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    Are you using Lite Facets or Griffons on your Trapsin? You shouldn't. Here's why. The character screen has been popularly dubbed the "Lying Character Screen" and this is one reason why. You know those mods on Griffons/Facets that say "+% [Insert element here] damage"? They don't actually enhance your trap damage, unfortunately. You might be thinking however, that you see a change in your damage when you put them on and take them off. Indeed, you do, but unfortunately, like the cake, it is a lie. The damage displayed doesn't actually get calculated during hit-checks. The character screen doesn't seem to think so, but the hit-check algorithm treats traps as minions (Same as Golems, Skeletons, Valkyrie's, etc), not as skills. This would be like expecting Eschuta's to increase Hydra damage. Sadly, it doesn't, because a Hydra is a minion. That's not to say that Griffons is ruled out as an option altogether, as no other helm short of 08 Valkyrie's Wing (Good luck getting one of those!) offers more than 20% FCR, however, if enhanced lightning damage is what you're wearing it for, drop it for something else. ~As for Grief Some people wonder why it's chosen over options like eBotDz or Doomz. They assume that the +3XX damage is just added to the weapon damage. So when you have a 15%-base Griefz (81 Max Damage) with +400 damage, they just assume that it has only 481 Max Damage. That is not actually how it works. A perfect 15%-base Griefz does far, FAR more than that. I won't go into how it works, because it's convoluted and heavily dependent on the class, skills, gear used etc. However, as a general rule, on high-end characters, Grief typically does 8x to 12x as much displayed damage. So an average of 10x. This means that if your Barbarian is geared well, is using a perfect Griefz, and his character screen says that he's doing 2,000 damage with Whirlwind... he's likely ACTUALLY doing anywhere from 18,000 to 22,000 damage! As an added note, the reason why virtually all Smiters use Grief is for this reason. It's one of the very few weapons a Smiter can hold that increases smite damage and it's the only one that does so dramatically. So don't be fooled into going for that perfect eBoTDz instead, just because its 545 max looks better than the 481 max of perfect Griefz or because the damage displayed on the Lying Character Screen is much higher. The reality is that Griefz outclasses eBotDz in damage dramatically, as long as the character is geared and built well. Thanks for reading -Dreg
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    Nice pictures, thanks for the sharing.
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    Thank you Dreg for taking the time to write this up and post it. I always find these kind of posts very helpful.
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    ~Let's start with What is "Glitch Farming"? -You might have noticed that the first time you defeat one of the act bosses, the drops are always better than usual. -This is because killing a boss for the quest rolls an entirely different drop algorithm with higher drop rates. -Glitching a boss happens when you kill a boss in a game in which you couldn't get the quest for defeating it, while still having that quest open. -When this happens, that better drop algorithm is used instead of the usual one. While other bosses can only be glitched by never getting the quest for that boss (Therefor essentially dedicating that character solely for farming that boss), Andariel can be permanently bugged to always give that better drop algorithm. How can you do this? 1. When you kill Andariel the first time for the quest, only use the portal that appears near her body. 2. DO NOT do anything else, except talk to Warriv and go to Lut Golein. 3. Once you get to Lut Golein, immediately save and exit. That's it. For that character, from that point on, every time you kill Andariel, her drop rates and loot algorithm will be better. It wont be noticeably better until you've farmed her for awhile. It's a subtle increase, and while some may argue that it doesn't work, I'll tell you personally that I've put hundreds of hours into glitch farming Andariel and I've observed the difference. It's notable that Hell Andariels chances of dropping SoJ go up dramatically if you kill her while glitched in a full game. Just using the glitch alone actually doubles her chances of dropping SoJ as well. ( 1 out of 7,740 -> 1 out of 3,403 ). I hope this was helpful. -Dreg
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    Such beautiful pictures Julie! Love them ❤️
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    This was last night was just beautiful crazy colours in the sky and yes TK I see the blood moon it was mad
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    Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
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    Trust me, I am most definitely regretting it. Mistakes was made and I dropped the ball. It's sadly part of the way I been trying to live the last five years however, after I realized everyone who seen the pope in Philadelphia obscured their kids once in a lifetime pope view from shoulder tops by having phones across the deck at head level taking pictures. We actually tend to forget pictures, and who looks at pictures they took when they themselves aren't in them so much, and by taking pictures we end up forgetting what we saw with our eyes or the experience. :P Will keep this in mind though going forward, I'm an avid star gazer.
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