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    Plans for 2019 in Black Desert Online announced by the Executive Producer of Black Desert Online. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2221?lang=en
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    MAN who woulda thought making tea was so dangerous @Sassy makes it seem sooooo easy noo the tea bag explodes tea goes everywhere the cat laughs and im left to clean up
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    DBZ's 2v2 PVP EVENT I will be hosting a 2v2 pvp bracket style tourney. 1/12/2019 3PM Central time zone (if enough people want to change time we can). Teams will be random using a generator. Bracket will be randomized. Double elimination. It costs nothing to sign up. All Characters and builds welcomed. Feel free to add to the prize pot. 500FG prize to winning team (250 each) GM PVP RULES: Rules General: - All mods, hacks, programs are banned. (WMC and other mouse-window capture programs are allowed.) - Refusal to GMOD test or show gear, inventory, and/or weapon swap will result in suspension. - The Moor is to be cleared before dueling. It is at the players' discretion to clear the Moor. - Both players must signal the start of the duel. - No offensive abilities or curses be casted prior to your opponent signaling the start of the duel. - Towning or teleporting past Flavie and bridges in case of a bridge map results in a loss. (Being pushed via KB mechanics is not, come back out and re-signal the continuation.) - No use of houses (accidentally entering the house is excused - request a mediator to sit in house if it is excessive). - No use of shrines or wells. - Recasting is allowed. - Ties are null duels. - Refusal to duel results in a loss. - You may request a mediator for a duel, and by doing so you are accepting whatever decisions they make. - Overly defensive play can result in DQ but only at a requested mediator's discretion. - No poison necro, auradin, or psn jav zon Consumables: - No consumables other than mana potions, arrows, and bolts. - No prebuffing. (Inventory/cube buff allowed.) - You may stack arrows in the Blood Moor before starting a duel. - You may stack mana potions before starting a duel. Items: - The use of the following skill charges is allowed: Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine - Doom is banned. - Slow is capped at 10%. - Max resistance is 85%. - Max absorb is 20%. - When using combinations of items to mitigate do not exceed 80% max resistances / 20% absorb to any single element. - Life rep is capped at 40, NOT including + rep from CTA. - No more than one poison damage small charm is allowed. - Only one item that grants CtC Life Tap can be worn at a time. - When using Phoenix, all monsters must be redeemed before dueling. Amazon Specific Rules: - SM is allowed - 2x Raven Frosts allowed (can not stack above 310 resist) - May use +15% max fire resists - More than one point into Plague Javelin is not allowed Assassin Specific Rules: - Dual Claw Assassins with more than 1 hard skill point in any trap cannot use absorb or + max resist. Those without may use +5 max resist or 20 absorb but not both. Barbarian Specific Rules: - 2x Raven Frost is allowed (Can not stack above 310 resists) - Verdungo + Dual Hoto is allowed Druid Specific Rules: N/A Necromancer Specific Rules: - Bone Spirit is banned for NvN (1v1 only) - Bone Wall is banned - Poison Nova is banned - Bone Prison is allowed only versus characters that can teleport - All curses are allowed except Iron Maiden, Lower Resist, and Life Tap - Corpse skills are banned - May use +15% max fire resist Paladin Specific Rules: - Holy Freeze is allowed only versus characters than can teleport - When skilling resist auras do not pass the allowed absorb limit (85 or 80/20) - Activating a resist aura is banned (Exception: Salvation) - Meditation, Prayer, Holy Bolt, and Redemption are banned - More than 1 hard skill point in Prayer is banned - Cleansing is not banned however using it other than the purpose of removing curses or reducing poison duration is not allowed - Auradin builds are not allowed Sorceress Specific Rules: - No max resist or absorb gear when using Energy Shield (Exception: Nightwing's Veil) - All damage reduced by integer (MDR + PDR) is capped at 20 (ES only) - May not refill mana pots from the pool mid-duel if using ES with 80% or more absorbed damage Sign up below with your character type and character name. @Krusty(OD) @Andys(OD) @Rich(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @dubui(OD) @SuNSeT @MERICA(OD) @theBandit(OD) Help spread the word! SIGN UPS: Dubui(OD)-Tornadoo-Ele Druid Hubert(OD)-OD-Beast-BvC MooMoo(OD)-OD-EskiMoo-Necro Canadier(OD)-OD-Lemonysnicks- Sorc Rich(OD)-DisAss-ES FB sorc DBZ(OD)-Sooners-BVC Andys(OD)-Anoobis-Rabies Devil64(OD)-OD-LightofHope-Melee/Nova Sorc Fapa(OD)-Oklahoma-Druid
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    A fun contest...we have had these kinds of events before....and @Sassy is correct here in that our forums are here to promote events hosted by our OD members but i do agree with her in this case that you have proven to be a friend to OD, and the fact the you spoke with me prior to creating this event, we are happy to have you host this event with us...and remember in the future, as you did this time, please speak with a d2 lead and gain concent from one of us, DBZ(OD) sassy(OD) or myself, PoPs(OD)....have a good time here and we look forward to the event 🙂
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    We've had many generous clanmates donate items to the clanodmule account. Nothing uber, no rune words except for spirits and insights and some armours, but there's lots of gear available to those that need it. Most officers and warrant officers2 and above have access! Just hit one of us up and we'll see what is available.
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    should be enuf boots for the entire clan after that pack i bought a bit ago LOL
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    Glad to see we building a Bimbo army 🙂
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    You know what that means .... Hes going thru the fucking wall
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    The day this event is @Ray(OD) big boy birthday the day he finally grows up jk ray lol
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    Schooner to get yah there sooner when I used to drink 😄
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    Welcome to the forum, Xiou. I'm glad to see you took an interest in the forum and community enough to introduce yourself. There's a lot about OD I don't tell in-game recruits right away to avoid overwhelming them, but our main gaming community is pretty elaborate and participating can be quite the enlightening experience. We go to great lengths to provide the kind of gaming environment people might enjoy.