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    Well the recruitment challenge is just about over. We would like to have the division leaders let us know who their winners are so we can assign the prizes this is helpful especially in the large divisions. So around the 18th of becoming around to get the names of the winners. Thank you very much for all your help in this competition. Dave (OD)
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    besides fucking us around ALL year on a huge announcement that was d3 on the switch I cant think what else they would have in their bag of tricks god damn clowns at blizzard
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    *waits for a diablo game that has better graphics and that people like so i can play with people*
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    There are two corrections I’d like to make about this situation. 1) All SS or higher can nominate a CWO4. 2) You cannot negative vote someone for not having enough time at a rank. The console does this automatically. If there is nothing new to add, I will be closing this thread as there are many tangents and folks piling on. Everyone had the opportunity to voice their opinion in the promotion. That being said, there was some great advice in this thread. Please use it.
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    Well everyone knows that the recruitment challenge is over. If the division leaders would kindly post their winners on this thread we will get to the prizes. If not I will be getting in touch with division lead leaders bit later. Thanks in advance Dave
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    I don't think people should be forced to alter their votes because someone had a fit on forums.. it is mildly frustrating that this appears to be being brushed over and requested to be moved on from by people of higher rank. The entire negative view of negative votes is ridiculous. I've had people come and "talk" to me, aka try to tell me all these great things they do that aren't portrayed in OD, because I neg voted someone.. use it as a learning experience. Don't delete your votes if you feel they are valid because someone is upset about it - use your vote power to share exactly why you've done it and what you'd like to see from them. The D2 members did nothing wrong and it's sad to see things altered because of an altercation on forums.. Especially when these higher WO ranks are the ranks where you prove you are officer material. I may be a hypocrite with my outspoken words as of late - but I truly hope you aren't going for officer currently, and I hope that this topic is taken seriously instead of another attempt to brush over important issues and "move on."
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    Plus we have a ton more to be concerned about like Kathleen kennedy still being in charge at lucas film after the shit show that was Solo and TLJ
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    I am one of the few who gave @GhostDog(OD) a negative vote. My vote worth was of -5. I gave a negative vote since I do not have the rank to remove promotions, which is what I personally would have done. I don't think Ghostdog has earned the MWO5 rank because I think he needs to get out of his comfort zone by stepping up, demonstrating leadership capabilities, and he also hasn't done anything that really stands out to me. The poor attitude he has exhibited due to the plethora of negative votes he received further reinforces my negative vote. On a more positive note, none can take away the fact that Ghostdog does do good for division members; he runs, rushes, recruits, helps with transfers, and keeps track of inventory on the D2 clan mule. Even then, other members hosts runs, rush, recruit, and help with transfers. Keeping track of inventory isn't that significant to me. When I read the OP, I was quite disappointed to learn that @Sassy and @PoPs(OD) have decided to apologize to Ghostdog; this, to me, was an example of inconsistent decision making. Though, I think it's possible that they felt pressured into having to revoke their negative votes which allowed Ghostdog to pass his promotion. In my opinion, their decision to revoke their votes has only empowered the ignorance of those who didn't understand the reasons behind the negative votes that were given. Such people probably didn't read what the votes said, and instead were upset at the big red numbers like a group of brainless bulls getting teased by matadors. And, as contrary to popular belief, there was no "let's all neg vote Ghostdog bandwagon. I don't want people to think they are not allowed to give negative votes, nor that they should quit voting altogether. Not everyone is going to agree with each other-it's the internet. I am not in OD to create nor encourage an environment full of rainbows and sunshine where you get a free cream-filled orange flavored Popsicle rammed up your arse. I mean honestly, I cannot tolerate people who start crying whenever they, or someone else they like receives constructive criticism simply because of the "oh-so scary" negative red number that's next to it. There have been a couple of instances in which I myself have been denied a promotion. I was a WO2 or WO3 and two people had put me up only to have those promos taken down by either Sassy or PoPs. You know what I did? Instead of becoming a crybaby and lashing out at anyone who said hi to me, I got my shit together, kept doing what I was doing and more. That proved to the division leaders that I'm Officer material. I hope that in the future, people can learn to analyze criticisms about themselves which will allow them to improve upon their performance as opposed to being offended. If I receive negatives that offer constructive criticism on my future promotions, then I'll gladly read them and do my best to adapt. Phew.
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    they fight for democracy then when it doesnt work for them they want communism !
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    Fact @Aerineth(OD) dropped -25 on me once Fact I passed without making a situation out of it, Blowin out of proportion seemed to happen and it wasnt even a tier changing rank Lets just sweep this under the rug with the rest of my bad ideas
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    i was told that i need to be more active in the Forum and in the Voting Process did i neg vote you, YES did i follow suit, NO after i have read the comments made, and i stand firm with my negative Vote You can not handle Constructive Criticism
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    This posts coming from my heart not my arse did I want to remove ghostdog vote NO coukd I have worded it a bit better to be understood lot better YES did I neg vote because me and ghostdog never see eye to eye NO do I feel I’ve let down my division because the way I voted NO do I feel this has shown true colors of few people YES do I feel like I’ve let down those who neg voted by removing my vote YES are we held to a higher expectation YES are we allowed to vote how we wish no matter what our rank is YES should we be questioned on our votes NO Could this situation been handle different YES Are we going to see more neg votes and hassle on the way we vote in the future on others promos YES Are we going please everyone along the way NO shoukd we vote positive every time to please the clan NO Will I neg vote again on other promos YES will this stop me being the good general that I know I am and have worked so hard to get where I am NOOOO
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