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    Tyler? Move them to our discord. If they're unwilling that's a you problem not a clan problem. Sorry bud.
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    That basically sums it up. But to be clear, my asking about the preferences of the D2 Division members doesn't necessarily mean we're going to favor their preferences, but it is important to know exactly what it is we stand to gain, and what we stand to lose, over any kind of transition. As Altros pointed out, the D2 Division accounts for a lot of our members in the Clan, it would be terribly remiss not to find out how they would handle a change. So @PoPs(OD) and @Sassy maybe you could take some time to ask your members what they think about it. In fact, it would be good to hear from any other Divisions that haven't weighed in yet how they would feel about Discord. Yes, that is a fair suggestion, I think it would be a good idea to do that as well. Well it already is divided, at this point roughly half our Divisions use Discord more and some use Teamspeak more. It is something we wanted to avoid, but that was back when Discord was still a novelty idea and not gaining the stride that it has in the gaming world. The reality is with circumstances as they are, there is no decision we can make that will not fragment the Clan to some extent, even if we fall in entirely with one. If we go all into Discord then it will diminish or cost us the involvement of those who preferred Teamspeak, and if we go all into Teamspeak then it will diminish or cost us the involvement of those who preferred Discord. Exactly how much in either case is what I'm currently trying to determine. If the best-case scenario isn't available anymore then the most we can do is pick the next best one. We can't change the fact that there is a divide now, but what would be worse than being divided in half between two voice chats is losing one half entirely. Which is why I think supporting both is our best approach right now.
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    Oh, by the way? I think I'm back. Back again. Jester's back. So tell a friend.
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    Well i for one tried discord but did not like it i'd rather stay with teamspeak but i have come across many of our members asking if we have discord so if they have both i think it be good for all
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    We should offer them the option. In fact, if you guys are certain that Discord would be the only accepted form of voice communication for your game then you don't even need to mention that there is a Teamspeak to new members until it comes up in conversation later on down the line, just tell them we have a Discord. Which we do. Ghost isn't going to be the only member reluctant to make a permanent switch, it is pretty much a certainty that there will be others. In particular I would like to know how the members of the D2 Division would feel about changing, @Sassy, @PoPs(OD), @SeriousWine(OD). They account for a lot of our members in the Clan, and as you guys recently demonstrated with the reset, there are a lot of D2 members that use Teamspeak. If many of them would feel uncomfortable about switching to Discord, then this isn't a case of one member of the community being reluctant, it would be a very sizable amount and could have a huge impact. For now, I still feel offering both is the best solution. Dividing our community was never an appealing prospect, but at this point it is less of a problem than those we are likely to encounter by committing too much into one voip over the other. We can take our time and wait to see how much we can improve Discord, and how much the developers of Discord can improve it, and adjust over time accordingly. Those who want to use TS3 can use it, and those who want to use Discord can use it.
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    Did you really need to ask?!?!? ZL1 obviously lol they are kinda cute and look like fennec foxes they get a free pass. Me as well! just let me know Rose!
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    You see, @Xayj(OD) here is being a sass monster.
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    What rose clearly forgot to mention here is that you can change your name by right clicking on yourself in the tree and clicking change nickname. Totally the superior method....right @MelodicRose(OD)?