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    right before our new season goes live the good folks @ blizzard have given us an opportunity to get pets and maybe even the cosmic wings that are driving me mentally deranged to get Though normally you find 1 goblin. From the 5th to the 9th of this month there will be 2x goblins spawn This will not effect gelatinous sire or the goblin pack now that we are past that Act 1 Leorics passage cath1/2 Royal crypts southern highlands cave of the moon clan 1/2 northern highlands leorics hunting grounds Act2 Ancient waterways east and west both floors. Act3 The core of arreat and even this is not a guarntee Act4 unless you want the falcon wings move on Act 5 Panda 1/2 this place is so large it has the opportunity to spawn 2 goblins per floor so if you hear/ kill one there will be a second Best way I find to find these little bastards is going to the smallest big places on the map and listen every goblin has a specific laugh he makes so if your music is up you may not hear them I can usually do a farm game in 15 mins minimum with my DH other classes will vary OH if you open a portal to whimsydale, donot continue to look after that game only 1 portal to whimsydale per game Best of luck to you all and get those wings and pets