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    if you would like to join this committee please apply to the R&R squad. i know i am a bit late on the next challenge but i will work on it tomorrow.
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    any one who did not answer the roll call was removed from the squad. this committee is for the discussion of ideas to increase the membership, and to help keeping the members that we have here. since i don't like meetings as such we use the forms if you chose not participate eventually you will be removed. currently we will start to discuss the next recruitment challenge. we are open to help anyone that would like run a game or contest. we are here to help the clan dave
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    Aerineth(OD), Badboi(OD), Ghost(OD), Doodle(OD), Tris(OD), Linds(OD), Joestealth(OD), Verg(OD), M777matt777(OD) at Tris and Linds wedding rehearsal dinner.
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    Although this is a recognition post/thread I choose to place it here as this is the division I call home and have not ventured out of it yet! It is not intended to leave out any members what so ever it is directed at each of you. To All, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for Clan OD and your fellow members- It is amazing to see such a great group of people together helping each other on a daily, ever few days or as often as you can find time to login. it is truly inspiring to see. Although I may not know some of you real well I see/hear the acts in game, channel and on teamspeak the advise/assistance/willingness to help/safe xfers/rushes/runs and fast responses to any issues that arise (For you Generals and Officers) that takes place. For what it means; Great Job and Well Done. Your contributions do not go un noticed. P.S. I wouldn't be here if it was not for my great Purpley recruiter! <3 @Purplez(OD)
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    hahhahhha thanks a guy that say his name is moist righto 🙂
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    Thank you verymuch for the Introduction, Welcome To The Clan! And best wishes starting back to your studies. @Ghosty(OD) , And oh dat pic @Townkill(OD) and the way you worded your welcome message had me Roflmao.
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