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    I think we gotta question ourselves some questions for the HotS division with the implementation of voice chat through battle.net: 1- What can we do to bring back people from overdosed that did stop using TS on regular basis? 2- What's the incentive to connect on TS even if there's noone there? 3- How to bring more people from the game to our teamspeak ? Any advantage over bnet voice? 4- Maybe we should lookout for a webapp to connect to TS, is it possible on firsthand? --------- 1- I guess we can always annoy them and boycott the bnet app... Also maybe bring other arguments found here.... For sure if we had enough people for in house 5v5 , that would be easier to bring them all for ease of use! 2-Since we don't always have all the bnet tag of every members , it makes it easy to get in touch, also if ya wanna play HotS but not alone , you can always hang in there and someone can connect and talk to ya about it 3- Finding people, fellow clan members that share the same interest in the game, participate more in clan life ; go talk with other people from other division i guess... TS doesnt reset my push-to-talk (bnet app does) 4- I think I read somewhere that it can be made, maybe someone could brind this up to a clan meeting?
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    As said before last night, we can also hold strong and say no once they are a official member that should definitely look into teamspeak as a common practice. B.net chat is great to talking to randoms who don't have teamspeak and could convince them there that get these cool people are on teamspeak maybe I should join them.
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    To bring people back, I don't really think I can. I can only offer them to join me. I cannot force anyone to do something they don't want to. Just like I can't be told how to live my life over a VOIP on any game. To idle and wait for someone, to see who is on in other games which is not covered through VOIP with people I play with not on battle.net They are welcome to bring any friends, we have a good moderation team available more often then not of what or whom would be available to handle situations on a discord any time soon unless we close shop and force a mass transit. With battle.net chat at least its limited to more closed circuit rooms/channels. That bug doesn't surprise me, like they reset my HotS volume every patch the fookers. By what does one mean webapp, like a browser plugin to make TS3 run through Chrome or Firefox? We have a link, or had one I think.. We could try to get that back up so TS3 will open from clicking it on the main page of the website. The webapp would be a good idea as well, I am curious though if it uses random account handles as you login though. Meaning, if you connect via webapp and I apply your rank, game icon, and your channel, if you logout, reset your cookies/cache will it clear the account settings I provided. I wouldn't be into continously applying these settings to only reset because someones too lazy to download a 50mb program with a autoclick/connect/join channel feature you can control yourself. In either case, this is a great discussion to have. Relevant to HotS/Bnet and even elsewhere/