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    @SupremeJesterBRING IT ONNNN MATEY LOL :)
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    I just don't know if I have the moneys for this endeavor. I tried playing WoW and soon quit because I didn't play enough. The start up costs are just too high. :/
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    TSP Heroes of the Storm Sarris Sarris 9. TDP World of Warcraft Triny Triny 10. TDP Starcraft 2 Opal Opal 11. TDP Smite Ravemore Ravemore It's hard to decided when you only got same 2 nominees. Lol
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    there are things to starting where you want to , a new start means everyone is equal, we build our own Free company, and the group works for everything they get. some time you get a much stronger group this way. come on folks we need a show of hands.