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    Hello OD Gamers! After a long time, I've finally gotten around to uploading the Sassy(OD) interview. With as interesting and loved of a member as sassy is. It's 100% worth the listen. So take some time, grab a drink and listen to one of our best generals sit down for a chat. http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2018/07/09/behind-the-mic-interview-9/
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    Hey guys! Wanted to drop by and introduce myself to those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting. Name- Darrell Age- 29 Location- Oklahoma Now that we have the good ol' A/S/L out of the way: I've known/played with quite a few OD members over the years and for the most part had good experiences. Become quite good friends with Sassy, and decided it were time to pull the trigger on joining. If you play D2 and need help gearing a character, with a rush, or basically anything else hit me up and I'll do what I can. I look forward to seeing you all in game.
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    This is as accurate as it gets ! @Ray(OD) you were so innocent
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    Im here for any recruitment needs.
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    @LiMeh(OD) ive got some of those items man. Ill give u for free =D Just call me today at night!
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    @Purplez(OD) Im still leveling and gearing =D But i think next week ill be ready do Crush members =D
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    Nice to see you again, Cindy. :)
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    Glad to be here :) Hi Ray, lol.
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    The community can hopefully retain more casual gamers this way! Is there any special reason as to why only @R.agnarok(OD) and @Hikato the script? or can we get it onto all the channel ops positions so that the script is always running?
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    Trip to a place in Brazil Called MARAGOGI.
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    Omg my I hate my voice but yuuuuuuuuuge thanks to @Sassy for letting me interview her, @PoPs(OD) for recording, @Xayj(OD) for taking care of editing and those who supported me ❤️
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