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    So are we going to have some polls posted so we can vote on these nominations that were due 2 weeks ago or ? (j/k, I know people are busy with the holidays and all lol....)
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    OD is number 1 and number 2 on the new ladder thanks to Triad and Data! Congratz.
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    As I stated in discord, I think the process is being misunderstood here. Brigadier Generals, Major Generals, Lieutenant Generals, and Generals can be evaluated every 3 months. Commanders, after being promoted from General get a 6 month grace period. On that 6th month, they may be evaluated every 3 months afterwards. Furthermore, Colonels, for that matter, may potentially also be evaluated every 3 months. There's no stipulation that requires us to post an evaluation unless we're called to. Failure to post one after being called to does result in a demotion. However. If you would instead wish to see an evaluation from us, I have no issue posting one. I'll be the first up to the plate to post an evaluation if the community deems it necessary. We are judged by you, the community, and if you feel I am not doing my job, then I should be judged.
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    You have to have 2 options or the question can't be asked. Obviously for ghost and Xayj, they're going to win by default. I don't know why Dabomb's on the second question twice. Error?