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    I explained why I made this topic in my OP. I was promoted to WO, told people that they'd regret that happening, and consequently decided to begin my reign of Assholery by putting a foot up some complacent asses because honestly it needed to be done(and no one in the Officer or General ranks appears to have the stones to say/do so and you, Terra, said so yourself that I had some real balls for doing this). As the title states: "Commanders need to be evaluated" implied that I thought the 5-Star Generals(aka Commanders) should be put under review just like every other General and what made my argument for doing so even stronger is that it has been over 2 years(if not longer) for 4 of you with regards to being evaluated(Terra being the lone exception having been promoted to Commander roughly a year ago). While my ultimatum may have been a bit rash, I was in a win-win situation. Either Commanders put themselves up for review(hence I win) or I got demoted back down into the Enlisted ranks for pointing out something rather obvious and a clear loophole in their Evaluation policy(or failure to abide by it if there isn't one). Me being demoted for pointing out the obvious would come across as striking a nerve and would engender sympathy and support from the Community at-large. Furthermore with the possibility of me being demoted to Enlisted being that I could go back to not giving a damn about contributing, it meant I had nothing to lose in doing this. If I was kicked out for doing something like this, eh fine and its your loss. I suppose if there was anything I did wrong was that I did this out in the open for everyone to see and hence violating the cardinal rule of "Creating unnecessary Drama". Yet I believe it was you, Terra, who complained that they didn't have anything to do or there wasn't enough problems/drama to deal with. Well, if you want issues to deal with, I can be your Asshole I got Ragnorak to post an Evaluation, which is an accomplishment in its own right because the guy doesn't post much and the fact hes now on Discord as a result of this is a positive achievement. You, Terra, have posted an Evaluation, which leaves Aer(who said he'd be doing one), Tris and Badboi. I should mention that another trigger for me doing this was the high DSL that you all seem to have been getting lately and the fact Generals are immune to the site repercussions but will be held against you when put up for review. Yet if you're not up for review, how can this be held against you?
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    It's all good. I'm getting a digital gift from a friend thru battle.net I've downloaded Broodwar to check out the clan channel and everything is already soo freaking different! Even the way you log in, and link account and all that shit. Surreal..
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    It was a bit of an aggressive response, I won't deny that. But the tone of the topic was set as pretty aggressive from the first post. This wasn't a topic created to ask a question or discuss a problem, it was a mandate created for the Commanders, and when it looked like people were starting to rally behind such an idea, I needed to be very direct and very clear that this isn't going to happen simply because some people think we owe it to them. This isn't a question of holding higher ranks accountable or not, there are already methods used to hold higher ranks accountable that we use. This was about the method being proposed that people wanted to use to hold higher ranks accountable, that being making it mandatory to write evaluations every 6 - 12 months. But the only reason that has been provided as to why high admins, specifically Commanders, should do this, was the "I don't know what they do" reason. What is important is that Generals and Commanders fulfill the roles that maintain the integrity of the community, not that they repeatedly explain how they do it. The burden is on the individual who wants to know to take the time to ask and learn the answers to the questions that they have, not for people to provide those answers for them. And as of so far that is what the people of this topic are asking for. As for why DH felt the need to make the topic, that is indeed an excellent question to ask him.
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    For All Members of the R & R Committee, below are a list of current members and their respective games played: Commanding Officer (CO) - pjpotter(OD) Main game: Diablo 3 Other games: Diablo 2, League of Legends, Overwatch Executive Officer - CompFreak(OD): Main game: SWTOR Other games: Diablo 3, Overwatch, Rocket League Members: Townkill(OD) Main game: none Other games: Diablo 2, League of Legends, Diablo 3, WoW WillTurnip(OD) Main game: Diablo 2 Other games: Diablo 3 Aleos(OD) Main game: Diablo 2 Other games: none Melrak(OD) Main game: Destiny 2 Other games: Diablo 3, WoW, Overwatch Dave(OD) Main game: SWTOR Other games: FFXIV Disco(OD) Main game: Diablo2 Other games: None Hikato(OD) Main game: OD Community Other games: Diablo2, Diablo3 MelodicRose(OD) Main game: FFXIV Other games: LoL ChrisSpeck(OD) Main game: OD Community Other games: LoL, Diablo3, WoW, OW, FFXIV *If there are any additions / subtractions to be noted, please post in this thread, and they will be corrected!