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    Purplez(OD) will be playing a hammerdin, name to be determined tomorrow after I make him, but I guarantee, purple will be in the name! I just made the classic hammerdin, name is OD-PurpleZod yay! I won't start leveling him until tomorrow morning though.
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    DeadBeat(OD), Will Be playing a Barb ... OD-Experiment
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    Welcome to the First phase of the October 2018 Clan Overdosed Awards- This is the Official Nominations Phase! Rules: 1. Send all proposed nominations to me by October 8, 2018 in a private message either on the website or the forum. Just copy and paste this message into a new PM and then fill in your nominations. 2. Nominations are not to be posted publicly until it is time to vote so do not post your nominations on the forum. Please just send them in a private message. 3. You may not nominate yourself. 4. You cannot nominate more than one person for each category award, EXCEPT, for the Top Division Players. 5. You are not obligated to nominate somebody for each award, but try to nominate as many as you can think of that are deserving of an award. You have one week, from October 1st until October 8th to submit nominations for the following categories. To see what rank a member is, check out this link: https://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Members CLAN AWARDS The Overdosed Award (person who is the best of the best in the Clan) Best General Best Officer Best Member (Nominate a member of your choice rank of Enlisted through MWO5 rank) Division with most recent Growth Most promising new Division COMMUNITY AWARDS Best voice on Teamspeak or Discord The Jeeves Award (Always there when you need them) Member who always has the answers to your questions Best graphics artist Big Brother Award (Always reminding us when we forget things) GAMING AWARDS Best Team Player Most Improved Gamer Most Helpful Gamer The member who knows the MOST about the game they play Top Division Players (Each member is allowed to nominate one person per Division) SUPERLATIVE AWARDS Puppy Dog Award (Always happy no matter what happens) Most Idle or AFK Member Quietest Member The Perfect Angel Award (Always complimenting others) The member who makes you laugh the most On October 9th, the second phase will begin as I will go through the nominations, and the members with the most nominations for each category will be placed in a voting poll. Please let me know if you have questions, but do not post your nominations here! Voting will last for a week, then the final phase of posting the winners will be done. Nominations for Clan Awards are being accepted via private message either on the website or on forum to me. See Overdosed.net for details. You have until October 8th to get me your nominations.
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    Don’t worry if people don’t like you most people are struggling to like themselves
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    Low budget build : Blizz sorc High budget build : Lightning sorc skills are pretty straigtforward for both build: 1pt in tele 1pty in static 1pt in warmth Max (blizz or lightning) + synergies
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    Anytime dwolf, just happy to have you back 🙂 It was a great contest and generated alot of interest in hardcore. Gratz to the winners and their hard work. Gratz to the other entrants too! You are all winners in my book, playing HC is rough.
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    I want to thank everyone for participating! I do apologize as the last 2 weeks of the contest did not go as planned for me. I unfortunately went out of state for a couple weeks for work. I will be paying out the FG tonight. Congratutions to the winners: 1st Place : Goten(OD) 2nd Place: WillTurnip(OD) 3rd Place: Anxious(OD) I hear it went very well and all enjoyed it. I would like to repeat this contest at ladder reset. Also thanks to Purple for helping me out in my absence.
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    The traditional first TP would be at the very beginning of the Sanctuary. Some runners start at the star in the center. If you're an hdin, I'd suggest trying to crowd control with hammers. As a light sorc, I'd round up monsters and zap 'em with Lightning or Chain Lightning. Also do keep in mind that leechers will usually follow the runner's momentum. If you keep going ahead rapidly, that may encourage them to get close to you which can be dangerous.
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    Just remember breaking your door Bell can have a real knock on effect 🙂
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    The worst kind of enemies are those that pretend to be your FRIENDS...
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    Rumours are carried by haters Spread by fools And accepted by idiots
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    A murderer will kill you a theif will steal from you but you never know where you stand with a. Liar ...