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    Even starts November 1st (today) at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST). The rules of the contest are very simple: I) Make a Barbarian on Expansion Hardcore Ladder. II) Get to level 9 in a party; the instant you hit level 9 return to town. III) You may level with weapons and armor, but you can only use your fists during the PvP portion of the event. While dueling, all armor save for shields are allowed. IV) Only the Bash and Shout skills are allowed during the PvP part. V) You can respec granted you've done the Den of Evil quest. VI) You can only use what you've found while leveling up and what you buy from merchants. VII) Boxing will be 1v1 and will take place in the area between the Blood Moor and the Cold Plains. If you get knocked back out of the space, quickly come back in. If you leave the space yourself, you are automatically disqualified. Please respect GM dueling rules. Both players must say "g" or "go" before starting. Body looting is allowed while leveling and before a match. To sign up, reply with your OD and JSP account. Winner gets 150 fgs.
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    Aight ladies and gentlemen and rabbits, it's selfies time! take some picture of you, because i wanna put a face in my mind when i'm writing to someone lol Here is mine and dont laught i'm a tiny mouse !
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    Brilliant interview was really funny well done ray & Bryce
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    Sry ray would love to join but im working tonight. Sounds fun though next time for sure
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    I appreciate your kind offer Master Sassy, but I'm quite capable of such publication if I do say so myself.
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    Would you like it posted on front the site ray
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    So winner is Goten(OD) congratz bro 😁 2nd place and 3rd place ill have to check and make sure cuz theres ppl from b4 contest i gotta make sure they dont get included. Ill be checking the 2nd and 3rd place winner tomorow. Ill keep everyone posted.
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    Sounds like fun Trysts, do you want me to post this on the front page for you? Also do you mean November 11? Today's the last day of October lol
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    Sounds good to me bro 🙂 lets get some ppl to join this contest
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    Could you elaborate?
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    what made you leave the odd2 division lol