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    I am happy to announce @Chknwg1(OD) as our next interview for Member Behind the Mic episode 11. Please reply with any questions you'd like me to ask him during the interview.
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    Its time for some 7d2d again, I rented a public server for us so we can start a fresh server that won't be wiped! About 6 of us are playing currently and we'd love to see more of you in game! This is a public server with 30 spots, anyone can join. 7d2d is roughly 25$ from steam, but if you buy 2 and split with someone its 40 for 2 keys. You can return the game if you dont like it! Come join us in some zombie slaying! Server is named OverDosedPvP -Steve Sorry @Ghost we have to start over again lol.
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    This should be funny because all he does is laugh you can’t get word in when he starts talking lol great choice there ray
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    "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name. "
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    I just bought a server. OverDosedPvP is live.
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    Best part of class is getting the fuck outta there
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    We are not losing the art of conversation. The, "art," or process of conversation is ever changing due to changes in language, more specifically, slang. The more diversified a language becomes, the more it changes. The English language spoken in the U.S. today versus the spoken English from the 18th century is much different, and casual conversation between the two could be difficult. The art of conversation is being lost to those who won't adapt, social media is only speeding up the adaptation process. As to how language affects our thinking, I am only fluent in English, and therefore don't really have a say. Whenever I try to learn or speak another language, I don't think with emotion, I'm just trying to formulate sentences and not trying to sound stupid.
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