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    A murderer will kill you a theif will steal from you but you never know where you stand with a. Liar ...
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    I'd like to thank everybody who's worked on getting our DSL system accessible from team speak, discord and steam. Everyone has done a great job on this one out now it's time for the recruitment and retention committee to throw out a few ideas. I had an idea, there are no prizes for this one and other than getting some more people into the clan, the idea is for all the recruiters to take a minute and send everybody they have ever recruited an invitation to come back and check in with us we miss them, and would like to know what they're doing and maybe they'll even stay now that you don't have to log onto the website to keep your DSL down. I thought I'd throw this idea out to the general clan. All comments are welcome and if you want to be a part of this well send a couple emails we can do it bulk we can do it individual I would suggest you put the team speak address or the discard address and the website address on the email, so people won't get lost and when they come back maybe the bring a few new games with them or a new player that's all I have right now but will keep on thinking of new things to do as always. Thanking you in advance.
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