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    I spent 8 years battling its not easy, thankfully my employment was good and I was able to afford legal representation in all my Legal battles 8 years of probation ,2 duis , assaults and a shit ton more but Dont worry it gets easier each day (I recommend dabs they seem to keep me normal ) Also to anyone whos gonna say im not Sober Its perscribed by a doctor therefore its medication not intoxication ;)
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    Yea it''s a plus for sure. I commend you! I was in it for a little over 2 months. Even though it was a 6 month program, I was only court ordered 90 days but I still have 4 warrants to take care of after that. I relapsed my 60th day clean. I really fucked myself this time. Anyway, good to see you are still around TyreaL!
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    Yeah I gave up on the Sally Ann rehab myself got 7 months off the sauce under my belt now I learned how to pass a piss test pretty good there tho I suppose thats a plus and yes eLegy was the cat ass, Dave is an enlisted member now we play nhl well I play he destroys me also as Collin Stated I am TyreaL up until this year when I shed my old self for the new
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    I work in criminal defense and I have had addicted family members. You took the first step, now get back in there and keep slugging away. It took time for you to become addicted, now it takes time to get your life straight. If you find the right group, it won't feel like a cult. There are so many of them. As long as you are trying, the Judge will understand. Believe in yourself and if you fall down, get back up. Keep getting back up always. You can do this with support and kindness. Good luck and if you want to talk, please message me.
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    Kherios, thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like this Clan was a big part of your growing up and as you said, provided you with a safety net, a place to have fun, a place to learn teamwork and a place to talk, even if you only type talk. Then you moved onto other interests and now you need something in your life to help you through the difficult times. Depression can overwhelm all of us at times. The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. So many people would love to talk to you, to help you, to get you back to yourself. Take that first step and talk to someone. I saw in your profile that you are in Detroit. Here's just one link of many for free counseling in your area. https://www.helppro.com/HP/therapist-finder/therapy-free-services/MI/Detroit-metro-area/3/Counseling.aspx I went through a horrible time two years ago when my husband died of cancer. I didn't think i would make it. Slowly now I am starting to emerge. Counseling has played a major part in helping me heal. Now, I found this Clan in December and have really enjoyed spending time with people on here. Remember that all your Clan friends are here for you, your family is there for you. Life is just starting in many ways for you, so take that first step. God Bless and God Speed. Life can be so wondrous, let it embrace you.
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    If you downloaded and installed the application successfully, open it up wherein it may prompt you to update it(if its not at the latest version). Update it if that's the case, otherwise getting on is actually not that hard. Click Connections -> Connect in the drop down menu. Type in the server address: ts3.overdosed.net(no password) and your nickname(in this case Son(OD)). Then hit connect and you should see everyone there that happens to be online. To set up your Microphone/Headset, go to Tools -> Options and the Capture tab(Push to Talk is advised). Then merely ask an Officer or above to set you to your appropriate user group(Trial Member/Enlisted, etc.) and your main game(which I believe is Diablo 2 no?). These settings are computer specific so if you have 2 computers like I do, it's a bit of a pain lol. If you have any questions, just ask.
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    Ive gotten lucky this season. Found 2 tals ammys, 2s um's, Lo, Sur, Cham
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    I still need Insight runes if you got 'em dawg. Also, looking to give away my Spirit CS, Spirit Shroud armor, Eye of Etlich, and some other stuff that Purple gave me to anyone who needs.
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    I have a ton of low level runes for low runewords if needed
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    This must be the 4354342 time kherios trys to make money, and... How do I know it will fail? Because kherios had the idea! Just watch. Much love kherios =p