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    Hello all. On the 26th-28th there will be a Civ6 tournament run by the CivPlayers League known as the Clan Championship Cup. Scheduling for the events can be found on the CPL discord here: https://discord.gg/ubwTNdd While i know we don't have a civ 6 division or squad, I will also be streaming for the charity for a group called Extra Life. Extra Life assists and raises money for the Children Miracle Network, which is a North American non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children's health issues. This is a cause that I feel passionately about and am proud to support not only through my own donations but also having the opportunity to do so while streaming. While I don't expect everyone to donate, just showing your viewership during the weekend long event will still mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance for your time and support. My streaming links are Www.twitch.tv/Sarnith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIw6b7qVvkbA27lXUYLJjNg
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    @Disco @Sassy @PoPs(OD) @RickAstley(OD) @Hax(OD) I am in no way an expert on crushes, however, I feel we need some type of guide on the forum. With this guide, when we have a new recruit, we can either link them to the guide on their introduction post or in a private PM. Not everybody has played classic or non-expansion D2 and even though we offer them the crush through the efforts of Disco, Hax, and/or RickAstley, a lot have no clue what we are talking about. So please correct or add to what I've started. Thanks in advance. PROPOSED CRUSH GUIDE Before LOD Expansion was created, D2 only went to act IV. Therefore, when you make a non-expansion character, that is considered a classic character. The main reason people want a Crush (classic rush) is there are no ancient requirements in non-expansion characters. A crusher can rush level 1 characters all the way to act 4 in classic without any level requirements. Once the crush is completed, the new character can be converted to a LOD expansion character. To convert the character once it is rushed, at the create character screen, make sure your character is highlighted, then click on the "convert to expansion" and the character will be moved to LOD expansion. You can then level in expansion until the character is high enough to do hell ancients and get into baal games. At the create new character screen, just un-click the expansion character. Create your new character and tada! you now have a classic character. Clan OD is proud to offer crushes through the kindness of Disco(OD), Hax(OD) and RickAstley(OD). To schedule a crush you can contact these members by sending a private message on these forums or contact Disco(OD) @venue on JSP.
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    Thanks I appreciate it -- Honestly, more awareness would help more than anything. I'm still a small time streamer - and although I had a lot of success participating as a Streamer for Levelwithacause on Diablo 3 [which Wolfcryer runs], I would like to continue on and take the initiative to continue doing charity streaming when I can. Yeah thanks a lot for suggesting them. I was looking around for awhile trying to decide which group or foundation to message and do this for - and I'm very much looking forward to doing more in the future.
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    I'll do my best to try and share this around my other communities. Glad to know you're sticking with it. Means a lot that you're streaming for extra life on my suggestion. :)
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    Hello all, There will be updates coming over the next month depending on spare time to the forums + website. Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions please post them here http://forum.overdosed.net/forum/323-public-opinion/ I'm fairly new to php to bare with me all my expierence is rounded around object oriented programming so it should be a smooth transition. Name is Jay, or Ganesh. I've been programming for 8 years, I started with Java making RSPS's. I've had 4 successful profiting servers. My languages are Python Ruby AWS Java JS HTML 5 CSS and learning PHP. Any questions comments or concerns shall be addressed here. Thanks for your time.
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    Game is 18 years old and still some people who don't know what cRushes are I'll see if i can whip something up
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    Nice post talkalot and get well real fast :)
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    Also we have john that is @Hax(OD) that can also do crushes for us cindy <3
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    I haven't found one yet so far this HC season. Considering how many times I ran Nightmare Cows, I would have thought I'd come across it at some point being a Normal tier Unique Bow. Even Iratha set is hard to come by as I've found the Helm only once so far(Gloves, Belt and Amulet, not a single drop).
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    I don't need help with anything at the moment, but thanks for offering. I agree about Clan OD. You can also give me a shout if YOU need help on something. :)
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    i am not atm and if you apply to the POE squad he is our CO
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    There is a guild Bill runs it, its not very active at the moment tho alot of us play HC
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    Always happy to meet new people! Welcome to the clan and if you need help with something just ask!
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    Damn Tris! Just as I return you are leaving =[. I will always keep the Tris Signal light shining in hopes you return someday.
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    Welcome to the clan man, see ya around the channel! LMK if you need a free classic rush to get a OD tagged account up and running
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    Disco coming in for the kill!!
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    Nk= naked kill T4t= thanks for trading Bm= bad mannered Gm= good mannered
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    Nice addition @DBZ(OD) Cant forget that one.
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    Good info here. Dont forget the most important one tho G = Go/begin duel lol
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    Food For Thought: Drop 10,000 pebbles into a pond, or drop 1 or 2 Massive boulder(s). Which makes the biggest splash? I would like to offer my advice to those that would post on evals: The more thought you put into a question, the more insight you or others may receive in the answer. Dare to make the biggest splash
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    Well any workout or muscle group you want to work, can be found on bodybuilding.com https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/muscle/forearms It really is the bible for working out. I think one thing you need to remember about going to the gym is, it's not there to make other's perceptions of you improve, the gym is there to help you improve on yourself. Basically don't go to the gym to impress anyone but yourself. When you start to feel good about You, your charisma will attract other people that want to feel good about themselves. I don't generally chat up people at the gym because I'm in my own zone of meditation. If there is a fit girl who's caught your eye, there is nothing wrong with checking them out, just keep in your subconscious that they're probably also in their own zone...which doesn't necessarily mean they want you staring at them haha. And if they catch you, give a smile and get back to work ;)
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    Jester, I would recommend finding something that requires you to be active that you enjoy doing to do as well. For me it was Muay Thai. In addition to hitting the gym I had something that kept me interested in staying fit for quite a long time. Before I got into Muay Thai I couldnt put on weight to save my life. I was sickly skinny (6 foot and 135 lbs as an adult). After training and hitting the gym and actually eating healthy for the first time in my life I got up to 185 lbs with only about 5% or so body fat. Was very fun to train and compete as a younger man. Now that I do not train anymore I retain a weight of about 165 lbs which is pretty average for my build. Most important thing you can do though is limit what goes in your body. Like they said above, soft drinks are the worse.
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    Unlike some of the others, I think its great that you bring these ideas and topics up! Moving to discord has been an issue the administration has been considering (discord ha a lot more potential than TS, but less structure than we like) for a while. I'm fairly certain at this point that a move to discord is less of a "should we?" and more of a "when should we?". Like the others noted, probably that is going to be when Discord can support our rank structure, something our administration believes is integral to our Clan's identity. But still, great to see you looking for ways that would clearly allow ODG to benefit. It's always awesome when relatively new members have great ideas for improving the clan like you. I was looking through your profile and saw that you play LoL! You should hit up our division at some time! My in-game name is CaleBrown. Send me a friend request and i can add you to the OD Club. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!