a hallpass
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    Happy birthday Scottie! This bong hit's to you!
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    Happy 30th birthday you lunatic have a good one ❤️
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    Happy birthday Brian hope you have a great day ❤️
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    Question Of The Day? Do you like that i do these every day? My Answer : I like doing these and getting to know everyone better and you getting to know me better. ❤️
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    Fly to the North Pole @ 0400 tomorrow. Send me your Christmas wishes and I'll Indian leg wrestle Santa
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    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm yeah
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    I've gotta lot of ideas...Well two, but still.
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    Hijacking shit yet again when will this bull shit stop ✋
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    -- Notice -- Rag is currently doing script work on the website so if you notice some weird things occurring on it please don't be alarmed. Things will be back to normal soon.
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    I find out the results of my first attempt at my senior exam in a few hours.. Not feeling confident, not doing too great mentally either. I get one more attempt if I don't pass this time around. Eugh
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    Such a sad day in work today feel for the 3 family’s that just losted their loved ones 😞
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